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  1. sounds like you’re using the free version. Indeed I am... but it shouldn't matter. Why restrict the playlists you've made so they can play other stuff you might like? And it hasn't always been this way. I've only noticed it recently.
  2. I really like Spotify. It's really easy to find stuff that I like on it. The one thing that pisses me off about it is that it seems to hate playing your playlists. I have several playlists, most of them upwards of 300 songs, but Spotify rarely wants to play the whole thing, especially on mobile. It usually plays about 20 songs on desktop or 10 on mobile, and then goes to radio based on the playlist. I really hate that. It also kinda has a habit of trying to make me listen to things I've thumbed down on numerous occasions, as if this will be the time I decide that I like Ariel Pink. "Oh, you like John Maus? Let's try some Haunted Graffiti!" "Damn, dude, you love Death Grips! Have you heard The I.L.Y's?" "A big fan of Gang of Four? Listen to Suburban Lawns!" Seriously, this happens nearly every time I listen to Spotify on shuffle. If anyone knows a way to get it to stop doing this, please let me know.
  3. Amazing record. It was my favorite Mars Volta album for a very long time, but then one day, I somehow fell in love with The Bedlam in Goliath, so now it's my favorite. I know most people don't feel the same, but there's just something about Goliath that grips me. Comatorium is important to me because it came out at a time when I was severely depressed and I listened to it every day, but Goliath's quirkiness somehow surpassed it for me.
  4. As much I've tried to answer this question, I really cannot. My favorites change on a regular basis, but I feel that nothing really outweighs the other, so there's no absolute #1 album for me. I mean, there are records that I find timeless and some that I can listen to all the way through without skipping, but even in those, I wouldn't be able to pull out an all-time favorite. Here are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head: Aphex Twin - Richard D James Album Madvillain - Madvillainy Radiohead - Amnesiac Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever Squarepusher - Hello Everything Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights Really impossible to choose.
  5. I haven't listened to the record yet, but if God Break Down the Door and all the reviews I'm seeing are any indication, I'm sure I'll love the album. I'm a little pissed that it looks like I won't be able to see him live once again simply because the tickets are so expensive and I'm so poor. This makes at least the 4th time in recent years that he's played Atlanta and I'm unable to go. This would have been a great show to go to because the venue isn't an arena or outdoor amphitheater. Maybe I'll put myself into some more debt for tickets :\
  6. Apparently there is a show in Atlanta. I might try to go to that one.
  7. As I stated earlier in the week, I just finished BOTW and loved almost every minute of it. The easily-broken weapon thing did piss me off at first, as it makes it where none of your weapons are "special." You might get something really cool, but once you use it in one battle, it's either going to be greatly damaged or broken. Later on, you get the option to stash a few weapons and shields away, but even that is limited and kinda pointless because, again, your special weapons you're saving for a special occasion will still be broken very easily. There's at least one weapon that breaks simply by you swinging it a few times and hitting nothing at all (and you can only get it from a somewhat difficult enemy and you have to beat him without getting hit in order for him to drop it). However, there's a wide variety of weapons and they're everywhere, so that great sword that you used that broke will probably be picked up again in the next few minutes with better stats and you'll eventually get to the point where you can't even carry them all. This is why I didn't care about the fragility of your gear as I got further in the game. It's really not as bad as it seems. yaeh god it sucks. it is a fun game good gameplay but honestly it's like 99% filler. reminds me very much of mgsv in that way I didn't think it was "filler." One of my favorite things about the game is the fact that the world was so large but there wasn't always something to discover or gawk at everywhere you went. I honestly believe I walked the entire world (on foot, rarely used horses) I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of it. The game doesn't constantly dole out rewards or spectacle like many other games do, so when you finally find something cool, it makes it all the more special. I found it very realistic, to be honest, because that's how the real world actually is. I spent a lot of time climbing mountains just to see if there was something on top or over on the other side of it. Most of the time, all I found was a korok or some ore, but even that was worth it to me. Seriously, I think BOTW was the best game I've played in years. Totally loved it.
  8. As I've stated on here a number of times, I've lived with depression and anxiety forever. Sometimes it's not so bad, sometimes it's nonexistent, and sometimes it's absolutely crippling. Right now, I don't know how I feel. I'm not paralyzed by it, and I'm not in constant pain, but lately I'll just take a breath and be overcome by the feeling of being afraid or worried and aware of a feeling of hopelessness. Currently the thing that I feel every day is, "I'm tired of being overweight, broke, and lonely." I recently eliminated carbs and sweets from my diet and have lost 13 pounds (in a little over a month!), so that's a solution to one of those feelings, but the rest seems so out of my control. I'm pretty aware of these issues and it bothers me, but it's a different feeling of depression or anxiety than I have dealt with in the past. I think I can definitely say that I am scared.
