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  1. Check out "Ransom Note Line Out : Vol #1 : Luke Vibert Live @ I Love Acid" here http://www.mixcloud.com/TheRansomNote/rn-line-out-vol-1-luke-vibert-live-i-love-acid/
  2. Waveform Series: techno screen prints. Available soon from Kickstarter. Follow me on Twitter @Szabo_Haslam and Tumblr for updates. Each poster visualises the waveforms generated by some of my favourite pieces of techno and electronic music. Using traditional, hand-pulled, silk-screen printing processes each waveform is lovingly crafted into a limited edition A2 print, signed and numbered by me. Track List 808 State: Pacific State / Altern 8: Activ 8 / Aphex Twin: Digeridoo / Aphex Twin: Windowlicker / Autechre: Second Bad Vilbel / Forgemasters: Track With No Name / LFO: LFO / Luke Vibert
  3. If anyone remembers the Luke Vibert remix competition from Future Music, you'll remember that Aphex Twin was the winner. I was choosen as the joint winner (Michael Stephens) and I go under the name Telluric. Just wanted to let you know that I've finally got around to posting up my remix and it can be found on Myspace: www.myspace.com/telluricbeing Thanks
  4. Tickets purchased. I really like the Scala, its a decent mid-sized venue with (from what I remember) good sound. Linky
  5. http://www.mixcloud....uke-vibert-mix/ Title says it all, I haven't seen this posted yet so excuse me if it is jazz, but it can't hurt to share another time though :) Btw, if you want to download this mix, here is a nice link: http://stream16.mxcdn.com/cloudcasts/originals/8/5/d/8/8b03-eccd-493e-a74d-edbda8b970e6.mp3 edit: I see it makes it into a stream, just paste the first link above at http://offliberty.com/
  6. look / listen http://www.factmag.com/2014/03/24/fact-mix-432-luke-vibert/ 01. L E O - Fee Fi Fo Fum 02. Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express 03. Aphex Twin - Ventolin [Marazanvose Mix] 04. Andre Cymone & Prince - The Dance Electric 05. Dayton - The Sound Of Music 06. Trouble Funk - Spin Time 07. The Men - Cruel 08. Pierre Dutour - Seargent Disco 09. Carlos Berrios - Berrios Beats 10. Blancmange - On Our Way To ? 11. The Beat Club - Security 12. Devastator 1 - Git Loose 13. S.L. Troopers - Movement 14. DHS - I Am Electro 15. Ghosties - The Big Showdown 16. Blapps Posse - Cold
  7. Seen all of these floating around Soulseek but people don't seem to be willing to share... would love to see them uploaded if anyone has them! Luke vibert - live @ watergate, berlin -23-09-2006 luke vibert - live @ icon, berlin -24-11-2006 luke vibert - belfast ireland 2005 Luke Vibert @ Kiss FM England 1998 Luke Vibert Live @ Vooruit Replhex All Stars Night Gent 19.11.1998 Luke Vibert Live @ Groovetech, San Francisco 1999 Luke Vibert and Bj COle Live @ Lee's Palace, Toronto 02.03.2000 luke vibert live @ tilos budapest 01.04.2002 luke vibert live @ doornroosje, netherland
  8. Bit late maybe but just found out myself. Luke Vibert will play in the Doka in Amsterdam, from 01:00 till 04:00. He's rarely in the Netherlands (saw him only at STRP and in Patronaat in 2008 & 2009) so, Dutch watmm crew unite! Anyone in? https://www.facebook.com/events/222760201235268/?source=1
  9. "If you've ever heard classic late '70s library albums like Brian Bennett's 'Discovery' on Bruton Music, the Telemusic 'Spatial' albums by Sauveur Mallia and works by Jean-Pierre Decerf, you should have a fairly good idea of the direction Georges Vert is coming from. Mix that with some Rinder and Lewis, a bit of Roberto Zanetti and a touch of Francis Monkman's The Long Good Friday OST and you're just about there, in terms of influence." "The project started life on Lo Recordings / Loeb, with an inclusion on the seminal 'Milky Disco' compilation. The 'Freak D'Espace e.p.’ followed, featurin
  10. wasn't is supposed to be out last month? i haven't heard anything about it for quite a while.
