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  1. For anyone interested in a geopolitical + ecological + humanitarian crisis: Ramblings: Good times lie ahead of us. I think we can all have full confidence things will work out absolutely fine and dandy. And this is just a slice of what's going on around the world. We have a front row seat to see it all happen, and actually know why it's happening. Hell, we even have the ability to turn things around, but we kinda don't, because. We're quite a fascinating species, aren't we, and/or we've got quite a fascinating system, haven't we. What a show. How is one even supposed to process all this and everything else. Continue with our daily lives. Have hope. Distantiate. Take a deep breath. Try to do good. Search for some escapism. Enjoy the small things. Dunno. It's quite something, isn't it. I guess it's still better to live now than during most other parts of history. One might argue it's about the best of times. Maybe that was a couple of decades ago, but still. I'm not getting desperate, but, you know, maybe I am a bit, maybe it's only natural to get a bit that way. Ah, yes, maybe it's not as bad, at least where I am, and things will find a middle-ground of bad things happening, but within a certain boundary of acceptable bad. The black death were far worse times, weren't they. Lol. But it's different. It's more life on Earth that's on the scale this time around. Apples and oranges. Ants will keep thriving for sure. Humans will too probably. We always seem to have had this astonishing ability to find a way, for better or worse. Yeah, anyway, that's enough existential words for the day. He.
  2. https://www.esa.int/Science_Exploration/Space_Science/Gaia/Gaia_sees_strange_stars_in_most_detailed_Milky_Way_survey_to_date This image shows four sky maps made with the new ESA Gaia data released on 13 June 2022. Click on the titles below to download the individual maps. 1. Radial velocity ESA’s Gaia data release 3 shows us the speed at which more than 30 million objects in the Milky Way (mostly stars) move towards or away from us. This is called ‘radial velocity’. We can now see how the objects move over a large portion of the Milky Way’s disc. The rotation of the disc, projected along the line-of-sight, is visible from the alternation of bright areas (moving away from us) and dark areas (moving toward us). Several objects whose radial velocity differs from that of their close environment are visible by contrast. The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds (LMC and SMC) appear as bright spots in the lower right corner of the image. The Sagittarius dwarf galaxy is visible as a faint quasi-vertical stripe below the Galactic Centre. Several globular clusters appear as tiny dots in the image, such as 47 Tucanae, the dark dot on the immediate left of the SMC. 2. Radial velocity and proper motion This sky map shows the velocity field of the Milky Way for ~26 million stars. The colours show the radial velocities of stars along the line-of-sight. Blue shows the parts of the sky where the average motion of stars is towards us and red shows the regions where the average motion is away from us. The lines visible in the figure trace out the motion of stars projected on the sky (proper motion). These lines show how the direction of the speed of stars varies by galactic latitude and longitude. The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds (LMC and SMC) are not visible as only stars with well defined distances were selected to make this image. 3. Interstellar dust Gaia not only maps the stars in our galaxy but tells us what is in between the stars. The space between stars is not empty but instead filled with dust and gas clouds, out of which stars are born. Through the precise measurements of the stars' positions and their dispersed light, Gaia allows us to map the absorption of the starlight by the interstellar medium. Those maps provide us with essential clues to the physical mechanisms of the formation of stars, galaxies, and the history of our home galaxy. This map shows the interstellar dust that fills the Milky Way. The dark regions in the centre of the Galactic plane in black are the regions with a lot of interstellar dust fading to the yellow as the amount of dust decreases.The dark blue regions above and below the Galactic plane are regions where there is little dust. 4. Chemical map What stars are made of can tell us about their birthplace and their journey afterwards, and therefore about the history of the Milky Way. With today’s data release, Gaia is bringing us a chemical map of the galaxy. With Gaia, we see that some stars in our galaxy are made of primordial material, while others like our Sun are made of matter enriched by previous generations of stars. Stars that are closer to the centre and plane of our galaxy are richer in metals than stars at larger distances. This all-sky view shows a sample of the Milky Way stars in Gaia’s data release 3. The colour indicates the stellar metallicity. Redder stars are richer in metals. © ESA/Gaia/DPAC; CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO
