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  1. Loving this a lot. Matches how my brain feels lately.
  2. Awesome mix. Only recognize Yaz's "Don't Go" and Ultravox's "Mr. X".
  3. Recent logo for a weekly album listening party.
  4. + Horse Lords - The Common Task Jam City - Pillowland Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure Oliver Coates - skins n slime Yves Tumor - Heaven To A Tortured Mind
  5. A mix of comfort and new parameters for me, but generally a very good year for music, in my opinion. Here's my definitively subjective top ten: T1. Arthur - Hair of the Dog T1. Kate NV - Room for the Moon 3. Julianna Barwick - Healing Is A Miracle 4. Charli XCX - how i'm feeling now 5. Andy Shauf - The Neon Skyline 6. Oneohtrix Point Never - Magic Oneohtrix Point Never 7. Beatrice Dillon - Workaround 8. DJ Python - Mas Amable 9. The Weeknd - After Hours 10. Eartheater - Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin
  6. Only on my 2nd listen, but digging this a lot. My favorite of hers so far.
  7. Pretty solid year. My favorites: 1. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma -- Tracing Back The Radiance [LP] 2. Lanark Artefax -- Live at No Bounds Festival [Live Set] 3. Ssaliva -- Unshielded [EP] 4. Wild Nothing -- Blue Wings [Single] 5. Boy Harsher -- Careful [LP] 6. Daniel Lopatin -- Uncut Gems [LP] 7. Ernest Hood -- Neighborhoods [Reissue/1975] 8. June Chikuma -- Les Archives [Reissue/1986] 9. Oren Ambarchi -- Simian Angel [LP] 10. Andy Stott -- It Should Be Us [EP] 11. Raveena -- Lucid [LP] 12. Lanark Artefax -- Corra Linn [EP] 13. Kelly Mora
  8. Yeah I liked the movie a lot when I saw it in theaters, but listening to the Good Time soundtrack on its own doesn't do much for me. A bit too noodle-y, IMO. Still really enjoying this one though.
  9. Wow, this is great. I wasn’t super into the Good Time OST, but am really digging this. Dangelis is now bae.
  10. Just getting to this now, but very fun indeed. Feel like it's a sincere effort, situated between PC Music, Kelela's last LP, and Sophie's last LP. Drawn in by the sound design, stayed for the depth of ideas.
  11. "Alexa, why is Ssaliva so good?" Thanks for the heads up!
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