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  1. For me, it goes like this: Confield Chiastic Slide Untilted LP5 Oversteps Draft 7.30 Tri Repetae Amber Quaristice Incunabula Yeah, that pretty much says it. Confield is at the top, the first one of their "difficult" albums that properly clicked with me. Of course this (and any part of the list) may change as I go on to discover the albums in different ways. Oversteps came up right behind LP5. It's very hard to compare these two albums, but I suppose LP5 wins for its strong, hard-hitting tracks like Rae and Drane2. Oversteps is more about subtle atmosphere, which I might appreciate more as I dive further. Draft 7.30 seems surprisingly low. For some reason it hasn't fully settled in my mind yet, but the track P.:Ntil stands out like a bonfire. I noticed Quaristice mixed in with the "early three". Could this be Autechre's first slip-up since their continuous progression from Chiastic Slide? The quardrange EPs would come above Tri Repetae, but there's something I don't like about Quaristice, as an album. Like bits and pieces of ideas swept onto a canvas without any kind of focus or "perfect sound" to aim for. Also, I'd just like to say that Incunabula is an amazing album, and I like it. I just like their other albums more. Your turn.
  2. A1. Tunnels Ov Set (Crookes Mix) A2. Tunnels Ov Set (The Bass Soldiers' Manor Top Mix) B1. Tunnels Ov Set (Autechre Remix) B2. Tripside Syndicate http://www.theblackdogma.com/forum/viewtop...p?f=4&t=244
  3. There is nothing more amusing than reading negative comments on autechre. A shining example of relativity: the same qualities considered exemplary by those who love them are used as deplorable facts by those who cannot tolerate them. So, here is a thread that collects the common sense of repulsion towards the subject of this forum. I start with this gem just found on the net: It was the worst concert of more than hundred I have been to. The duo started out anonymously half an hours later they were supposed to. Rob Hall had to come out and play twice, I guess, because Autechre were late. While Autechre were performing, it was completely dark in the hall. At first, I thought it was sort of a sound-check or an intro. However, I realized soon that this is the way it should be. What they played was just a bunch of random sounds, with no rhythm and no melodies whatsoever. It felt as if there was a baby sitting somewhere playing with a newly discovered musical gear by pushing buttons and turning knobs without any understanding of what s(he) is doing. It went like that for nearly 45 minutes (even less that each of the 'guest' musicians played). Autechre didn't even bother to say 'hi' or 'bye', let alone 'thank you' to the audience. I feel I was laughed by the duo, the concert agency and the venue, who did not indicate that the performance is going to be done in complete darkness and very short. Very disappointed. I wish I stayed at home. by Tochkinade
  4. Generally, we know, many tracks take time to reveal themselves: sometimes they can appear anonymous until one day, when we think we already know everything well, listening distractedly we realize that those are extraordinary ideas (yes, this happens to me when I lower my guard and I don't listen analytically), and we are surprised at how we couldn't understand it from the first moment. Even on exceptionally minimal pieces such as TBM2, all of a sudden the combination of an elementary tempo and a few laconic sounds can turn into suggestions of barely hinted melodies, which are built on subtle relationships that, precisely in their not being manifest, put in motion of interpretative processes. Yet it happens that this does not happen. It is rare, but possible. I am not referring to pieces that leave us indifferent, but to cases in which listening is really tiring. Precisely because it's a rare thing, it's interesting to be analyze. For example, I've never been able to like pce freeze 2.8i or bnc Castl (yes, I know, it's a tribute to a track by Kraftewerk, but it's not enough). Yet, as much as these songs make me hives, are the product of the same minds that combined Sublimit, vekoS, parhelic ririangle, surripere, os veix3 and all the rest. What would you remove from Sum & Rumbla's discography? PS: I suspect I have already opened a similar post time ago, but my memory has long since left me...
