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  1. For me, it goes like this: Confield Chiastic Slide Untilted LP5 Oversteps Draft 7.30 Tri Repetae Amber Quaristice Incunabula Yeah, that pretty much says it. Confield is at the top, the first one of their "difficult" albums that properly clicked with me. Of course this (and any part of the list) may change as I go on to discover the albums in different ways. Oversteps came up right behind LP5. It's very hard to compare these two albums, but I suppose LP5 wins for its strong, hard-hitting tracks like Rae and Drane2. Oversteps is more about subtle atmosphere, which I might appreciate more as I dive further. Draft 7.30 seems surprisingly low. For some reason it hasn't fully settled in my mind yet, but the track P.:Ntil stands out like a bonfire. I noticed Quaristice mixed in with the "early three". Could this be Autechre's first slip-up since their continuous progression from Chiastic Slide? The quardrange EPs would come above Tri Repetae, but there's something I don't like about Quaristice, as an album. Like bits and pieces of ideas swept onto a canvas without any kind of focus or "perfect sound" to aim for. Also, I'd just like to say that Incunabula is an amazing album, and I like it. I just like their other albums more. Your turn.
  2. It is with great joy (recounted with equally great sobriety), folks, that this morning I see, sitting waiting for me on the chair by the front door, a package, brown, approximately LP-sized, which I know can only contain one thing. Three days before the official release date and it has arrived! It's a hefty bit of kit which the packaging from Bleep, as always, does a beautiful job of preserving, and after carefully scissoring the green tape the flaps of cardboard fold out to reveal the beautiful monster which is Oversteps. We've seen the artwork on the net, but now to hold the whole thing all its heavy majesty is something entirely different. Those of you who care to get your hands of a copy will all see it in due course, so there's no need for a piece-by-piece description - even less a track-by-track run-through à la our old friend , bless him, since we've all heard the music - but I would like to offer a few impressions I have of it. First off, even before placing the first sacred disc on the turntable, for me it is a release of contrasts. We have the black spot on white background - entirely white all round; and then we go from the incredibly robust outer shell in to the fragility of the wafer thin poster at the centre of the release, along with the discs of Vinyl themselves. Such is its beauty that I wonder if there isn't meaning imbued in every part of it. For instance, would it be fanciful to suggest that even the chosen type of material has meaning? If so, the inner layers of it all - the two pieces of Vinyl and wafer thin poster in their own protective sleeves - could represent the soft heart of Autechre, buried underneath all of this robust packaging. Yet further flights of fancy could be made when we consider that the blacks and whites aren't actually those extremes of shade at all, but rather grey and beige; and the yellow underbelly of each layer, no hint of which is apparent from the black and white pictures with which we are familiar: what could that mean? But it is the music, we know, which is the main event. Even on my shitty 2xAll-in-one setup it sounds wonderful. The pieces (possibly excepting 'r ess', due to its extraordinarily long opening crescendo) begin with a sense of purpose which isn't necessarily there in the digital media. In the .mp3s and even the 24bit .wavs (which I admittedly can't fully appreciate because of my system) they may seem to begin almost incidentally - not so with the Vinyl. But the most beautiful part is that this music really allows the Vinyl to breathe, one of the characteristics we find in Vinyl which exists in no other recorded medium. It seems to me to be the perfect marriage of music and medium, and - as opposed to Quaristice, of which I remember reading that Autechre stated the .flac files were the product - Vinyl seems to be the intended medium on which Oversteps was always supposed to be listened.
  3. When I heard Dummy Casual, it drove me insane because I just knew I had heard that "melody" before. It took a few weeks of random listening both to NTS and the back catalogue but I finally figured it out: Dummy Casual has the same "melody" as tac Lacora! Forgive me if this is obvious to everyone else, but: Listen to Dummy Casual, 0:00 - 0:50 or so. Listen to tac Lacora from 0:49 - 1:58 or so. I have to say, I prefer Dummy Casual to tac Lacora, even though they are brothers (and even though L-event is way high on my list of EPs)...Dummy Casual has this sinister shuffling, feels like you're in a strange land feeling going on. There's a few spots in the NTS sessions where I've discovered wormholes not just to other material from the el seq era on but also going further back. If I think of any more wormholes I will update. I just love when artists have recurring melodies or themes across their catalogues, it makes the whole listening experience that much more intense and rewarding. There's not a ton of artists who do it. I suppose Neil Young comes to mind, as does Mount Eerie, in the rock sphere. Electronic-wise, AFX has certain pads and sounds he's very fond of but not necessarily melodies. Of course, in AE's case, the fact that portions of certain patches are probably re-used modularly also can explain why these pieces of songs appear in other songs as well. With AE, it's not always (or often) melody, but can be any portion of a patch that can be brought in, so the sonic wormhole possibilities are endless. God bless these boys, each and every one.
