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  1. just completed dishonored 1,got a telling off from boatman samuel for being too brutal,dlc next,then 2 and death of the outsider,i think this is my fav modern franchise,such a well realised,beautiful world with freedom and stealth,perfect!
  2. gotta say,this looks amazing,roll on jun 18th....not sure more misery porn is what the world needs right now tho
  3. been trying out some older games on my new 4k tv at full res, alien isolation,dishonored,bioshock remastered,mass effect 2,skyrim se, all look and run amazing,like remasters!...,the dishonored sequels,gta v,and any driving sim..not so good,going to complete dishonored 1 now,forgot how good it is, that control game looks great,and its "free" on psnow,will give that a try next
  4. the dead zone ...bit over dramatic,but worth it for walkens uncomfortable weirdness,and martin sheen looking like he,s off his tits the whole movie
  5. Doctor Sleep...corny and predictable as hell,but it also had some enjoyable parts too,not as bad as i thought it would be,watched it in 3 stints tho cuz its too long,also....Rebecca Ferguson helped rosemary,s baby...dunno how i missed all the knowing glances between characters in on the plot on 1st viewing,seems so visible on a re-watch,definitely got some strange vibes this movie,good tho
  6. recent lockdown movies ended up being... django unchained...felt a bit by the numbers,especially the verbal diarrhea, but you gotta expect it with tarantino, like most of his stuff there is usually a great pay off coming soon. the changeling... reminded me a lot of the exorcist,especially the soundtrack,the loud/quiet technique was definitely in full effect here! creepy at times but lolled at the wheelchair chase tho
  7. on a 2 week forced staycation cuz ov corona so since thursday i,ve watched STALKER,MAD MAX FURY ROAD and KING OF NEW YORK,all great,think its gonna be PRINCE OF DARKNESS(87) tomorrow
  8. in a beautiful place out in the country or turquoise hexagon sun(thats the tune that got me interested)
  9. unfortunately it was the bad nic cage in this and it spoiled it for me as i did enjoy a lot of it
  10. Battlestar Galactica season 2,really enjoying this after sleeping on it for so long,its funny cuz its exactly what we would do as a race under threat of extintion from an outside entity,spend more time arguing over who,s in charge,than dealing with the threat,some of the best plot twists and sudden tragic events i,ve seen on tv in a while
  11. the boys .... really good,homelander is the best tv villain in a good while......might give battlestar galactica a go next,still never seen it but always heard it was good
  12. joker and the lighthouse were both great!! phoenix and defoe are both on top form and deserve all the praise coming there way,i,ll never look at a seagull the same way ever again!
  13. started the 1st season of THE EXPANSE, me likey,....also RICK AND MORTY 4 and THE MANDALORIAN,both good also,the mandalorian reminds me of saturday morning kids shows,each episode kinda works on ts own with a simple story linking the series,nice n easy entertaining tv
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