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Found 1333 results

  1. RDJ tracks that have a location tied to them. i think i got all of them. i couldn't figure out how to embed this in the post. Aphex Twin track names mapped
  2. Done in renoise with just the pattern editor, no automation lanes, sounds a bit drukqsyish.
  3. Saw Beardyman post this (amongst some of his likely drunken rants about Coldplay being shit), I usually don't read anything on this site regularly, surprised I found it actually. It goes into a lot of RDJ tidbits we all know good and well and now constantly mention sarcastically, BUT I like that: A. They decided to celebrate the album's anniversary. B. It mentions the fact that's been "mined" for samples and continues to be a source of reliable bumper and soundtrack music. I also realized, with the SNL and Kanye samples, and soundtrack choices in mind, they could of just titled this article "Avril 14th, ten years on" http://drownedinsoun...us-ten-years-on
  4. Pop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aphex Twin Barrowlands, Glasgow David Peschek Thursday May 4, 2006 The Guardian 3 out of 5 stars Shapeshifter: Aphex Twin "I expected something out of this world," says a woman in the crowd, "but this is too danceable," and she inflects the final word as if unsure whether it's a complaint or a compliment. Such is the mystique surrounding Richard James, aka Aphex Twin, intensely private, super-prolific twister of electronic music into alien shapes, that you want his new music to sound like nothing on earth - a terrible burden for any artist to bear. Barely visible behind his laptop, James has an unenviable task. Metal-heads, jonesing ravers, electro-nerds and serious, Wire-reading types jostle in Barrowlands, a historic rock venue that's wrong for this kind of show. While there are plenty of people who have been dancing from the beginning, when the music is more about rupture than rhythm, there's an equal amount who seem bewildered, and a few perplexed customers yelling abuse at the stage. For James, this set is probably comparatively unchallenging. He has been known to play sheets of sandpaper, and his sets supporting Björk a couple of years ago were a barrage of galvanisingly horrible, formless noise. He plays what might be an obscure Prince remix, the odd selection from his Analord series of 12-inches - basically old-school rave with an incredibly elegant sheen - and a less than charitable Streets cut-up in which Mike Skinner is made to say: "I'm really shit but oh my gosh I don't know it, I should absolutely be shot." He also plays an enormous amount of breathtakingly beautiful music that could only very loosely be called electro. The audience are never quite sure where it's going - the first really big cheer is for a briefly surfacing Northern Soul horn riff, cast into the melee like a rope to a drowning man. Snatches of blissful melody bubble up and are pulled under, and the crowd surge and retreat, latching on to what they can.
  5. Aphex returns to Oslo this summer: http://oyafestivalen.com/pages/nor/902-aphex_twin_paa_oeya_torsdag_11_august
  6. Guest

    Unreleased Live Tracks

    This post became too beastly to edit. You can find a wiki page version here: http://aphex-twin.wikia.com/wiki/Unreleased_Live_Tracks Feel free to contribute!
  7. aphex twang yes, i have 1 copy of tuss confederation true Ep, last time i checked it was 100+ euros (month ago), i got it in pretty ok condition, it plays vinyl but at the party it was htrown on the flor cause of some dumb drunkeb fuckit was good idea to crush the table with vinils and vinil payers, so it has little scratches now. anyone needs that for half a price or i should just do to discogs as usual? by half price i mean 50 euros, i just checked they are 75+ on discugs if its too much write your suggesshens cause you know you are watmm so you are firstes <3 all acid
  8. #PSA013 First Birthday Broadcast - 2hr mix of hot spacey electronic music We played Aphex Twin's track 'Sally Vingoe' in the mix, as you all know it was released via SoundCloud earlier in the year. But there was some discussion as to the origins of the title - slang for salt & vinegar perhaps? Listen to the mix and all will be revealed - from the source. This month's show also features 2 exclusive unreleased tracks by Arvo Prat Archived Shows: http://PenrynSpaceAgency.com Next show Sat 26th Sept 10pm BST If you need a reminder follow on the twitface
  9. I'm after a nice clean copy of this Only really interested if it is stamped with 'THE APHEX TWIN' and no writing on the labels and complete with the double sided A$ insert/original cover. Cheers
