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  1. Ha ha, it's got that old sound to my ears. Good to hear opposing perspectives. I haven't really enjoyed the majority of music he's put out recently (even if there are sections of tunes I've enjoyed, the overall collection of tracks & sound hasn't quite connected with me) but I can also hear Damogen aspects to this & enjoy them more in this context. I feel like I've sort of become accustomed to slightly weird sounding mastering on his releases. When I first heard his music it excited me but the levels sounded bizarre. I couldn't initially understand why it didn't seem to have the same impact as most other Jungle / Hardcore / Rave tracks, sort of as if it wasn't trying to be up in your face the whole time. Once I'd adjusted to how different it sounded the music made sense. I kind of feel like each album has a slightly different focus in terms of the mastering & it always takes a bit of getting used to. I agree that Damogen sounded too harsh to my ears but I don't find Be Up A Hello to be tiring.
  2. Decent interview, wicked little insights. I'm an artist so have wondered about what I'd do if I lost the use of my main hand. Sooo tempted to check the leak, think I can handle life without it for a day or so but got my birthday coming up next week & will definitely want to give it a blast...
  3. Mix is wicked, great bonus tracks so far, expecting a killer album even if it includes all the tracks from the mix. Weirdly bleep's listed the mix & bonus track under the name Squarepusher_ with an underscore afterwards. Might just be a mistake...? ....bit weird to change his name like that but maybe related to the Commodore style text on the artwork & site? Love the write up for the album but pretty funny that it doesn't explain the phrase!
  4. Ha ha ha! She champions some great music but I find it very hard to listen to her do so.
  5. I guess it's possible, seems slightly improbable though. However, I could totally dig a double Jenkinson line up. Think I read somewhere that a radio host was gushing over the support slot, saying it was someone special, hence the added interest. Obviously I'm mostly concerned with a wicked set from Tom but he's had some wicked support in the past... LFO, Luke Vibert etc.
  6. Ticket bagged! Curious who the support will be for this...
  7. What's the going on with being able to buy these tracks in 8bit? Are we getting some Patskin style, crusty Amiga 8bit versions too?
  8. elcid4

    Japan 2019

    Some quality bits in there. LOL at the midi horn section in the last vid!
  9. elcid4


    Unrelenting breakbeats, gimmee! High hopes for this, the audio aesthetics of that mix sounded much more like that classic Squarepusher sound than a lot of his stuff over the last few years. Don't care whether they're old or new tracks but I'm addicted to that sound.
  10. Dope album, loads of flavours while still being totally Dabrye!
  11. Also you can already buy loads of his other productions, most of which are previously unreleased digitally on his site, they aren't mastered though so if you're an audiophile wait for the remastering etc. :http://junglistdownload.com/music A great deal of these are dubplate only business that only real geeks will be aware of and tons of unheard stuff. Just look for the recent DAT uploads.
  12. Oh yeah, it's going to be remastered so should sound better than the original too!
  13. Repress and digital release of very rare Jungle originally produced by Bizzy B and TDK. I wrote a whole load of info about this but then it deleted so here's the bare bones... It's a re-release of this, which is very sought after: http://www.discogs.com/Dread-The-Baldhead-Wicked-Piece-A-Tune-Twenty-Four-Seven/master/64916 It's already been funded by Kickstarted with 28 days to go (funded on the first day): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thebizzybscience/vinyl-release-wicked-piece-a-tune-twenty-four-seve/description You will probably recognise the tunes from a few AFX DJ sets. Go get it Follow Bizzy B and further Archive releases on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/bizzyb2007 Slightly irritating that the artist name is vaguely different from the original release. Pretty common in Jungle and Hardcore though.
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