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  1. I've enjoyed their last two albums a bunch.
  2. Now-a-days I listen more to the "Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt 1" side of Drukqs
  3. I just got an email about how the DFN post office is turning into a new cultural center! Was a pretty interesting place to be in. Would kinda love to go check out the new space when Richard plays there in 2023 😉 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/post-grand-opening-tickets-183000037037
  4. I remember seeing the vinyl at a record store and not caring at the time.... but oh how I want it now.
  5. Does anyone talk to Dave? How's he doin'?
  6. guidewire

    170871 50

    Happy Birthday old man
  7. Interesting. Very different from what I expected.
  8. 20 year Anniversary this October! What big festivities do we have planned?
  9. Totally missed that last comment ! Thanks 😉 Here is another random thing.
  10. This is a head scratcher. I came in search of understanding.
  11. guidewire

    afx nft

    So did anyone go to this mysterious dropbox folder that was hidden in the image? Is there a file sitting there?
  12. guidewire

    afx nft

    Let's see what today brings.
  13. "Small" is burnt into my brain now. "Lambent Rag" is also in there. Need to burn the rest in.
  14. guidewire

    afx nft

    Maybe announce 20th anniversary Drukqs reissue? ? ? ? Something "epic"?
  15. guidewire

    afx nft

    So what's the actual April 14th message?
  16. This year I'm going to try and keep more of a flat folder vs a monthly breakdown. I was thinking of going to a full flat WIP folder, but i'm not ready for that.
  17. - Richard was AWESOME! - I recall the Bjork audience crushing each other to get to get a look at her DJing in a bush. - Squarepusher was pretty great. - Loved that Moon shadow installation somewhere in the post office.
  18. Just pre-ordered new mhtrtc vinyl. Available: 27 November 2020 https://bleep.com/release/7819-boards-of-canada-music-has-the-right-to-children Anyone know if there is anything special about this new batch?
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