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  1. Well, let's all just hope sea levels don't fall. 🙂 They probably won't though. Unless the plate rises... 😕
  2. Great idea for a movie though. 👍 But apparently they already discovered spiders on Mars, well sort of: Unrelated:
  3. Might also be a geological process, or a chemical reaction, or just even large spherical particles, right? Also this: Rhawn Joseph, the author of the original paper, has made dubious claims about extraterrestrial life before in self-published pseudoscientific books and journals. Also some Quotes from his publications: "...Contrary to Darwinism […] the evidence now clearly indicates, that the evolution of life had been genetically predetermined and precoded…" "...I embrace the theory of evolution but reject Darwinism and the theory of the Big Bang. My views are the antithesis of that h
  4. Played the Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. It's a fun little Indie 2D Metroidvania / Platformer Game. + You unlock different characters with different powers while playing the game. + Really beautiful Art Style. Looks like a colorful stylized comic book. + Able to buy better gear. + A small bit of Exploration & Backtracking. + You can switch the Visuals & Music on the go between the 1989 8-bit Original and the 2017 Remake. - Mario-like movement. - Short. Overall I liked it. Tip:
  5. It's a fun demo. I hope they can make it into a full game one day. (However, I'm afraid that the devs might get a C&D from Nintendo before they can continue the project.) I don't understand why Nintendo isn't doing more with their Metroid franchise. I guess it wouldn't make as much money as their other franchises. Metroidvanias might have become too niche for them? It really doesn't have to be a AAA 3D game. (Metroid Prime 4 might be cancelled or delayed indefinitely, right?) Why not let a really small team make new 2D Metroid games? No need to invest all that much. If ind
  6. Started watching Superstore. I really like it so far. Absolutely hilarious. Thanks for the recommendation.
  7. This set-up worked for me many many times: GL HF
  8. Grim Dawn A (Diablo-like) Hack-and-Slash Role-Playing Game, set within a dark fantasy Victorian setting. From the makers of Titan Quest (now Crate Entertainment). I backed it years ago on Kickstarter, but only now I started playing it. Better than Dungeon Siege, Torchlight and Diablo III in my opinion. You can dual Class. Lots of cool Loot. Good Lore. Different Environments. Secrets. Can be played in co-op. And of course tons of hacking and/or shooting evil spawn. Also nice: You can easily switch between Keyboard+Mouse and Controller. Chill. I really like it. You can get it
  9. The Invisible Guest (2016) (Contratiempo) A Spanish Drama-Thriller. "A successful entrepreneur accused of murder and a witness preparation expert have less than three hours to come up with an impregnable defense." This one caught me off guard. I really liked this movie. Slow build-up, great narrative, good acting, good cinematography, detailed, captivating, smart, snaking. I can recommend giving this a watch for sure.
  10. Battle Royale (2000) (BR) (Batoru Rowaiaru) "In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of ninth-grade students and forces them to kill each other under the revolutionary Battle Royale act." A cult classic. Cheesy and bad acting, but somehow it's still a little bit of a guilty pleasure. Seems like this Japanese movie / book inspired the The Hunger Games and the whole Battle Royale video game genre quite a bit.
  11. Tenet (2020) by Nolan. "Armed with only one word, Tenet, and fighting for the survival of the entire world, a Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time." To put it mildly: I didn't like this movie. More honestly: A golden diarrhea shower. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself not to watch it. Or does that create a paradox? Or not? Because entropy? Anyway: A totally ridiculous chaotic tedious pretentious plot coated in a thick layer of pretty visuals, crazy action and heavy audio.
  12. Here's some responses to Dr. Frank Mitloehner's research: https://undark.org/2021/02/03/beef-industry-funding-climate/ https://clf.jhsph.edu/sites/default/files/2019-04/frank-mitloehner-white-paper-letter.pdf https://www.antaisce.org/News/balance-claims-agri-debate
  13. There was a really good documentary from DW Documentary on Youtube on the fentanyl drug epidemic in North America. However, it seems it can no longer be watched without age verification in EU unfortunately, but you can still download it through other means. The docu is also called Ten Dollar Death Trip: Inside The Fentanyl Crisis by Director Dominic Streeter.
  14. This is what I could find on dandwiki.com about Intelligence: And on rpg.stackexchange.com I found this Q&A about What happens when your Intelligence ability score reaches zero: Food for thought. Also: Boobas.
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