  4. http://www.recordlabelrecords.org/aelive2001.mp3 (just started uploading to my faster server now should be done in 20 minutes) or download this slow torrent - http://That Other Site™.com/downloads/tracker/btdo...ard.mp3.torrent i'm not sure where this was recorded, but it popped up on the planet-mu forum yesterday. I have a suspicion autechre leaked it themselves. edit: whoops, someone put this in the autechre forum
  5. I have no idea why. But the synths just sounded so much more melodic, and complex. It's sounded a whole lot less like just a cacophony of sound to me. It's got the super high energy that I wish was conveyed in more Autechre songs.
  6. Salvatorin


    I could have resurrected an ep7 thread, but I want to praise this song specifically. It is: • hands down, my favorite Autechre track • The best album opener out of any of Autechre's • The first bit always makes me think of Baba O'Reily, making it even more epic • Easily one of the funkiest Autechre tunes • Ridiculously awesome textural mashing • It leads into the rest of the album, which is all fucking golden RpegRpegRpegRpegRpegRpeg RpegRpegRpegRpegRpegRpeg RpegRpegRpegRpegRpegRpeg RpegRpegRpegRpegRpegRpeg RpegRpegRpegRpegRpegRpeg RpegRpegRpegRpegRpegRpeg RpegRpegRpegRpegRpegRpeg RpegRpegRpegRpegRpegRpeg RpegRpegRpegRpegRpegRpeg
  7. Last week I finished and published on the web an unofficial video for plyPhon, song taken from last Autechre release The video is deeply synchronized with music and any visual element is connected to a sound event. In fact, beside the video impact, you can consider it as some kind of virtual score. This is a kind of visual language I like very much and I would like to explore in future works Watch the hq version at Youtube Any comment greatly appreciated
  8. File Name: Autechre - leaked Max MSP patch used in EP7 era.zip File Submitter: CATS File Submitted: 29 Apr 2008 File Category: Autechre Autechre - leaked Max MSP patch used in EP7 era.zip music creation software patch Click here to download this file
  9. hi folks I'm trying to make a d e f i n i t i v e spreadsheet out of the uncomplete (but very helpful) spreadsheets that are already around, documenting the many many Autechre and Gescom remixes, comp tracks, rare tracks, leaks, etc.. The definitive archive!! Comments are enabled, so if you see something's wrong, missing, or improvable, either leave a comment on the spreadsheet or post here. ------------> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gh9WmE-Vp8vbUEPpCRMnz2PtycbNshCbo7_HDEYrK-o/edit?usp=sharing <----------- Ignore the lossy/lossless columns they're my personal checklist. Copy the doc, clear the columns and use it if you want. All tracks acquired legally. WATMM and its users do not condone piracy cheers
  10. At the risk of erasing any originality from the my music, does anybody know any good books on Electronic Music Theory (if there is such a thing) or just general music theory books? And are they actually worth reading? I get to a certain stage where I just don't know where to take a track, I have no musical training or anything like that but I suppose I am heartened by the fact Autechre did not have any of that either...
  11. I'm trying to track down the artwork from Autechre albums at a reasonable resolution. Specifically ep7, because it's awesome. Can anyone help? But any Autechre related art is a treat. Troublingly, I couldn't find a topic discussing this. What are peoples favourite album covers, or Autechre related art?
  12. As If ‘Moments e.p’ (7” vinyl - repress) Finally this beauty is being reissued - This was the first 7” of this Berlin record label Link: https://rohsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/moments-e-p Words by the artist: These two tracks are made because I wanted to catch the sense off some other kind a mood, that I haven’t made before, like the dub-ambient-stuff. Way back in the early 1990’s I play in a band called NoXCuse, we made music that was inspired by bands like Front 242, Nitzet Ebb, Depeche Mode, Front Line Assembly and Leather Strip. And that kind of sound has stayed in me since then. So it felt natural to try and go for that sound. Even though I turned down the tempo, when I made these two tracks, the sound ‘break-beat’ and 303-sound has always been a part me.
