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  1. I really love this game. If you enjoy the OG game, definitely get the Following DLC. As someone already said, this game gets 10000x better when playing with someone else, you can probably match make if you don't have any buds, but if you're on Xbox1 I'll play with you.
  2. Martin Kearns, the dummer in Bolt Thrower passed away on Monday. What a bummer.
  3. I didn't even think anyone took these lists seriously anymore. That being said, any albums on their I should check out? I recognized some names but haven't heard anything apart from a couple tracks off that U2 album
  4. I pay $20 for a g over here on the east coast, $50-60 for 3.5g's and around 300-320 for an oz., and I get (fairly) decent product, so I feel like the $25 price stamp isn't too out of the question, especially if you're getting top shelf stuff. Although after having spoken to some cats out west and hearing what they pay I can understand why it might be considered pricey.
  6. That Mastodon video is awesome hahahahha
  7. GenghisPwn


    That Lil Mystic track was dope, thanks for sharing
  8. I was going to suggest Merzbow but it turns out he is Japanese.
  9. How do you "cut" weed? And thanks for the reply peace7. I used to live in Malaysia and it was the death penalty for trafficking and I believe even possession had severe consequences, but like you said if you know someone, it's not hard to find. Although most of the bud I got over there was sub-par at best.
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