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  1. https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/ SolarOneMusic and The Exaltics are once again back with a special project on a special format. After their really dark and experimental „Das Heise Experiment 2“ album, now The Exaltics strike back with 2 dancefloor killers in their own sound and world. A side starts with an eerie intro whilst the second track takes no prisoners with his pumping bassline and eerie strings. The flip side has something really special to come up, Egyptian Lover is on the mic! Together with The Exaltics he really pushes the track forward and for sure this one will be burn down some dance floors around the world! Every record comes with a download code. The outer contour of the picture is also the contour of the record and makes this release to something really special and to a high collectable item https://soundcloud.com/solar_one_music/the-exaltics-feat-egyptian-lover-exodus-ep
  2. Scan7 - Unify EP - Techno City Series / Detroit SolarOneMusic introduces their new "Techno City Series". Focused on citys around the world, which have given their contribution to the electronic music scene, the series will start with the leading Motor City Detroit. The first release will be from the mysterious Detroit underground collective Scan 7. After releases for Underground Resistance, Tresor, Derrick May's Transmat and their own Label Cratesavers the collective now debuts on SolarOneMusic. The release comes with 3 funky dance floor classics and one hypnotic killer remix by The Exaltics https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/solar_one_music/scan7-unifyep
  3. The Exaltics are back with new transmissions from their universe in form of the second part of "Das Heise Experiment". The first part from 2013 on Abstract Acid will see his follow up end of 2017 on 2xLP inclusive a Comic book about the story of the Heise Experiment. This amazing looking shape picture disc, developed with the dutch artist Godspill aka Mehdi Rouchiche, is "The Prequel" release and sees The Exaltics in assault mode. Side A brings a stomper in typical exaltics style with deep strings and a pumping bassline like an alien invasion which is on course to earth. Side B begins with a cryptic alien speech signal transmitted direct from the universe whilst the second track is a collaboration track with non other than Dopplereffekt´s Rudolf Klorzeiger. Both artists together create a timeless electro voyage with sharp snares and fast running basslines and combine their both styles perfectly together. Every record comes with a download code for the release itself and 3 exclusive bonus tracks. This release is strictly limited to 500 copies. The outer contour of the picture is also the contour of the record and makes this release to something really special and to a high collectable item. pre order: https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/ Teaser Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHx_924LtHA Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/solar_one_music/das-heise-experiment-2-the-prequel-feat-rudolf-klorzeiger
  4. SolarOneMusic is proud to announce this special record. Andreas left us suddenly at june 20th in 2016 after long health problems. Around that time we finished with him "The Worst Of Gehm" release. He was so happy about this project!!! Even one week later we got the terrible message that he died. We put alot of love and effort in this project to give him his last big monument! Special thanks to all his friends and labels like Mathematics Recordings, Abstract Acid, Creme Organization, Psycho Thrill and of course Bunker. RIP Andreas! We will never forget you! Buy: https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/ Soundsamples: bit.ly/2mX6key Artist: Andreas Gehm Titel: The Worst of Gehm Cat-Nr. SOM041 Format: vinyl, CD, digital Release date: 01. May 2017
  5. SolarOneMusic announce part two of the Acid Saga "Signs of Decay" First part featured tracks by Helena Hauff, The Exaltics, Ekman, Drvg Cvltvre and Perseus Traxx. This part comes with THE HACKER, Legowelt, Chris Moss Acid, Impakt and Crotaphytus. Artwork is again from the mighty Mehdi Rouchiche Godspill!!! Shipping around 15. december!!! pre order: https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/solar_one_music/signs-of-decay-2-impakt-legowelt-the-hacker-crotaphytus-chris-moss-acid
