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  1. Dope album, loads of flavours while still being totally Dabrye!
  2. Also you can already buy loads of his other productions, most of which are previously unreleased digitally on his site, they aren't mastered though so if you're an audiophile wait for the remastering etc. :http://junglistdownload.com/music A great deal of these are dubplate only business that only real geeks will be aware of and tons of unheard stuff. Just look for the recent DAT uploads.
  3. Oh yeah, it's going to be remastered so should sound better than the original too!
  4. Repress and digital release of very rare Jungle originally produced by Bizzy B and TDK. I wrote a whole load of info about this but then it deleted so here's the bare bones... It's a re-release of this, which is very sought after: http://www.discogs.com/Dread-The-Baldhead-Wicked-Piece-A-Tune-Twenty-Four-Seven/master/64916 It's already been funded by Kickstarted with 28 days to go (funded on the first day): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thebizzybscience/vinyl-release-wicked-piece-a-tune-twenty-four-seve/description You will probably recognise the tunes from a few AFX DJ sets. Go get it Follow Bizzy B and further Archive releases on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/bizzyb2007 Slightly irritating that the artist name is vaguely different from the original release. Pretty common in Jungle and Hardcore though.
  5. Looking and sounding fantastic! Enjoying the YosepH reference, totally suits the music.
  6. I reckon Squarepusher will eventually get his own Bleepstore like Aphex and that's what they were alluding to. Will probably take some time since I'm sure Aphex will be adding more to his store and they will stagger big announcements such as this. All extremities crossed for the foreseeable future until this materialises.
  7. That isn't Dream Team - Stamina, it's Don of Dons - Blood Babylon. Still produced by Bizzy B though.
  8. Ask and you shall receive: https://hypercolour-records.bandcamp.com/album/luke-vibert-presents-uk-garave-vol-1
  9. How the fuck is this spread over 2 CD's? Does it come with videos too or something? The tracks aren't even particularly long! If there's something extra on the CD's you'd think they'd publicise it, but to spread that much material over 2 CD's otherwise it utterly bizarre. Going to wait until I can listen to these new versions before I make any judgement on purchasing, I enjoyed hearing the versions live but it's not the same listening to a recording and I'm not particularly struck by the preview track.
  10. Nevermind: Crazy wisdom Masters
  11. Trying to find that Jungle Brothers tune on Discogs, anyone else spotted it?
  12. Just seen this on Bandcamp, the Sneaker Social Club label seems to be doing some great Hardcore odes including a new 2 Bad Mice EP recently. There's also the original track & a Maghreban remix on this release and a second part with both a Special Request remix & DJ Die & Addison Groove remix. The Brothers Grimm - Exodus (The Lion Awakes)(Luke Vibert Remix)
  13. Big up Todd, looking forward to hearing the music!
  14. Yeah, the tune doesn't kick off really either but I'm also glad it's not too over the top. Some of the recent Amen Andrews excursions have been a bit too manic/sample heavy for my liking and I love the bonkers stuff! This is a very well produced, loud cut remix from Vibert and the acid etching is awesome.
  15. Hoping that Amen Andrews arrives soon, reckon the rest of the tune is gonna kick off proper.
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