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  1. Its good at pop culture always wondered
  2. More historic moments
  3. Like being a fly on the wall at this historic moment
  4. it understands adverts quite well
  5. These came out pretty good
  6. Not sure whats going on here
  7. I've been away from this thread for about 20 pages, a few months ago it seemed Russia were about to crumble. But they're still there. They have had to re-focus on the east, thats something I suppose. But this is looking like a long slog now, and Ukraine has to keep the support flowing in to stand a chance. Becomes a game of keeping people's attention....
  8. There's a Will Self story called "Understanding the Ur-Bororo" about an anthropologist who goes to the amazon and discovers and objectively boring tribe. Its hilarious boring.
  9. re: Tesla cars and criticism (center console, rushed manufacturing, autopilot, fires etc) There are definitely valid criticisms of Tesla cars, some of the design choices, quality control, spare part problems etc. But sometimes people talk about them like they're still a startup, or an esoteric choice of car to buy. Thats not where we are anymore; there are about 2 million Tesla cars on the road now, its not a niche thing anymore. If a serious proportion of those 2 million cars had their wheels falling off or they were driving themselves into walls or bursting into flames that would become obvious very quickly. Because its Tesla everything gets magnified. And fine, keep up the scrutiny. But have "2 million on the road" in your head next time you see a headline about a fire. Also - customer satisfaction ratings with Tesla is still well above their competitors - so there's still a lot of satisfied customers out there. Or you could say they are brainwashed or whatever. But basically brainwashing is what every brand aspires to do, so those are still the numbers. Personally I drive a Kia EV, but my Kia EV (and the Volvo EV and the Renault Zoe and the VW ID4 and on and on) would not exist if Tesla hadn't come along and given the auto industry a massive kick up the arse. Without Tesla all the traditional manufactuers would still be putting out things like the 2015 Leaf with 100 mile range on the basis that 'market research shows people just want evs for a second car to run around town'. Someone needed to do the work to get the ball rolling and get R+D and economies of scale to kick in, and thats what Tesla have done. The first Model S rolled out of the factory just under 10 years ago in June 2012 -the way Tesla have scaled up since then in absolutely insane. So yeah panel gaps and center console and so on but remember - 2 million on the road, and the auto industry completely transformed.
  10. I generally think musk is a net positive but I enjoyed the time when a postdoc called him "Space Karen"
  11. Martes was a brilliant album. Was that like 20 years ago now?
  12. Oh good lord this isnt that hard. Just read the tweet just before. Ten minutes before that tweet, he tweeted the threats he'd received from Rogozin, boss of the russian space agency. More here. His tweet about 'if I die' is clearly a pisstake of peoples tendancy to tweet 'i am not suicidal' when they think the deep state is onto them. You can tell its a joke by the unconventional end to the tweet.
  13. Has anyone posted this Kokichi Sugihara "ambigous object" stuff? This melts my brain: More: Kokichi Sugihara's Homepage (meiji.ac.jp)
  14. well yeah thats pretty obvious, from the point of view that most of the mega-rich own a newspaper or a TV channel or something. Thats no accident, they get a lot of influence from that. Musk being a bit more modern has chosen to buy Twitter while Bezos is a bit more trad so bought the Washington Post. The Koch brothers own Time magazine, Rupert Murdoch owns a whole load of TV and newspapers etc etc BUT Musk has stated his reasons and if you look back at other things he's been concerned with in the past (like OpenAI) it makes sense - he's basically saying that if we're going to have massive algorithms deciding what tweets to put into people's feeds, that should be a transparent process rather than the murky shit we have going on right now with facebook and twitter etc. Its based on the share price when he made the offer plus 30-40% or so. So the question for shareholders is 'sell now or do you think you'll get a better price in future'. Evidently they think its a good price. Lots of people are rightly suspicous and maybe he's full of shit or whatever but I've been watching him for a while and I think he's sincere in his main aims (e.g. see this) But I do wonder if this whole 'buy twitter' thing is a displacement activity, like maybe there was some stressful problem at SpaceX this month (get those raptor engines mass produced!) or Tesla (get that european gigafactory properly active) and he ended up buying twitter as a kindof stress reaction, in the same way that I'll argue with people in the Aphex forum when really I should have been doing my tax return.
  15. This is good advice from Dr Lopez Although if you do need to post somewhere MIXL2, you might as well post here, seems like you have a generally supportive crowd in this thread Hope you're ok
  16. War in the 21st century is a massively complicated collision of powerful nation states, complex geopolitical economics, and extensive multilayered social media campaigns from all sides which generally aim to simplify everything down to soundbites which benefit that side, its very emotive and even in a forum environment where people are potentially tolerant to unconventional points of view, being a bit too obstinate or strident can get you censored.
  17. War is hell and its entirely possible that both sides have people prepared to do horrible things Detailed analysis by BBC: "Does video show Russian prisoners being shot?" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/60907259 Guardian: UN official concerned over videos showing apparent abuse of PoWs in Ukraine https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/29/un-official-concerned-over-videos-showing-apparent-abuse-of-pows-in-ukraine
  18. To cover all bases, I recommend you arm yourself with a gold bomb shelter. Your comment about the petrodollar and Russia selling gas for rubles interested me and I hadnt heard about it so I went and found some links https://www.politico.eu/article/germanys-scholz-rejects-putins-rubles-for-gas-demand/ https://realmoney.thestreet.com/investing/is-there-an-actual-threat-to-the-petrodollar-system--15943080 tbh the petrodollar thing is something I wasn't really aware of: Why should I worry if China wants to pay for its oil in Yuan instead of dollars? Seems fair enough to me. Russia wanting to sell its gas for rubles, to people who are supplying weapons to the people Russia ia trying to invade, is hard to take a clear view on. Like the modern relationship between nation states that are simulataneously trading with each other while criticising each other has layers of complexity. Which is the real relationship, the economic one (in which the states exchange goods and cash for mutual benefit) or the political one (in which the heads of state make speeches criticing each other). One is about basic needs and the other about principles. I guess its like a supermarket that wants to knock your house down to build a new carpark that they dont really need, but you have to shop there anyway because there's no other shop for 20 miles. So you go there but you get to the checkout and they say 'well you chucked red paint all over our delivery van so we wont sell you this food unless you join our loyalty card scheme' and then you're thinking 'well, you cunt, I chucked paint on your van because you deliberately blocked my driveway with it' but the thought of getting the bus 20 miles to the other supermarket is a real drag so you stand there deciding whether to give in or not. Having written that I guess I'd want Europe to tell Putin to shove his gas up his arse but in practice perhaps thats not economically feasible. edit: afterthought: I'm not trying to belittle what Russia is doing at all with supermarket analogy, just trying to scale the unfathomable relationship between "giant super powerful potentially mass murdering nation states" down into something easier to reason about at a human level
  19. Great pretend future article about uploads: https://qntm.org/mmacevedo
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