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Found 42 results

  1. All Touched Release Are Half Price For 6 Days. https://touched.bandcamp.com/music Touched one 123 tracks now only £3 Touched Two 255 track now only £6 Touched Remixes 120 tracks now only £5 All For Cancer Support. Just with them 3 albums thats 498 tracks for £14 Is that A Deal Or What?
  2. AF003 Anodyne - Nothing Lasts EP (Mr76ix remix) Ltd Ed Vinyl, Lacquer Mastering 300 copies, Hand Numbered Releases: Middle April, 2016 Preorder: analogicalforce.bandcamp.com Tracklist A1 Reflections of a Broken Soul A2 Before Chaos B1 Gone B2 Reflections of a Broken Soul_Mr76ix FixtSoulMix Release Details Dublin’s Colin Cloughley lands on Analogical Force for the 3rd drop. Anodyne needs no further introduction, the Skam fiends among you may remember his name since the 'Save A Prayer' remix on Mask 500 some years ago or listening to Rob Hall playin’ his tunes systematically. Besides Skam Colin has released a slew of records on Combat Recordings, Yellow Machines or Acroplane and some of his tracks have been remixed by his personal heroes such as Autechre, Plaid, The Black Dog or Funckarma among others. We're very pleased to bring you the new stuff. “Nothing Lasts EP” deals 3 tracks of abstract electro/IDM, hearkening you back to classics from Gescom and early Ae. Solid breaks and sky-scanning esoteric synthlines sure to elicit a shiver of melancholy and emotive nostalgia. Anodyne put a lot of thought and attention-to-detail in his music and draw on influences outside of the standard Detroit/Kraftwerk axis in order to make their music distinctive from others, check it out. Closing the EP, probably one the most exciting dancefloor weapon left on the Skam books, Manchester’s Mr76ix, relaxes tension turning ‘Reflections of a Broken Soul’ into a deep acid mutation, sprinkling sweet playful melodies in a shiny Windowlicker-styled 4/4 feel. Hand-numbered and limited to 300 copies as usual. Don’t sleep.
  3. Hey folks, Darrell Fitton aka Bola posted an image in my facebook wall I don't know what is it, have you seen it before?
  4. 2015 07 - Kasm (Skam) - KASM002 01. Nocebo 02. Lurker 03. Present For Sally 04. Agelast
  5. This sounds great from the description on Bleep, not listened to any samples yet. Blurb from Bleep... Skam continue to show they are at the top of their game with Fallen Gods, a hyper-speed journey through fractured acid 'n' breaks tronica' from new face on the block Slashing Cousin. Shrouded in absolutely sterling artwork featuring a godlike figure donning the sunnys and going full flow in early 90's rave tackle Slashing Cousin showcases an album of tracks that audibly hark back to the early 00's Skam sound but with an updated sound schedule with its feet firmly rooted in the future. Opener Welcome Home is a full-throttle in head first mixture of post-dialup electronica giving a clear nod to R Plus 7 OPN before rollin' jungle breaks break up the serenity. Ascend goes Gescom via Black Dog with soaring synth lines and ever evolving drums keep things fast paced while Electro F_ck touches on a darker strain of tough almost gabba strength techno. 1404 takes on a more hip-hop informed sound while Midnight Resistance returns to the hardcore kicks before the backdrop of synths glide through and swallow the track's spine whole. The rest of the LP follows in similar veins; crushing electro broken breaks & industrial strength acid - basically this is absolutely classic Skam in the making and should be checked immediately by anyone into Caustic Window, the Doubtful Guest & VHS Head.
  6. Sadly there are no digital vinlys available but I noticed that this is up for sale on blerp: https://bleep.com/release/62085-dual-purpose-runfastmaybefaster Don't recall whether this was ever confirmed to be a Gescom release or not but blerp are certainly tapping in to the speculation. Rubbaband is pretty nuts and reminds me of the end of Sublimit.
