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  1. Some older tracks i finally uploaded, from the time i crashed my computer and lost all projects (never try to change your Windows user name via regedit! hopefully i had .wav backups), new tracks on the way now that i finally have enough room for my gear.
  2. The drums are SO under-mixed, such a shame...
  3. Sophie's death, now this... I don't have much to say, i'm just really sad right now. My thoughts go out to his family.
  4. I was at this concert. I totally forgot he was dead. Such a strange feeling to listen to this now, i remember shaking his hand at the end of the concert, and he found my Death to the Pixies shirt cool :)
  5. Does anyone know what's going on with the bandcamp ? Toiled rush and the pandemixes are gone...
  6. What song are you referencing as a " Behringer clone of Vordhosbn" ? (didn't listen to all the album yet)
  7. This is fucking awful. Give me back 2014 Sophie
  8. :( RIP Susumu Is this really Aphex (Avril 14th, I assume)? I've heard this dozens of times and never noticed. RIP Susumu indeed, he really was committed to beauty. Nanou2, last track from Drukqs.
  9. Analyze your favorite songs : get the mp3, import it in your DAW, set the BPM, and write down everything you hear, you'll end up with something like this :
  10. Yes, more synth goodness :) I would love a B-version based on the part from 1:15 to 1:40
  11. shits on fire yo https://soundcloud.com/sietecatorce/panico https://sietecatorce.bandcamp.com/album/ep3
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