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  1. I've noticed within the past few weeks instagram has switched it's feed setup. It shows me new stuff from people I follow, then after the new stuff is shown it then shows stuff it thinks I would like from random people, whereas before it would show older posts from people I follow even if I've already seen it. Could be why you're getting random likes. mine = https://www.instagram.com/echomega/
  2. that's actually a typical american past time. rip out all the old beautiful trees, then pump chemicals into lawn and water everyday so it doesn't dry out.
  3. Police shoot 13-year-old boy with autism several times after mother calls for help "But you won't get killed by the police if you just obey their orders." Apparently that's true even if you're a 13 year old autistic kid, there's a good chance the gun comes out no matter what the scenario is.
  4. nice shading, love the vibrant colors and depth
  5. this is why i've given up hope. the numbers show we're fucked, and any fragment of hope is trampled by the most out of touch humans our species has ever seen. it's over. the world will go on, but our species is on the way out, thank fucking god. we've peaked, and i'm happy to be a part of it, a beautiful experience to be a human, but also the saddest fucking thing too.
  6. That's not enough for the past few years. We're gonna need a new BoC album and maybe some new Aphex, and then MAYBE we will be even, as long as all three have a trio tour together where they play in my house.
  7. I got an autograph with my stimulus check. Should I sell it on ebay and make bank? It's over my fireplace rn.
  8. i'm all for voting the asshole out, but on the other hand, it's come to my realization that even the people i interact with everyday who seemed like decent people, our complete fucking morons. if he wins it might send america further down into collapse, and that may be more fulfilling then watching america claw itself out of hopelessness while being attacked on all sides by it's dumbfuck citizens. i'd say it's had a good run, might as well call it quits now. it's that or biden wins, sets the path back on somewhat of a better course for a few years, and then the republicans swoop in for more years, taking all credit for the repaired economy, the peaceful times, etc. i'm fucking tired of living in america, i'd much rather see it's demise then the back and forth between morality and stupidity.
  9. the opening of the new live sets are still blowing me away, the first 20 mins are on another plane
  10. i've never used it, i would though, seems it's always empty now.
  11. My go to was the Line 6 Verbzilla. Bought it multiple times. Can get it pretty cheap. link Nice balance of classic verbs, deep spacey verbs, and experimental echo sounds.
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