  10. Hi WATMM, I'm new here - so please be gentle... Anyway I have one of the WARPLP247X, bought from the Bleep ballot (by me). Will try to answer your questions here! Auction link here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/151806802243 (it's not so expensive yet, so you might get lucky...) Aphex Twin - Syro Limited Edition Box Set 3xLP WARPLP247X "Up for sale is the 2014 ultra rare release from Aphex Twin, Syro, in the limited edition triple vinyl box set. This version of the release is limited to 200 copies worldwide allocated by a ballot held by Bleep. It includes all the items as listed on the Bleep website in totally new condition, including the triple vinyl, Syrobonkus Intaglio print and the acrylic slipcase. The whole package is designed by The Designers Republic and will be a valuable collectors item for years to come. Keep in mind that the Caustic Window album recently sold for $46,000. I'm seeling this since my kids don't appreciate limited edition vinyl box sets as much as I do. Simply can't have stuff as nice as this lying around the house. So I'm passing this brand new/mint condition box set on to another AFX fan. Good luck with the auction! Full details here: https://bleep.com/syro-limited-edition More info & pictures here: http://www.thevinylfactory.com/vinyl-factory-news/warp-reveal-stunning-artwork-for-new-aphex-twin-album-syro/ See screenshot of email for evidence that I won the ballot and is the owner. Item ships from Stockholm, Sweden via registered post. Respect to Richard D James! Condition: Never played, never opened the gatefold. Only removed from slipcase for these very photos. Stored away since delivery in my book shelf (in a kids free zone). Edition: This is one of only 200 in the world! This box in number 39/200. To clarify one last time: When the box was shipped, it only had a black plastic liner wrappped around the cardboard – it was delivered by courier/Fedex, the black plastic liner have been removed since it was not branded in any way, or had any use or value to the box set. The plastic sleeve inside the cardboard box was not sealed in any sort of plastic etc. The cardboard shipping container has only been briefly opened this one time in order to take photos, the item itself has never been removed from the shipping container or even been touched without great caution and care. I can also forward the email below so that the buyer can download the digital version of Syro from the Bleep site, I have not downloaded the album myself in order to save this for the buyer of this auction. Thank you fellow AFX fan! Shipping cost to be determined after the auction. Will ship either UPS, EMS or DHL – which ever is the best for the buyer. Cost of shipping will be determined after the auction based on where the item is being shipped. The item will be insured for the amount of the winning bid, or otherwise agreed upon with buyer. The items will ship neatly packaged in a outer box, pictured above, protecting the shoe box. I’m an Art Director and take great pride in packaging stuff air- and watertight, with great care. Specially when it’s ultra rare limited edition shoes. If you have little or no feedback, I reserve the right to cancel the sale unless contacted ahead of purchase. Please do not send payment until you have received an invoice. Winning bidder must send payment via PayPal within 48 hours of receiving an invoice. (Fancy blanket belongs to the wife and will not be included in the auction!) International Buyers – Please Note: Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what your additional costs will be prior to buying. If your bidding on one of my other auctions please contact me so I can give you a quote on combined shipping if you are the winner of both auctions. Any questions please ask me. For additional photos, please also ask me. Happy bidding!"
  11. Hello Guys, the title pretty much says it all, I hope you enjoy it and if you find any mistakes or got ideas for improvements please let me know :) in case some of you want to play it yourselves - it luckily isn't all too hard to play, the rhytmical part is a bit annoying to practise tho, that's why there's a couple of mistakes in the youtube video wich I hope you guys don't mind. In case anyone wants a MIDI-version I could make one and sent it to you, just message me Cheers! Diskprept1sheetfinal.pdf
  12. http://i.imgur.com/CiIjKKw.jpg Promo tapes for the SAW2 double album sire/warner Message me if you are intersted cheers
  13. Boris de Vries


    From the syrobonkers interview, no one seems to be talking about this gem. Feels like it could be sort of a Tuss track. I hope more dark tunes like this one will be released soon.
  14. Was it James himself? Or a friend or what?
  15. So the NASA discovered that Pluto is bigger than we thought and that there is yet another earth-like planet in the Kepler system. And - believe it or not - we still don't have a proper soundtrack for our space exploration. Until now, though. This is the first of extra-terrestrial journeys from sun to the Oort Cloud featuring all your favorite electronic heroes. Enjoy your space walk.
