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  1. We've accepted gunfire in schools, I don't see how the Speakers Lobby is much different.
  2. just imagine what kinda dope album boc is cooking up in the lab right now, we all know what happened after 9/11
  3. Also, a decent amount of these terrorists are the same fucks that refuse to wear masks, spreading the virus & contributing to the massive death toll. Hard to feel compassion when you actually witness them in public spaces being belligerent.
  4. I remember seeing a post on reddit of a study they did where they paired a chimp and a toddler growing up for a bit to see the effects it had on the chimp but had to cancel the study cause the toddler was becoming more like the chimp. I imagine it's a lot like that. You grow up surrounded with morons and become friends with morons your whole life, there's no chance of impreovement, and since that's all you know in life and it becomes cemented in to your existence, there's no reversing it.
  5. well, we all saw what happened at area 51
  6. at least we already know one good thing is gonna come from 2021, some absolute 🔥 memes
  7. fr, i think he still deserves one for the team
  8. Zooluus


    is this anyone else here?
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