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  1. AlphaGo - Documentary "With more board configurations than there are atoms in the universe, the ancient Chinese game of Go has long been considered a grand challenge for artificial intelligence. On March 9, 2016, the worlds of Go and artificial intelligence collided in South Korea for an extraordinary best-of-five-game competition, coined The DeepMind Challenge Match. Hundreds of millions of people around the world watched as a legendary Go master took on an unproven AI challenger for the first time in history."
  2. Breaking News: We should ban the "Facepalm" reaction emoticon on WATMM, because it touches its face with its hands.
  3. The Belgian Security Council has decided to implement new drastic measures against Covid-19 starting tomorrow-evening: • Closing all: schools, bars, clubs, restaurants. • Shops must close in weekends. • Only food stores and pharmacists are allowed to stay open. • Not allowed to visit elderly care centers. • Cancelling all: cultural events, sport events, or other events with lots of people. • Public transport remains available, but is discouraged. • Older people are encouraged to stay at home. Not yet a full lock-down, but I'm glad the Belgian government is taking action.
  4. Since a few days ago the virus is now in my city, Mechelen, Belgium. There are now 314 confirmed cases of the virus in Belgium. It's very clear to me my government (and any other government in Europe for that matter) does waaay to little in preventing the spread of the virus and informing its citizens. Until a few days ago people could just travel from North-Italy to anywhere in Europe without being tested or being put in quarantine. In Italy the virus is completely out of control. France and Span will follow soon if they keep doing what they're doing now. The Germanic and Nordic countries might have a better response and/or better health infrastructure in place, but that's just guessing at this time. Utter Incompetence, is what I call the way we all handle this epidemic. Me and my gf have taken precautions. We read all the notes on how to prevent infection, and applied them as best as possible. However, alcoholic hand sanitizer (and masks) were already all sold-out everywhere. Also the gf works at a local pub. (which increases our chance of infection unfortunately) Also we have to walk the dog every day. We are both in relative healthy condition and still young, so chance of a severe infection is rather low, but it's best to prevent spreading it further if we do get infected. This weekend we have to go to 2 large family-gatherings, but I'm thinking it would be better to just cancel them, in order to not have the possibility to infect older and less healthy family-members. Anyway, as of this moment, things are still somewhat in control in Belgium.
  5. lol (how dubstep went down the shitter, amiright) (I unsubscribed from PBS Sound Field a while ago, and I'm glad I did)
  6. Architect, but don't work / have a job at the moment. (not on welfare or anything) Will start applying for a job soon again. Maybe not in Architecture though. Too much stress, staleness and paperwork on my previous Architecture job. The one before that was more fun though. (until I started accepting extra work independently) Problem is , I don't really know what I actually want to do. (disappointed in Architecture) I do some small Art jobs from time to time in between, mostly for fun.
  7. Here's a checklist if you want to complete absolutely everything in BOTW: 4 Divine Beasts / Dungeons (most people do this) 900 Korok Seeds (this one is crazy) 120 Ancient Shrines discovered / cleared of chests 226 Locations discovered 15 Main Quests (+5 in DLC) 76 Side Quests (11 in Dueling Peaks, 10 in Hateno, 9 in Lanayru, 7 in Faron, 12 in Wasteland, 5 in Tabantha, 1 in Hebra, 7 in Woodland, 6 in Central & Ridgeland, 4 in Eldin, 4 in Akkala) 42 Shrine Quests 18 Recovered Memories 385 Hyrule Compendium Entries 15 Sheikah Towers 120 Spirit Orbs (ancient shrines) 5 Fairy Fountains 84 Miniboss Medals of Honor (40 Talus Defeated + 40 Hinox Defeated + 4 Molduga Defeated) 4 Horses / Mounts (Epona, Giant, Royal, Wild) 5 Horse Sets (Traveler, Knight, Royal, Monster, Extravagant) 16 Armor Sets (includes: Worn, Hylian, Sheikah, Soldier, Zora, Flamebreaker, Snowquill, Gerudo, Desert Voe, Radiant, Rubber, Climber, Barbarian, Ancient, Dark, Wild) + Upgrade Max 16 Unique Armor Pieces (includes: 4 Masks, 3 Circlets, 3 Earrings, Snow Boots, Sand Boots, Thunder Helm, Warm Doublet, Champion's Tunic, Nintendo Switch Shirt) + Upgrade Max Rebuild / Collect all the special Weapons and Shields Earn the Top Prize on all Mini-Games All Hearts and Stamina upgrades Create all Recipes Have the music and jingles playing in your head irl even when you're not playing (this one is easy) Buy and Scan all Amiibo (lol) Good Luck, Have Fun
  8. I recognize that tunnel: St. Anna's Pedestrian Tunnel in Antwerp, Belgium. (Sint-Annatunnel in Antwerpen)
  9. Pizza Story Time: While walking the dog last night we ordered an XL Vegetarian Pizza with some extra Chicken on top to take away. Once home we added some extra Young Cheese and some extra Black Forest Ham. Then warmed it in the Fan Oven some more. Let me tell you, It was heaven on Earth. The End.
