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  1. Might be a fav of mine...
  2. These broadcasts are from my IDM/Electronic radio show, RAISED ON RITALIN, which was on WIUS AM 1570 at Indiana University from '02-03. These are some of my earlier shows, so I'm pretty rough around the edges during transitions and speaking in general. But, there's some great tracks on here that you guys might enjoy.
  3. Kinda bummed we didn't get more RDJ album era bonus tracks. Maybe down the road...
  4. I remember hearing it from the Soundcloud dump for the first time and was like, "how the fuck was this never released. absolute insanity!"
  5. total bum but would be funny if he put it on soundcloud after the gigs in the mean time i'm happy with a decent vinyl rip, new fuckin music yo guys Yea, as long as someone can execute a proper quality rip of these. The rip I currently have of the Day for Night 12" is atrocious.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/kanyewest/real-friends-no-more-parties-in-la-snipped Mostly the effects on the drums. Maybe it's all in my head though...
  7. Is there an updated/recent download link of all the Soundcloud Trx?
  8. Weird. Neither of the Cheetah tracks are showing up on my page.
  9. Scorrier about made me fucking cry and then Random FX lit a fire in me!
  10. Rich is conducting experiments on us and I'm more than okay with it.
  11. My shirt is soaking wet from drool and tears after listening to Organ. Best track yet!
  12. Richard must have forgotten he gave Japan out for a remix. lol
  13. I did it again when I heard Make A Baby. Need more HAB era Richard!
  14. Just got home from a shitty day at work and Richard made it all better. I let out a girly squeal when I heard 2 Pcp 2 [unreleased Version].
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