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  1. i wonder how many of you i ran into in passing hahaha epic weekend
  2. chiming in to say i really like this album, having read 0 reviews on it and hearing 0 outside opinions. Figured it would be unpopular round these parts (but surprisingly more people dug than i thought)
  3. I've listened to it maybe 5 times already. Probably my album of the year. Good job, Frank.
  4. You're right, it stings somethng awful. These labels just (shallowly) describe one aspect of an individuals personality, the idea of a hipster can be is annoying, but don't loathe a person just cause there's an air of hipster around them. Isn't that just common sense?! Don't get urself caught up in labels! I don't know, one time I saw a guy find a brown bottle and it said "POISON" but he didn't believe in labels so he drank it and began sprouting a third arm before violently convulsing and professing his love for Phil Collins
  5. Other than the standard lights/fog machines/etc... have any of you done this? I am thinking i would need some sort of cheap projector and run that into my laptop or something (which I also use for performing). Have any of you tried this? What other methods work/don't work? Hilarious failures are welcome as well.
  6. You should write a whole album on this thing. sounds amazing
  7. Totally forgot to post this one... https://soundcloud.com/zanderone/redux It needs to be re-recorded in stereo but this was a fun jam. Auxillary drums are Volca Beats
  8. Just FYI, i ended up getting the Novation Circuit. Since they added sampling capabilities, it's exactly what I was looking for. Made tons of stuff on it already
  9. Unfortunately I'm thinking about selling mine as well. My Monotribe is still one of my favorite pieces of gear, but the volcas haven't held up as much. Damn shame.
  10. its a software update ? Sorry i´have no clue about hardware stuff. Yessir.... Check it out https://components.novationmusic.com
  11. Just ordered one. They introduced sample import ability so that sold it for me. You can load in a minutes worth of samples (not a terrible amount of samples but still a huge improvement over nothing), and there's a desktop editor for designing patches.
  12. pardon the self plug (i guess that's part of the thread), but i did a shitload of that in this EP: https://shimmeringmoodsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/glowing
  13. so wait, all I needed to do was add a drop all along?!?!?!?!
  14. I don't totally disagree. However, I think it is more relevant to say that the idea of 9-to-5 work being the end-all, be-all of existence is at least as naive.
  15. I know it's not hardware, but I'm actually strongly considering getting MASCHINE instead. Likely the mikro. Would go super well with my APC40 i reckon
  16. First off, i appreciate the kind words. Secondly, I am painfully aware of this. Some of my eggs are in a different basket, though: I am in a more traditional band with some musically proficient colleagues, and it is definitely way more accessible. If I were to make it from music, it would be from this sort of endeavor (or scoring) Any which way. I have recently done this actually. It's very relaxing
  17. As I've grown acclimated to the rather dreary 9-to-5 world, I have been thinking about this a lot lately. What does it really take to do music for a living? How do most people get there? Obviously, there's more to it than beefing up your follower count on soundcloud (contrary to what those spambots suggest). If you do music for a living in any capacity, how did you get there? (I'm assuming that ceasing thoughts about this sort of thing and just working on the damn music has to do with it). If not, what keeps you going?
  18. If you take them for what they're worth, then I argue they're pretty great, but I suspect many will be expecting more. I've found them great for little jams but not often making it into the more serious productions (save for a few exceptions). The FM looks like the one to change this trend, however!
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