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  1. Really enjoyed it at the time, great to listen back sober! 😅
  2. Great interview! Fantano did well, not always a fan of his stuff.
  3. I knew I'd heard it before, great that it's finally out!
  4. Might be blindly optimistic, but just because there's no previously unreleased stuff on here it doesn't mean we wont ever see any from that period. It's a pretty solid package with the Squarepusher Plays tunes on there. Would love it if those really early Tom Jenkinson records (Stereotype EP, Dragon Disk 2, etc) got a bit of compilation attention too... That's definitely an element of my completist side coming through though.
  5. elcid4


    Got the Japanese CD, but this is great news. Things are moving with represses & extra tracks seem like they might be a possibility for other releases! 'Spose they could mostly come from rare stuff which I already have though.
  6. elcid4

    afx nft

    I didn't really follow what's supposed to be hidden in the NFT but this has just been reposted by Weirdcore... Freeka Tet Instagram
  7. Nice, one of the better remixes I've heard from Tom.
  8. Yeah, really enjoyed that one, great mix!
  9. oooo, squarepusher vibes! maybe more vibert actually, ha
  10. loving it, think im a bit delayed though cos i misssed the beginning so restarted.
  11. no idea, wonder if they provide a tracklist?
  12. I wonder how many essential mixes have LFO - LFO in? LOL. Absolute banger though of course.
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