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Found 253 results

  1. Is anyone thinking of going to the Bangface weekender in Cornwall- England: 14-16 Sept? I haven't managed to convince any of my friends so I'm looking for somene or peeps to go along with. Only camping tickets are left for 150 sterling. It's going to be lots of braindance peeps with a Rephlex showcase - peeps like: Aphex Twin, VenetianSnares, µ-ZIQ, Ceephax acid crew, Aleksi Perala, Wisp, Luke Vibert, Tim Exile, Dave Monolith.etc. http://www.bangface....w2012lineup.htm If interested drop me a note. Cheers.
  2. Hi, I frequent other forums here, but haven't posted here before. I just realized the connection between Come on My Selector and Camelot Selector. Just thought I would point out the reference if you guys haven't noticed. Squarepusher - Come on My Selector (Tom Jenkinson) Ceephax Acid Crew - Camelot Selector (Andy Jenkinson) Brotherly love
  3. Just found these little gems: Sounds like new Ceephax freshness, possible Cro-Magnox material? (Second video starts with Probey...) Great stuff either way!
  4. Bloc. 2012 before the meltdown got to experience probably one of the best things ever at a festival: The Ceephax Acid Waltzers Stage (carnival ride with DJ booth in the center) http://vimeo.com/45653496 As the festival had a huge meltdown before the end of the first night and never re-opened for the 2nd, Ceephax and some others who intended to play the Waltzers have uploaded their fun Waltzer mixes so they may be enjoyed! Ceephax - Acid Waltzer Mix 1 (Warm Up Mix for Friday): http://www.ceephax.co.uk/MIXES/CEEPHAX_ACID_WALTZER_WARM_UP_MIX.mp3 download Ceephax - Acid Waltzer Mix 2 (Would have been played on Saturday): http://www.ceephax.co.uk/MIXES/CEEPHAX_ACID_WALTZERGEDDON_MIX.mp3 download Friends of Ceephax bonus mixes... 2 SOON 4 DARUDE (aka Martin Jowers & Jonathan Valentine) - Waltzer Madness Mix (described as "high octane mid-late 90s cheese-tech"): http://www.ceephax.co.uk/MIXES/2_SOON_4_DARUDE_WALTZER_MADNESS_MIX.mp3 download ED DMX - Fairground Mix (described as "a load of cheesy tunes to play on a fairground"): http://www.ceephax.co.uk/MIXES/ED_DMX_FAIRGROUND_MIX.mp3 download
  5. I think Ceephax should do an acid version of the Olympic Theme. Either that, or he should make a new one. I'm watching the Olympic coverage on NBC with the sound muted and Ceephax acid on, instead. It is amazing. edit WAAAY better than listening to mindless commentary.
  6. Yeah! U must choose 3 favorite albums or/and EPs by Ceephax or Ceephax Acid Crew my best Ceephax albums r Exidy Tours - my first album i've discovered, so acid & i love it! Ceephax Acid Crew - This is the Ceephax Acid Crew revelation! The best album he made United Acid Emirates - The album the most mature of his career, he sharply improved his style and gave itself the best of himself since Megalift EP until these days & U?
  7. Guest


    Well, I've been holding out for the Ceephax subforum for about a year with these babies, but it looks like that day may never come... Here you go WATMM, you have earned it!
  8. Appreciation for Ceephax's serious side... Emotinium II (from United Acid Emirates): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5S6Cz6oO4M Exidy (from Exidy Tours): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDjPU8e8EZE Acid Le Soken (from Part 1): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghgbqldDI2U Camelot Pollution (from Part 1): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ri6PjAW9uyE
  9. Ceephax Acid Crew - Psychtapolis 1. Souley Man 2. Bacardi Breezer 3. Dona Hue 4. Turrican II 5. Electric Transit 6. Ticker Train So I just saw this on the Clone site. It will be released on WeMe records at some time in the future. It doesn't mention a release date or whatever. Does anybody know more about this? edit: ok, hotlinking the album artwork image did not work… edit2: tracklisting
  10. the track on go plastic by sp at the very beginning, ceephax's voice?
