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  1. Guest

    Oelek - Kaas EP

    https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/kaas-ep Put up a few silly tracks that make me happy, hope they'll make you happy as well :) . example; https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/oelek-tainted-cloth
  2. As the onset of Autumn encroaches, a dose of musical medicine to enhance & embellish the getting-late-early transitions. Harmonics, swirling swing & some locked grooves, with optional Jack Russell foot warmers. https://soundcloud.com/cwmbran-city/the-eye-the-earth-the-sun-and-the-beak
  3. Just heard about this one today, some pretty nice vibes and good synth work going on here. Don't know much about the artist. Listen: https://soundcloud.com/akasha-system/motion-1?in=akasha-system/sets/vague-response-100-silk Buy: https://akashasystem.bandcamp.com/album/vague-response Spotify streaming available too
  4. given the way folks like Legowelt have really boosted this electronic music genre and the explosion of re-edits ever since Harvey's "Black Cock" imprint, what tickles yer fancy along these lines, or is house not summat the kids feel an affinity with/to these days? Still cane the fuck out of US masters such as Ron Trent, Chez Damier, Blaze, Glenn Underground, Boo Williams, Jovonn, Theo Parrish, Kenny Dixon Jnr, Gemini & Jamal Moss. But then the same applies if you traverse through Chris & Cosey's Dancing Ghosts, the whole French scene (thinking Silver Network here rather than Daft P
  5. 4 tracks from Sunny Prestatyn. Thank you for listening. https://titchthomas.bandcamp.com/album/casio-cult
  6. http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=4276390554/size=medium/
  7. This compilation has been out for a few weeks now. Its bloody great, cant believe there was no thread about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feCl7LDR1XA
  8. Tracklist : 01 Debut 02 Young Rich And Radical 03 From The Basement To The Roof 04 sam tiba interlude 05 Nothing Can Stop Us Now 06 Bells 07 myd interlude 08 Legends - Intro 09 Legends 10 canblaster interlude 11 Other Guy 12 Scream 13 panteros666 interlude 14 Discipline 15 Dream On They released Young Rich and Radical and Nothing Can Stop Us Now to promote the album. Both sounds pretty good, although very different from Discipline and Basement to the Roof. If you don't know them I strongly recommend the 4 tracks already released, especially Discipline : Really excited by
  9. Sounds like a mix of juke dnb and house, I only gave it a preview listen but was instantly interested.
  10. I've put some glitchy housy tracks in a bandcamp release for halloween, chicky check; https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/some-kinda-house http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=2675360938/size=medium/ Soundcloud; https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/oelek-some-kind-of-house https://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/oelek-salsahalloweenviber
  11. (and one laurel halo track) 1 zero-point field - steve moore 2. trace - midland 3. 4 club use only - delroy edwards 4. african rhythms - dj bookworms 5. bloodthirsty romantic shark - voiski 6. when the glue won't burn - delroy edwards 7. bells - delroy edwards 8. crickets dance - low jack 9. trace (grain remix) - midland 10. for yacht club use only (vnehall's port side manoeuver, 130 knots remix) - midland 11. 1976 - tzusing 12. love goes on & on - delroy edwards 13. eccentric habits - voiski 14. axis of revision - tzusing 15. wax fashion - voiski 16. ISMS - tzusing 17. servant garden
  12. https://soundcloud.com/fluorescentgrey/7th-floor-corporation-building-vinyl-only-dj-set-aug-15 Mick Harris - Blag (NOD01) GZA/Genius - Beneath The Surface (Radio vers) Mick Harris - Astray (NOD02) GZA/Genius - Beneath The Surface (Instrumental vers) Scorn - Noticed Mick Harris - The Shed (NOD03) Scorn - Off Fat Albert - Beat Me Till I Jack (Trax) H. Maniredini & M. Zager - Theme From Friday the 13th Part 3 Fat Albert - Go Go (Trax) Drumfish - Spirit (Kazt90) Sir Mix-A-Lot - Square Dance Rap (12" version) Frankie Knuckles - Ride for Love (Trax) Air Liquide - Robot Wars: Combat Zone Pa
