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  1. i prefer the instrumental of mystery of love
  2. stuck on this track rn
  3. wtf. best one yet by a long shot (of this rtr account)
  4. whylessness


    hiya. i'm still making my way through the graphic novel recs you gave me in your ama. bought/read the first four sandman graphic novels then life kinda got in the way, rereading them now with the intention of finishing the series. do you reckon the TV show will be shit?
  5. i find danny's flow on these two singles hard to follow. maybe it will grow on me. dirty laundry beat is great however.
  6. iirc someone got naked and danced on the speakers at further 1994 during aphex's set. i could be misremembering tho. read it on watmm somewhere..
  7. it's called "burn rubber" by fans but i don't think it was ever officially released
  8. night in the woods developer alec holowka has committed suicide after being accused of sexual assault.
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