  13. What's your opinion on the influence that the Manchinedrum and Monomachine have had in Autechre's musical direction? I can help being a little biased in this matter but I listen to the recent live sets a lot more than any album these days in fact they never come off my mp3 player. Saying that I was never a big Autechre fan until a few years ago but I appreciate their past work a lot more now.
  14. So I spent the majority of last night (12am-5am) messing around with this thing. It's a programme based off of that deepdream thing google had awhile back. anyways it's free, you just sign up and upload an image and select a filter you want to use. I got some pretty cool ones, some not as interesting. in the time it took between uploads I was on here reading thru different threads, so I figured i'd share a bunch of them. As you all know by now, my favourite æ album is of course their best album, and that album, as we all know and can agree upon, is Quaristice. So naturally I spent the most time with that one. I would have done more but I musste sleepen. If anyone feels like doing some of their other album covers, or even other cool covers, please post 'em up! Note that I always chose to keep the original colours when filtering.
  15. Hello Good people of internet. I am trying to find a way to contact Autechre and respectively - WARP records so I can negotiate the rights to use their tracks in a short movie I am making. I want to do it the legit way, but I struggle to get a hold of Autechre contacts or receive feedback from WARP records. This is not just about rights to upload the movie to youtube. I want to have the rights to use the music because the movie will be shown at several festivals and having the proper approval/rights on the all used content is a must. Any help that will make me move forward to achieve my goal will be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  16. I went to Dour Festival last week and Machinedrum played an unreleased edit of Second Bad Vilbel. Needless to say it was very very loud and really cool. I tried to capture it with my iPhone and even though most of my recordings at concerts sound pretty good this one did get distorted because I was really at the front and the bassdrum was just too loud. ;-) Still you can get a pretty decent impression of his remix in the following video. His part starts at 6min2sec. Enjoy! PS: If anyone knows of good method to lower the input gain whilst making a movie on iPhone, please do tell. Or maybe some hardware iOS microphone with input gain selector?
  17. I'm looking for high res AE artwork to turn into a poster for my room, the only problem is it's somewhat hard to find... I'd love to have the poster in A1 or at least 20" x 30" so it's gotta be big. Can anyone help? Pic related my best find so far, I'm sure you guys have better shit though.
  18. In an email from Jochen Schwarz (Die Stadt): "In the making is the Third and final (?) part of the AUTECHRE/THE HAFLER TRIO collaboration. This will be a 2DVD this time as both artists have constructed pieces of 2 (!) hours length each. Again it'll come in a luxurious sleeve like the previous two parts before, and will be a joint Die Stadt / Simply Superior release this time." The last two have been wonderful, so this is exciting news!
  19. This is my first song using Ableton, before this it was all hardware. I still use hardware, just not exclusively. If you like experimental electronic music, check it ouuuut. https://soundcloud.com/auditorsounds/waterworld
  20. Usually I'd run this project solely on /r/autechre, but I've decided I'll host it here as well. If you're also a redditor, I'd recommend going here: https://redd.it/5sc95c Anyways, the following will be copy+pasted from reddit [will be fixing formatting errors, sorry if there are some]: * Check-ins: --==-- Make sure to give me some way to contact you! I'll be doing "check-ins" about every other week to see how far progress is coming along. During each check-in I'll reexplain, but basically you can send me demos / ask for help / tell me ideas you have, and I'm always up for critiquing / helping out. The check-ins are very important, so please make sure to respond! * What to make: --==-- It can be anything really! It could be a remix, a cover, adding elements on top of the original, borrowing elements, or simply inspired by the original. Please, do get creative! Pick a track that you think could fit your talents, but also come up with something new. *Note:* **If you've already made a remix/cover/etc of an autechre track in the past, feel free to submit that too! * Submission: --==-- Whenever you feel happy with your track, send it to me! You can email me (ask for email if you need it) or message me on through reddit. When submitting, make sure to give me a high quality recording if possible, such as wav/flac. When the album is wrapped up I'll put it up on either bandcamp or soundcloud (or both). If we do decide to put it up on soundcloud, if possible, post your track on your own account as well! * How to claim a track: --==-- To claim a track, just comment below or private message me the track you want to cover/rework/etc, your artist name, and the best way to contact you (it could be via email, could be through social media, etc) When you claim a track, I'll un-bold the name for the track and put your name next to it. You can claim multiple tracks, and you **can also cover a track someone else is already covering.