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  1. Once again very powerful images. Thanks prdctvsm. πŸ‘
  2. As in most of Europe, the number of new infections continues going downwards over here, steadily but slowly. Looking good. πŸ‘ No sign of a 2nd wave. (yet) Bars and restaurants will probably open up starting 8 June. Social distancing is still mandatory though.
  3. Isn't this about racism? Isn't racism one of the biggest issues in human history?
  4. I might be wrong on this because I'm not a USA citizen, but I hope the protests remain mostly non-violent (from both sides) and that the outcome of these protests is: - the demilitarization of the Police (leaving armed interventions to other Law Enforcement Agencies) - a stronger regulation of the Police (train to be helpful righteous honourable cops serving the people) - and most of all discourage and stop all forms of racism inside all Law Enforcement Agencies (and in general in the entire nation) - moderation I personally think a revolution, armed conflict or civil war is something to be avoided, as it probably wouldn't have the desired outcome and would probably be accompanied with too much suffering.
  5. "This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence. " A quote by HockeyMomNC which describes my reaction to this: "It is funny that he got flagged, but it is disgusting and chilling to the bone what he tweeted to get flagged. Never in my lifetime did I expect such a thing from an American President." Also Everybody: What will Trump's reaction be on this twitter notice? Meanwhile, Covid-19 & Trump: lol... nice... we've got them distracted and divided ^^
  6. Maggie Gyllenhaal was cute.
  7. - When dogs bark loudly and relentlessly. > All other times I really like our dog though. - When I can't listen to music because there's too much noise inside and/or outside. > Now, where did I put those headphones? - When I'm socially obliged to listen to music I generally don't like, for example at work or parties. > Just act like you can handle it. - When I'm in awkward social situations. > I like them in movies and/or series though. - When I'm not sure what to do in life. > But then I realise it's ok. - When people close-by do bad things. > That's human, I guess. Maybe, don't do bad things yourself? - When bad things happen in the world. > But somehow things still progress. Let's hope, for the better.
  8. "The Big Bang was pretty much the ultimate bass drop."
  9. Grand Theft Auto V is free on the Epic Game Store until 21-05-2020... πŸ‘ It requires a 90 GB download / disk space.
  10. Playing Terraria (2D exploration survival-craft game) with the girlfriend in online co-op sitting next to each-other. πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ Nearing Pre-Hardmode. 😨 Highly recommended. πŸ‘ Version 1.4 incoming next week. πŸ™Œ
  11. In Europe, a lot of Countries are starting to ease the lockdown measures as new cases decrease. Business owners welcome this, they want to make (more) money. People seem to be fed up with the lockdown. Governments should decide how many (sick, poor, elderly, and innocent) humans (=citizens) are worth the sacrifice. What can governments tolerate? What can the people tolerate? What can hyper-capitalists tolerate? It's a triumvirate. Smaller second wave incoming in about 1-2 weeks. Question is not if it will come, but when and how bad it will be. We will be slightly better prepared because most medical equipment is present. Immunity against covid-19 is still something we are not sure about. Covid-19-waves might be an ongoing thing for the foreseeable future. Maybe face-masks, distancing and hand-washing will be permanent. Mass-vaccination is still some time away. Hope the virus doesn't mutate too hard. Let's see how things enfold...
  12. rest in peace Florian β™₯
  13. Update In Belgium, some businesses that do not have direct contact with customers can now reopen. However, because of this, it is now mandatory to wear a facemask in places where social distancing is hard and/or impossible to realize: - on public transport - in school - in essential businesses that could have direct contact with co-workers and customers Facemasks are not yet mandatory to wear in public. Social distancing is still mandatory of course. Staying home inside is still encouraged. Doing some light exercising or walking is encouraged to keep body, spirit and mind fit. Going on holiday abroad remains prohibited. All restaurants, bars, and a lot of other non-essential high-risk businesses remain closed.
  14. In Belgium, it is now mandatory to wear a facemask in places where social distancing is hard and/or impossible to realize: - on public transport - in school - in essential businesses that could have direct contact with co-workers and customers Facemasks are not yet mandatory to wear in public.
  15. The Breadwinner (2017) Ok 2D animation movie. Story is set in Afghanistan. Quite grim. "When her father is captured, a determined young girl disguises herself as a boy in order to provide for her family." Cartoon Saloon (Irish Animation Studio) also made: Song of the Sea (2014), and The Secret of Kells (2009), and co-made The Prophet (2014). Reminded me of Persepolis (2007).
  16. Very well explained. Recommended. For more info on CMB, Expansion, etc... watch the linked videos. PBS Space Time is one of my favourite scientific YouTube channels. Yes, real science on YouTube. Most of their videos are really worth watching. (except those on quantum stuff and non-standard theories, they're way too hard for me, lol)
  17. Klaus (2019) A great animated movie. Really beautiful 3D-2D-hybrid expressive drawing-style. Visuals are a bit like The Secret of Kells (2009) , The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), and the work of Eyvind Earle (1916-2000). Nice spin on the Christmas story-theme and the Family-Feud story-theme. Actually good bits of humour. And way better than a lot of recent soulless Disney movies. Highly recommended.
  18. Sadly, seeing these protests "for freedom", it seems like more people in the USA are going to contract the virus. This is not the way to slow the spread of the virus, flatten the curve, and ease the strain on the hospitals and the health care workers. Because of these freedom-protesters, and the many dubious (amoral / unethical) actions taken by the head of state and government of the United States of America, more innocent, poor and elderly Americans will die. (maybe also some of the freedom-protesters) Even more sadly, a lot of this suffering could have been avoided or at least greatly diminished. i.e.: (some) American People (including their supreme leader) are amplifying the suffering of (other) American People. (and infuriatingly also indirectly increasing the suffering of other nations and other people in the world) The original cause is still the virus, but... its shifting rapidly towards a shared accountability. Why am I being so critical? Because the USA has had a self-imposed highly-influential leading role in the world for much of post-world-war history. Is the time of other (developing) nations looking upwards towards the USA as an (exemplary) prominent nation over? If so, a power vacuum might bring some chaos in the world. It has probably already been happening for quite a while though: The future seems more and more uncertain. Or, to quote a wise man, good old Yoda himself: "Always in motion, the future is." "The dark side clouds everything." "Impossible to see the light, the future is."
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