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  1. I preordered the tape and the orange lp so I hope it is good lol. I always tend to get a bit obsessive about a new OPN album around the time it's released, but some if them stick with me better over time than others. So far I am hopeful for this one, although I hope it doesn't go too much in the hyperpop direction tbh. PS: We'll Take It is a banger
  2. Hi folks, I know I haven't been active here much lately, but I think some folks here might enjoy this ep. It's 2 footwork and braindance influenced tracks, with lots of detail and focus on melody. It's up for pre-order now, coming out Friday Oct 2nd for bandcamp day. Art is by flapricot
  3. Hi, I have 2 rephlex records 4 sale, shipping from the US steinvord 12" Photodementia Fig. 04 (12") They're both in good condition, sleeve is beat up on the steinvord one. They have been played a few times and kept in storage since. check discogs for price estimates and make an offer! Thx
  4. I'm working! So I don't need the $$, but I will definitely be keeping an eye on what folks are publishing! I fucked up and misread the announcement on twitter and bought someone's discography on Wednesday ? loool
  5. I started an OPN fan discord if y'all wanna join lol https://discord.gg/ex2mhEp Danny posted about wanting to have one on Twitter but nothing official yet, although a fair a amount of fan interest, so I thought I might as well. Xxx, joshuatxuk, I know u in for this
  6. sean pls fart, it's not healthy to hold in your gas
  7. Ayy this sounds great! I love how lo-fi the sound palette is. Pre-ordered.
  8. Beautiful Ok sounds good Lies!! I probably love you too. ?????
  9. Yeah that sounds like 2020 in a nutshell. Hope everyone is OK
  10. sup. what'd I miss ?
  11. It's out! Here's the playlist on soundcloud: And thanks wobbegongs :)
  12. Hey watmm! I made an EP, and it's gonna come out this Friday (Feb 1st) This one is light hearted and bouncy and playful, and I hope folks will have fun listening to it! :) https://sephamusic.bandcamp.com/album/childish-ep If anyone would like to hear it and cannot purchase it, please PM me for a download code, no questions asked
  13. I think I have them on my computer, I'll see if I can dredge them up.
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