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  1. Yes, you can actually buy all ships with in-game earned money too, so I guess that's ok, but you'll have to grind pretty hard for some ships. I just think it's not ok to be able to buy progress or advantages in a multiplayer game. Kinda unfair. Beware though, if you're going to play and you decide to invest a lot of time in it, if you buy ships with in-game earned money, they might be deleted from your account on the next big wipe. Not sure when that would be, and not sure how often they wipe. Oh yeah, I've actually been playing some more the last days. There's just something about this game that makes me want to come back to it, even though it's in alpha and even though I reset my account with each death. Yesterday I had not a single bug for at least 2 hours, which was quite refreshing. I'm going to play some more, see the sights, test some more.
  2. I played Star Citizen, so you don't have to. I followed this guide: I was an early kickstarter-backer. That was over 8 years ago. lol. But I have never touched the game until now. Took a while to download. Folder is 75GB. SSD is highly recommended they say. Watch the tutorial video above. You'll be thankful you did. There's no real good-functioning in-game tutorial yet. First impressions Character creation is kinda weird. You have to combine faces to make your face. Not a lot of options actually. No beards. Few hairstyles. Can't adjust body. That's too bare-bones for a persistent online universe imo. When first waking up from your bed in game you might experience some graphical loading issues. Graphics are not very optimized though. So beware. Just let your pc do its thing. Things will get somewhat smoother the longer you play. Visually it looks very detailed. Very impressive. Especially station interiors and ships. They look amazing. But space looks kinda dull imo. I guess they went for realistic space, not breathtaking nebula space. That's a valid choice. And the devs seem to go for realism in most cases. The controls, interface, inventory-management and movement are all very clunky. Not intuitive at all. I think that's a major drawback for new players and more casual players. Simply activating stuff requires you to press F, mouse over a text field, and left-click. Why? The gameplay seems okay for an immersive game. There is some content in the alpha, but obviously there's still a lot of things missing. Gameplay There are missions you can do. That's good. However, instead of receiving them from talking to npc's in the world you get them by choosing an item from a list in a menu. clapclap A bit dull, don't you think? Why not have a spicy interaction with a security guard, an alien in a bar, a fat banker, or shady individual? Also, so far, the missions don't seem very interesting or unique, or at least they seem somewhat unfinished in a very raw state. Very dry. A gameplay thing I personally miss is character-stat-progression. Maybe also skill-unlocks. But that's just the RPG-fan in me. Obviously this is not an MMORPG. Crafting equipment and building your own ships our stations are also not a thing it seems. Why am I gathering resources? Just for cash? To influence the economy? Ok. Wouldn't it be more fun if players could at least craft equipment with all the different things they find in the universe, increasing their chance of survival? I guess that would make it a different game though. I guess I played too many open-world survival-craft games. lol It seems that most progression is unlocked by making money, by doing deliveries, mining, shooting scum, market-trading, and completing missions. This way you can buy better ships and equipment and do more challenging stuff. I think the devs rely more on their players finding joy in doing stuff in co-op. Doing random stuff together, doing missions together, exploring together, fighting each-other, forming guilds,... I guess it's thus a multiplayer game first. Having fun with friends. An irl mission could be to look for friends. Now let me dream: Will we be able to act out Star Trek, the Expanse, Firefly? That would be awesome. But it might also maybe just be wishful thinking. lal It's an ambitious game for sure. Combining space-flight, first-person-shooting, hand-made environments, realism, trading, and exploration all within a multiplayer setting is quite a challenge. Bugs The biggest problem however for now are the bugs. Some are visual. Some disrupt gameplay. Some stop you from performing certain actions. But there's also quite some game-breaking bugs, in which case you should respawn or even reset. But yeah, that's what an alpha build is. Still after so many years though. I wasn't able to complete a single mission, which sucks. All progress lost every time. - Some equipment kept disappearing from my inventory. No hand-mining for me I guess. - Invisible hands. No miming for me I guess. - A box I couldn't drop. So I had a box as a glove. - One time I even had an entire backpack as a shoe. lol - Third person view flipping out like crazy. - Being stranded because my quantum boost wouldn't activate. - A triple overloaded backpack I couldn't remove or interact with. - Automatic landing doing weird stuff, shoving me into a building. - Flashlight-circle disappearing in the environment. - When in inventory the camera clipping with the environment. - An NPC revolving around their own body like an ungodly snake. - Prone going bonkers on non-flat ground. - Clothes clipping witch each other. - Losing mission-progress. And thus mission rewards. No $ for me. - Random stationary floating equipment. - Being stuck in a cave forever. Alone. With my thoughts. The list goes on... Micro-transactions A thing I actually really dislike is that you can buy the better ships with real