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  1. RIP In the remix blurb on they mention "These 3 minutes & 33 seconds of SOPHIE remixed by Autechre have had a long winding path to fruition. A recording of Autechre live, at a Numbers event in Glasgow back in 2005, first inspired SOPHIE to source the equipment used to craft new music including BIPP, LEMONADE & more." And Interestingly enough in Rhianna tweet about Sophie's passing she posted a picture of Sophie showing her something on one of the Elektron machines. It's funny to think about that musical connection.
  2. I'm not going to dig it up from the AAA but I am pretty sure they said only about 25% of ae tracks are actually collaborative at this point.
  3. Remember when someone on the AAA asked if they had heard of Basic Channel and Sean was like "Dood those releases are seminal". I think about that a lot.
  4. Y'all acting like Rob wasn't doing anything at all during the live set. We don't have any MPC or Nord Modular G2 patches.
  5. Got a link? https://wetransfer.com/downloads/a995c5209c2412f92d8322b0cfeea13d20181113011610/a5a41ef3bafefdc283f8371122ee26ce20181113011610/a877c1
  6. italian truly is a beautiful language seriously. no joke, truly, theyre deece dudes to the fans. never heard of any band mass sharing their presets like this w fans, has it been done before? this is so chill n nice n sweet man Not sure if Trent did it himself the Nord Modular G1 patches he used for The Fragile are out there.
  7. Yo Rob, where those Nord Modular G2 patches at tho?
  8. What am I missing with that last picture of the rusty fence and some brush?
  9. Anyone else's vinyl have a bit of the crackle, especially on the right speaker? Real noticeable during the 3rd third of T69?
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