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  1. Re-watched Waterworld (1995) First act of the movie is good imo. Then it looses direction unfortunately. It also has some questionable editing. Another writer may have been able to make a better script / story. Movie is a bit of guilty pleasure of mine. It must have been quite something to design and physically make all the props and sets in the movie. The character / personality of the Mariner (Kevin Costner) is rather interesting. Not a hero-stereotype. A survivor, loner, pariah. The interactions with the other people he meets are different than most other action-adventure movies. I like the concept of the story-world. It would work great in an Open-World Role-Playing Game or an Open-World Crafting-Survival Game. Games like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2002), Subnautica (2014), and Raft (2018) are bit like that. Other than that it fails. I like to fantasize in my head that it was better. lol. Anyway, here's a picture:
  2. Covid-19 = Freedom Dust ? Maybe they should take of all of their clothes, run around naked in the store. Now that's what I call true freedom. lol. ^______^ But now, more seriously: How hard is it to wear a facemask, wash your hands and keep a small distance from each-other for a couple of months? Is that really too much to ask to some people? Yeah obviously, I guess it is, to some. Really, it's not that hard. Just put it on. Just do it. Do it for your country. Do it for your fellow citizens. Do it for the people you love. It's a matter of public health. It shouldn't have anything to do with politics or believes. It doesn't impede human rights. It doesn't impede your freedom, nor your freedom of speech. In my opinion, saying that wearing a mask is anti-freedom, is in all honestly a shameful insult to all those people in the world who actually do have to live oppressed and abused. This behaviour of some people. It's sad, disappointing, and infuriating. Don't they realize they're actively endangering the health and livelihood of other fellow citizens? Acting in this irresponsible way seems actually almost opposite to patriotism. In some weird way it's an ungrounded form of surface-level anarchism. I question: What drives some people to think and/or act this way? 1. Are some just misinformed, fed on wrongful data? Delusional, being unknowingly Actual victims of deceptive articles on social media and whatnot, highly-probable purposely-placed by more-malicious-meaning entities. 2. Or do some want to be a bit sinful? To be amoral, unethical, apathetic, arrogant, greedy, wrathful, envious, adulterous, gluttonous, and lazy. It satisfies the self really easily, uncaring for the consequential harm to others. 3. Or do some blindly carry out the orders of someone higher up in the group to which they belong? A sense of belonging with a we versus them mentality. A leader whispering the right primal words in their ears they secretly covet, sensing now an opportunity to act. 4. Or are some knowingly hateful towards others who think or are differently? Justifying it by believing they are mistreated or unheard. 5. Or are some willingly malevolent? Evil incarnate or psychopathic. Some people want to see the world with everything and everyone on it burn and die. It's probably a mix of all of the above, and I want to believe: with each listed explanation in diminishing quantity. Just my thoughts... I don't know. A complex world demands complex answers. Shoving and clumping people together in monolithic boxes brings division. I often find myself doing this myself, yes even now whilst writing this. The brain works in mysterious ways. (Can't help that mine might or might not be a bit OCD or whatever, lol.)
  3. So question: Is Hong Kong's autonomy officially over? I read somewhere that the concept of “One Country, Two Systems” is in effect. However obviously, it seems, Hong Kong is just fully absorbed into the PRC? Are Hong Kong people now targetted by the PRC to control / imprison / punish / re-educate / PRC-fy? I find it sad how the world just watches passively letting all this happen. Just a few words here and there from world-leaders and human-rights-activists in the media, and that's it, it's over. I guess that's all they can do. (or are willing to do) Seems like the entire world is scared to death of PRC. I guess doing nothing keeps the peace and prosperity between the nations at large. That must be the reasoning. However I can't imagine that the people of Hong Kong won't suffer under this new regime. Are they a sort of sacrifice we are all just willing to make? Just shrug and look the other way? Or am I overreacting? Is nothing actually going to change for the worse for the people of Hong Kong? (I fear it will)
  4. Saw The Invisible Man (2020) ✪✪☆ Not bad. The end is a bit shaky, but the start and mid sections actually have a good slow tense atmosphere imo. Written user reviews on imdb rate it very very low however. So, I dunno... Try it if you like your scary movies to be a bit slower and grimmer. Better than Hollow Man (2000). Haven't seen The Invisible Man (1933) so I can't compare.
