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  1. Ha ha, gonna need to temporarily expel the evil somehow...
  2. I could really do with exorcising my demons through the medium of dance too... 😥 It just isn't the same at home.
  3. Fuck knows what's happening with this, anyone got a clue? Was super hyped to see this show (from the original time of booking) & dance around like an unhinged goon (with respect to the surrounding audience). Seeing where we're at at the moment I can't imagine it going ahead. There seems to be no info on the Roundhouse website as far as I could see.... *browses hazmat suits online
  4. Be Up A Hello is so much better to my ears, Ufabulum & Damogen are really harsh sounding in comparison, the molodies & structures don't do it for me. Lamental is also excellent, great to have some slower tracks & a smidge of melancholy.
  5. Welllllll, that minimix is mighty fiiiiiine. Sounds absolutely incredible. GIMME
  6. Awesome, hope these are all made available...!
  7. Rave Hop izzzzz sooo goood!
  8. Both sides are excellent on this, I initially preferred Mark Archer's side, wicked to hear him on a recent (I'm guessing?) Hardcore & Jungle flex. That loungey, Rare groove Jungle tune is totally up my street. Luke's offerings are awesome & sound meaty af but they're very familiar styles of workouts. However after a couple of listens, they worked their magic more even if the formula is incredibly recognisable. Definitely worth copping!
  9. Wicked video, the man can pull faces.
  10. Worth a punt isn't it, shy bairns get nowt. Having aired some of these tunes quite a few times it is inevitable that fans will ask for them. Tom, Grant & Rich all know that they're sought after. Fans have even gone to the effort to remake a couple of the tunes. Knowing that there was a release planned with some of these tunes is kind of mad. I guess that was implied, I have been there when Grant's played this at Corsica, I just hadn't really considered it properly, thought of it as some sort of test press of 1 or 2 tracks that was doomed for some inexplicable reason.
  11. I don't know much about this really but it showed up on my Discogs homepage & found a small but excellent sounding video clip of the test press & some clips on Redeye. Ravey breakbeat madness, Acid & a smidgen of Jungle. Fun tracks! Discogs Listing Instagram Video Clip Redeye
  12. If any of those tunes from the sheffield set came out it would be a blessing.
  13. Presuming this would include the Rome track... right? This thread needs a hell of a lot more attention.
  14. Guessing this thread could get a lot more attention if there was mention of it in the Aphex section of WATMM?
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