  3. Yes, it was announced all the way back in 2012. Here's a blogpost from the devs about them restarting development: https://lunar-software.squarespace.com/home/message-about-our-hiatus
  4. List of game announcements (world premieres) during Summer Game Fest 2022 (totally not E3) so far: https://store.steampowered.com/sale/summer_announcements_2022 https://www.windowscentral.com/gaming/summer-game-fest-2022-game-announcements-trailers-and-everything-you-missed https://www.pcgamer.com/every-game-e3-2022-summer-game-fest/ Shooter, Action: • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (Military Shooter) • The Callisto Protocol (Sci-Fi Horror Shooter / Action) • Witchfire (Victorian Horror Roguelite Shooter) • Neon White (Indie Platformer Shooter) • Super People (Multiplayer Battle-Royale Shooter) • Metal: Hellsinger (Metal Rhythm Shooter) • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (Sci-fi Dark-Fantasy Co-Op-Squad Shooter) • Saints Row (Silly Co-Op Open-World Action) • Gotham Knights (Superhero Open-World Action) • Routine (Sci-Fi Horror Survival Action) • Anger Foot (Indie Hardcore Fast-Paced Action / Shooter) • Choo Choo Charles (Indie Open-World Horror Shooter) • The Last of Us 1 Remaster for PC (Post-Apocalyptic Narrative Action) • Marvel's Spiderman Remaster for PC (Super-Hero Open-World Action) • Street Fighter 6 (Fighting) 2D-Action: • Flashback 2 (Indie Sci-Fi Side-Scrolling Action) • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge (Side-Scrolling Beat-'em-Up) • Midnight Fight Express (Indie Top-Down Beat-'em-Up) • The Last Faith (Indie Bloodborn-like Side-Scroll Metroidvania) Classic Role-Playing, Strategy: • Marvel's Midnight Suns (Superhero Role-Playing with Turn-Based combat) • Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader (Sci-fi Dark-Fantasy Role-Playing with Turn-Based combat) • Aliens: Dark Descent (Sci-Fi Squad-Based Real-Time Strategy) • Stormgate (Fantasy F2P Real-Time Strategy) Crafting, Sandbox, Life-Sim: • Nightingale (Victorian Fantasy Open-World Survival Crafting) • The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria (Dwarfs Co-Op Dungeon-Crawling Survival Crafting) • Roots of Pacha (Indie Prehistoric Top-Down Life-Farming-Crafting Sim) • Good Heavens (Indie Wacky Top-Down Sim) • Goat Simulator 3 (Indie Silly Physics) Anime, J-RPG: • Honkai: Star Rail (F2P Micro-transaction Anime Turn-Based Role-Playing) • Zenless Zone Zero (F2P Micro-transaction Anime Action Role-Playing) • One Piece Odyssey (Anime Turn-Based Role-Playing) • Soul Hackers 2 (Anime Turn-Based Role-Playing) • Final Fantasy 16 (Fantasy Action Role-Playing) Interactive Story, Walking Sim, Dating Sim, Puzzle: • Layers of Fears (Indie Victorian Horror Interactive Story) • Fort Solis (Indie Sci-Fi Horror Interactive Story) • The Quarry (Horror Interactive Story) • Highwater (Indie Nautical Interactive Story) • American Arcadia (Indie '70s Puzzle-Platformer Interactive Story) • Stray (Indie Cat Cyberpunk Walking Puzzle) • ... and many more ... I'm mostly looking forward to The Callisto Protocol, Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, and The Last Faith. But I'm also keeping an eye on: Metal: Hellsinger, Nightingale, Routine, Good Heavens, Return to Moria and Roots of Pacha. Will probably buy and play The Last of Us 1 Remaster for PC and Marvel's Spiderman Remaster for PC when they're on sale in a couple of years as they were both pretty big games at the time. But right now, I'm still playing Elden Ring and enjoying it very much. (don't have much time to play games, taking my sweet time ^^)
  5. I haven't played much of the Resident Evil series but Dead Space 1 and 2 made quite an impression on me. Dead Space masterfully balances 2 atmospheres: - Alone, you carefully explore an abandoned ship in space in total darkness stumbling upon creepy scenes along the way trying to grab every last bit of ammo you can find. - Suddenly you're ambushed by horrific monsters crawling out from every crevice and you must shoot and stomp these monsters to pieces or you'll die a cruel animated death. Along the way you try to find out what happened to the people on the ship, but also what's happening to your own sanity...
