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  1. I'm watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–1994) with the gf on Netflix. It's surprisingly fun and addictive to watch. We like it very much. In years past I kept ignoring all things Star Trek related, cause I thought it looked like a silly Star Wars clone. Jeez, by the nine divines, was I wrong. About a month ago I decided to give this old series a shot... ...It's now one of my favourite TV series of all time. I love it. I'm not convinced by any of the newer series and movies however. They look waaay off the mark; like they don't understand what Star Trek is all about. A
  2. I just can't believe that 'all' people who voted Republican are okay with what Trump is doing right now. I'm pretty sure that deep inside there's actually a divide between the Republican voters: - Those who unconditionally support Trump in every way imaginable. - Those who don't, but don't (dare?) speak out because Trump is still part of the party they adhere to. Conjecture: Maybe -I really can't guess when- the Republican party may split up in Old-School-Republicans and Authoritarian-Republicans? When this happens it might be the perfect time for the American two-party system t
  3. The Witcher 3 has been considered one of the best (open-world action-role-playing) games of the last decade, so it's only natural a lot of people are hyped for the next game from CD Projekt Red. Even then it wasn't known for being an innovative game, but it was a truly ambitious and great game. But I do agree, the gameplay videos of Cyberpunk I've seen looked only okayish to me too, not mind-blowing. We can only wait and see if the gameplay is all the better when we finally have a chance to play it ourselves. It's definitely on my radar, but people hype things up waaay too much imo. S
  4. Great Movie. 👍 Nobody Knows (2004) (Dare mo shiranai) is from the same Director/Writer. Also recommended.
  5. 14-day case notification rate per 100 000 inhabitants for weeks 40-41 in Europe: Timeline: Now: Increase in cases. (Check: ECDC & Statista & Sciensano) ±0 to ±1 weeks: Increase in hospital admissions. ±1 to ±2 weeks: Increase in ICU admissions. ±2 to ±3 weeks: Increase in excess mortality. (mostly among 65+ and/or with underlying conditions) (Check in ±5 weeks: Statista & EuroMOMO) Hospital admissions, ICU admissions, and deaths should be lower in percentages compared to the 1st wave, because there's more testing and better care now... That's my hope at least. Al
  6. About the pioneers of aviation. (powered, steerable, piloted) Old archive footage of all sorts of failed flying machines prototypes. (no sound) They seem either really inventive or outright hilarious. Some however seem more like deathtraps or murder-machines. Don't know where to find the video without the watermark and timer though. https://webv.s3.amazonaws.com/filmgate/civilian/aviation/Flying_Failures.mp4 Gizmo! (1977) A docu by Howard Smith about old questionable inventions. Dedicated to all inventive people. About self-replicating robots and a
  7. The 2nd European Covid-19 Wave is now larger than the 1st wave. But the number of new deaths isn't as high (yet?). (or maybe it's less deadly now?) Germany is doing remarkably good. I hope they can keep it that way. Also hope we can all get things back under control soon. (also since flu season will start in the coming months)
  8. Replaying Dark Souls on PC. This time the Remastered edition. It looks sooo much better than the original one. Had the luck of a knight dropping a Black Knight Sword near the beginning of the game. Never played as a heavy-hitter build before, so it's refreshing for me. I'm using that in combo with a Grass Crest Shield to have some improved stamina regen and some protection when needed. I'm also using a Longbow to aggro / pick out enemies from afar. When choosing armor I'm just making sure to keep my weight just below 25% so I can still fast-roll. Will soon also add a Pyromancy
  9. Sea-Turds / Sea-Sausages: (Sea-Cucumbers) (They have a truly amazing Anus btw) Dino-Whippers / Dino-Clubbers: (Ankylosaurs) (Which came first? The Knob or the Handle?) A couple of theoretic ways on how the Universe might ultimately cease to exist in the far far far future: (This info is not too useful in everyday life, but it's still fun to ponder upon whilst on the toilet fabricating a Sea-Cucumber)
  10. Slowly transform your feelings of heartbreak into feelings of: acceptance being-at-peace being-over-it by way of: intense distraction / letting some steam off entertaining yourself / chill putting things into perspective / relativisation (quickly moving on / looking for a new relationship) (allow yourself to cry, but pull yourself together after)
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