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    a new burg joint opened close to where I live. This was their “monster machine” burger. Overall, unfortunately it looked more impressive than it tasted. Kinda generic / shallow really.


    I seem to have the same kind of luck with ladies lately so this burg was dedicated to the beautiful Siberian chick who turned out boring.

    mods, pls pin this post to “watmm” subforum


    Damn. I'm trying to lose some weight but this makes me want to seek out a similar burger in my area.

  2. Currently playing Super Mario Odyssey! Absolutely brilliant game. I find myself smiling or laughing a lot when playing because it's so full of joy. I love Mario games so much :)


    After I'm done with Odyssey, I'm going to go back and continue Zelda: Breath of the Wild.... For me, this is probably Game of the Year. I haven't had as much fun with another game this year (Mario might overtake it by the end, as it is very close....). I haven't played the main story so much because I can't get enough of exploring the world. Nintendo really outdid themselves this year. Persona 5 is probably the only game that comes close to either of these two masterpieces, but I haven't actually played a whole lot this year.


    Meanwhile, my Final Fantasy XV still hasn't even been opened, and I've had it since day 1 last year.

  3. I'm STILL playing Persona 5 after all this time. It says I've racked up 150 hours, but the majority of that is just letting the game sit for hours on end. I started playing Berserk Musou, but stopped and kind of forgot I had it. I finally tried out Mercenary Kings and Furi, both pretty good but on the hard side. I would also like to get to Breath of the Wild, but I probably won't get to it before the end of the year. Gaming-wise, I still want to finish playing SMT IV: Apocalypse and start Final Fantasy XV (which I've had since it came out but haven't even opened), but I doubt I will. Chances are I will finally finish P5 in a couple of months and then Super Mario Odyssey will be out and I'll end up worshiping that one.


    Of course, I have lots of important "adult" things that I need to do, so I may not play or finish anything :(

  4. Trying to play Persona 5, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, and Breath of the Wild alongside each other. I put TMS off so long that I feel bad that P5 came out before I finished it and kinda want to quit.... But I'm basically at the end now and will probably be done with it next week or so....


    But BOTW is so good I've had trouble tearing myself away from it. If I had more time and fewer important things that I need to do in my daily life, I'd do nothing else but play these games.

  5. I can't get enough of Berserk. There has been so much backlash over the new series because of the CG, but I don't think it looks bad at all. I'm glad to finally see the anime continue. I went back and watched the 1997 series and the 3 movies, and I can see why people would be upset in comparison, but I'm into it. Anyone else watching the new Berserk?

  6. Wow! Huge props for all your hard work!



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    Highly commendable to actually finish it! Wish I could play it, but I use a Mac.



    Thank you very much!


    There is a way to export to Mac, but it didn't work for me when I tried it. I'll look into it again.

  7. I'm not on PC at the moment, but I watched the trailer.  Looks like it could be pretty fun (like the double jump and attack style).  Congrats on doing everything!!!  That's a huge fucking task, mang...  Kudos on seeing it through to a playable version.


    Thanks, man. I worked really hard on it. I know it could be better and I still have so many ideas, but that's the point of putting it out there for people to check it out. I would like to get a team to help me improve it and make it into a full game. Hopefully one day in the not-too-distant future.


    Anyone try the game out yet?



    i'm not really much into videogames anymore but i just wanted to say big up Skyblazer

    Skyblazer is one of my very favorite games. I still can't figure out why no one played it. It was a great game, so I wanted to capture some of its spirit in my game. I honestly thought about making my own sequel to it. Maybe I will one day....



    i remember it has some kind of hindu(???)-type mythology going on and maybe that sort of thing can seem really strange or offputting as a kid? Cause schools are 99% worthless crap where world religion is like a blurb of 3 sentences



    Yes, it was very big on that Hindu-inspired mythology and atmosphere. It had a lot of sitars in the soundtrack and everything. It was definitely unique and it kept me interested the whole time. I took some of that Hindu and Buddhist imagery and tried to mix it in with American religion and cultist behavior. I'm not sure if that comes through, but it's definitely in there.