  6. Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan - Houston NRA Conference & Uvalde Robb Elementary School shooting In this episode, we cover the recent National Rifle Association meeting and exhibition which occurred between May 27-29 at George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX, just days after the tragic mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde which took the lives of 19 students and 2 teachers, as well as travel to Uvalde, TX to talk to locals affected by the tragedy. I'm at a loss for words. This gun violence and these mass shootings, what a clusterfuck, a tragedy without end.
  7. Seems like Boeing finally successfully launched its reusable (uncrewed) crew-transporter and successfully docked it to the ISS. Nice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_Starliner Starliner Launches to Space Station on Uncrewed Flight Test for NASA Station Crew Opens Boeing Starliner Hatch, Enters Spacecraft The blue thing in the last picture is a dummy astronaut, strapped to the commander's seat, wearing Boeing's blue custom flight suit.
  8. Does anyone know what's happening with Elon? Or is he just stepping up his memes / shitposting? He seems to be acting more strange as time goes on. He's contradicting himself more and more. What about his vision for the future? Just a ruse for another goal? I don't get it, whatever, not gonna break my head over him...
  9. How the Earth moves through the universe. / Position is relative. "Look around you. Where are you? Where is this place you are occupying? Somewhere in a room, maybe in a city on a continent on a planet orbiting a star in a galaxy among billions. But… where is all of that? While this may feel like a daft question, it turns out that the concept of an absolute position is something humans made up. In a nutshell, the universe is a big bag of space that has things in it. If someone removed all these things, the stars and planets and black holes and dust, there would just be empty space left. In empty space, the concept of having a position loses all meaning. Empty space is uniform, the same everywhere." Related:
  10. Interview with Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda about Putin's invasion of Ukraine and its effect on Lithuania. (and the Baltic Region, Europe, NATO,...)
  11. a mysterious 'doorway' was found on Mars by Curiosity... oooooh... spooky... The opening is about 30cm (11 inches) by 45cm (17 inches). So smoll elians. Like little Jawas maybe? Cute. Maybe we can keep them as pets. NASA should make little saddles for them so they can go into battle riding cats or dogs. Wait, if it were Jawas the Mars rovers would've already been kidnapped or disassembled and sold.
  12. Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha'apai NASA Mission Finds Tonga Volcanic Eruption Effects Reached Space When the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha‘apai volcano erupted on Jan. 15, 2022, it sent atmospheric shock waves, sonic booms, and tsunami waves around the world. Now, scientists are finding the volcano’s effects also reached space. Analyzing data from NASA’s Ionospheric Connection Explorer, or ICON, mission and ESA’s (the European Space Agency) Swarm satellites, scientists found that in the hours after the eruption, hurricane-speed winds and unusual electric currents formed in the ionosphere – Earth’s electrified upper atmospheric layer at the edge of space. The GOES-17 satellite captured images of an umbrella cloud generated by the underwater eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano on Jan. 15, 2022. Crescent-shaped bow shock waves and numerous lighting strikes are also visible. Credits: NASA Earth Observatory image by Joshua Stevens using GOES imagery courtesy of NOAA and NESDIS But on January 13-14, an unusually powerful set of blasts sent ash surging into the stratosphere. Then explosions on January 15 launched material as high as 40 kilometers (25 miles) in altitude and possibly as high as 50 kilometers, blanketing nearby islands with ash and triggering destructive tsunami waves. An astronaut aboard the International Space Station took this photo of ash over the South Pacific. The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai eruption on Jan. 15, 2022, caused many effects, some illustrated here, that were felt around the world and even into space. Some of those effects, like extreme winds and unusual electric currents were picked up by NASA’s ICON mission and ESA’s (the European Space Agency) Swarm. Image not to scale. Credits: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Mary Pat Hrybyk-Keith
  13. Astronomers reveal first image of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy https://www.eso.org/public/news/eso2208-eht-mw/ "Today, at simultaneous press conferences around the world, including at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) headquarters in Germany, astronomers have unveiled the first image of the supermassive black hole at the centre of our own Milky Way galaxy. This result provides overwhelming evidence that the object is indeed a black hole and yields valuable clues about the workings of such giants, which are thought to reside at the centre of most galaxies. The image was produced by a global research team called the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration, using observations from a worldwide network of radio telescopes."
  14. Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs Lengthy but very interesting detailed criticism/study on crypto and co. Highly recommended.
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