** The main reason I want people to pick tracks people aren't covering is so that we can cover all the tracks. If all the tracks are already being covered, still feel free to join in. *Don't pick a track you don't enjoy. Try finding one you'd be able to cover and would enjoy covering.* ---------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- * **Album Artwork / Album title**: ------------------------------------------------ If you are interested in coming up with a cool name or creating album artwork, feel free to private message me or just ask! ----------------------------------------------------- If you need help starting work on a track, or trying to find a good version for download or something, seriously just message me. **Anyone is welcome to join this project, even if you're new to music production. The biggest thing is having dedication to the project. If you need help, let me know.** ------------------------------------------------------- I included Basscadet,EP and Cavity Job in the cover, if anyone is interested in covering those. Primarily though, this'll be an Incunabula Rework. 1: Kalpol Introl - *post_ultra 2: Bike 3: Autriche - ph_wolverine 4: Bronchus 2 - nappanapples 5: Basscadet 6: Eggshell - isoldyou_yousoldme 7: Doctrine - Elehphoo 8: Maetl - Sunblox 9: Windwind - pigeonfodder 10: Lowride - onoffupdown 11: 444 - Spittal Basscadet,EP 12: Basscadet (Bcdtmx) 13: Basscadet (Basscadubmx) 14: Basscadet (Basscadoublemx) 15: Basscadet (Tazmx) Cavity Job EP 16: Cavity Job - ph_wolverine 17: Accelera 1 & 2 Artificial Intelligence Comps 18: Crystel 19: The Egg 20: Chatter --==-- Let's try finishing this by April? Not quite sure yet. --==-- If you have any questions that were unanswered, feel free to ask. Have fun with this! Experiment, make something cool! Good luck.
  21. Where do they go after Elseq and the live releases? Obviously we have seen a shift to digital content. My speculation / dreams as follows. 1. A series of club focused techno bangers released on 12", possible pseudonyms but known to be 'chre and obviously them in style. 2. An audio / visual project, possible collaboration if they don't fancy doing the visual bit themselves. Perhaps extend this to the live gigs and do something other than darkness for a change. 3. Tbc
  22. https://play.google.com/music/preview/Txx57vpeky6kpm2rmvsycmrgwxe?lyrics=1&utm_source=google&utm_medium=search&utm_campaign=lyrics&pcampaignid=kp-songlyrics Help, I have done it again I have been here many times before Hurt myself again today And the worst part is there's no one else to blame Be my friend, hold me Wrap me up, unfold me I am small, I'm needy Warm me up and breathe me Ouch, I have lost myself again Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found Yeah, I think that I might break Lost myself again and I feel unsafe Be my friend, hold me Wrap me up, unfold me I am small, I'm needy Warm me up and breathe me Be my friend, hold me Wrap me up, unfold me I am small, I'm needy Warm me up and breathe me
  23. Checked out the Glasgow 2005 set last night after seeing it mentioned on here (Dear lord it lived up to the hype) and remembered the free download with the represses. Got it downloaded and damn it's good! What did you guys think? I've also created a Spotify playlist for ae live sets and found some downloads on here. I had a great commute this morning.
  24. Guest

    Autechre TV Interview 1994

    Anyone here remember seeing the interview with Sean & Rob on TV back in 1994? Edit (13/1/17) - This is what I'm talking about: Update (15/1/17) - Surprisingly, not many WATMM members (if any) nor any other websites seem to know about the 1994 Autechre TV interview... So, I intend to digitize the VHS copy I have and upload it to my electronic music channel on YouTube. I will post a direct link to the video in this thread once it's done.
  25. File Name: Autechre - Live In Vancouver April 8th, 2008 File Submitter: Goiter Sanchez File Submitted: 03 Feb 2017 File Category: Autechre Stood in the center of Richard's On Richard's (R.I.P.) with my old Zoom H2 for the whole set. During the quiet breakdown I managed to, inadvertently, attract the attention of Autechre's sound engineer who attempts to sabotage my recording around 23:25, but ends up making it way better imo. Click here to download this file
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