  11. listen http://boomkat.com/cds/818433-luke-vibert-luke-vibert-s-nuggets-3 lo recordings http://www.lorecordings.com
  12. 10pm-6am, Fri 20th Dec, Corsica Studios, London Room 1 - MACHINE vs PRESSURE Slam Kirk Degiorgio Paul Mac Room 2 - I LOVE ACID Luke Vibert John Heckle Posthuman Placid http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?530161
  13. Waveform on Kickstarter Waveform is a series of beautiful, unique, silkscreen printed posters visualising classic techno, bleep, and rave tracks from Warp Records and beyond. These prints are available from Kickstarter, Soundwaves generated by pieces of music were analysed and redrawn as a series of bars to make beautiful, elegant, abstract shapes. Using traditional, hand-pulled, silk-screen printing processes each waveform is lovingly crafted into a limited edition A2 print, signed and numbered by the artist. Alex is a designer who grew up in Sheffield, reared on a diet of Cabaret Volta
  14. Well well well, it has been 20 years already. In 1993 Luke Vibert debuted with the album "Weirs" (w/ Simmonds). So it's time to reminisce and celebrate. For everybody who missed the mix in the mix section:
  15. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Luke Vibert's debut album "Weirs" (together with Simmonds) here comes a nice selection of his brilliant works ranging from the Instrumental HipHop and New Acid House as Luke Vibert, the sweet cheesiness of Wagon Christ, different takes on Drum & Bass as Plug and Amen Andrews, Disco House as The Ace Of Clubs as well as the grimey darkness as Amen Andrews vs. Spac Hand Luke. Enjoy
  16. ENDED. BUNDLE 1 - WARP / BOC / SKAM LFO - Sheath (ltd) £3.50 Blech II £3 We Are Reasonable People £2.99 LFO - Advance £3.86 B12 - Electro-Soma £5.90 Kenny Larkin - Azimuth £5.15 Warp 103 - Remixes £3.29 Jackson & His Computer Band - Smash £2.63 Smash-Up Megamix £na RAC - Diversions £1.99 BOC - Music Has The Right To Children £8.55 Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup £4.71 BOC - In a Beautiful Place Out in The Country £3.95 Bubbahs Tum - Dirty Great Mable £4.28 BOC - Hi Scores - with paper insert - £15-£20 BOC - Peel Session £3.95 Bola - Soup £5.27 Bola - Mauver £1.00 Various - 0161 £3
  17. This just came up on What - a selection of library music from the '70s by Luke Vibert. I thought there were just the two Nuggets compilations, and now it seems a third one has been out for a couple of years already?! News to me, probably jazz to some, but I thought some of you would like to know about it. http://www.unippmglobal.com/#/composers/Composers%20I-P/Luke%20Vibert.aspx
  18. In case this has slipped under the radar.. http://www.facebook.com/events/233977790075100/?ref=22
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33C2HGg8NqM&feature=g-vrec looks like luke vibert in the audience of this game show. random spot ha @0:49
  20. I saw this video on youtube, does anyone know the name of the tune starting at 3:22? Cheers All!
  21. So I've been looking for this for too long :( Can anyone help me out with an ID for the track played after Synthax on 13:47? Big thanks in advance ladies & gents :)
  22. Solid Steel Radio Show 18/1/2013 Part 3 + 4 - Luke Vibert http://soundcloud.com/ninja-tune/solid-steel-radio-show-18-1 Luke Vibert _ Solid Steel Intro _ unknown Black Britain _ Funky Nassau _ 10 Records Rochelle _ Magic Man _ Warner Bros Jammy _ Walk Away _ Cutting Records Sweet Sensation _ Never Let You Go _ ATCO Marshall Burns _ I Burn _ unknown Corina _ Out Of Control _ Cutting Records Rios Sisters _ I Don't Want You Back _ Onna Roll Bad Boy Orchestra _ Hip Hop Salsa _ Smokin Edmond _ Come Back To Me _ Sand Castle Steve X Get II _ Hey Buddy Buddy _ Select Stone _ More _ Select Lisette Mel
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