  9. I finally finished Breath of the Wild. Damn, that was a good game. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, and now I'm thinking about buying the DLC, something that I pretty much never do for any games. However, I also have a ton of other games to play, so I probably won't worry about Zelda's DLC for now. I started on Nier: Automata the other night.... I found it fun and very interesting. Great music in the first area. I thought the camera was weird to control and there was barely any friction in the combat, but I figure it would take some getting used to, especially because of the constant perspective changes. I was having a pretty good time until I got to the first boss who proceeded to take me out with one hit..... and the next thing I knew, I was starting the entire game over again.... No save point in the first area? I will get back to it eventually, but I think I'm done with it for now. I still need to go back and do the post-game stuff in Super Mario Odyssey. I finished the main game pretty quickly and then went back to Zelda, so I might go for it now. Actually, I really think it's time for me to finally play Final Fantasy XV. I will probably start it this weekend. Who else is looking forward to Mega Man 11? I think it looks pretty good so far!
  10. Since when did everyone hate Damogen Furies? I recall most of us on here loving it when it came out. I know I do.
  11. I decided to go back and watch all of Dragon Ball again, and it reminded me how great it really is. I hadn't seen any of it in about 15 years, and I was quite surprised. Most of the 153 episodes completely outmatch Dragon Ball Z. There are some really poignant, emotional moments, all of the training sequences combined with the eastern mysticism make for some very interesting sequences, and the pacing is really good. The animation is actually great, too.
  12. This is something that he didn't want to happen, but I guess there was nothing to be done to stop the money-hungry family members from trying to cash in.
  13. Is he not making good records? I've liked everything he's put out since he came back in 2014. I think that Field Day record is great.
  14. I'm sorry to hear about your similar disappointment. It sucks. There's no real answer to the situation, just try again, I guess, but that's something that I am not really inclined to do... I was actually excited (and scared and worried and regretful and....), but it ended up being much like all of the other "good" things that seem to escape me. No, I don't really have any friends at all. I've actually asked a couple of people if they knew anyone I'd be compatible with, and they weren't very interested in helping. I think I need to stop thinking about this and just focus on "more important" things like getting a new job. That's also a very disappointing situation, but that seems to be easier to handle than meeting a nice girl or making a friend.
  15. Oh, another one is Juni Taisen. It's a battle royale between 12 warriors that represent the Zodiac. There really isn't a lot of fighting, strangely enough, it's mostly about the people themselves and what things in their lives led them to the battle. I thought it was pretty cool.
  16. Yes, you're right, and I guess I need to keep trying to connect with others in order to get out of this.... ...But that date? Yeah, didn't happen. I tried to contact her twice during the week leading up to the weekend and got no response. I don't know what the deal is, but I guess she just decided that it wasn't what she wanted to do. Maybe she's been busy? The past week was very busy for me, so I can understand that, but I am pretty disappointed about this outcome. I agonized over this thing all week long.... I am very inexperienced when it comes to this type of thing, so I don't know what else to do. I guess I'll just move on or something. Still disappointing, though :(
  17. I love Berserk, as I've stated on here several times. It's hard to track down if you want to buy it, but it's on Youtube in bad quality rips. Still, it's worth watching. The 3 movies retell the series, so that's an alternative to watching it on Youtube (they're on Netflix). I don't have much of a problem with the look of the new series, unlike most people. It's jarring and looks weird some times, but it really doesn't bother me all that much. I think the next season will probably be mostly 2D, if the last episode was any evidence of what is to come. Plus, the music is still fantastic. For the unaware, this is the quality of the newer version. And while this episode and the two that followed were particularly horrible, this isn't really indicative of the look of the entire new anime. This seemed like a rush job, perhaps done by multiple people using assets from different places. It looks like total shit, which is bad because the content of these episodes was pretty great. At any rate, yeah, I can see why people hate the way Berserk 16/17 is animated, but this gif isn't really very accurate. As far as good anime to watch, check out Inuyashiki: Last Hero. It has a weird premise, but it is executed very well and the animation is fantastic. Also, Kyousougiga is an interesting one. It's absolutely beautiful and the story is cool, too.
