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  1. watched this.... which made me want to watch the movie again, and it was fucking awesome,george.c.scott was amazing
  2. Picked up these 3 recently on blu ray, twin peaks 3 to complete the set, the hitcher German import book edition and suspiria 2018 also from Germany, dunno why but couldn, t find the hitcher and suspiria on blu ray in UK anywhere, these are all English, region 2 so all good
  3. once upon a time in hollywood was great, leo was great again,but this is brad pitts movie
  4. in the last couple of weeks i picked up...outer wilds,awesome cartoony space/physics/puzzle open world game thats full of surprises-recommended hong kong massacre...hotline miami with bettergraphics,pretty addictive f1 2019...more of the same,but looks and plays awesome,best races against a.i in a long while
  5. Sorry French, Belgian, not Danish, but its English language anyway
  6. Anyone checked out Black Spot on Netflix,.? Danish murder, mystery with supernatural leanings, looks interesting...
  7. so we could be looking at 20-30 mins of possible unheard boc,that would be pretty cool ,also the whole 2hours would make a killer glastonbury mixtape this weekend,if your lucky to be there
  8. could be old news,but someone made a playlist of tracks they think are boc,s,sounds pretty legit too,old tunes style era.interesting
  9. 10 dollars a month,and you have to pay for the games as well !? plus the bespoke controller to pay for,and your high speed internet bill, think i,ll pass, no need to be so greedy
  10. SO HYPED FOR THIS NOW!!! amazin track and cool vid too.roll on the weekend!
  11. i,d put my money on sajid javid getting the post,but i hope bojo gets it,that blagger will bring an end to that party in this country with any luck!
  12. high life - enjoyed this a lot,reading reviews beforehand,it was nowhere near as arty/surreal as people where implying,but i thought it was a cool,obviously low budget,well acted/directed,interesting sci-fi movie with a nice soundtrack - juliette binoche is great in it - 8/10
  13. i think they are dragging it out as long as possible,before we eventually get back to some form of normality somehow,and certain familiar faces know that when the dust settles,and the long term damage is assessed,and how it all was allowed to happen,they are fucked
  14. yeah,it seems a bit"rock,paper,scissors" to me,love the stealth altho i wish you could hide bodies/silent kill,apart from the difficulty tho,its exactly what i hoped for when i pre-ordered,darksouls with stealth/tenchu on steroids,love it also playing dirt rally 2.0,career mode,so addictive
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