  11. Au revoir Cylob, I hardly knew ye. Except maybe that you resembled Lion (or vice versa). The WATMM Featured Artists page won't be the same without you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b0ftfKFEJg And a hearty welcome to Mr. See Facts, your IDM fanboy cachet precedes you!
  12. Guest

    Is Ceephax gay?

    I don't know
  13. ceephax truly is the king of the melodies. I remember listening to this gem back in '03 multiple times every day for months. mind blowing stuff. Not much to discuss here I guess. just wanted to spread the love. the love
  14. http://www.ceephax.c...Resolutions.htm 1. Play cricket with a stratosphere. 2. Embezzle at least four seconds for use later. 3. Interrogate a triode. 4. Dictate Dr Xenon's 23rd epistle to the crying atom of Hornchurch 5. Interrogate a why. 6. Banish Poirot's irritating Pteranodon from your greenhouse. 7. Make light conversation with the seven Terrys of Babcock. 8. Armageddon a fear into hype. 9. Vanquish Pob and his army of Maigrets. 10. Teleport a Gratis Point. 11. Screw the white without causing worldwide condemnation. 11. Reconcile myself with Big Bad Bertha before this gets canonized. 12. Illegally immigrate a harmless anecdote. 13. Imperviate a Sowester. 14. Unilaterally quash Anthony's reputedly inexpungable cryathon. 15. Palpitate a substrata consisting of whinges. 16. Wear severe ties in the realm of Schumacher's Fallacy. 17. Gain prominence as the fervent towncryer of Calgon. 18. Bribe quadrangles left right and centre. 19. Precipitate all measures that could to lead to a peaceful end to Kevin IIIV. 20. Bend the Eternal Whiska to our advantage. 21. Ill time a stupor of Byzantine proportions for kicks. 22. Cannon a pink into the corner pocket of time. 23. Probably a don't. 24. Shower with a fear of dryness. 25. Serenade a gambit and all other species in the frown genus. 26. Grandiose myself into all the various pageants located in the lost forests of Hurrrr. 27. Smash the letter P. Bully it even. 28. Create 10,000 new musical genres every second, if not less. 29. Indoctrinate a ballbag. 30. Crank up dogs and wine to prewar levels. 31. Engulf the population with propaganda only the Draconian Ants of Purfleet can appreciate. 32. Erect a large tartan slipper to create comfort for planet earth. 33. Probe Barry intensively on his alleged former life as an Arby sandwich. 34. Embarrass a node. 35. Lock horns with a defiant electron on the topic of Eric Bristow's evil Buer collection. 36. Conduct a secret ritual to invoke the spirit of the stressbuster. 37. Load Raul, the polychaete Parson's data banks into the central computer without reason. 38. Format the local Faustus. 39. Tolerate no further meddling with the timeworn principles of Craig. 40. Prestige a parsec. 41. Deliver all promises on the agenda without upsetting Terry the two toed terrier of terror. 42. Increase production of Geralds. 43. Incite revolution in the fossil populations. 44. Legislate a clam. 45. Be picketed by a Samosa. 46. Strike a blow at the concept of limitless krikey. 47. Elope with a crag. 48. Take drastic measures to prevent Citizen Kone's Timesock upsetting any more Joeys. 49. Undertake a Credibility Fugue. 50. Curtail unnecessary blimeys whatever the weather. 51. Circumnavigate Hugh. 52. Chargrill air. 53. Life started tomorrow, deal with it. 54. Pledge allegiance to the eternal curlew at least once every second. 55. Exercise extreme caution when dealing with anti-gravity Darryls manufactured outside of the 48th prendergast. 56. Smelt Stephan and the other Karnuvian trollops into attractive candelabrums. 57. Consume the sixth Daniel of Coryton without laughing hysterically. 58. Bypass Brian. 59. Create panic in the breezeblocks of Billericay. 