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  1. LOL Nice first thread to see after coming back after 5 years to this forum.
  2. This band is blessed. This has been (along with Oh Sees) my most healthy musical obsessions as of late. I get an obvious kick out of listening to them because of the underlying nostalgia of the progressions, but their music has me daydreaming about starting by own record store. Again. Maybe I should do it.
  3. something to do with cells
  4. I still use soulseek for most stuff, there are plenty of autistic collectors yet to give up on it. What are you dudes using these days besides what.cd?
  5. https://hashishin.bandcamp.com/album/2d-3d-ep Here it is guys, my new output Hashishin and an old-school electro EP, that I self-released, reminiscent of neon dystopias and corrupt corporate governments, actually made as an ode to our own main dimensions that we exist in. Would appreciate any type of criticism, since this is my first release in a while
  6. Been a fan for so long, his 2 mixes are probably amongst my favorite 5 mixes ever. The overall mood/vibe of all the tribal, hypnotic, spiralling dark grooves feels like fractal dreams, vivid nightmares in which you go down neverending staircases in the dark deeps. Very lovecraftian if you ask me. This shit hits the holy mother of soft-spots for me. 11/10 i would listen in an african tribe khat-infused initiation
  7. up for some lichess games if anyone is interested im 1462 mmr username: sahistu_mascat
  8. S0rry f0r n0t having time f0r digging ab0ut, but can any0ne p0int me t0 an archive 0f s0me kind, with a11 the s0undc10ud rdj up10ads? (my keyb0ard is missing s0me 1etters, s0 I'm d0ub1y s0rry)
  9. LOL at the guy mentioning Friends. That show is utmost cancer, it kinda birthed cofee-shop wankers, and it had a general, cosy, middle-aged take on modern culture that just did not hold. Plus the fact that many other writers and producers tried to replicate it, ruining it for everyone. Plus the concept of the "Rachel and Ross" type of relationship. Before Friends, people were single, together, married, or divorced. Memories of Rachel and Ross constantly talkin shit like "we are on a break" keep coming back to me, and it gave way for this kind of romantic ambiguity that persists to this day. Anyway, my top would most surely contain The Sopranos, The Wire, Seinfeld and Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks. Pretty basic I guess.
  10. I quit. Anyways, I ended up listening to music every single day, through youtube from a chrome incognito window, which was hidden in the bar, with me never typing anything into youtube (fearing the keylogger-type global protect), except in work breaks, which lasted for 15 minutes, which allowed us to listen to music. Yea, EA Games sucks, but I beat the anti-music system and I've passed the formula to other minions to use it freely. 0.4/12 would work at EA again
  11. The truth is I found the loophole some weeks ago, and I listened to pretty much all the 90s hip-hop golden era albums, and some Tool. But music distracts me, and I can't enjoy it too much either. Listening to electronic music is pretty much out of the question, since I have to listen to whatever on low volume, so people around me won't hear that I'm listening to anything in my headphones.
  12. So I got this job at a gaming corporation that isn't allowing me to listen to music or anything not work-related while working, but I found a way to do it and I am going to do it, but alot of people are passing by my desk all day, so it should be left in a tab and let it roll all day, or at least between pauses, which allow us to do (almost) anything on the internet. Sorry for the long intro, I just need some good lectures/debates/documentaries which don't require viewing them for you to understand them/etc. I listened to the bill nye vs ken hamm debate today and it was pretty interesting. I would require your input.
  13. So I've been waking up humming and singing the start, the flute part from fucking Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On for the last year. Every single day, It's like a disease. I'm even spreading it among friends.
  14. I have the cock of Michelangelo's David on my fridge.
  15. Define "there are always jobs". Are there any special workforce placement institutions like they have in Denmark, for example? Or are there too many unqualified (as in shitty) jobs to be filled at any time? And if so, why is that? Other than that, thank you for your (apparent) helpful reply. Regarding the camp-fire talk that you built around my usage of the concept of being"pretty stoned", I cannot adhere to such debate, because as some wise guy said, "we inhabit languages, not countries", so I am not familiar with all the many sides and esoteric meanings of the term. I only smoke weed (err'day) but more as a reward when I finish songs or learn new things, and only at night. I am also quite stoic by nature, I don't drink alcohol at all, or at least I don't feel the need to, I don't do coffee, or sodas, or fast-food for that matter, with weed, water and hummus being my only 3 vices.
  16. So here's the thing. I live in dirt poor Romania, and the only things I know how to do well (actual skills to pay the bills) are: making music (to some extent), communicate in english (as a skill required for foreign employment). I could easily learn any language I'd be required to, and I could pretty much do anything for a decent wage, in any case way more than the 250 euros (which is the average wage around here. The question is: does any of you run any businesses that need desperate immigrants for a decent job? I know there are many UK blokes registered on this forum, and i know immigration is big there (lol), so maybe I can help you by avoiding slimy unknowns into your business. Anyway, you get the point. I'd do anything to get to work/travel/enjoy life abroad and I thought I;d try here. Pretty futile I guess. Thanks. edit: excuse my dubious coherency, pretty stoned atm later edit: I'm pretty fit too, avatar image not actual OP pic
  17. 1999 in romania norton commander days I'm the one at the computer {always}
  18. I still carry around a 512 mb ipod shuffle since 8 years ago. I only have around 20 tracks on it at any given time, as a tribute to the old days of cd players.
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    i love it i hate it
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