  13. I know this is probably not a record that's going to be huge on here. But there might be a few fans. And these guys are so laid back that they don't really promote their records. So I figured I'd post on here in case anyone hadn't realised it was out. You can preview on Sound Clud if you want, but I wouldn't bother, just buy it. The production on this album is amazing, and SC resolution just wouldn't cut it. I listened to it the first time driving a rental car that I just picked up, and I thought 'Man, this car has an incredible sound system for a rental.' But then I listened to a differen
  14. Hey, I'm new here. This is my first track under this name, but many more are to come, in lots of different genres. Please give this a listen, any comments/ constructive criticism is really appreciated! Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/spasmoid/skylark
  15. Touched Goes Techno With A New Ep From Cyan 341 Released On May 29th Cyan341 is East London producer of Techno. He has gained critical acclaim for his previous releases on Uncharted Audio (one of which was licensed by Renaissance for James Zabiela’s ‘Masters Series’ mix), Smallfish, Kreislauf and his own Rednetic imprint. His remix duties also include, Posthuman, LJ Kruzer, Mint and Line. https://soundcloud.com/touched-music/cyan341-futures
  16. One-sided EP with screen printed picture disc artwork on 180 g heavyweight frosted-clear vinyl + download BUY: http://bluetapes.co.uk/product/x-ray-two-pour-le-plaisir-tin-machine-ep It may be all of 4 tracks and 27 minutes long, but Pour Le Plasir’s Tin Machine EP is the closest we’ve come to a movie soundtrack. The film is Midnight Express: Legacy, in which Shia Labouf goes in search of his long-lost computer-animated heroin dealer father in a plot largely jerry-rigged to provide lots of slick music video montages. Because with analogue synthy house this throbbing and tense, why
  17. £4 EarlyBird Tickets -SOLD OUT £5 Tickets - http://goo.gl/G7RCkL __ Friday 27th Feb The SIlver Bullet, London, N4 10-4am Launch Party! Featuring: J Sweet & Alias Neana Miss Modular Waterworks Altar Introducting End Theme - A new event series to London traversing Classic Instrumental Grime, Ballroom Vogue, Funky, and the un-categorisable inbetweens. An A\V Show. We launch at the Silver Bullet, an intimate venue directly opposite from the exit to Finsbury Park tube (literally a stones throw), that is a favourite of underground connoisseurs
  18. The 10th edition of my annual mixes! Cheers to all my watmm listeners! Check out my website for all the info. Download on Archive.org Tracklist
  19. POUR LE PLAISIR - TIN MACHINE EP one-sided frosted-clear heavyweight 180g vinyl 12" EP with screenprinted picture disc artwork + download BUY HERE It may be all of 4 tracks and 27 minutes long, but Pour Le Plasir’s Tin Machine EP is the closest we’ve come to a movie soundtrack. The film is Midnight Express: Legacy, in which Shia Labouf goes in search of his missing computer-animated heroin dealer father in a plot largely jerry-rigged to provide lots of slick music video montages. Because with analogue synthy house this throbbing and
  20. Used my old bag of tricks to make a bit more faster tune, going in good old 128bpm. I used a Nelly Furtado accapella track to make the vocals. Pretty straitghtforward stuff, some little glitchy parts in the middle. https://soundcloud.com/thiefinger/swap
  21. Just a jam that turned out well, put me in a good mood, wanted to share it with you :) Have a nice, warm and cozy sunday... https://soundcloud.com/diabrotikos/test2
  22. Guest

    Long time no see

    Hey watmmers! I posted some shit on ylc a few years ago and have been watmm-lurking ever since. Last week I wrote a track i thought you guys might like, so i'm getting back into the game. (criticism welcome of course) https://soundcloud.com/amon-shiffrin/vaska
  23. I call this "anti-minimalist". Busy, frantic, fun. It isn't mastered, so some things may be a little bit distorted. It was tuned to my own (crappy) audio equipment. Apologies in advance. [sc5]168035694[/sc5]
  24. Great new-ish label out of Canada Would highly recommend to fans of deep hardware sounding techno. They got a great visual style going and great deeper techno sound they pushing FP-003 FP-002 5 and 6 about to drop, looking forward to everything they touch https://soundcloud.com/forbiddenplanetofficial
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