  16. I bought this some years ago via iTunes. Can't find much info about this album. Released in 2008, tracks from 93-96, Autopilot 1997 hmm I checked the forum here, so far my searches turned out nothing related to this. Can't find it even now anymore in the iTunes Store. Anyone some info? Love the Apex Twin 'It's Not'.
  17. Finally, the RDJ album and I care because you do are re-released in October 2012. And on 180 g vinyl! Yeah https://bleep.com/release/38094
  18. Hi there, some nice records here for sale - PM me if you are interested, will go on ebay/discogs if theres no interest. Thanks for looking. Various ‎– Warp 10+1 Influences £30Sleeve has very minor shelf ware but inners and records are gleaming mint, played this maybe once and only a couple of the sides. Eric Peters ‎– Music For Synthesizers £50I will double check the condition, haven't played it since I bought it. Sleeve creased a bit in places. Power-Pill ‎– Pac-Man 7'' £30 Slight creasing on the opening, great little record on the much more scarce 7'' format. Kosmik Kommando, The ‎– Analogue Android £60This record is unplayed. Hand painted/designed by KK with a cardboard stiffener. Ltd 100 copies only. 180G virgin press as I recall. AFX ‎– Analord 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 11. £30 These have maybe been played twice at best, I have 2 sets so these are fairly untouched. Would consider deal for the lot. Flying Lotus ‎– Los Angeles £15Mint in every way, unplayed but opened. AFX ‎– Analogue Bubblebath Vol 3 £20Paper bag and A4 insert, have a couple of these will check condition but looks great. Will upload photos tomorow
  19. http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/line-up/line-up-2014/#thetemple
  20. Hello Guys, 3 days ago I got a bit bored and decided to make another Aphex Twin piano transcription. Since Nannou seemed to be cool to play on piano and I couldn't find sheet music for it online yet, I figured it would make sense to transcribe Nannou. I just finished the sheet music half an hour ago and can't play the piece myself yet, but I made a recording using CVPiano playing the MIDI-file generated by Sibelius. If you think there are any notation errors or that notes are missing/wrong just tell me and I can rectify it. You can download the PDF-version of the sheet music, the MIDI-file and audio with the following link :) http://we.tl/K01hE4aOx0 Shoutout to the guy who put an awesome slowed-down version of Nannou on youtube, it made everything so much easier for me, especially the part starting at around 4 minutes in the video, wich has got insane rythmical details I never even noticed before. Here's the link: Hope you guys enjoy it! :) PS: if you guys haven't seen my previous post; I have got piano versions of beskhu3epnm and the endig of z17 on my youtube channell too, hope I can soon upload nannou as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF25nu7uHQBREwm469JOiHw
  21. This was up awhile ago, but can't find it anymore. Giving these a bump now that we have a new subforum for mixes. Here's a couple of mixes I did of the majority of the old school Evolution Records/Universal Language Productions back catalog Lots of obscurities and one track that has never been released I'm not dropping any science here, most of tracks are nearly complete and uncut the mixing is rudimentary easy fades and quick cuts, no beat matching but the track selection is exquisite... Enjoy Universal Language Mixed (Beats) Universal Language Mixed (Chill) Remotion: Global Communication, Reload, Jedi Knights, Secret Ingredients & Chameleon Remixes (Beats) Remotion: Global Communication & Reload Remixes (Chill) Track Lists Below: Universal Language Mix (Beats) 1 Peschi [Original Version] - Reload 2 Arcadian - Link 3 Can't wait tonight - Reload 4 Teque - Reload 5 