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  1. Since the Wii is truly and certainly dead (about 5 years ago, LOL), I decided to remove the Wii Friend Code Profile Field from the Member Profiles. Post your tribute to the Wii and the ease of use regarding Friend Codes, which was the best idea Nintendo ever had next to the Wii not being an HD console to begin with.
  2. Original story. Norte Dame star and NFL draft prospect has made-up a story about an imaginary girlfriend who died of leukemia. He says it was a prank on him, and ND is backing him for now. Personally, I think it was Catfish hoax on him that he was embarrassed to acknowledge, so he lied, it snowballed, and he ended up claiming she died. The media covered this for months, Deadspin mentioned on the news that 5 separate major news outlets reported 5 completely different dates of her death and no one ever doubted the story. It's like Fight Club with a shitty Nicolas Sparks + Rud
  3. Download it for free here: http://moonzoomer.bandcamp.com/ I can't really describe it, but I think the cover does a pretty good job.
  4. Guest


    I had prawns for the 1st time and i dont think they agree with me. Already been on the toilet about 5 times and feel like im gonna puke any time now. Thing is i havent had any liquids for about 8 hours (have had prawns and other food since then). So, doctors, should i be getting water down me even though im going to be sick? Like could i have a problem puking food up if i havent drank enough liquids for hours? I'm imagining a bunch of dry food in my stomach. lol edit. this is probably time sensitive.
  5. my co-worker yesterday was talking about a bracelet that her BF gave her. it has two "holograms" that "produce ions" and "send them into your body". this, of course, "attracts all the free radicals" because they are "negatively charged" and, obviously, the ions produced by the holograms are not. so her boyfriend comes in today and my boss mentions he has a magical magnet health bracelet too. "oh no. that doesn't work as well", the bf says. "mine was developed by a russian nuclear physicist. yours was developed by his brother who got greedy and rushed them to market. if we do
  6. http://www.dailytele...9-1226519548572 " NAMIBIAN media report a strange muppet-like beast has been shot dead after a group stumbled across several of the creatures in dense jungle. Locals came across the bizarre being while they were escorting a shooting party in Namibia, local media reported. Witness’s state that the creature was spotted apparently foraging for food, one of the shooting party wounded it with his rifle and it escaped into the thick brush. The locals tracked it to a nearby lair or nest where they found three more creatures of similar size. The wounded creature attacked
  7. lol sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but I just stumbled upon it and loved it. I'm sure plenty of you can relate too.
  8. http://mitchoconnell.blogspot.com/2012/08/sex-in-comic-top-100-strangest.html
  9. lol http://read.mtvhive....2011/11/09/kor/
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNhadynzM84
  11. "These are text messages I exchange with my 17 year old cousin Bennett. He is a white bot that thinks he is a crip, works at amoco has a girlfriend called Mercedes and is one of the most unintentionally funnyand brilliant souls on the planet" http://textsfrombennett.tumblr.com/
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WnEdl-IEYI
  13. yesterday i was felling kind of stress so i find a stress ball which was in my closet and i try to squeese the stress ball to relive my stress but the stress ball was almost hard as a rock and tottaly giving me even more stress!! i guess thats why they call it a STRESS ball lol :sup:
  14. http://www.billboard.com/news/fred-durst-signs-on-to-douchebag-sitcom-1005411392.story
  15. this is some funny shit, Hank's response to getting kicked off Monday Night Football. [youtubehd]2iRReHtq_dk[/youtubehd]
  16. in star wars why did darth vader become so many robot parts?
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