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  1. Quite honestly, I like his electronic years best of all because that's when I actually got into him. I have known his music all my life, but wouldn't have considered myself a fan until about 1995 or so. With that, my favorite songs of his are I'm Deranged, Little Wonder, and Dead Man Walking. I also like Golden Years and How Does the Grass Grow? a whole lot.


    I like stuff from his whole career. I just have a particular fondness for his 1995-2001 period.

  2. this super mario game doesn't feel like a mario game very much tbh.. dunno something is off, music isn't right and the graphics aren't very clean, it just looks/feels like a run of the mill mobile game. Played only the demo levels and not sure if worth unlocking the rest.


    I have been playing the 3 free levels over and over again. Haven't purchased it yet (I've spent a ton of money this week and really can't justify paying $10 for a game like this right now). I think it's okay, but I really hate not being able to control Mario. Not being able to speed up or control your jumps in midair or TURN AROUND really throws me off because it's completely the opposite of what the Mario spirit is. That being said, it's the best mobile game I've ever played (I don't like mobile games at all).

  3. I'm a little disappointed that there is no CD release for this EP.... I don't love vinyl like lots of people because it's cumbersome to work with, but it's the only option that is given for this one except for this mysterious "physical component."


    I do want to get The Fragile thing there, but $80? I can't imagine I'll be able to afford that anytime soon. Release it on CD......

  4. I just don't get why every Nintendo system needs a gimmick. I wish they would release a vanilla system with a normal controller that just plugs into a tv and then just make great games. It's reinventing the wheel.


    I don't like the word 'gimmick.' The reason Nintendo always needs to do something different to separate themselves from the competition is because they're always going to be the underdog this day and age. Video games have become a much more 'adult' pastime, and unfortunately, it seems that gamers are such that they'll disavow games and consoles that aren't 'dark,' 'gritty,' 'mature...' whatever else you want to add to that. I know that's not everyone, but the image of the so-called gamer these days is that of this type. Nintendo keep making bright, colorful, and lighthearted games, and no matter how fun those games may be, they're always considered 'too kiddie.' I showed Super Mario 3D World to my brother one day, and he actually said, "This looks pretty good, but I've outgrown Nintendo." Wtf. So anyway, they need a gimmick because trying to do the exact same thing that Sony and Microsoft are doing isn't going to help them. People have their preconceived notions and won't align with Nintendo because of that. Nintendo has to do something to try and impress everyone in an effort to at least get people to buy their console as a secondary system.

  5. i always felt the information and modern guilt should have switched producers lol. information had complete shit songs but great production and modern guilt had great songs but danger mouse really fucked the pooch on that one wow. 


    Yeah, you're kinda right. The Information does have some shit songs, which makes it quite weird that I think it's a great album. I like the production of it, though. As for Modern Guilt, yeah, it has that Danger Mouse sound, whatever that is, and it bothers me. Other than songs like Gamma Ray, Youthless, and Walls, I found myself wishing he'd had nothing to do with the record.

  6. I was disappointed by most of Beck's output after Mutations. He'll always be one of my very favorites, but really, The Information is the only one of his albums I've truly loved since then. Guero and Modern Guilt are pretty good, but they're missing something..... I don't like Midnite Vultures, Sea Change, or Morning Phase......


    ...Quite honestly, I was disappointed with Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool. It's too "ballad-y" .... Again, a good album that's missing something.

  7. I finally got a chance to listen to Cheetah, and I love it. It's a head-nodder throughout. CIRKLON3/Cheetah3 teac sounds so much better than the Soundcloud version. It's kind of like it's a new track, although there's really nothing changed about it. The whole record is great, especially the last 3 tracks.

  8. I'm also thinking about grabbing Shovel Knight. Looks like it's received high praise all around.


    Anyone here play it before? Do you like it?


    I think it's definitely worth the money. I need to finish it. I got to the end and it glitched up on me, making me replay the entire stage again... That's where I quit. But it's fun! Very well done.

  9. I can't wait. Gonjasufi is awesome. A Sufi and a Killer was my favorite album of 2010, and Muzzle was pretty great, too, despite being a bit too short.


    I wonder how long it will be. He seems to have a fondness for brevity. I guess it's fine as long as it's not like 10 minutes like The 9th Inning.

  10. Sister is my favorite Sonic Youth record, followed by Goo, Dirty, and Experimental Jet Set. I like Daydream Nation, but I honestly never figured out why people hail it as being their best.


    I actually rarely listen to SY, as they're kind of a "mood" band, but just about the only songs of theirs that I can listen to anytime are Catholic Block, White Cross, and Master-Dik.


    started playing bravely default and boy does this game seem good so far.



    it is! although the second half was a bit lame :(


    By the way, I never beat MM4! Right now I'm halfway through Megaman ZX - awesome game but it really has some absurd boss patterns so it's a bit frustrating that you end up having to brute force your way through the game with E tanks...



    MMZX was fantastic. I agree that it could be a bit difficult in places, but really wasn't nightmarish, especially coming after the MM Zero series. I have MMZX2 but never beat it. I've been thinking about it a lot lately.


    Why didn't you finish MM4? It's probably my second favorite classic MM game.

  12. ^^^ Good god, that looks amazing.


    What is everyone's opinion on pretzel buns? I'm a huge fan personally.


    Keep this thread going for the good of WATMM. Carry on, brave burger knights.


    EDIT: New page, the post before this had great burgers. Hot damn.


    I've only eaten a pretzel bun once. I don't recall it being bad. I don't have a preference for the types of buns, I only require that it be buttered and/or toasted or grilled. I don't care for a sweet bread.

  13. I totally want to get back into SMM, but it seems that the ideas have gone away from me. Nearly every one of my stages was built around a special idea, a theme, or a mechanic, but I can't seem to think of anything interesting or fun enough to make a whole stage out of. So sad.



    VICE is doing a documentary series on game development, with the first episode being about Alex Preston, and the challenges he faced making Hyper Light Drifter:




    I do believe I'll watch this considering I'm currently making a game using GameMaker studio, the app that HLD was made in.


    I'm curious to see what kind of game you come up with Flim. It's a prospect I've considered for a while myself.


    I'm about ready to shelf Fallout 4. Still haven't finished Far Harbor, but with the stupid-ass settlements constantly getting attacked and demanding my help I'm not sure it's worth it. Fuck those stupid settlements. All I wanna do is explore random locale, grab loot, and kill zombies n' shit.



    Well, it's a 2D sidescroller. Nothing to speak about right now. I just started on it this past Sunday. It's my final project for my Master's. If it doesn't turn out to be total crap, I'll show you what becomes of it.




    I hope, like all right thinking people, they realise that Death Grips are really awful.

    There are people who actually like Death Grips besides Anthony Fantano?



    .....I like them...


    Hey Anthony



    For your response, I'm feeling a strong 7 to a low 8





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