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  1. Pretty decent tracks. Nothing that's sending shivers down my spine or anything, but still sounding really good. Actually prefer Burn the Witch a little more than this newer one. May be a visual thing, however. I enjoyed the OG stop motion animation and really have no desire to see a haggard ass Thom Yorke walking around all distraught in a jean jacket.

  2. I saw him open for The National in 2009. He looked like he was about to explode. He only played for 25 minutes, the shortest opener I've ever seen, but damn, how could have gone any longer than that? It was awesome. I went to the merch table and bought his album immediately after. All of his records are great.

    Am i the only one who thinks his music sounds electronic like old synth music. That song in particular sounds like he's playing a synth and messing around with filter or something. It's obviously acoustic but i feel like Colin listened to a lot of old synth wizards


    Yeah, his music does not sound like sax work. I am amazed at how he does it. He even does beatboxing while playing the sax.


    Having said that i am listening to DrukQs at the moment and it was all good until "cd1-04-aphex_twin-omgyjya_switch7" this track is just the all-over-the-place mess that put me off the album in the first place.



    Omgyjya Switch7 is one of my very favorite afx tracks. If I had to make a top 10 list, it would be fairly high.

  4. I think, among fans, the reception of Drukqs is better simply because everyone has had time to live with it. I recall critics hating it when it came out, and I still don't see that opinion as changed. Very recently, I read something about Syro or some other well-received Afx record where they said something along the lines of "much better than his 2001 mishmash, 'Drukqs.'"


    I have personally always considered it a masterpiece, and it has only gotten better with age. I am actually hoping he releases a record that sounds similar or expands on that sound (although he kind of did with Rushup Edge, which outdoes a lot of Drukqs tracks, in my opinion).



    still thinkin bout dem beans
















    Not sure if this works OK (on the phone) but I went to Five Guys for my born day last month.




    Had a double-cheeseburger, fries and malt shake. After, I still had the belly space for another and ended getting a massive bag of fries for free, noice!



    unfortunately just a pic from the webz:



    from Kumpel & Keule, a local dry aged hipster beef manufacturer.

    basic, but was indeed deliciously greasy/juicy & pink inside


    Yes, yes, y'all!

  6. i like levis but TBH old navy jeans and slacks have been my go-tos for years - whatever version seems to be most fitted, 33/34 ideally but when I'm skinny I can fit 32s



    I pretty much wear Old Navy everything - jeans, khakis, polos (for work). I wear the slim fit jeans because they seem to be the only jeans that I can find that I won't step on. Being short and overweight, I have a hard time finding jeans that aren't too long or too baggy. Even these, though, i have to cuff, but they look okay that way.

  7. my final real burger was a sloppy jock, simple and squidgy as fuck. Sloppy-Jock-2.jpg burger, haggis, creamy peppercorn sauce. its definitely a knife and fork effort if you dont want to get plastered in jizz stains.


    This looks amazing. The fact that you say "jizz stains" makes it a bit less appetizing, but not much


    I wouldn't actually say those things to Ghost. He did get his name for a reason.

    IIRC this is actually quite true. or at least he was a suspect for a murder for a while and had to wear a mask for the liner notes / pix for 36 chambers and his name isn't mentioned



    Yes, this is true. That's why he wears a mask in the first few videos they did. Also, Masta Killa and U-God were both in jail when the first album was released. Ghost could have been the third (fourth if you count Cappadonna, who was originally supposed to be in the Clan but was locked up as well).


    The way I feel about this Ghostface vs. Shkreli thing is..... well... He hired those guys to appear in that video with him, but he really could hire some real hitmen to kill Ghost. He seems dumb/sociopathic enough to do such a thing... But at the same time, Ghost could get just about anyone he knows to get Shkreli for next to nothing. Promise a spot on his next album or something. I keep expecting to see a headline stating that Martin has come up missing. We'll know why if that happens. The truth of the matter is that Ghostface knows thugs and is probably quite serious when he says he'll send shooters, but Shkreli most likely knows Mafia, which is worse than just any old street goons. .

  9. I've ordered the vinyl for Blackstar, I'm almost scared to listen to it knowing his intentions for the album now....


    It must have been very emotional for him, making this album.... kind of his own way of coming to terms with what was about to happen?


    It's quite an album. Rather powerful/painful, but very good. He knew exactly what he was doing.

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