  5. http://www.percussionlab.com/sets/buddy_peace_and_zilla/watch_and_repeat_play ...browsing percussionlab.com today I found this...posted on april the 10th, so it´s yet kinda new... hope-not-jazz-yo! tracklist: Section 001 (2:18) Sweet Exorcist-Testone Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 Disc 2 Track 5 LFO-Advance Mira Calix-Nunu Squarepusher-Come On My Selector Prefuse 73-Culturaluhorgasm Prefuse 73-Diarrhea Takes Over Your Life Section 002 (5:23) Beans-Crevice Prefuse 73-Nuno Antipop Consortium-Tronman Speaks Antipop Consortium-Dead In Motion Prefuse 73-Desks, Pencils, Bottles Squarepusher-My Red Hot Car Autechre-Goz Quarter Aphex Twin-Cow Cud Is A Twin Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 Disc 1 Track 8 Prefuse 73-Point To B Prefuse 73-7th Message Broadcast-Unchanging Window Autechre-Second Bad Vilbel Beans-Phreek The Beet Team Shadetek-Hard Dragon Boards Of Canada-In The Annexe Boards Of Canada-Open The Light Beans-Roar Beans-Mutescreamer [Original / El-P Remix] Autechre-Cipater Section 003 (6:34) Prefuse 73-Radio Attack CBeans-Mutescreamer [Original / El-P Remix] Antipop Consortium-Dead In Motion Antipop Consortium-Ping Pong Savath & Savalas-Ultimo Tren REQ-Train Jam Boards Of Canada-The Smallest Weird Number Gravenhurst-Bluebeard Luke Vibert-Acidisco Squarepusher-Shin Triad [Wagon Christ Remix] Brothomstates-Adozenaday Boards Of Canada-Happy Cycling Squarepusher-Go! Spastic Section 004 (8:28) Squarepusher-Come On My Selector Squarepusher-Do You Know Squarepusher Aphex Twin-Cock/Ver 10 Squarepusher-Tomorrow World Two Lone Swordsmen-Tiny Reminder No. 1 Aphex Twin-Mt Saint Michel + St Michael Mount Sweet Exorcist-Testone Squarepusher-Full Rinse Louis Digital-Relax 42 Section 005 (6:16) Squarepusher-Red Hot Car !!!-Shit Scheisse Merde [Part 1] [instrumental] Squarepusher-Dedicated Loop Autechre-Eutow Autechre-C.Pach Something J / DJ Maxximus-Mercedes Bentley Vs Versace Armani [Dubplate Remix] !!!-Shit Schiesse Merde [Part 1] Beans-Booga Sugar Squarepusher-Schizm Track 2 Nightmares On Wax-Sal [Autechre Remix] Nightmares On Wax-Aftermath Nightmares On Wax-A Case Of Funk Two Lone Swordsmen-Spine Bubbles Nightmares On Wax-Sal Sweet Exorcist-Clonk [Freebase] Tricky Disco-Tricky Disco LFO-LFO [Leeds Warehouse Mix] Nightmares On Wax-I'm For Real Tuff Little Unit-Join The Future Forgemasters-Track With No Name Autechre-Doctrine Section 006 (2:54) Autechre-Basscadet Boards Of Canada-Pete Standing Alone LFO-Freak Aphex Twin-Windowlicker Section 007 (6:46) Aphex Twin-Come To Daddy [Little Lord Faulteroy Mix] Louis Digital-Dance Floor Microphysics Broadcast-Drums On Fire Prefuse 73-Altoid Addiction Chris Clark-Early Moss REQ-Friscobeat Nightmares On Wax-Bleu My Mind !!!-Pardon My Freedom [Original / Maurice Fulton Instrumental Mix] Broadcast-Pendulum Luke Vibert-Synthax Nightmares On Wax-Keep On [86 In It Mix] !!!-Hello? Is This Thing On? Section 008 (4:54) Autechre-Corc Aphex Twin-Windowlicker [Acid Edit] Boards Of Canada-Magic Window Squarepusher & AFX*-Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid Prefuse 73-Plastic Luke Vibert-I Love Acid Jimmy Edgar-Morris Nightingale Theme Savath & Savalas-Paulo Other People Place, The-Sunrays Broadcast-Poem Of Dead Song Plaid-Eyen Prefuse 73-Southerners (Interlude) !!!-Hello? Is This Thing On? !!!-Shit Schiesse Merde [Part 1] Aphex Twin-Windowlicker [Original / Acid Edit] Prefuse 73-Female Demands Prefuse 73-Back In Time Broadcast-Microtronics 08 Antipop Consortium-Tronman Speaks Section 009 (2:14) Two Lone Swordsmen-Damp Two Lone Swordsmen-Driving With My Gears In Reverse (Only Makes You Move Further Away) Aphex Twin-Avril 14th Prefuse 73-90% Of My Mind Is With You Nightmares On Wax-Burn Me Slo Section 010 (5:45) Luke Vibert-Synthax CTwo Lone Swordsmen-Section Boards Of Canada-You Could Feel The Sky Beans-Crave Section 011 (2:40) Prefuse 73-Altoid Addiction Autechre-Autriche Boards Of Canada-The Colour Of The Fire Prefuse 73-Trains On Top Of The Game Antipop Consortium-Z St. Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works Vol.2 Disc 1 Track 3 Antipop Consortium-Conspiracy Of Myth Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works Vol.2 Disc 1 Track 3 Prefuse 73-Radio Attack Boards Of Canada-Sunshine Recorder
  6. this is fucking great gescom/autechre tracks i have no idea how/who. youll need realplayer but i have mp3 on slsk if you need. grab it before it goes sub-forum! mix_gescom.ram
  7. It's time to end this and move on with life. I'm listening to Autechre for the last time this week. I'm open to suggestions on how to handle this. No 'all end' jokes please
  8. I forgot to post this months ago, but I still have two unused download codes which includes sessions 1-4. Give me a shout here or PM me if interested!