  6. Robert Witschakowski takes a break from rewiring the rules of electro with his prolific The Exaltics project to deliver the eerie soundtrack album, ‘Acanthosaura’. Working with Nico Jagiella - with whom he co-runs the Solar One label - the pair have created the soundtrack for a world of flickering shadows, dark ambient textures and ominous bass tones. It’s the first Crotaphytus release in six years and according to Witschakowski, a project stemming from his love of reptiles and movie soundtracks. Like previous Crotaphytus releases on Solar One, ‘Acanthosaura’ is a deeply atmospheric affair. With each track title a reference to different types of lizards, from the death-paced drums of “Cyclura Cornuta” to the slow-motion ebm-disco groove of “Xenosaurus Platyceps” and the murderous subs of “Caiman Latirostris”. In between, the dark ambient passages of “Conolophus Subcristatus” and “Amblyrhynchus Cristatus” as well as nods to The Exaltics’ spaced out electro in “Iguana Delicatissima”. However, Robert insists that the album remains true to the project’s ethos. “Crotaphytus is always dark and haunting. The project has no rules and that gives us the total freedom to make everything with it. I make also different styles with The Exaltics, but I have a concrete vision every time. With Crotaphytus, we let it flow and see were we land at the end. “For this album, we tried to create an atmosphere like you are in a deep jungle, chased by giant lizards. Ambient has really the power to transport feelings. I guess this is subliminal in us from watching films. Most soundtracks have a lot of music without beats, so we collected tracks with beats and also ambient ones. It’s like a soundtrack for a movie,” Robert explains. Listen closely and you can hear the sound of the jungle at night as “Xenosaurus Platyceps” draws to an end or on the dusky dread that sets in on album closer “Amblyrhynchus Cristatus”. From that perspective, there are similarities to The Exaltics. “I’m a sucker for atmospheric music. I need to imagine things by hearing music. Other worlds, fantasy, come down from a daily struggle, so it’s a must when I’m involved in a project. I could say half of Crotaphytus, the atmosphere, that is me, and the other half, is the power Nico gives to the project,” he points out. ‘Acanthosaura’ is the first Crotaphytus release on Further, but not the last. “I’m really happy how it came together. It’s growing into a very interesting project and with all this atmospheric ambient it fits very well with Further. I would work with them anytime again,” says Rob. In the meantime, listen to Crotaphytus scale the heights with the dark ambient masterpiece, ‘Acanthosaura’. credits releases August 19, 2016 Mastered by Alden Tyrell Artwork by Chloe Harris review: http://igloomag.com/reviews/crotaphytus-acanthosaura-further buy: http://furtherrecords.org/album/acanthosaura
  7. RA review & The Exaltics podcast https://www.residentadvisor.net/reviews/19745 https://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?id=536
  8. only 5 copy left https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/album/project-sts-31-spiralgalaxie
  9. Shipping in Germany is 7 Euro not 16 Euro!!! We Shipping the box by Insured shipping!!! shipping coast Germany 7 Euro EU is 9 Euro World is 16 Euro
  10. Heinrich Mueller & The Exaltics pres. Project STS-31 - Spiralgalaxie Project STS-31-Spiralgalaxie (Hubble Telescope Series Vol.3) A clash of the Titans! Celebrating Solar One Music's 40th release and 10th anniverary, this split LP sees two stars under various disguises, Heinrich Mueller (aka Der Zyklus and various other projects) and German producer Robert Witschakowski aka The Exaltics, back to back in a no return odyssey through the depths of the Galaxy. Expect nothing but contemplative and cosmic electro beats using original outer-space sounds from the Universe. Closing the Hubble telescope trilogy which brought to you Luxus Varta and more recently E.R.P. (respectively with the "Everything Is Nothing" and "Ancient Light" EP's), trippy "Spiralgalaxie" will mark a new step in SOM's History. As usual, the final chapter of the series dedicated solely to Hubble and all the great scientists and engineers at the NASA and ESA, comes with a beautiful cover print picture taken by the Space Telescope. CD comes with bonus tracks by Project STS-31, The Exaltics, Robert Heise and a extended alternate bonus Version of Der Zyklus - Ionospheric Delay. Also a 100 copies limited Box Set will be available only at solaronemusic.bandcamp.com