  5. How Kodak detected the events of atomic bomb tests in their medical X-Ray films because of fallout. (rain and/wind carrying radioactive particles falling down on the ground) The photographic companies and the US government made a deal that they would not to tell the public/populace/world/Soviet-Union (aka: cover up possible exposure) of these atomic bomb tests, and in return the US government would provide them maps and warnings so they could react in time to protect their vulnerable films/products from exposure to radioactive particles. The argument for why they didn't provide maps or warnings to farmers, other companies or vulnerable citizens in the possible fallout areas is that the US government and the scientists didn't fully know or understand the harmful effects on health, or so they say. To keep the existence of atomic bombs secret. Or one might also say differently that military defence / homeland security and financial gain is more important to the government (and the involved companies) than the health of citizens.
  6. The last game I bought on disc was Diablo III in 2012. I remember the day I bought it: The game released on a particular warm day here in normally grey and temperate-cold Belgium. I had to go from store to store as most of them had sold out. I was so happy when I finally found a copy. In the end, the game itself was a bit disappointing. Well, it was ok, but I had expected more from it. I see that game / time-period as the start of the stagnation and decline of Blizzard. I truly loved their previous games: Diablo II, Warcraft III, StarCraft II,... And I thought at the time they were one of the greatest game-developers of all time. Oh, how times have changed. Now they mostly seem to make okay-ish money-grabbing multiplayer games. Not my cup of tea at all. Anyway, I sold Diablo III a year later. Over the years I sold most of my physical game-collection. Now, the only physical games left in my collection are: Starcraft II (2010), Mass Effect (2007/2008), and Age of Empires II (1999). With Starcraft II and Mass Effect as being games I really liked. And with Age of Empires II as being the first computer game I ever bought with my own pocket-money. The Euro-currency wasn't even in circulation back then. I paid 2000 Belgian Francs for it. The game came in a big box, and included was a hefty full-colour manual. I kinda regret selling Black & White 2 (2005), as to this day that game can't be bought digitally online. I read somewhere this is because of some idiotic copyright reasons, and the original dev doesn't care I guess. I also kinda regret selling Neverwinter Nights (2002), as it's one of my all-time favourite games. Although I now actually have 3 digital copies of that game in my digital collection. I buy all my games digital now. I even re-bought the ones I bought as a physical disc back in the day. I use GOG Galaxy 2 as my collection hub for computer-games. It combines all digital stores / game-clients together in 1. (Steam, GOG, Epic, Ubisoft Uplay, EA Origin, Blizzard Battle.net,...) I sometimes think about restarting a physical collection, but that would just be a heck of a job. It would just be something one can only look at from afar. It would have no actual function. I don't have any disc-drives anywhere any more. Maybe I can buy a bunch of empty dvd-cases and print out the covers of my favourite games. Displaying them for shits and giggles...
  7. The Social Dilemma (2020) Explores the impact of social media on human psyche and human society, with tech experts from silicon valley raising great concerns over their own creations. Great and very relevant documentary. A must-see in my opinion.
  8. I tried beating the first one, but I only ever got as far as Area 3: The Ice Caves. After trying several other rogue-lites I concluded that I plainly just terribly suck at them. 😞
  9. Played and completed: Dust: An Elysian Tail (2012) ✪✪☆ Good Game Hack-and-Slash Platformer Game. + Fun Button-Mashing Combat + Some good Exploration / Metroidvania Elements ± Rather Easy ± Ok Emotional Story / Characters ± Ok Anthropomorphic / Furry Art-Style
  10. I just saw the full 2 hours and 14 minutes of I'm Thinking of Ending Things (2020). My opinion: Whu...? (do yourself a favour and don't watch this movie)
  11. Luxembourg: "Despite recent new cases reported at the national level in Luxembourg and Sweden, recent changes in reporting in have led to a retrospective reduction in case numbers in some regions, resulting in their being shown in blue on the map." So they started counting new cases differently. They have to correct their numbers. Data retro-corrections. Countries in Europe with the highest number of new cases for the last 2 weeks per 100.000 citizens: Spain: 265 France: 140 Croatia: 91 Luxembourg: 88 Romania: 85 Czechia: 85 Malta: 69
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