  9. File Name: Autechre - leaked Max MSP patch used in EP7 era.zip File Submitter: CATS File Submitted: 29 Apr 2008 File Category: Autechre Autechre - leaked Max MSP patch used in EP7 era.zip music creation software patch Click here to download this file
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to identify a piece of music. Its ID3 lag and track name claim it to be a Bola remix of VI Scose Poise by Autechre. The problem I have is it sounds absolutely nothing like VI Scose Poise by Autechre (its far too musical if you know what i mean!) and it sounds nothing like anything by Bola! It is however one of the most fantastic electronic pieces I have ever heard and I would love to know who its written by. Anyone else come across this? Is there any way I can post a clip of this tune for someone to identify. Many thanks! Rob
  11. I think many of us go through different phases in our music tastes, and after spending a while listening to more ' regular' bands, 90s electronic music, and the (arguably somewhat nostalgic) newer releases by Aphex Twin/Squarepusher/Ae/Vibert/Jega etc., I'd like to hear something really unashamedly ambitious, challenging, and experimental. I don't mean punkish or crazy or noisy or breakcore-ey - I mean something chin-strokingly, brain meltingly weird and wonderful. Something incredibly nerdy (for want of a better word) following in the way of Autechre's most extreme and detailed moments. It can be as difficult as Cage or Schoenberg or Stockhausen or Xenakis or whoever, but from today, using today's technology. I recently heard some Komet, Ryoji Ikeda and Alva Noto and Byetone and a couple of other white noise glitchy mathematical sine-wave folk, and they sounded great, but not quite alien enough for what my ears are after right at this phase. There seems to be a bit of - I don't know - an ironic wink to what the old timers are doing now, a kind of nostalgic sigh, almost an embarrassed glance backwards, which is understandable, but it'd be great to hear someone who wasn't self-conscious about wanting to push things forwards. Can anyone recommend anyone? I think what did it was hearing Confield the other day.
  12. Is this an official remix or even ae for that matter? I checked here with no luck. Sorry if this subject was covered somewhere else but i searched and couldn't find. and if it is fake, does anyone know who did do the remix?
  13. something like this: or in various reviews, like the boomkat review of the tch ep, or the pitchfork review of iabpoitc, you'll find passages like "if you'd perfected this sonic playground, you'd want to stay here forever too" so, okay: in the shift from geogaddi to tch, for example, i must ask, how much more can a band change their sound, while still remaining the same band? i mean, ffs, BoC changed GENRES when they went from geogaddi to tch, from electronic music to wyrd folk. i struggle to think of two songs that are more different than "dayvan cowboy" and "devil in the details" (or for that matter, "devil in the details" and "roygbiv"). all of the sounds used are different; i can't think of one link between the two, or between most of the tracks on tch/geogaddi. people seem to be forgetting that tch introduced, among other things, (1) harp - macquarie ridge, (2) feedback-drenched electric guitar (!?!) - dayvan cowboy, (3) washed-out acoustic guitar - chromakey, etc etc. though one might argue that certain synth sounds, certain 'signature' BoC things always remain, but wtf, what band doesn't have things like this? why does no one whine when lusine creates basically the same album for 9 years? or monolake? or basically any band or electronic music act? even autechre have SOME consistency of production, of sound. i just can't figure out, why are BoC somehow expected to completely change their sound, and stop using synths or whatever (especially when they HAVE changed their sound, from skamified electronic music hiphop, to psychedelic wobbly darkness, to guitars and wind noises and flutes and harps)? we should also be whining about the fact that richard devine hasn't released a reggae album yet, i guess?
