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  1. please don't let this late-breaking news apall you
  2. so a sample is up on http://myspace.com/childrenofmu 'rotting flesh bags' i like this track, i hope this release is going to be a sort of themed 'ghost rollerdrome' funk album any comments?
  3. Of course, Luke Vibert and friends he likes to hear. But what other musicans Richard D. James likes to hear? From an interview I know he likes Drexciya and that he said that he would like to do produce a album with Moby (Richard M. Hall), but: What other musicans he likes to listen to?
  4. well, this is a lush-ass tracklist: just about to listen to this. i'll pass judgement later. i think ttc is the guy who raps on dancing box?
  5. hi there i've been trying to create jazzy or funky or groovy vibert drum patterns and i still can't figure out how to get a really good flow of pace. i've looked on the net of how to play funk and got some idea but not much. i like luke viberts patterns since they work really well, and all i'm getting is fruity loops or reason techno shit. now i like techno, but how the fuck do i sequencer funk the correct way, drummers please give a good description maybe list what funk drums consist of etc the pace and how many hi hats to such a beat of a note. really please i need help, i'v
  6. I bunched up a bunch of bunchy, completely random tracks that have been lying around. Some sounds very unfinished, lots are in different qualities, lots of different sources etc., it's just a compilation of curious material I randomly decided to assemble in order to make the extravagant "Super Traxx" compilation for you all. It's hot and steamy, 16 tracks of pure dance power and soulful funk. No, not really. But it's music, innit. Download "Super Traxx" -> http://002q.com/EOD%20-%20Super%20Traxx%20(2006)/ Tracklist 01. EOD - Fist (1:52) 02. EOD - Banana Sucker
  7. I have been thinking about this and recon that Mr Vibert has shaped Richards music direction somewhat. Vibert does Wagon Christ hip hop influenced beats = I Care era Vibert goes Jungle mad Plug = HAB and RDJ Vibert does acid = Analord
  8. Guest

    Aphex Heads...

    Weirdest moment of Glade had to be going to the bar to get some beer for me and my friend in a state of acid frenzy and having discussion with these two really weird guys who had flown over to glade especially to see Aphex Twin FROM MEXICO! Needless to say, they were mighty pissed off that he was not playing (gruff Mexican accent) “If I know Aphex not play glade I go Germany instead, I have everything on record and cd by him – I love the Aphex” Then, we got talking about Luke Viberts set and he asked “Aphex better than this live or not?” and I went on some really trippy rant about ho
  9. i just noticed vibertisgod is an anagram of i, vibert's dog and he does seem to know his shit when it comes to the aphex twins etc and luke vibert was in the aphex twins years ago i think
  10. Guest

    autres rythymes

    init. basically im well into electronic music now but the trouble is seeing as im not a seasoned veteran, im not into the whole electronic 'scene' yet. basically im looking for sites etc that are for fans of electronic music. also i feel a bit limited to richard james, squarepusher, Ae, luke vibert/wagon christ vsnares and a few little ones at the minute. itd be nice if someone could suggest music thats like this stuff for me.init.
  11. Australian "Channel V" scored an interview with Luke Vibert in January 2004 when he and Aphex Twin toured the country for the annual "Big Day Out" festival
  12. STEVE BECKETT It's all music for Warp label By SUZANNAH TARTAN Special to The Japan Times Warp, home to sonic pioneers such as Aphex Twin, and Boards of Canada is arguably the most influential electronica label in the world. But don't tell Warp founder Steve Beckett. For Beckett, who began the label with now deceased partner Rob Mitchell in a Sheffield record store in 1989, genre, and in particular "electronica," is an irrelevant concept. Indeed, asked to name a few albums currently crowding his desk, Beckett comes up with an eclectic list, including re
  13. in no perticular order phuture - acid traxx dj pierre - box energy roy davis jr - acid bass tyree - acid crash jack frost and the circle jerks - acid man dj pierre - acid pop jack frost and the circle jerks - acid route armando - downfall jack frost and the circle jerks -cool & dry jack frost and the circle jerks - tom tom jack frost and the circle jerks - two the max adonis - do it properly (no way back) adonis - the poke Phuture - the creator phuture - (cocaine) your only friend Phuture - spank spank tyree - acid over armando - confusions reve
  14. hi, i'm not very with it in terms of music productioni just use FL5, and i only know simplicity, so if you could hold back from the sarcasim it would be nice. my question is what do for example luke vibert use when he is up on the stage making the music live, is he using loops of audio drum patterns, i beleive this is how it's done, but MIDI, i'm not quite sure?, is it wise to use a program like FL5 studio? what programs do they use?, cause i've seen programs such as sweet sixteen a midi program but i tried this and it's not a live performance thing...(i know i sound like an idio
  15. I was just thinking, did Jamie Liddel play a dj set at the Irving Plaza show in Apr. 2004 or was I just stoned? I remember the puppets and the beat boxer, and a guy spinning breakbeats for an hour or so. Was it Luke Vibert or was it Jamie Lidell? I swear it was one of them. anyway, aweosme show, anyone know?
  16. Thanks to all who made the journey to The Coronet for the Halloween rave on friday 31st, it was one of the best Warp parties ever! We are very pleased that it worked out so well in this little-known venue, so respect to you and all the artists who played. More on Warp.net Warp - Records - Warp General - Halloween Party Photos Connect with Warp, subscribe to the Mailing List and explore more RSS feeds here View the full article
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