  7. Never heard of them but being on Skam might be worth checking out. http://us1.campaign-archive2.com/?u=6d3df38950bea99903df571ba&id=bea3e17df3&e=5027ed0ad5
  8. http://www.teamdoyobi.com/ http://www.skam.co.uk/
  9. Murya - Triplicity This Stunning New Album Will Be Released On August 28th For Touched Music For Macmillan Cancer Support. ​Here Are 2 Tunes From This Amazing Album https://soundcloud.com/touched-music/murya-triplicity https://soundcloud.com/touched-music/murya-slimikin
  10. Redruth


    celebrating this incredible set of 12" http://www.discogs.com/label/Skam http://www.discogs.com/label/Musik+Aus+Strom MASK100 MASK200 MASK300 MASK400 MASK500
  11. http://www.mixcloud.com/thesteamroom/session-11-june-13-boards-of-canada-tribute-mix/ This month's Steam Room landed on the release date of the wonderful new Boards of Canada album 'Tomorrow's Harvest', Their first in 8 years. As a great admirer of their craft I felt it was my duty to capitalize on the ridiculous hype surrounding this release and present you with a 2hr BoC retrospective tribute mix from myself. Download>> http://tinyurl.com/qg2aqxg http://www.boardsofcanada.com/ Next show 08/07/13 20:00GMT http://future-music.co.uk/ Fly In The Pool/Soylent Night/Iced Cooley/Oscar See Through Red Eye/Everything You Do Is A Balloon/Gyroscope/Turquoise Hexagon Sun/Seeya Later/Mukinabaht/Finity/An Eagle In Your Mind/In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country/Hi Scores/Smokes Quantity/Music is Math/Telephasic Workshop/The Devil is in the Details/Up The March Bank/Nlogax/Orange Romeda/Trapped/Skyliner/Oirectine/Pete Standing Alone/Dave (I'm a Real Traditionalist)/The Midas Touch/June 9th/Roygbiv/Split Your Infinities/Chinook/Cold Earth/Reach for the Dead/Buckie High/Jacquard Causeway/One Very Important Thought
  12. Hey people. I have been making one-off jackets for a few years now which are dedicated to my fave electronica/techno artists and labels. I made them for myself initially but have recently had a few compliments when I have been wearing them. I have a KRAFTWERK tanksuit, KLF - What Time is Love coat, A SKAM bomber jacket and a TRANSMAT cold weather parka amongst others. Anyway, I thought Id offer them over to anybody who is interested as Xmas is approaching and my family needs feeding!! Basically, Im not gonna put a price on my creations - Just make an offer and if i like the offer, Ill sell it to ya. You wont ever see amybody wearing another one of my jackets as there are only one of each. Im gonna be listing them here all week. My email is [email protected]
  13. http://s3.amazonaws.com/media.percussionlab.com/audio/mp3s/4746/SKAMix.mp3 01 Push Button Objects - Striffle 02 Quinoline Yellow - Ethyl Maltol 03 Liquitex - Droids 04 Quinoline Yellow - The Tractor Track 05 Push Button Objects - Missing 06 Freeform - Poundland 07 Bola - Untitled (Cobalt/Scope) 08 Jacobean - Untitled 09 Team Doyobi - Nomen Luni 10 Freeform - Untitled 11 Bola - Triangle Cake 12 Hakan Lidbo - Ashes To Ashes 13 Bola - Psilab Bobs Cabin 14 Geiom - Isene Percussionlab
  14. Out February 27th on Skam. http://soundcloud.com/skam/mr-76ix-dr-eamprie-stess
  15. http://percussionlab...s_a_groovy_trip Kraftwerk – Kristallo – Philips – 1973 Jimmy Edgar – Personal Information – Warp Records – 2006 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 – Scorpio – Sugar Hill Records – 1982 Legowelt – A Poweful Vision – Strange Life Recordings – 2009 Ultramagnetic MC’s – Moe Luv’s Theme – Next Plateau Records Inc. – 1988 EOD – 90 – EAP – 2005 DMX Krew – Channel Pressure – Strange Life Records – 2010 Global Goon – breakourtg – [unreleased] – 2010 AFX – Canticle Drawl – Rephlex – 2005 Luke Vibert – Analord – Planet Mu – 2000 Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It – Trax Records – 1986 Can – I Want More – Virgin – 1976 Upstanding Monk – Cosmic Leaf – [unrealeased] – 2011 Made – Type Tactical – Skam – 2001 Flying Lotus – Infinitum (Exile Remix) – Warp Records – 2008 Games – Midi Drift – Hippos in Tanks – 2010 Nite Jewel – Weak For Me – Human Ear Music – 2008 Robert Normandeau – Bédé – Empreintes DIGITALes – 1990 Bruce Haack – Goodbye – Dimension 5 – 1969 Team Doyobi – Soft Ocean Extract – Skam – 2004 Team Doyobi – Cassette – Skam – 2002 Public Enemy – War at 33⅓ – Def Jam Recordings – 1990
  16. image says it all really i'll be there, of course. would be cool to meet any other watmmers that might wanna show up.
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