  14. People outside of the electronic music world often talk about other 1997 albums very reverentially, like OK Computer by Radiohead, Spiritualized's Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, Built to Spill's Perfect From Now On, Either/Or by Elliott Smith, and The Lonesome Crowded West by Modest Mouse. And there are classics within the electronic field from that year, like Biosphere's Substrata and Homogenic by Bjork. Some hip hop fans will also fondly remember Camp Lo's Uptown Saturday Night and Company Flow's Funcrusher Plus. But for whatever reason, people in general focus way more on the album immediately prior to this gem when pressed to name a single Autechre album, Tri Repetae. But I'd argue that Chiastic Slide was maybe their first full-length album to have the vibe and atmosphere we associate with Autechre today the whole way through, it was much more than merely a bridge between Tri Repetae and LP5. Seriously untouchable. The suite of Envane, Chiastic Slide, and Cichlisuite is phucking fenomenal, and oddly maligned by those who aren't Autechre obsessives. It's just absolutely great from start to end. I'm even gonna get one of those custom-embroidery-on-a-baseball-cap things that says Chiastic Slide, and wear it in public to spread some public awareness of one of the most headfucking albums out there. Just need to decide on the colour scheme and typeface.
  15. As a musician I try to get everything as legally as possible. So I spent a good portion of the day searching through google trying to find a way to purchase the Digital Exclusive EP (THE ONLY EP I DON'T HAVE BY AUTECHRE!!!). I finally found the link to the iTunes japanese store and I tried to purchase the god damned thing only to get denied, saying that I can only buy things that are on the iTunes Canadian store! Sigh, so I give up. Autechre obviously knew that the rest of the world outside of japan were going to get their greasy hands on a copy of this, they are just trying to make our lives harder. So I ask WATMM for help, but not for illegal, forum rule breaking help. I'm wondering if there is a place I can actually purchase this EP? and if not, what are my other options? (lets try to keep this within the forum rules as much as possible, I'm not trying to stir up shit here). Thanks
  16. Wow, are we already on Week 4?! Let's listen to Big Loada and the Burningn'n Tree compilation. Above is the album cover for Warp's original release of Big Loada, but I actually have the U.S. version released by Nothing Records with extra tracks. Here is some info from Wikipedia regarding the differences between the two. Paraphrased from Wiki (because I couldn't have said it better myself):
  17. Guest


    Is probably the best track on the new album, anyone agree? My general thoughts so far are that some of Autechre's hip hop oriented fans might not like this, it's beatless in many parts but not exactly ambient either! It's spacey and alien as usual and the tracks seem to change in style. Another highlight is FWZE, it's more in the style of techno like Fermium of Untilted. To summarise, after one listen, I would say it's good at the moment, defo worth the 7 quid, although I will probably like it as I listen to it more.
  18. It was a small segment, featuring The Plc. Does this happen often?
  19. source: http://www.eclectro.nl/2008-10-29-ode-aan-autechre What's he going to do when AE releases another new album?!
  20. Inspired by @NewSchoolScience post in the thread, I got to thinking - what is everyone's favourite Autechre track that's unreleased?
  21. Autechre Live @ National Concert Hall, Dublin, Ireland 15 July 2018 View File Live recording of Autechre performing at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, Ireland on 15 July, 2018. Submitted by @italiceyeball: Submitter Joyrex Submitted 05/09/19 Category Autechre  
  22. I believe there is already a topic dedicated to graphics: now I haven't found it, so I write this: eventually deleted and incorporated it into the already existing one. Among other things, In this interview Ian Anderson talks about his relationship with S&R and the philosophical stimulus specifically related to ae, and the love for oversteps: https://warp.net/editorial/reasonable-person-an-interview-with-ian-anderson?fbclid=IwAR1sKpJx1eULMucWR_HwklBLSi0yCtnMei2-iRFuYoX9fUfd6hYMnxY0QvQ
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