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  1. holy shit. rtr, nice to meet you. so you really are from spain, then?
  2. gl playing the elder scrolls vi on your ps5 guys
  3. oirectine, echus, over the horizon radar (reversed)
  4. sekiro hands down. it was my 2019 goty and is vying for my fav FROM game. the game is going to kick your ass until you master deflecting tho.
  5. i filmed set up 707 with my shitty iphone 6 so cool to hear what was happening behind the scenes during this unforgettable moment ?
  6. brood war or sc2? because flash, stork, bisu and other bw legends still play at a very high level; and the most exciting amateur (ex-amateur, now pro) is soma, a zerg brood war player.
  7. starcraft broodwar is more alive than ever in south korea. starcraft 2 however is dead.
  8. https://twitter.com/IEM/status/1233104345182457858 huge esports tournament in poland will have an empty audience during the finals.
  9. i have a shiny jp 6 iv ditto in ultra moon so i'm waiting on pokemon home before breeding for shinies.
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