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  1. fors.fm stuff is inexpensive and really cool. i also use sound toys.
  2. Yeah I picked that up too, but triz has a special place for me, I did a solo roof repair job in the hottest week of the summer (in Texas) and made a lot of money, took maybe 10 hours altogether and I listened to that album the whole time.
  3. It’s so tight how he uses the piano string to light the cigarette at the end.
  4. My favorite “ambient glitch” album of the past few years. https://motionward.bandcamp.com/album/pontiac-streator-triz.
  5. Wow, I just have one external that I use with time machine and another for spillover storage. I think I need to build a pc
  6. Years ago, I taught myself Tuvan throat singing so I can harmonize with myself.
  7. Well harmony is pretty simple. You just need to learn scales, intervals, chords, and inversions. Anyone with a midi keyboard can learn that in about 1 hour. it’s funny to me how people start talking about jazz when harmony is brought up, like it’s the ultimate realm. But the truth is it actually just sounds bad. That looks like my ableton push 1 Seriously though that’s a cool visualization. Two minor thirds make a diminishes fifth or augmented fourth, two major thirds make an augmented fifth or minor sixth. It’s only when you are a minor third and major third that you get a perfect fifth.
  8. go buy a box fan, 4 air filters the same size as the box fan (probably 24” square?), and some duct tape. Remember to save the box the fan came in. Now, tape all 4 filters together with the duct tape like you are building a cube with no top or bottom. Make sure you use tape all the way along the seams so it is sturdy and sealed. Set this form on the box the fan was packaged in and trace it. Cut this square out and tape it to the bottom of the cube. Tape all 4 sides and leave no gaps. Finally, tape the box fan to the top of the cube. Plug it in. You now have a super powered home air scrubber that is more powerful and effective than any appliance you can by. It will change all the air in a room in a few minutes. I built one after I did a bunch of drywall work in my house, and man it makes your air clean.
  9. I would recommend getting a free version of ableton lite. It comes with pretty much every new midi controller. It has all the basic effects, can use plugins, and has simpler and I believe drum rack. With those two things and effects, you could go forever. Lots of great free plugins too. TAL stuff is all a must. Also the free Valhalla stuff.
  10. Well, there is a culture of sickness, and it is complicated, but Biden absolutely should do as much as possible through executive order right now to restrict access to firearms. And I have a ruger 9mm, but I’ll happily throw it into a foundry after this one. It would be ironic if someone did a mass shooting at one of these.
  11. This shit is seriously going to make me start voting.
  12. I live 70 miles away from Uvalde. Kind of want to go pour red paint on police cars.
  13. I’m 34 now. Really starting to thin out on top, but so is peder mannerfelt. with 3 kids, 2 toddler aged, I just don’t have the time I used to have. I keep telling myself I’m going to have time again. It’s hard to fit in exercise for your health but not get obsessed. I have a hard time committing without obsessing.
  14. Your English is great, I just have never heard anyone say ableton UI is terrible before. Maybe it’s not your thing, but I think it’s kind of indisputable that ableton has one of the fastest UIs of all time.
  15. Hmmmm…. let me read that again… …what?
  16. re: Sean, it’s not a mystery, and he is just messing around probably. music composition is 3 things: 1 your brain 2 devices of abstract to concrete translation 3 definition. Different methods of composition use the three above pillars in different ratios. music is always linear, because time is linear. Maybe you are just programming devices to generate music for you, and programming the music to be off-grid. That’s maybe 20%(1),70%(2),10%(3) Or maybe you use field recordings and edit them with effects. That’s maybe 20%/10%/70% and singer song writer is maybe 60/10/30
  17. https://williamfields.bandcamp.com/album/fieldsos Anyone heard this? Deep learning genre-generated music. Honestly pretty crazy.
  18. Some people would say it’s not techno without a 4/4 kick, or at least a pulse on each beat.
  19. This is a top of the line Commercial Electric power strip with 15ft heavy gauge cord. Please give respect where respect is due.
  20. Scrap wood live rig for my show tonight. I somehow managed to make this mixer sound pretty decent. I don’t think the perfect small live mixer actually exists, but this is certainly so cheap (and 10 years old) that it’s the best solution.
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