  9. i'm not really much into videogames anymore but i just wanted to say big up Skyblazer

    Skyblazer is one of my very favorite games. I still can't figure out why no one played it. It was a great game, so I wanted to capture some of its spirit in my game. I honestly thought about making my own sequel to it. Maybe I will one day....

  10. Hello. I have been sort of missing in action from WATMM for the past few months, mainly because I've been so focused on a project, and now I would like to share it with you.

    I made a video game. This was originally my final project for my Master's degree. I really enjoyed the process of making it and I had a lot of ideas, so I kept working on it. Now, I think it's in a form where others can play it and enjoy it.

    It's called Doomsday Clock, and it is my very first video game. It is a 2D action-adventure hack 'n' slasher that takes inspiration from the 8- and 16-bit games that I played growing up in the 1990s, such as Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania, Mega Man X, and Skyblazer. All the artwork, sounds, music, story, programming, and visual effects were created by me. This game is a labor of love that I have vastly enjoyed creating and hope to be able to improve and expand upon it.

    I want your feedback! Please tell me what you think about the game. If you find any bugs or issues, or just have some suggestions, feel free to let me know.

    Please understand that I'm still very much a beginner at game development and am still learning. There are some things that are visibly wrong (such as the tiling for the floors), so please don't mention them, but I would really appreciate it if you would act as a tester and look for and point out problems regarding the gameplay. I welcome constructive criticism as well.

    Please give the game a try! It's not long, but I think it's fun. It's a 70 MB download. There was a version that could be played in your browser, but it had some issues, so I'll keep working on that. In the meantime, let me know what you think, and pass it along to anyone you think would enjoy my game!

    I have made it part of my portfolio, which you can find here: http://ninjajamesroberts.com/jwade/portfolio/

    Oh, also, I made a little trailer for it:


    Thank you!
  11. Hot takes ahead but .... Based on the two tracks we've heard so far to me it seems like it'd be a bloody great thing to see/hear live (or if you have seen live previously as a momento) but personally on CD/Vinyl hearing it fresh it comes across more like 'Here's songs you have already but recorded in a way that don't sound as good as the originals'


    I have yet to buy this record because of this. As big of a Squarepusher fan as I am and as much as I loved d'Demonstrator, I can't get excited for this one. I really wanted new music, and I don't quite understand the point of this album. He made a great original album using the Shobaleader name before. Why not make another original record now that you actually have a band?


    Will purchase soon.



    I don't know why, but I never knew SAW I was so highly-regarded...


    I love SAW1 but saying it's the best IDM album ever is kind of.. dumb.

    Dumb? Not really. Easily my number one.
    I hope no one has gotten the wrong idea from what I'm saying. SAW1 is fantastic. Xtal and Green Calx are among RDJ's best tracks. I just think he and a few others have made better records than that, I just find it weird to see SAW1 hailed as the best braindance album of all time. It's all just a matter of opinion, though. I'm not upset about it or anything. I've been on an AFX binge lately, and my opinions of certain albums have changed, strangely enough, after all this time. SAW1 has actually become more enjoyable to me than it once was, while a record like AB4 has me feeling a bit lukewarm.


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    I don't know why, but I never knew SAW I was so highly-regarded...



    I thought the same. Everyone around me who has ever heard Aphex Twin generally has it at or near the bottom of all his full length albums (although it's still great). A lot of millennials seem to hold it in high regard though. I'm not sure if it's the whole "their first release is their greatest" (which is usually a myth) line of thinking or what. Obviously it was a very important, if not THE most important release with regard to the genre as a whole, but I think Richard grew into an even better musician and created superior music later on.



    Fuck it. People must really like it. As far as the list is concerned there are quite a few albums I've never heard that I'll have to check out later. I'm no brain dance expert myself and this kind of exposure is a good thing in my opinion. It's too bad that outside of Jlin and John Hopkins, however, Simon didn't really mention any newer artists that are talented and could have used a bit more exposure. 



    Yeah, out of all of RDJ's releases, I have always placed SAW1 kind of low in my mind if I ever made a list. It's a great record, but he surpassed it long ago. Them placing RDJ Album below it is weird and incorrect, because RDJA is infinitely superior to SAW1 and closer to being his best record overall.


    The list isn't bad though. My favorite Squarepusher and Autechre albums are all on this list, so good for them.

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