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  1. on a 2 week forced staycation cuz ov corona so since thursday i,ve watched STALKER,MAD MAX FURY ROAD and KING OF NEW YORK,all great,think its gonna be PRINCE OF DARKNESS(87) tomorrow
  2. in a beautiful place out in the country or turquoise hexagon sun(thats the tune that got me interested)
  3. unfortunately it was the bad nic cage in this and it spoiled it for me as i did enjoy a lot of it
  4. Battlestar Galactica season 2,really enjoying this after sleeping on it for so long,its funny cuz its exactly what we would do as a race under threat of extintion from an outside entity,spend more time arguing over who,s in charge,than dealing with the threat,some of the best plot twists and sudden tragic events i,ve seen on tv in a while
  5. the boys .... really good,homelander is the best tv villain in a good while......might give battlestar galactica a go next,still never seen it but always heard it was good
  6. the latest one is a bit special too!
  7. joker and the lighthouse were both great!! phoenix and defoe are both on top form and deserve all the praise coming there way,i,ll never look at a seagull the same way ever again!
  8. started the 1st season of THE EXPANSE, me likey,....also RICK AND MORTY 4 and THE MANDALORIAN,both good also,the mandalorian reminds me of saturday morning kids shows,each episode kinda works on ts own with a simple story linking the series,nice n easy entertaining tv
  9. also..rage 2 is on xbox game pass for pc if you wanna go down that route
  10. if you haven,t already,you should check out the outer worlds, its a great fallout style rpg,i,m playing a lot of death stranding at the mo,weird ,gorgeous and idm as hell
  11. no brainer for me... i,d like to keep my workers rights/holidays/pensions/nhs/freedom of movement and end austerity/homelessness,only one party with this manifesto has a chance of getting in imo.....plus ,more importantly,this...
  12. the outer worlds is awesome,proper rpg hooks in me right now,gotta be a goty contender
  13. watched this.... which made me want to watch the movie again, and it was fucking awesome,george.c.scott was amazing
  14. Picked up these 3 recently on blu ray, twin peaks 3 to complete the set, the hitcher German import book edition and suspiria 2018 also from Germany, dunno why but couldn, t find the hitcher and suspiria on blu ray in UK anywhere, these are all English, region 2 so all good
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