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  1. A truly great movie. One of the best war movies of all time imo. @marf: look for "Idi i smotri"
  2. Hmmm no sound from 15:30 to 19:30 ... 😕
  3. Diablo IV gameplay trailer: Atmosphere looks good, more like Diablo II. Maybe they'll also borrow some ideas from Path of Exile. Seems like you'll be able to play this co-op. Would be nice if you could play this split-screen / shared screen on 1 pc. Anyway, it's gonna be loooong time before it's actually released.
  4. I've been playing Rogue Legacy. Although I'm not really a fan of rogue-lites, I'm happy I'm finally making some progress in this game. I'm actually beating bosses for the first time. The grind is real in this one though. It's been in my backlog for years now. I hope to beat it soon.
  5. The Thing is on of my all time favorites. Such a great movie.
  6. I just thought it was odd that you could play new games like The Outer Worlds for such a low price point. Guess it's a way to get people to subscribe. The monthly subscription will sure become mor pricey in the future. I buy most of my games on Steam, and older games on GOG, but in recent months I got myself more and more games on the Epic game store. The Epic store/platform/launcher sure can use a lot more improvement. Not fond of the exclusivity-deals either. However I do like the choice devs/publishers now have on which store/platform/launcher they wish to release. (usually the one that can persuade them with the best deal). Might even have Steam lower their 30% cuts. In the end Epic is just another extra store/platform/launcher. (but one that needs some serious improvement and needs to stop the exclusivity-deals)
  7. MaartenVC

    Brexit :(

    On the upside of all of this, the whole Brexit-thing might make for a great British comedy show / self-mockumentary sitcom in a few years. I can already imagine the dark sarcastic eccentric surreal humor and (in)competent naive absurd over-excited strong-willed characters. Honestly can't wait for it. It's gonna be so good.
  8. Parasite (Gisaengchung) (2019) Korean movie about 2 very different families. Great cinematography, good mix of genres, ideas, acting, etc... Liked it. One of the better movies this year. Highly recommended. (in my opinion wayyy better than okja, snowpiercer and the host, which I thought were all pretty bad)
  9. So, wait... You can play The Outer Worlds for an entire month for only 1$ (with the discount, 5$ normally) because it's included in the Xbox Game Pass for PC? That's madness, lol. Why would anyone even buy it for 60$ on the Epic game store or wait a year to buy it on Steam? Might as well play it now for cheap, and buy it later on with a big discount.
  10. That would make this thing almost a must-buy for me. I play most of my Gameboy games via emulator on my phone now... Which is nice, but a dedicated device with actual buttons would be so much better. Shipping and tax might make it a bit too expensive though.
  11. Midsommar - Starts off promising, but fails hard. Disappointing.
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