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  1. and yeah, guero had a real bluesy rocky feel to a lot of it... i guess it only seems kind of similar to previous stuff because of the more "genre" tracks like earthquake weather and hell yes or something. and it didn't help that the worst song was the single (e-pro)


    why are these such awesome tracks to me?


    i think that album is nearly perfect for what it is - 'hollywood freaks' being the only misstep. that makes the affectionate parodying start seem like smug irony or something. such a hooky/fun record. i only listen to it maybe twice a year, but i'm blown away anew each time.


    why is it that sexx laws and hollywood freaks are the only tracks i like on midnite vultures?


    beck became my hero when loser came out in 94.. i was in 7th grade.. i just couldn't get enough. mellow gold blew my mind, and to this day, it remains one of my all-time favorite albums. after it looked like he wouldn't follow mellow gold with another album (i didn't know about stereopathetic soulmanure or one foot in the grave until like 9th grade), i kind of dismissed him.. but then i heard where it's at and fell in love all over again. odelay is also one my all-time favorites, but it's not quite as good as mg in my opinion.

  2. i am looking forward to this release, but i stopped getting rabidly excited by beck releases after midnite vultures.. that's the only beck album that i don't like at all.......... i didn't care for sea change, but it was a much better affair than mv because it had such emotion behind it. guero was pretty good, but a little disjointed. strangely enough, i really like the information (it's actually in my cd player right now). not every track, but it's the one that i like best after him kind of fumbling for so long. i am not a big fan of his post-odelay voice either. that voice really became a hard thing to get used to on sea change. i guess that's what happens when you actually take voice lessons (i assume that's what happened.)


    i'd love another mellow gold, but of course that's not going to happen.

  3. it's hard for me to form an opinion of this album... it's nothing like their other two (and that's kind of a bad thing..), and the songs aren't that memorable. i guess if i had to give my opinion, i guess i'd say that's it's not terrible, but not really good either. i mean, some of the songs are great (pioneer to the falls, the heinrich maneuver, all fired up, rest my chemistry) but the rest are hard to get into.. i had very high hopes for this album....

  4. as you can see, this album didn't come out.. i wonder when/if it will come out now..

    i'll be happy if rza produces the whole thing, but i'll also be happy if mathematics, true master, 4th disciple, and bronze nazareth are all over it.

    but right now, i think rza is producing it all because the last i heard, only he and method man were involved.. so it'll be a 2 person wu-tang clan, just like the 2-person smashing pumpkins ...

  5. my brother made these tracks and considered putting them on itunes (which he has done in the past with lackluster results), but changed his mind and decided to offer them for free..




    i made this page for him, but the tracks are all his.. the music itself isn't really what you'd call electronic music (i don't think), but there are at least electronic music elements throughout. would you guys mind listening and giving an opinion? i think they're worth listening to, but not quite worth selling..


    thank you.

  6. i cannot wait. turn on the bright lights is one of my all time favorite albums.. antics was great as well, but it was a much different album, and it didn't resonate with me like bright lights did. i was severely depressed when bright lights came out, and i felt that that whole album was the sound of my soul (spandau ballet).

  7. maybe the 70s opera rock style "GREAT DETROYEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!" or maybe "I PUSH DA BUTTON" in capital G, just to laugh.


    i actually like the way he says "i am the great destroy-ahhh" at the end of the first verse, but it made me cringe when the second verse ended... i can stand it now, i guess. i really like the way he delivers the verses in god given and me, i'm not. but, as always, he's not the greatest lyricist ever. definitely not the worst, though.

  8. mmm ugly cassanova indeed. "things i don't remember" is one of the best tunes he's written.


    my favorite track on that album is cat faces.. that's like the best song in history.. i wish he'd do another ugly casanova album.



    i love we were dead.... i' have always loved their older stuff, and i while i do wish they continued in the vein of the moon and antarctica, i don't think they're any less good now that they're doing this talking heads/tom waits thing.. maybe i've made myself like their last two albums. i don't know. but i do like it.

  9. am i the only person on the planet who likes with teeth and is excited about a new nin album?


    after still, i really really really wanted him to go in that direction and nix the vocals, but he's not THAT bad of a singer or songwriter.... he just needs some help..... encouragement........ i don't know.

  10. aphex twin - rdj album

    radiohead - amnesiac

    ghostface killah - ironman, supreme clientele

    rza as bobby digital - in stereo

    squarepusher - big loada

    nirvana - nevermind, in utero

    interpol - turn on the bright lights

    pixies - doolittle

    madvillain - madvillainy

    pretty much every modest mouse album

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