  11. E.R.P. aka Convextion - Ancient Light ( Hubble Telescope Series Vol. 2 ) E.R.P. aka Convextion returns and he take us back the "Ancient Light" of deep electro/techno. The release includes also a massive Exaltics Remix. This stunning Ep is the second part of SolarOneMusic's Hubble telescope Series. As homage to the Hubble Telescope and all the great scientists and engineers at the NASA and ESA each part of the series comes with a cover print picture taken by the Hubble Telescope. The series consists of 3 releases featuring E.R.P., Heinrich Mueller, Rudolf Klorzeiger, The Exaltics, Luxus Varta and more. You know the game... be fast... PS: first official E.R.P. T-Shirt ready for pre order https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com reviews: https://www.xlr8r.com/reviews/2016/04/e-r-p-ancient-light-ep/ https://www.residentadvisor.net/review-view.aspx?id=18887
  12. out now here..https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/ all other stores 08.02.2016
  13. Signs of Decay: Dope Acid Compilation with dirty and hard acid cuts by Ekman, The Exaltics, Helena Hauff, Perseus Traxx, Drvg Cvltvre and a artwork made by Godspill. Nothing more to say!!! Release date: 8 Feb. 2016 Pre order: solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/album/signs-of-decay Soundsamples: https://soundcloud.com/solar_one_music/signs_of_decay-helena_hauff-the_exaltics_perseus_traxx-drvg_cvltvre-ekman The Exaltics Live in Amsterdam Closure March 12th. www.facebook.com/events/1514662955497072/ http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?795872
  14. The final chapter in the TRUSTXV trilogy once again brings together an elite crew of electro programmers. Tracks by The Exaltics, Plant43, Adapta, and Epy x Micromega conclude the fate of interstellar mining outpost 61 cygni e. Full color sleeve bydextro.org, 150 copies in colored vinyl (randomly packed!). soundsamples: bit.ly/1W27kFt pre order: http://bit.ly/17h1FZs
  15. Luxus Varta – Everything Is Nothing (Hubble Telescope Series Vol. 1) feat. Paris The Black FU (Detroit Grand Pubahs) supported by Objekt Description: For the past 25 years, the space telescope "Hubble" has been orbiting 540 kilometers above Earth. Black holes, iridescent gas mist, distant planets: Hubble has changed our view of the cosmos by capturing some incredible photos of our galaxy. Without the Hubble telescope, we would not know such beautiful images of space, and have discovered many different perspectives of Earth too. Feeling inspired by the journey into space, SolarOneMusic has been working hard to create their own Hubble Telescope Series, which captures the feeling of space exploration through different experimental dance-floor tracks. As a homage to the Hubble Telescope and all the great scientists and engineers at the NASA and ESA and each part of the series comes with a cover print picture taken by the Hubble Telescope. The series consists of 3 releases featuring E.R.P., Heinrich Mueller, Rudolph Klorzeiger, The Exaltics, Robert Heise, Crotaphytus and Luxus Varta. Featured for the first part of the series, is the talented artist Emeric Di Paolo aka Luxus Varta. Emeric starts playing drums in different punk-rock bands before being interested in electronic music. 2005 he meets Paris The Black FU and the twisted universe of Detroit Grand Pubahs. Looking for a drummer, Paris offers him to collaborate on several tracks for the two upcoming albums. What follows is an artistic complicity which results in live performances, videos and studio recordings. Paris The Black Fu has a feature on this release too. "Floo" - feat. Paris The Black FU is a spacey, atmospheric sound bed with a incomparable, hypnotic voice from Paris The Black FU. "Kuft" the first track of this release sounds like a space trip to another galaxy with his pulsating bassline and drexciyan soundscapes. "Ieloh" has a super warm melody with contrasting futuristic cracking sounds. Breigs is a twinkling sound bombardment with a mysterious voice inside. The last track called "Voxpol" completes the release with an agile, jolting texture, an alien-like conversation. Don’t miss this journey into the deep space. Release date is November/December 2015. Supported by Objekt, Ben UFO, Maelstrom, The Exaltics, Paris The Black FU, Mr O… pre order: http://bit.ly/1LjP7n3​ soundcloud: Picture Credit: NASA,ESA, M. Robberto (Space Telescope Science Institute/ESA) and the Hubble Space Telescope Orion Treasury Project Team Artist biography: Emeric Di Paolo starts playing drums in different punk-rock bands before being interested in electronic music. This new way of expression becomes quickly the main one, leading him to set up his own studio and to play live from 2000. Five years later, he meets Paris The Black FU and the twisted universe of Detroit Grand