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  1. Longtime Yves Tumor fan here (since hearing Limerence in 2015). Really enjoyed his last album, which I think hit a magical and intensely personal chord. Unfortunately, it sounds to me that this newest album loses a lot of the charm, magic, and mystery of his previous albums. I found myself listening and waiting for it to take off, but it never really did. At times it felt like there was mostly filler stuffed into things; the vocals were often a distraction and the soundstage cluttered. Perhaps being signed to Warp led to overproduction of tracks? I am definitely not writing off this artist. I am excited to hear what is next, as I believe they are truly talented and have tons of potential. Reminds me maybe of Actress going from Ghettoville to AZD...
  2. I've noticed my CPU usage has increased as well... might be all of those M4L LFOs that I am using, though. They're incredibly fun to use and you can route them to anything
  3. https://soundcloud.com/maxkrieger dig in. newer stuff posted at the bottom. any feedback appreciated. these are more throwaway energy expenditures that have accumulated over the years. very satisfying to get them outta my computer. some examples below: https://soundcloud.com/maxkrieger/0022-30-30a https://soundcloud.com/maxkrieger/ithylethyrl-1 https://soundcloud.com/maxkrieger/sriol-cone
  4. Ninjatron


    what vape flavors has sean been puffing?
  5. I GOT A TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm all lined up for Berlin --> Hamburg --> Leipzig Can't wait to crowdsurf at this one and then have sean sign my forehead with black sharpie
  6. I have a feeling Kraftwerk will be a sloppy drunk shitty show (crowd-wise) and Hamburg / Leipzig gonna be the intimate, more interested listeners. This was kinda my experience seeing them in the US, first Boston and then in middle of nowhere New Hampshire. Boston crowd was more bro-y and shout-y --- New Hampshire crowd was more head nodding, people congregating in the middle of the stereo field for "best sound".
  7. I just purchased a flight to Berlin from the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got tickets to Hamburg and Leipzig, but not Berlin. Any German WATMMers going to any three shows that want to connect, message me. I would do unholy things to secure a Berlin ticket. Anyone know what the scalping situation is / chances of securing second/third hand tickets?
  8. If it was a soundboard of this set, I would lose it. Also, anybody recognize the sounds around 1:02:00 and 1:03:00??? Remind you of something? https://youtu.be/1G7bk_ZBypo?t=257 Oversteps soundboards confirmed.
  9. Ninjatron

    ? - twels

    second listen, i'm leaning more towards twels
  10. Ninjatron

    ? - twels

    My guess is Faucon-Titane. Seems to have the biggest balls out of all the other tracks. I am almost certain that the first track is Aphex Twin, though.
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