money. They're not just cosmetic. They have quite an impact on game-progress. That's not very balanced, is it? Now, supporting the devs with all your money is fine by me. Go nuts big spender. But buying vastly better ships... That's a big no-no for me. How is that fun for all the non-spending players? Conclusion In its current state it's playable, but I don't recommend playing it now. Best to wait a few more years. But it's going to be a looong wait though. And in the end I'm not sure if the devs will be able to deliver the promised ultimate space-sim though. Will it be fun? is my main concern. I think it would have been better if they started with some fun gameplay-mechanics and intuitive controls, and build from there, adding to it, expanding the universe later on. I honestly kinda feel like we'll see better similar games sooner then whenever Star Citizen will release unfortunately. (The Outer Worlds 2, Starfield, No Man's Sky 2, Freelancer 2, Eve Online 2, some out-of-nowhere simple-looking but amazing indie game...) But hey, I hope they prove me wrong. Extra video:
  3. If the videos don't work on vice.com you can also watch them on dailymotion: https://www.dailymotion.com/search/black market vice/videos
  4. Starting last week almost my entire family got infected with covid-19. Myself, my so, my brother, my sister, my mother, and my father. But also a couple of my nephews and nieces. (maybe also an aunt or an uncle, not sure) I can only assume it is/was the omicron-variant, based on its speed, spread, and non-lethality. The fast spread of this variant is very very impressive from what I can tell. It spread through our family like wildfire. We did many many self-tests, but it seems that wasn't enough. From what I can tell in the first days you may actually not feel sick and may not even test positive on a self-test, but may actually already be able to spread the variant. Well, that's how I make sense out of the spread. I'm not sure how it could have spread so far and wide otherwise. Anyway, the next day or a few days later you might get some symptoms or even feel quite sick. The severity varies very wildly it seems. Some people feel sick for just 1 day, while others will have multiple symptoms over several days and might only be back to health after a week up to 10 days. Not sure about hospitalizations or lethality. Full vaccination probably keeps the severity and length in check. I'm not sure about boosters. I have no idea how severe it could get if one's not vaccinated. Beginning of the 5th wave (omicron-wave) in Belgium. My so had the following symptoms: fatigue and consisting cough worsened by asthma, diarrhea. I had the following symptoms: some fever, nightly sweating, heavy body ache, headache, sore throat, some coughing. We both quarantined for 10 days. We're both ok now. Most of my family is ok as well, except for my father whose still quite ill.
  5. Free games: Tomb Raider (2013), Rise of the Tomb Raider (2016), Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018)
  6. Might want to get some anthrax vaccines before the anthrax gets a chance to spread and mutate into omicron anthrax, because then the big QAnons would have to ask their QAnon-peeps to go in lockdown or to start wearing anthrax-face-masks. 🥲
  7. History: Council of Clermont (1095), People's Crusade (1096), First Crusade / Princes' Crusade (1097), Siege of Nicae (1097), Battle of Dorylaeum (1097), Siege of Antioch (1097-1098), County of Edessa (1098), Siege of Jerusalem (1099) History: Eastern Roman Empire conquest of Ostrogoth Italy (535) and The battle for Rome (537) by Flavius Belisarius, military commander of the Byzantine Empire under the emperor Justinian I. Engineering: Retaining Walls Engineering: Mechanically Stabilized Earth Ecology: Beef / Cow Meat / Environmental impact of meat production Fun Fact: Steering a Bicycle
  8. Battlefield 2042 Soundtrack: I didn't play the game, but the soundtrack is rather interesting, however it doesn't seem to fit this kind of game at all though. ^^
  9. Fuzzballs are theorized by some superstring theory scientists to be the true quantum description of black holes. The theory attempts to resolve two intractable problems that classic black holes pose for modern physics: 1. The information paradox wherein the quantum information bound in in-falling matter and energy entirely disappears into a singularity; that is, the black hole would undergo zero physical change in its composition regardless of the nature of what fell into it. 2. The singularity at the heart of the black hole, where conventional black hole theory says there is infinite spacetime curvature due to an infinitely intense gravitational field from a region of zero volume. Modern physics breaks down when such parameters are infinite and zero. Fuzzball theory replaces the singularity at the heart of a black hole by positing that the entire region within the black hole's event horizon is actually a ball of strings, which are advanced as the ultimate building blocks of matter and energy. Strings are thought to be bundles of energy vibrating in complex ways in both the three physical dimensions of space as well as in compact directions—extra dimensions interwoven in the quantum foam (also known as spacetime foam).
  10. Black matter might not exist... Instead there might be some more gravitational physics at work... The hypothesis of Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) Also, I was wondering if we could maybe change this thread into "The Science & Space Thread" ? This way we could also post about: computer stuff, new technologies, physics, math, biology, etc... in here. Might bring more life to this thread, and might expand interests. It's all connected anyway.
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