60. Win hearts and minds in the race to undermine Cyril's CB collection. 61. Erect a bridge over troubled Garfunkels in every country except Goole. 62. Release the tension inherent in the letter W. 63. Reach speeds of up to 6 in excellent conditions. 64. Offer generous briskets of conversation to the most estimable Sheila of Scratby. 65. Cro Magnon a scruple. 66. Set up scrap metal coalition with Grand Funk Railroad. 67. Express deep Daniels. 68. Revel in every bite of a cheese and ham radio sandwich. 69. Enjoy the mistakes I make, especially the ones that kill me. 70. Impeach Brandy the psychopathic spaniel of Thundersley for infringements of human tights. 71. Bask in the glory of glands. 72. Germinate 9 quangos within Dennis Weaver. 73. Impinge a cringe. 74. Undertake a pilgrimage to the cyrillic barstool of Mexborough. 75. Nurture a passing giblet. 76. Dislocate a plunge. 77. Impress myself upon a figment. 78. Win the U.S open with a Golden Graham and a toothpick. 79. Waltz with a frond. 80. Ingratiate a thorpe. 81. Raise a toast for the victims of Lazenby's foamer. 82. Emblazon my seed with triassic mead. 83. Transgress all Parthenons without shedding a weep. 84. Encircle Lord Faber with a jeopardy bojangle. 85. Peer cautiously into the lost annal of Franklin Gynt. 86. Traipse the heavy Fandango. 87. Never underestimate the other guy's underestimation. 88. Schnauser the life out of a Steve Strange. 89. Acquire the gravitas that currently only sandfleas don't possess. 90. Wear my 4D cummerbund in the presence of a tetraphobe, AKA "the sizzling skittle" manoeuvre. 91. Acquiesce on Geoffrey's Trojan Amoeba plan despite the 98% probability of it causing a timeflop. 92. Crumple Stu. 93. Initiate the final steps to world peace through the practice of gurning. 94. Bombard a Currywurst with platonic radiation. 95. Monopolize a Bee Gee. 96. Baptize steam. 97. Frazzle your local Formby. 98. Detonate Derek. 99. Secure a well located condominium on Tethys for Farley, the rabid yet introspective ferret. 100. Verb a noun. 101. Chequerboard a cat.
  15. tracklisting 01 – House of Black Lanterns – Beg 02 – Ne-Tek – Outware Existenze 03 – Phat Chex – Kitchen Sync 04 – Ceephax Acid Crew – Emotinium 05 – Langer – Entity 06 – LPZ – Snake & Buttermilk 07 – Posthuman – In Apophenia 08 – Claro Intellecto – Scriptease 09 – Conforce – Lonely Run 10 – Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka – Jugganaut 11 – Ellen Allien – Sehnsucht 12 – Tom Dicicco – 9926 13 – Nax Acid – Marilla 14 – Kristian Heikkila – Noid 15 – Alexander Johansson – 1976 16 – Lighter Thief – Like Dat (Kirk Degiorgio Remix) 17 – Ben Sim – Get Behind The Groove (Mark Archer Remix) 18 – Arkist & Komonazmuk – T-Model 19 – Justin Berkovi – Drive 20 – Pariah – Rift download here: http://specialhousinassociation.podomatic.com/enclosure/2012-07-04T08_29_14-07_00.mp3
  16. Unfortunately I'll have let this excellent city by then, but I hope some of you get a chance to go. Great option for those of you that missed out on tickets for the Ceephax-fueled Bangface Boat Party. http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?365399 http://www.facebook.com/events/421772901169260/
  17. C.Hans - Happiness is a Warm Snare Rush Kettel - Marliesje [Marguerita Recordings, 2007] Aphex Twin - To Cure A Weakling Child, Contour Regard [Warp Records, 1997] Decal - Superscum [Rotters Golf Club, 2003] Mochipet - Plastic Carpet Ride [btrendy Records, 2002] Joseph Nothing - Exotic Man Walking [Planet Mu, 2001] Aphex Twin - Carn Marth [Warp Records, 1996] V.L.A.D. - Femme Tuning [myspace steal, ~2008?] Boards of Canada - Roygbiv [Warp Records & Skam, 1998] Mu-Ziq - Meinheld [Planet Mu, 2003] Iermoc - Eggyweggs [Koept, 2002] Cycheouts Ghost - Cosmic Baton Girl (Amen Mix) [ROMZ, 2004] Wagon Christ - Kings Lyn [Ninja Tune, 2001] Soundmurderer + SK-1 - Dreader Than Dread (Remix) [Rewind Records, 2002] Clark - Herzog [Warp Records, 2006] Ceephax - Texaco Gang [Rephlex, 2007] Slag Boom Van Loon - Poppy Seed (Reprise) (Boards of Canada Remix) [Planet Mu, 2001] Doormouse - Skelechairs (Venetian Snares Remix) [Addict Records, 2004] Com.A - Welcome COM.A [ROMZ, 2001] 40 minutes of acid, amens and big stupid grins.... http://www.mixcloud....arm-snare-rush/ http://www.mediafire...4d6stlc6yqsbc1h
