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  1. Ha ha, this track cracked me up, it was played on Australian radio station Triple J as part of a set wasn't it. I didn't realise that it was made available as a separate track.
  2. This is dope, but you already know that, right? Didn't really click with me immediately, partially because I thought it sounded like loads of Luke's other tracks, but the original Posthuman tune has quite a Vibert feel already & Luke just does his thing with it. There's enough restraint with the samples so that it isn't tiring & it really grooves. Found myself singing the hook loads. The way the word "mine" is stretched out & has that pitch change really amuses me! Nice to see how chuffed Posthuman seemed to be with getting a Vibert remix in his comments on Twitter too.
  3. Yeah that one's awesome, bagged it a few years back, so cruel making tunes like that US only (I resent not having access to any of his exclusive tunes tbf). Makes me think of the Plug track that only appears on the US version of Drum & Bass For Papa:
  4. Ha shame about the audio quality but still good to hear @Velazquez
  5. I do actually remember reading that, makes sense given the forthcoming release too!
  6. Easily the track that's doing the most for me so far & yes it does has a familiar sound to it. Maybe a sample he's used differently elsewhere? It immediately made me think of Aphex Twin's Digeridoo...
  7. Yeah the EP is awesome, it's got a slightly updated Wagon Christ sound to it IMO. I reckon Radioactive Man would probably have contributed if the others did. Would be awesome for these to see a release!
  8. A remix 12" EP of the Luke Vibert "Turn EP" will be released in Nov. 2018 featuring new Luke Vibert remixes by Isan, Radioactive Man (Keith Tenniswood of Two Lone Swordsmen) and more to be announced. Only just noticed this today, it didn't go ahead for some reason. The info is taken from the People Of Rhythm Discogs page. I wonder If the Remixes exist...?
  9. Ha, valid comment unfortunately, I really hope it is!
  10. Ah good to know, definitely for the best!
  11. The event time just changed on Facebook, seems like they're planning for this to go ahead...
  12. Ha ha, gonna need to temporarily expel the evil somehow...
  13. I could really do with exorcising my demons through the medium of dance too... 😥 It just isn't the same at home.
  14. Fuck knows what's happening with this, anyone got a clue? Was super hyped to see this show (from the original time of booking) & dance around like an unhinged goon (with respect to the surrounding audience). Seeing where we're at at the moment I can't imagine it going ahead. There seems to be no info on the Roundhouse website as far as I could see.... *browses hazmat suits online
  15. Be Up A Hello is so much better to my ears, Ufabulum & Damogen are really harsh sounding in comparison, the molodies & structures don't do it for me. Lamental is also excellent, great to have some slower tracks & a smidge of melancholy.
  16. Welllllll, that minimix is mighty fiiiiiine. Sounds absolutely incredible. GIMME
  17. Awesome, hope these are all made available...!
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