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  1. so we could be looking at 20-30 mins of possible unheard boc,that would be pretty cool ,also the whole 2hours would make a killer glastonbury mixtape this weekend,if your lucky to be there
  2. could be old news,but someone made a playlist of tracks they think are boc,s,sounds pretty legit too,old tunes style era.interesting
  3. 10 dollars a month,and you have to pay for the games as well !? plus the bespoke controller to pay for,and your high speed internet bill, think i,ll pass, no need to be so greedy
  4. SO HYPED FOR THIS NOW!!! amazin track and cool vid too.roll on the weekend!
  5. i,d put my money on sajid javid getting the post,but i hope bojo gets it,that blagger will bring an end to that party in this country with any luck!
  6. high life - enjoyed this a lot,reading reviews beforehand,it was nowhere near as arty/surreal as people where implying,but i thought it was a cool,obviously low budget,well acted/directed,interesting sci-fi movie with a nice soundtrack - juliette binoche is great in it - 8/10
  7. i think they are dragging it out as long as possible,before we eventually get back to some form of normality somehow,and certain familiar faces know that when the dust settles,and the long term damage is assessed,and how it all was allowed to happen,they are fucked
  8. yeah,it seems a bit"rock,paper,scissors" to me,love the stealth altho i wish you could hide bodies/silent kill,apart from the difficulty tho,its exactly what i hoped for when i pre-ordered,darksouls with stealth/tenchu on steroids,love it also playing dirt rally 2.0,career mode,so addictive
  9. take my money now if the guys who remastered RESI 2 fancy working their magic on the SILENT HILL series,but then again its KONAMI who own it,so they,d probably want to make a mobile game,or pinball machine version
  10. METRO EXODUS looks awesome,like a cross between FALLOUT and STALKER which can only be good news,my bank account is getting hit again by the looks of things,oh, and RESIDENT EVIL 2 as well!,looks like capcom have done a proper job with that reboot
  11. to be honest, i did it because i,ve got the money for it now,but i might not have the spare cash when its released,and it looks a must buy for me
  12. yep,TENCHU Z was one of my fave last-gen titles,pretty under-rated,it took me 4 attempts until DARK SOULS finally felt rewarding and worth pushing forward,give it another try,especially the remastered version
  13. broke the golden rule and pre-ordered SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE,its FROM, it already looks great,and the more i see,the more i see next gen TENCHU which is an insta-buy for me all day currently playing HITMAN 2 and ASSETTO CORSA COMPETIZIONE,both great
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