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  1. It's out! Here's the playlist on soundcloud: And thanks wobbegongs :)
  2. Hey watmm! I made an EP, and it's gonna come out this Friday (Feb 1st) This one is light hearted and bouncy and playful, and I hope folks will have fun listening to it! :) https://sephamusic.bandcamp.com/album/childish-ep If anyone would like to hear it and cannot purchase it, please PM me for a download code, no questions asked
  3. I think I have them on my computer, I'll see if I can dredge them up.
  4. I adore the Love in the Time of Lexapro ep, have been listening to it a lot the last two weeks. It's kind of annoying that the release which includes all of the non-album tracks is some special limited edition thing. I don't understand the point of the "The Station"/"We'll Take It" eps as distinct releases, other than as a cash grab. This album's unnecessary extra eps and drove of needless obscure merchandise -> Age of Excess ...are those pink tombstones I see?
  5. That slow alt version of Avril is nice. I like how different the progression is, it feels extremely pared down. Sounds like the mellower Caretaker stuff... 💜💙💚
  6. My 3-year-old says he likes 1st 44. But he'll get down on most music. We danced together to Elephant Song #idmtoddler
  7. definitely feeling the old afx sounds. Like in 1st 44 before the incredibly loud dancehall vocal, there's some icbyd style french horn swells (or, that's what it evokes for me). And in general, that track's palette mostly feels very drukqs & run the place red rmx. Pthex also feels like a throwback.
  8. I agree that the footwork tropes are mostly not present, with a more Jlin influenced sound. But I did want to point out, there's a filter modulated vocal-stuttering bit at like 01:04 in Abundance, which sounds very like DJ Diamond - Flight Muzik. DJ Diamond has toured with Jlin though, and I think she has probably used that sound a bit. But yeah, it seems like there has probably been some back and forth between Jlin and Richy. I wonder if she's talked about the EP at all on social media or whatever
  9. ganus


    Dude this is brilliantThanks man! I'm just trying to work out the rust. Gonna be making more videos for a while.
  10. I just came in to say, this is a straight-up Kool Keith diss line.
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