Pubahs. Looking for a drummer, Paris offers him to collaborate on several tracks for the two upcoming albums. What follows is an artistic complicity which results in live performances, videos and studio recordings. Meanwhile, Emeric produces an ambient album called "Le silence n'existe pas" under the name Sine Qua Non, and diversifies his sonic explorations using electric guitars, prepared instruments, field recordings, etc… In 2009 he joins Techmarine Bottom Feeders, a side project of Paris The Black FU. One more opportunity for the two partners to combine their dark vision of techno and to go further in experimentation. After all these years of electronic adventures, it's now time to realize his own electro project, in order to finally bring his unreleased material to light. 2014 is the starting point for a more personal work, with an underground signature, distorted sounds and deep melodies : This is Luxus Varta.​ http://www.discogs.com/seller/SolarOne/profile
  16. new videos made by the29nov films The Exaltics - Journey to Jupiter (Objekt Remix) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWHn4F9V5PsowMolNkRk5VQ
  17. SOM035: The Exaltics - The Truth Remixes A1: The Exaltics-My Language (ERP Remix) A2: The Exaltics-Compressed Thoughts (Ultradyne Remix) B1: The Exaltics-IMOEH (Gosub - Turbidity Mix) B2: The Exaltics-Journey To Jupiter (Objekt Remix) B3: The Exaltics-Instinct (Dopplereffekt - Hubble Constant remodel pre order -> solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/ SolarOneMusic proudly present the follow up to The Exaltics retrospective "The Truth 2008 - 2013" (SOM032) released early this year and according to The Exaltics himself, this was the project of their life so far.Can you figure out the creme of the artists gathered together in remix duty, on an limited 12", to revisit five of The Exaltics best tracks taken from the compilation? Do we ever need to introduce again ERP, Gosub, Dopplereffekt, Objekt, and Ultradyne: these heavyweights and legendary artists have written some of the most important pages of the electro / techno History. On A side, E.R.P (Frustrated Funk, Hardfloor, Semantica Records) turns the opener "My Language" into an emotive electro rework where sweet drums combine to soft synth layers. Although remaining close to the original, the cut offers new depth and unsuspected musical perspectives. Ultradyne's (Pi Gao Movement, SCSI-AV, Warp Records) disturbing "Compressed Thoughts" coming next immerses the listeners into unsecured zones surrounded by experimental electro beats and distorted modulations straight from Detroit. Awesome! On the flipside, a SOM regular signature, Gosub (Transient Force, AFS, Isophlux, Abstract Forms, Citinite, KONDI), injects on "IMOEH" a serious dose of electrofunk vibes. His classy remix gives a breath of fresh air while "Journey To Jupiter" reworked by Objekt (Power Vacuum, Stitch Up, Leisure System, Pan) propels us in orbit after an epic trip though space. Merging electro beats to groovy lines and contemporary synths colors, Dopplereffekt (Dataphysix Engineering, Rephlex, International Deejay Gigolo Records, Leisure System) keeps the pressure: "Instinct" signs here a masterly conclusion to the EP. A dream comes true on SOM plus a collectible piece of slice that every fan of syncopated music will wish to own, "The Truth-Remix EP" is nothing sort of a shinning and deserved recognition of The Exaltics music from his peers! https://www.facebook.com/SolarOneMusic
  18. After a long ride the CLATTERBOX - Sentinel_REVISTED EP is now also avaliable at Juno Records, clone.nl, Decks Records, #Interstellar_Sounds, Hard Wax, and many more.... The special edition with the Clatterbox cardboard figure is nearly Sold out! 2 copies left!!! only available at Solar One Music https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/album/sentinel-revisted-ep http://www.juno.co.uk/…/clatterbox-sentinel-revi…/573446-01/ https://clone.nl/item35388.html http://www.interstellarsounds.com/product.php… https://hardwax.com/73545/clatterbox/sentinel-revisited/ http://www.decks.de/t/clatterbox-sentinel_revisted/c59-04 http://www.rushhour.nl/store_detailed.php?item=83601 http://www.deejay.de/SOM036_-_Clatterbox_-_Sentinel_revisted_-_12-Vinyl__186501 https://bleep.com/release/61655-clatterbox-sentinel-revisited-ep https://boomkat.com/downloads/1293720-clatterbox-sentinel-revisited-ep
  19. new picture ... only a few copies left of the special edition https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/album/sentinel-revisted-ep
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