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  1. No, that was the Conservatory in The Barbican - more like a greenhouse than a club https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2001/oct/16/artsfeatures4
  2. I had a couple of Susumu Yokota albums back around 2005-ish and I looked him up recently and it was so sad to see that he'd died. The music seemed so unworldly, it seemed shocking to realise he could die just like anyone else. Symbol was an amazing album.
  3. I was 17 in 1991, albums I actually bought and listened to that year included: 30 Something - Carter USM, Nevermind - Nirvana, Seal - Seal, De La Soul Is Dead - De La Soul, The White Room - KLF, Woodface - Crowded House, Trompe le Monde - Pixies, Schubert Dip - EMF, Diamons and Pearls - Prince, Ex:El - 808 State, Chorus - Erasure, We Can't Dance - Genesis, Achtung Baby - U2 ... Of those, the ones across all genres that stood the test of time for me were Carter, Massive Attack, Nirvana, Crowded House and the Pixies. If we're asking best Electronic album of the ones I actually had that year, I'd say The White Room by KLF, because it actually _worked_ as an album and the KLF were tearing up the rulebook that year by being simultaneouly very poppy and also very subversive, whereas Ex:El had a few great tracks and lots of forgettable ones. That said, I don't think I've listened to The White Room since about 1992 so would be fun to listen again. Or maybe we should say Blue Lines by Massive Attack because it was a very solid album that is good all the way through and way ahead of its time in the way that it was an album by a bunch of producers with a bunch of different guest vocalists but the 'band' weren't the vocalists, the 'band' were the producers and it was a very competent synthesis of electronic stuff and hip hop stuff and regular stuff. And at the time no-one knew how to define it, are they rappers? Are they a hip hip group? But looking back you can see it was all about production. Which we're familiar with now but it was novel back then. If we ignore what music I actually had then, then I'd definitely say The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld because its an absolute monster of an album that established that 'dance' music wasn't actually anything to do with dancing for most people, it was about sitting on a train staring out the window or sitting in your room getting caned. I didn't discover that album till a few years later.
  4. This was on an old compilation I had in the 90s. It builds to something quite awesome a few minutes in.
  5. Now that we are all over 50, a non-slip Aphex Twin bathmat would be quite neat
  6. I had loved mhtrtc so I bought Geogaddi the day it came out. The only track I liked was 'Music is Math' and only up to about 3:34, after that it descends into noise. I haven't listened to any of it since, not once. Maybe I should give it another try lol
  7. Ooo this is a great topic I had an Archos Jukebox mp3 player back in the day - this was a year or two before the iPod existed - so I started my mp3 library then and I've stuck with more or less the same structure since. The Archos had a limit to how many folders could be in a folder, and scrolling was slow, so the top level of my library is pairs of letters from the alphabet: AB\ CD\ EF\ .. etc .. WX\ YZ\ Within that I go Artist\Album so things like EF\Eod\Questionmarks EF\FSOL\Lifeforms (disc1) Odd tracks by an artist that arent in an album go in an Artist\Various folder Under UV\ I have a UV\Various\(compilation name) folder for compliations and stuff thats quite massive. I'm quite pleased with myself for sticking to same system since 2000 or so. After about 2005 I stopped playing CDs and went MP3 only. Occasionally I still buy a CD and rip it, I use Exact Audio Copy for that I currently have about 12,751 mp3s in my collection. I have pruned the collection in the past when I had laptops that were short on space, so its not like I've kept everything over 21 years. I use global shuffle a lot and so I'm not shy about deleting stuff or archiving stuff if it comes up on shuffle and gets on my nerves and I think 'why have I kept that?' Some of the oldest stuff in my library is 128 kbps mp3 and I'm pretty fine with that. Sometimes if there's an old album I really like and is 128 kbps I'll buy it again in higher bitrate. If I'm ripping stuff now I use 256 kbps and that's all I'll ever need. Call me traditional but I never like variable bit rate mp3s and prefer a straight 256 kbps all the way through. Dont know why lol. I try to never buy music from apple (dont really know why). In order of preference: Bandcamp, Bleep, 7Digital (loyalty from when they were one of the only drm free places), Beatport. Or finally Amazon if I really can't find it anywhere else. Or find an old CD on ebay and rip it. dcom mentioned MP3Tag - I also use that to tidy things up. I've always meant to organise all the Genre tags in my collection but 21 years later I still havent got round to that. When you rip CDs, the genres that get used from CDDB or whereever are always complete nonsense even when the other tags are accurate. On my PC my main player is foobar2000 For the rest of the house I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with a Corsair 256 GB Voyager GTX usb stick (its a fancy usb stick that doesnt need a lot of power but is really fast, so it works well with the Pi, I found some cheaper options made the Pi unstable), the Raspberry Pi is running Logitech Media Server (what used to be Squeezebox server) and around the house I have a few Squeezebox Radios and a Squeezebox Classic. The Squeezebox platform is really old but its hackable and has a lot of fan support and I like buying old second hand tech when I can. You can get squeezebox remote apps like Orange Squeeze to remote control Squeezeboxes in your house or also to act as Squeezebox players Before squeezebox I tried XBMC (now called Kodi) but I've found the Squeezebox/Logitech platform much better for just getting stuff to work out of the box without endless faff Since I had a laptop get nicked fiftyeen years ago and lost a load of stuff, I have a rule to always have two backups of all my important stuff (which includes music but also all my docs, work etc). For that I just use two Freecom Tough Drives and FreeFileSync and every few weeks I just connect the usb drives and run the sync. The usb drives are then kept in separate places, preferably separate buildings.
  8. So I've always had a soft spot for ABBA, I used to hear it a lot as a kid and now my own kids are into it. And they always were great at what they did, and used a lot of electronic stuff. Exhibit A, this is from 1979. I mean, you know this song already, but just listen to it. Listen to that bass growl at 0:11, the synths at 0:19, the structure of the song, the strings, the lyrics. Its kind of an obvious point to make but Abba were geniuses. And I gotta say of the two tracks they unveiled today I absolutely love this one: On the first listen I was like 'yeah this is an abba track' but on the second listen it really got me - this is grade A pop written by people in their 70s, and its about things that would resonate with people that have got a good four or five decades (at least) of life behind them, themes of return and growth and the past, things you dont normally hear in pop songs. And of course its also all a metaphor for their return. The lyrics are absolutely perfect, and so genuine. And the lovely basslines, and synths, and structure. I'm really amazed at what they've done.
  9. Well yes but compare to hospitalisations and deaths (i.e. see how the curves in the graphs below for the last wave in January were all in sync but this time they are not.) Cases way up, hospital very slightly up (but less critical patients and shorter stays in hospital), deaths remain low. That said, it does feel like a big leap into the unknown. Things looked much better about a month ago.
  10. zazen


