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  1. Possibly changed now but was gonna be Paranoid London & Scalping!
  2. I heard Ray Keith & Benny L filled in for Tom... not really my taste. Ray Keith made loads bangers but I reckon a modern set would be disappointing for me.
  3. elcid4

    Japan 2019

    This is wicked, shame the upcoming tour will most likely be rearranged. Nice one on the stitched together set!
  4. Hope a recording surfaces of Squarepusher!
  5. Yeah, pretty keen. Would love to at least hear the tracks.
  6. Resident Advisor interview is wicked, interviewer really knew her stuff & got in depth. Only complaint is she didn't ask about archive tracks..
  7. Where did you see it...? Is this one of the extra vicsynth test tracks? Hoping they're somehow made available in the UK.
  8. It's my current lead fave in that style for sure. The whole album works for me, there's often a tune that doesn't quite sit right with me even on albums I love, but I the balance on this album is perfect to my ears. Really happy to get some proper brain mangling tunes too!
  9. The 8-bit versions are available to download on his site if you bought it there, I have no idea what the point of them is though?
  10. Andy turner from Plaid was also insane took some snippets of that. The beginning of his set was very Squarepusheresque...
  11. I can't put the gig into words well, but it was way beyond a best of, there was some well known tracks but only a few, & they spanned his entire career (including pre FMWT), but most unreleased & sick. even some mad Japanese pop style madness tune (but it was good). Crowd was ok, but got a bit too mosh pit about half way through which kinda ruined my enjoyment but the tunes were incredible. Got smeared by stinking mosh pit sweat slime though so had to leave the front.
  12. Only recorded a small snippet of last night & it's not the best representation of the gig in terms of tune style which was really broad & went through what seemed like most of his career but, whatever, it's all I've got. Really hope someone recorded the full thing & shares it... The DJ gig was insane, I hope the proper show matches up! Squarepusher_-_Five_Miles.mp4
  13. Just came back from hearing him DJ in London, was killer. About 75% unreleased & unheard in recordings I know of. I think the man is sitting on a pile of unreleased wonder. Saw him at the bar after & tried to politely ask him to make more of this music available. Also Andy from Plaid played a really heavy set , not sure how much of it was his creations but I think most of it was probably his & totally unknown & sick. GREAT NIGHT. Got to wonder how much magic these guys are sitting on that Warp doesn't put out... Rough Trade DJ's were also seriously on point in the other room. Lot's of Warp bangers & wicked weirdness.
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