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  1. Tickets for the Baby's All Right venue in Brooklyn NY say the show is Thursday, February 9th 2023.
  2. https://shadowstar666.bandcamp.com/track/homicide-w-yung-smartrider
  3. Day after the shooting, first conversations I heard from everyone in the overwhelmingly republican workplace I work at was how this is making them all want to go out to buy more guns. People are so fucking heartless and selfish, it's inconceivable people can think that the day after hearing this. Most of them have guns already and they never use them. It's not like we live deep in the sticks, they ain't huntin' with them. They are so riled up, it's pathetic and frightening. Without question, everyday; turn on Fox, get the updates of who and what to hate for the day, what to be pissed about, don't question anything, help disseminate it.
  4. I came here to vent about my landlord "fixing" shit but making it worse, so I feel your pain. Every fucking time my landlord comes to use his handyman skills to fix shit, he makes it worse and ends up calling someone to fix it after he leaves. The main water valve was leaking a bit, he just tried to fix it, and now its pouring out and I have to set alarms to wake up in the middle of the night to empty the bucket. It's the fourth time something like this has happened with him. That, or the professionals will tell him he needs something replaced, he refuses, and slaps the cheapest band-aid on it so that way in a month I have to waste another vacation day to stay home while they come to do the actual needed repair. I finally have a job where I get vacation days and I use almost all of them sitting around waiting for a plumber to come. I'm leaving in a month, I couldn't be happier. Fucking hate landlords, they're always cheap AF.
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