    I know what you mean but I take solace in the fact that electrons are all identical, so its all down to keeping track of how much energy I use, and making sure that same amount is purchased from a renewable provider. The accounting of those sums is as close as its possible to get.
  11. zazen


    This is a very simplistic take - that shifting to EVs will do no good. 1) at least with electric cars, we have the potential to move onto some other source of electricity (e.g. Norway is pretty good at this. And in the UK you can choose where your domestic electricity comes from, so all the electricity used in my house is purchased from renewable sources by my electricity provider). 2) This is comparing apples and oranges because you are comparing (electric car emissions + energy source to refuel car) vs (gas car emissions). The proper way to balance that equation is (electric car emissions + infrastructure to extract and provide power) vs (gas car emissions + massive global oil extractions and distribution system) Taking point number 2 further we could basically say you have to look at a "full life cycle assessment" of making the vehicle and the infrastructure needed to refuel/recharge the vehicle ("well to tank") over its lifetime. Volkswagen did this recently to compare some of their own EV and ICE models: https://www.volkswagen-newsroom.com/en/press-releases/electric-vehicles-with-lowest-co2-emissions-4886?s=09 VW says the EVs already have the edge and this will only improve over time as EV technology improves and energy sources continue to shift towards renewables Edit: or here's another paper that looks at life cycle emissions of EVs in the USA and China under various scenarios https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1352231015002022
  12. zazen


    Its interesting to have the whole history of bitcoin in just a 19 page thread. Elons cold feet on bitcoin (which imho is pretty genuine - at first he was propping up the 'bitcoin energy use is ok' idea but I think he looked into it further after all the headlines about Tesla damaging their eco credentials by holding bitcoin) might be a sortof turning point. So as I understand it, Ethereum is the second biggest crypto and is on the cusp of transitioning to a much 'greener' proof-of-stake system. And from the little I've read up on Vitalik he seems like he's got his head screwed on right. So - can someone who understands all this better than me offer an opinion - what are the odds on the Ethereum 2.0 thing working, and will Ethereum 2 then be the obvious destination for people who like the idea of crypto but dont like bitcoins energy use?
  13. Those saying 'no government' have just never had a good one. Once you've had a really good governing, you'll never look back.
  14. NZ government were good, A+++ would be up for being governed by them again in future
  15. As this is the stuff of legend, I did some research - artist name was "Trout", username was "gron", don't think they've been here for a while https://forum.watmm.com/topic/44313-trout-cardinal-ep
  16. Oh an another project - Watmmpolis, a watmm soundtrack to Metropolis. Trailer: All of it: http://watmmopolis.blogspot.com/2009/09/watch-watmmopolis-clips.html
  17. The original 'most idm' album https://futonic.bandcamp.com/album/deep-sea-creatures Other 'most idm' albums from subsequent years: Large Hadron Collider - https://archive.org/details/fu006 Black Holes - https://archive.org/details/fu002 Bonus: all four "Project 168" compilations (make an EP in a week) https://archive.org/details/project168
  18. There's something really comforting about WATMM having a massive busy eurovision thread
  19. Welcome. I wasn't on that forum but I was on here and so I like this thread because its reminding me just how long we've all been doing this and how old we all are now. *old man voice* I remember the days when to find out when a rumoured Aphex thing was being released you had to go into Sister Ray or Selectadisc and ask them and they didn't know etc etc Oh also I remember this old thread about RDJ (apparently) arguing with someone on the Planet Mu forums about soundcards
  20. Cover of Lightning by Phillip Glass by Glisssssssssendo aka Le Snob
  21. Some of my favourite stuff from the last decade or so is by Ochre
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