  18. hi, im looking for classical music that has only 2 or 3 mono lines. can anybody help out wiht this? what are some good pieces? i dont know much about classical so im stumped. basically it's for use in a homebrew gameboy game that im making just for fun. id like some traditional music thats out of copyright but something with really nice melodic and harmonic development. ceephax's version of js bach is sort of an inspiration, just the fact that a beautiful melody can keep you interested even though it's not massively polyphonic and textured. i think this is 4 lines is there anything lush that has 2 or 3 lines?? must be!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM_XgiXwWxk
  19. Guest

    chunky's car boot sale

    *check the .doc file for what you want *PM with an offer *paypal payment + postage payment ceephax/aphextwin/autechre/plaid/boards of canada loads of rock and random weird stuff not in the list, but i also have 8 bit computers for sale, spectrum +3, amstrad cpc 464, gameboys, sega master system... japanese snes loads of books on physics maths electronics music japanese german erik satie sound on sound just wondering if anyone's interested in this stuff? if so ill put up a new doc file basically im moving to china in september and selling all my stuff. lemme know if you want to buy any of this stuff. really want to avoid ebay http://www.openoffice.org/ for a doc reader records for sale.doc
  20. On Saturday 2nd June Soundcrash takes it back to basics for an evening of live electronics, featuring headline sets from three original acid innovators. This is all taking place at a secret East London warehouse, for a night not to be missed! Topping the bill will be non-other than Luke Vibert. When he’s not busy donning his Wagon Christ and Plug aliases this pioneering music maker can be found making dance floors across the world move to his unique amalgamation of acid, drum’n'bass, techno, hip hop, electro and whatever else he fancies throwing in the pot!! With a whopping 21 albums under his belt and long term ties to Rephlex, Ninja Tune, Warp Records and Planet Mu, expect a journey into the outer regions of the electronic galaxy. Making a rare London appearance, Manchester legends 808 State will be perform a special live soundsystem set. Since penning the classics ‘Pacific State’ and ‘Cubik’ , their influence can be felt right across much of today’s electronic music scene, as it did on the trio’s formation in 1987. Their diverse sets encompass an intoxicating and hedonistic blend of techno, house and classic electronica. Finishing of this already bumper line up is a gentleman who requires no introduction, Ceephax Acid Crew, with his tongue in cheek 8bit acid twist. Andy Jenkinson (brother to a certain Squarepusher) has been donning his musical hat since 1997 and is famed for his storming analogue live sets. Further special guests will be announced soon! Tickets available @ http://www.soundcras...<!--NoParse1-->
  21. Hey, so I think I heard one of his tunes. Once. Don't know much about him apart from the"bro of pearsquasher" bit. Is he good live? Is anyone else going? Does anyone know him and want to intro him to me so I can show him the seamy underbelly of the city?
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