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  1. as long as metagross and mimikyu (my two competitive shiny pokemon) are in sword and shield i don’t give a fuck.
  2. guardian ape's second form is an apparition type, so divine confetti is super effective against it. divine confetti is actually a straight up damage buff against any boss, which is never explained in the item description. combine that with an ako's sugar. gg ez
  3. seeing tycho at red rocks was kinda peak tycho for me. their beacon collab sounded better imo
  4. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/aphex-twin-selected-ambient-works-volume-ii/
  5. i think the update compressed all avatars so they look like shit
  6. it's been two weeks. wtf is this guy touching up?? ya i bought the orange one. it's lvsh :). dfn 2016 shirt is still my fav but they only had small size left when i decided to buy one so it barely fits me
  7. up there with the "chord stabs" track from brooklyn and the "brooklyn track" as my fav. and the first brooklyn track. and the second. ok don't make me choose
  8. going through the tutorial in sekiro ng+ and perfect deflecting all the enemies made me feel like a golden god
  9. i disagree that the unreleased tracks can be neatly categorized as “saw iii” or ambient..
  10. the bassline @ 32:54 is so evocative. reminds me of the donk track a bit.
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