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  1. A skeptic look at Musk's SpaceX Starlink. Well worth the watch imo. I still do very much believe in the Falcon rockets and Dragon capsules though. Excited for Starship as well. Very doubtful about the Mars program. It will take many more years, decades or even a century before we'd be ready for that. Let's do some more space-stations first, and then a moon-base as a long-term test. SolarCity and Vegas Loop failed I guess. Neuralink is cool but a bit sketchy... Tesla gave the electric vehicle industry a nice boost, but I'm not sure if they'll be able to keep competing...
  2. Looking forward to watching The Green Knight (2021). Anyone seen it? Cinematography looks promising.
  3. I'd take this video with a pinch of salt. The Infographics Show is kinda infamous by some for their love for sensation and controversy (~$). Imo they drop the ball far too often. Maybe they also shouldn't take everything Christoper Hitchens, the author of the book on which this video is mostly based on, at face value. (he called himself a fervent anti-theist after all, not just an a-theist) But I think they're right we shouldn't worship her. (or anyone else for that matter) Anyway, my guess is that Teresa was probably neither a holy saint / perfectly good person, nor an evil demon / extremely bad person. She probably has done both good and bad. Most of her intentions seemed to be to try to help the poor. While some of her actions were wrong. And the catholic church / Vatican should also carry some of that blame. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I dunno.
  4. Pig (2021) "A truffle hunter who lives alone in the Oregonian wilderness must return to his past in Portland in search of his beloved foraging pig after she is kidnapped." Directed by: Michael Sarnoski Written by: Vanessa Block, Michael Sarnoski With: Nicolas Cage, Alex Wolff, Adam Arkin My opinion: I really liked this movie. I highly recommend giving it a watch. Calm, touching, great cinematography, good acting, layered, real. One of the better movies of recent years imo. 👍 🐖 Red Letter Media also reviewed it very recently:
  5. about the Radio Waves we transmit into space and whether aliens might be able to receive them. (spoiler: very low chance)
  6. about Hybrid Animals (in the Anthropocene)
  7. Soo... Anyone knows when/if this will release? I love me some Jega.
  8. 🤔 Ecologists: We should stop setting the rainforest on fire. You know, for the future, for like all life on Earth, maybe? (hint hint) 😢 People: Yeah. Poor nature and animals and things you just said. 🤑 Mega-Corporations: But you need stuff. More of it. All of it! Mooore! 😬 People: Yesss. I neeeed all of the stuff! 🤑 Brazil: I'll do it! Now give meh tha money! 😕 Ecologists: ... 🤥 People: Owh no... (maybe change?) 🙃 Richies: Heh. (but let's continue) (maybe post something positive on social media)
  9. Yes, as citizens, let's all fund some ultra-rich d*ckheads and their mega-companies who have no interest whatsoever in actually improving our lives / society for the better. Such a brilliant idea. It's a sh*tshow. Good thing I think is that the governing body (and media? dunno, I don't follow the news all that much) isn't reacting too much on all this. [sad lol emoticon] Anyways, let's move on. (forward)
  10. How high was Bezos? Personal opinion: For now I think Space Tourism is kinda dumb. But if it ever starts to contribute to Space Exploration, Colonization, and Technology for the sake of Science and Human Advancement I'm gonna be very happy for it. It just seems to be too much for the amusement of the ultra-rich right now. (too for-profit / late-stage capitalism) We'll see where Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin go with this very young Space Tourism Industry. I hope they evolve it into something more like SpaceX, or any other Government Space Agency for that matter. ...
  11. What's up with all the downvotes on YouTube? I mistakenly tried reading the comment section, but it was complete trash. Is it because of the word 'could' in the title?
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