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  1. 3 short new tracks from April i was proud enough to post. been writing a lot of stuff like this, hoping to publish more soon thanks for checkin'~!
  2. Ourson - Night Lily minimal noise drones for television static. an A/V project, ongoing. thought i'd post this here since bandcamp lifted their fees today. i hope you guys are well/staying safe. the visuals for title track. made in OBS:
  3. found (most of?) the tracks on Dorian's youtube and made a playlist:
  4. old ass bump~! could someone please share this with me? i don't want to never hear this again. i wish Echidna would let me post this album on Earstroke or something. so many of my favorite albums are lost/unreleased stuff like this. would really appreciate if anyone who has this would share. thanks a ton~!
  5. Super Mario Maker 2 is all i play and have played this year other than Breath Of The Wild. been working on my S rank in vs mode and chasing the leaderboards on endless. it's the best game ever while also being the worst game ever. i truly love it.
  6. a sort of generative guitar-based concept album that i'm continually adding to. as i post this, this is my day 3. i'm not sure how long i'll keep adding to it, or what any of it means, but it's happening and i thought i'd make a post about it here. thanks for listening. https://ourson.bandcamp.com/album/calm-caller
  7. good guys~! they used to handle my distro~! nothing but great things to say about Norman Rec's~! will be doing business with them again A+++++++++
  8. https://plantre.bandcamp.com/album/frozen-waterbugs hi. posting this here because a few of the OG watmmer's might remember Plantre from way back. thanks for listening. https://plantre.bandcamp.com/album/frozen-waterbugs
  9. u wot m8? i mean, thanks dude~! good to hear from ye. sometimes i still rifle through kaen.org looking for The Prodigal Son, no lie
  10. hello, i don't post here much anymore, but i wanted to share this in hopes to raise a little rent/milk money as i'm quite broke, hungry and a bit down and out at the moment. so, i'm making my entire discography available for under $17, (75% off) that's 14 albums, about 12 hours of music, give or take, that i've poured my heart into over the past 12 years. the sale won't last past friday i think, so grab everything now while it's super accessible! it would help me out quite a bit. to access the discography, go to a release page such as this one (my most recent: - https://ourson.bandcamp.com/album/simple-sanctuary - and click "Full Discography" thanks to anyone listening, and a big, warm hello to the old school watmmers i used to pal around with on here. thanks for your time~!
  11. would love to know what you think. https://ourson.bandcamp.com/album/winds-of-oth [bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=1250254299 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false] thanks~!
  12. if there is, i don't have it. gotta get ahold of Adam! lol @ 3 year response time. also, crazy coincidence, i was listening to Accelerating To The Sun while working on the site today and man it still freegin kills. i'd love that one on vinyl!
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