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  1. Nevermind. It’s a shitty little article on IABPOITC.
  2. Probably some kind of retrospective on TH in light of the current climate but bit weird for them to be mentioned on the front cover just for that...
  3. aphex twin remixes coil and I die
  4. Couldn’t for the life of me figure out the origin of this melody during the broadcast - it’s Tarantula by This Mortal Coil! No idea who ripped off who first but thanks
  5. imagining and indeed performing the collective "OH FOR FUCK'S SAKES" is the only joy in this. waste of fucking time.
  6. Yes, I have an original MFM cassette - I don't recall ever seeing one for sale - to my recollection there's only a few that were made (they are all DIY, hand-written affairs), so I doubt anyone who has one would sell it, for fear of Richard breaking their knuckles. My collection really isn't as impressive as one might think; I really slowed down collecting (and thankfully in a way the artists slowed down too with their releases), and honestly, I'm more into listening to the damn stuff instead of it taking up cabinet space in my office at home, and really, I find myself more wanting to buy digital-only stuff rather than good old physical media... This. I do buy vinyl here and there, and really like collecting. I don't get the point of buying a digital download. Someone WILL almost certainly have stuck it on Youtube lol
  7. I have had a lot of conversations with friends on the ethics of listening to artists who both have gross ideologies (Burzum included, lol) and those who flirt with dangerous or offensive imagery (Death In June, Throbbing Gristle). I believe you can separate the music from the artist. People have always expressed an interest in the more morbid aspects of life. I read somewhere that the most frequently found Neanderthal cave paintings were of giant vulva, penises and animals being slaughtered. If you want to dress like a Nazi to provoke, but you're not a racist person, are you causing the same kind of offense? Maybe going a bit off topic here - I'm aware the current climate demonises anyone who has been revealed to have been a historical shit. In the case of Weinstein etc I'm all for their lives and careers going down the toilet. Even Joy Division are well known for taking their name from a concentration camp sex-slave ring and they're some of the most revered artists (and one of my favourite bands, personally.)
  8. yeah it's a cover of beware the friendly stranger, quite nice actually doesn't loop very well though
  9. my arse has fallen off!!!!!

    1. Joyrex


      all of it, or only half ;)

  10. keep your bum (!) cards out of the Rickard Bree Jammins THREAD - milks ;)
  11. come on lads bunch of fookin dots innit
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