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  1. It wasn't Drew Barrymore, it was Leigh Limon, his girlfriend for like 8 years or something. She was the one who inspired him to make Midnite Vultures, one of his WORST albums ever.
  2. Yeah, I can see why you'd say that. It sounds and feels like a real remix to me, but... I mean, it's more of a remix than either of those supposed Nine Inch Nails mixes.
  3. flim

    US tour dates

    Anyone planning to see them in Atlanta in a couple of weeks? I was originally determined to go, but as the date gets closer, it's starting to look more like I'm not ? It's still a possibility, but can you believe I'm more apt to go to my doctor's appointment scheduled that day than to a Plaid show?
  4. flim


    I've probably already overplayed it. I was at work for 10 hours today, probably listened to Vortrack for a whole 6 hours.
  5. Yeah, he broke up with his longtime girlfriend and then recorded Sea Change. He was "happily" married when Morning Phase was recorded, so I don't know why he tried to make a SC sequel. Now, this new album, Hyperspace, seems to be somewhat downhearted since he's divorcing his wife (I honestly think he left her for Jenny Lewis). He makes sad albums during periods of relationship strife, it seems. None of them are good -- I still don't really like Sea Change, Morning Phase sucks, and the only thing I like that I've heard from Hyperspace is Saw Lightning. I skipped Colors because it's just not the
  6. I've been sporadically playing Mega Man X Legacy Collection. I've not really been into games this year, but MMX games still make me happy, surprisingly. There's a whole lot that I want to play, though, especially on Switch.... but this is my poorest year yet, so buying them is kind of out.
  7. flim


    Goddamn, both of these tracks are so good. I've been listening to them all day. New Squarepusher is always a thrill.
  8. I love them both, sometimes I don't know which I love more (probably SP). I do agree that the Pumpkins' music is more interesting than Nirvana's but that's just because they tried to do different styles and had more ideas, plus I think the fact that Nirvana's lifespan was so short, we never got to see a lot of experimentation that wasn't strictly rock-based.
  9. I'm still sporadically playing all the games that I started last year. It has been hard for me to really enjoy these things lately. I started playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night again because I've never beaten it... I think I've quit on it again. I might get back to it soon. I also started on Azure Striker Gunvolt for Switch. I didn't finish it on 3DS because I found it very uncomfortable to play, but it's much better with a controller. I've mostly just been working on my own game and playing a few others for inspiration. I've recently started feeling really sad about the fact that
  10. Great movie. I was glad that it turned out to be a faithful adaptation of the manga and much better than the anime.
  11. I have been playing Mega Man 11 on and off for a few weeks now and I'm just now starting to like it. I don't know what it was that repelled me so much -- perhaps it was the annoyingly accurate enemy attackers, the 2 or more minibosses in every stage, or instant death traps at every turn. It feels and plays like a MM game, but these things seem like they just said, "Hey, MM games are supposed to be really hard, so let's make sure we put some frustrating shit in here," As I've said before, I don't think Mega Man games are that hard, aside from 9 and 10, so I don't know where this idea that these
  12. I quite liked Transistor. It took some getting used to, but once you build up your memory and equip some great abilities, the game becomes very fun and tactical. I was very much into it. I am planning to get Smash eventually, but not on launch day. I bought SSB4 on day 1 and barely did anything with it. I imagine this will be the same for me. I like Smash but I don't LOVE it like a lot of people.
  13. I'm going to try for the Atlanta date. Great pairing.
  14. Did any of you get the last one with the Squarepusher bootup?
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