  18. I really like the title track. Probably my favorite song this year.
  19. psst: the solution is to come to terms with it and enjoy your own company first. this might seem trite, but if you put yourself in a place mentally where it doesn't bother you so much (which is hard, of course), it will benefit you not only in the sense of not feeling lonely all the time but also in that it tends to help open up more avenues to connect with others etc. the thing you really, really want but can't seem to get always falls in your lap when you stop caring about wanting it so much. good luck, bro. I know what you're saying. The thing is that I've always enjoyed my own company. My entire life has been pretty solitary, and I've never really needed anyone else around in order to enjoy myself. All of the art that I make, all of the music I listen to, all of the games I play, they're all for my own solitary pleasure. However, for the past couple of years, I have started to feel an intense need to share myself with others. I really think the issue is that I don't have anyone to talk to about how I feel about anything. There are a lot of serious things that I have happened to me recently, and I just feel so alone in the world because there's no one I can turn to for help or just conversation. Sometimes it gets really difficult to come home to no one (other than my dog) or to even go to work and no one really cares about anything other than whether or not I can help them. I've been spending a lot of time on various dating apps lately, not necessarily trying to find anything romantic, just someone to talk to. That hasn't gone very well for the most part. However, I've somehow ended up with an upcoming date with someone who is totally out of my league (I didn't contact her first...) and it's freaking me out to the point where I wish I hadn't even started doing this. I don't know what to do. I wonder if I really want human contact or not... this really broke my heart reading :((( i hope this year is better for you and everybody else in this thread ps im p drunk so far my resolution has gone okay. ive brought cocaine today even though i didn't want to but at least it was cheaper than normal??? that's a victory?? loneliness sucks but at the same time it's okay to be lonely. being alone ain't always bad and sometimes even preferable tho sometimes it sucks too Haha, I wasn't trying to break anyone's heart or say anything too emotional. Loneliness just seems to be one of the biggest things in my life right now, and I just feel the need to sort it out. To be clear, I do enjoy being alone, but at this point, I apparently have a lot bottled up inside that I would like to share with others. Thanks for caring, everyone.
  20. You know, I'm thinking about doing some YouTube videos as well. I was going to just jump on and start reviewing albums and games, no structure or goals. I don't know if that's something I'm actually going to do or put any serious effort into, but I just thought maybe SOMEONE would care about my opinions about things. Fascinating that we have similar situations all the way around.
  21. I want to get a new job that I enjoy and that pays more. It seems like a fleeting dream at this point, but I'm hoping it can happen because I absolutely hate the job I've had for nearly 12 years now. Things are going in a direction that I don't like, so I have to get out of there soon. I feel that I may die if I continue on this path. I would like to continue to get better at game development and perhaps start making money off of it. Also seems like a fleeting dream. I will self-publish a book in the first half of this year. This will happen for sure. I want to lose weight and keep it off. I'm getting too old to be struggling with weight gain. I want to find a solution to my loneliness. I want to finally start to enjoy life.
  22. I MIGHT get the Dark Souls remaster for Switch, but I got kinda far in the original game on X360 and got to a point where I found it impossible to progress. It was such a struggle to get there that I don't know if I want to go through all of that again. I'm considering trying to continue my 360 game rather than buying this reissue. I got DK Tropical Freeze for free on Wii U and only played the first few areas and quit on it. I don't know what it was, but it just wasn't that appealing to me, which is strange because I loved the original DK Country games and generally like Nintendo's platformers. Maybe I'll try it again on Wii U. I'm still playing Breath of the Wild, which ended up being my favorite game of 2017. I haven't come close to finishing it because I have spent my entire time exploring and not doing the main story quests. I have almost walked the entire world, it seems, so it's probably a good time to go and do the Divine Beast quests. This game is so brilliant, I just can't get enough of it. Other than that, I started playing Street Fighter V, and while I still don't love it, it's better than I originally felt it was. I don't pay for PS Plus, so I can't fight other players, so maybe that's why I am not really into it like I was SFIV, but with the Arcade Edition upgrade coming next week, I might consider starting a subscription. I have a few "new" games that I haven't opened yet: Nier Automata, Nioh, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Switch), and of course, Final Fantasy XV, the game that's been sitting unopened for over a year now. I'm considering starting them all this weekend. At the end of the month, I will be playing Dragon Ball FighterZ, so that will most likely be my next obsession.
  23. I personally think it's one of his best albums. It took me awhile to get into it, but after several listens, it revealed itself to be a great record overall. Squarepusher's take on free jazz is one of the most interesting things I've ever heard. Don't Go Plastic is a masterpiece.
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