  10. The Straight Story (1999) Director: David Lynch "An old man makes a long journey by lawnmower to mend his relationship with an ill brother. " The Remains of the Day (1993) Director: James Ivory, novel: Kazuo Ishiguro "A butler who sacrificed body and soul to service in the years leading up to World War II realizes too late how misguided his loyalty was to his lordly employer." A Scanner Darkly (2006) Director: Richard Linklater, Novel: Philip K. Dick "An undercover cop in a not-too-distant future becomes involved with a dangerous new drug and begins to lose his own identity as a result. " Other films I watched in the last couple of months which I recommend to give a watch, because you never know if one could spike your interest: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), 13 Assassins (2010), The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi (2003), The Sweet Hereafter (1997), Shoplifters (2018), Rocketman (2019), Burning (2018), Leaving Las Vegas (1995), Europa Report (2013), Scarface (1983), Bohemian Rhapsody (2018), Cinderella Man (2005), Office Space (1999), A Star Is Born (2018), The Favourite (2018), Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011), First Man (2018), If Beale Street Could Talk (2018), Idiocracy (2006), The Jungle Book (2016), and Enter the Dragon (1973). Other films I watched in the last couple of months which I don't really recommend, but hey, it's only my opinion: Mary Poppins Returns (2018), Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019), Alita: Battle Angel (2019), Us (2019), Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019), The Ritual (2017), 10 Things I Hate About You (1999), Agora (2009), The Clovehitch Killer (2018), The Endless (2017), The Pursuit of Happyness (2006), The Greatest Showman (2017), The Hours (2002), National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989), Kingdom of Heaven (2005), Re-Animator (1985), Annihilation (2018), Spring (2014), Bird Box (2018), Beauty and the Beast (2017), Aladdin (2019), The Lion King (2019), and some superhero-movies not worth mentioning.
  11. Drum-and-Bass Stepping (or skanking? or x-outing?) Seems fun and energetic. I want to think that I can dance like this. Maybe I'll incorporate some extra arm movement and some shuffling in my imagination. Yes, I'll think I'll think that.
  12. When you're home alone.
  13. Taxi to the Dark Side (2007) "exposes the haunting details of the USA's torture and interrogation practices during the War in Afghanistan." Before the Flood (2016) "A look at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do to prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the planet." Dynasties (2018) "Follow the true stories of five of the world's most celebrated, yet endangered animals; penguins, chimpanzees, lions, painted wolves and tigers. Each in a heroic struggle against rivals and against the forces of nature, these families fight for their own survival and for the future of their dynasties."
  14. Watched My Ordinary Life (Nichijou) Anime Comedy Series. Loved it. Hilarious. I like this type of comedy. There are many other Anime Comedy Series similar to this, but imo this one is best.
  15. Watching Seinfeld Really good. I always avoided watching it for some reason 'cause I though it was outdated, but I was wrong, it's a great show.
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