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  1. Man this is some serious peer preasure, maybe just a small listen to ease my nerves...i did preorder the vinyl and cassette..i dont know what to do yall Edit: cmon bleep
  2. wish I had the the money to buy the whole lot, will do in time. easily worth repurchasing considering all the SC tracks we got for free. picked up rushup edge and field day, ICBYD is next on the list. Feild Day sounds INCREDIBLE
  3. Well, most of the titles now have an "M" after them. Curious. definitely sounds remastered to me
  4. beautiful track and awesome interview. this made my day love the monologue and volca series thanks Richard
  5. 2x202-ST5, this is some funky shit. no doubt richard is sitting on some next level beats which at this rate will surely be released at some point. but until that happens i'm completely satisfied and excited to hear more straight forward old school style tunes like 2x2 and 7b. richard must be having a blast making this stuff.
  6. this is so awesome, hope the list keeps growing
  7. umil is a perfect example of why RDJ is the king of electronic percussion.
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