Antacid II - Link & E621 6 Avatar - Link 7 The Deep [Original Mix] - Global Communication 8 Noddy Holder - Jedi Knights 9 Antacid - Link & E621 10 Moroccan Jack - The Mod Wheel 11 Solina (The Ascension) - Jedi Knights 12 The Push - N.Y. Connection 13 The Groove [instrumental Mix] - Global Communication 14 Nutsin' - Jedi Knights 15 New York, New York (Headfuq Mix) - Secret Ingredients 16 Optimystic - The Mod Wheel 17 Close Your Eyes And Listen - The Chameleon Universal Language Mix (Chill) 1: 9:39 - GC 2: Sublime Creation - GC 3: Ob-Selon Mi-Nos [GC Mix] - Mystic Institute 4: Amenity(33rpm) - Reload/Link 5: Le Soleil Et La Mer - Reload & E621 6: Arcadian[GC Mix] - Link 7: Maiden Voyage I - GC 8: The Augur - Link 9: Soaring - Reload 10: Peschi (Short Stories Version) - Reload & E621 11: The Biosphere[GC Mix] - Reload & E621 12: Human Blancmange - The Jedi Knights 13: Isolation Part 2 - Pulusha 14: Aural Sedative - Amba Remotion Mixed (Beats) 1 Evolution of the Beast [Global Communication Mix] - Palmskin Productions 2 Evolution of the Beast [The Chameleon Mix] - Palmskin Productions 3 Amazon Amenity [The Chameleon Mix] - Link 4 Gorecki [Global Communication Mix] - Lamb 5 The Sun Rising [Tom’s Drum-n-Bass Mix] - The Beloved 6 The Sun Rising [Mark’s Deep House Mix] - The Beloved 7 The Way [secret Ingredients Mix] - Global Communication 8 7’39" [Link & E621 Appliance of Science Mix] - Global Communication 9 Space Jazz Carnival [Global Communication Mix] - Azymuth 10 Jumbo [Jedis Sugar Hit Mix] - Underworld 11 Disco Magic [secret Ingredients Mix] - Jedis 12 Crazy Dream [The Reload Retro 313 Future Memory Mix] - Nav Katze 13 Absorber [Jedi Knights Mix 1] - Bomb the Bass 14 Antacid [Jedi Knights Mix] - Link & E621 15 The Flow [Jedi Knights Mix] - Model 500 Remotion Mixed (Chill) 1 Alpha Phase - Chapterhouse 2 On [Reload Remix] - Aphex Twin 3 Ride [Global Communication Dub Mix] - Soft Ballet 4 In Mind [The Reload 147 Take] - Slowdive 5 Visual Cortex [The Reload Redifinition] - Schaft 6 Gamma Phase - Chapterhouse 7 Amor Real [Global Communication Remix] - Jon Anderson 8 Rollercoaster [Global Communication Yellow Submarine Re-Take] - The Grid 9 Wild Horse [Global Mix Communication] - Nav Katze 10 Beta Phase - Chapterhouse 11 Aspirin [Global Communication Mix] - Sensorama
  22. Anyone a fan of this classic from 96? Sounds like a collaboration between Aphex Twin, Orbital and Autechre.
  23. I played this set out the other night in San Francisco for a special Aphex Soundcloud Night. Available for stream/download at the following: https://soundcloud.com/sweguno/aphex-soundcloud-megamix-may-28th-sf-listening-party Lots of tracks shoved in here: 1 Chink 101, Sam's Car, 1 Human Rotation, 2 Xame Filtered, 1 nocares, 13 High Hats Tune Tamclap Orig, 10 Shit Smothered, 4 Ny Groove, 11 Phlangebeat, 35 Japan, 5 How To Science 2 Ab6, 19 [slo]w early morning clissold sunrise, (Throatie), 33 Synthi Rhy [q], 23 Lush Acid [pt1], 179 brk 2, (mortal 1), 9 Un Chopped F Beginning [sAWII Un], 1.5 Dp5 Beats, 5 Just Fall Asleep, 19 Winding Road, 30 Dolby C, 34 ibiza spliffs, Asthma1, CHEETAHT7 Teac, Mulberry Bush, 8 Glock+onion, 9 Summer2, 5 7z, Pretend Analog Extmix 2b
  24. We're all enjoying immensely Richard's amazing "release" (insert dump, pro-dumpers) of unreleased material via SoundCloud, and making them available for download. Some have even put together artwork and compiled them into collections, but being digital tracks, there's only so far something like that can go. What if you could buy a "Best of" compilation, on a physical format(s), selected tracks, remastered, etc.? Would you? If not, why not? Of course, Richard would need to be willing to provide masters, and agree to it to begin with... The mind reels at the possibilities...
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