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  1. beware photosensitive persons
  2. Tch = mhtrtc = th = geogaddi < trapped
  3. That's pretty much it exactly. If it's not that, it's mostly people who are too unaware of common human decency to realize they side with a bunch of selfish people. Most people who I deal with who are like that (family, coworkers) aren't necessarily complete pieces of shit but they only care about politics in how it affects how much money they make.
  4. we're all fucked anyway, at least planet earth won't discriminate when kicking our ass into extinction kinda silly if it truly happens, right now we're all fighting over which way we steer the ship, but we're actually on a river headed towards a waterfall.
  5. self-portrait with pencil. made my forehead smaller than it actually is.
  6. Zooluus


    sennheiser momentum 3's
  7. I took a video and motion graphics course this year, finally learned a little on how to edit video. I've been making some music videos using free stock footage (and some with my own footage) if anyone wants to check em out.
  8. Zooluus


    I was pretty much forced to purchase an expensive pair of headphones because of this release. I'm not in control anymore. The bass is in these sets is insane.
  9. Zooluus


    I kinda enjoyed the yelling in between organ blasts on the bootlegs. Sounds less intense on the release. One thing that sucks about the sets is they aren't kind to my car speakers. They can't handle bass so a lot of it just sounds like shit. But on headphones, omg.
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