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  1. http://pointnever.com http://pointnever.com http://pointnever.com MISSHAPEN BRAIN OF KRONOS WHOSE MOUTH IS SHAPED LIKE ANUS WHOSE SKIN IS SLIMY ONYX WHOSE GOD IS RUST INSIDE US It's happening?
  2. https://bleep.com/release/98597-oneohtrix-point-never-age-of coming June 1st! omg! whoa!
  3. New album out now. https://hudsonmohawke.bandcamp.com/album/b-b-h-e
  4. Well... June 5th https://bleep.com/release/187980-jockstrap-wicked-city
  5. out June 19th https://bleep.com/release/187981-darkstar-civic-jams
  6. http://pitchfork.com/news/58573-hudson-mohawke-announces-new-album-lantern-featuring-miguel-antony-jhene-aiko/ FINALLY!!!
  7. Will there be anything for Warp30? I haven't read / heard anything really. In particular after the big event of Warp20 - with the Fan Selection and stuff - it's so awfully quiet on the Warp front. Any insights apart from maybe a few gigs?
  8. As 2019 approaches, the realisation that close to 10 years has passed since Warp20 is... quite a sobering thought. I remember Warp20 being quite the celebration by Warp; a massive and lavish box set was released with some special treats (Autechre - Oval Moon (IBC Mix), wew), plenty of live shows (including a memorable night at Sheffield's Magna - that Squarepusher set remains etched in my mind to this day), screenings at Park Hill Flats and the pop-up Warp shop... everything related to Warp20 just had a good vibe to it. Warp30 approaches. Will we see as much fervour and exaitment as Warp
  9. Sept, 2013 - Warp Records - WARP239 TRACKLIST Disc 1 - Feast 1 The Beige Lasers Smoulderville (Clark Remix) 2 DM Stith Braid of Voices (Clark Remix) 3 Amon Tobin Kitchen Sink (Clark Remix) 4 Nathan Fake Fentiger (Clark Remix) 5 Clark Alice (Redux) 6 Kuedo Glow (Clark Remix) 7 Barker and Baumecker Spur (Clark Remix) 8 Silverman CANTSTANDTHERAIN (Clark Remix) 9 Rone Let's Go (Clark Remix) 10 Nils Frahm Peter (Clark Rework) 11 Glen Velez Untitled (Clark Remix) 12 Clark Absence (Bibio Remix) 13 Clark Ted (Bibio Remix) 14 Vampillia Sea (Clark Remix) 15 Prince Myshkin Cold Ca
  10. https://twitter.com/0PN/status/347002504321585152 also announced on official FB page: "R PLUS SEVEN Warp Records"
  11. Finally ! http://pitchfork.com/news/60394-battles-announce-new-album-la-di-da-di/
  12. https://bleep.com/release/89708-bibio-phantom-brickworks “I don’t believe in ghosts but I do believe places can be haunted by meaning. Places change, not always for the better and not always by natural, benevolent or politically sound means. A place can be charged with atmosphere because of what it has been through or what it has been. Phantom Brickworks is a collection of mostly improvised musical pieces, that for some years now, have provided me with a mental portal into places and times - some real, some imaginary, some a combination of both. Human beings are highly sensitive to the
  13. Kelly Moran - Ultraviolet Warp Records WARP297 1st November 2018 1 Autowave 3:09 2 Helix 8:48 3 Water Music 6:29 4 Nereid 10:07 5 In Parallel 6:20 6 Halogen 7:15 7 Radian 2:50 "Ultraviolet is the first Warp album from New York-based composer, producer and keyboardist Kelly Moran, ripe with dazzling inflexions of jazz and dream pop, classical composition and black metal. Ultraviolet transforms her wealth of inspirations into a sound all her own, seemingly pulling off a nearly impossible feat: the annihilation of experimental music’s imposing, esoteric, über-academic status quo i
  14. So, as spammed over here, the Plaid boys will be debuting their first full collaborative live set with Coppé at this year's 23rpm Festival next Saturday (6th October) in London. Something a bit different for them for sure. Coppé has guest-appeared at one or two of their gigs over the years, but never a whole set together focusing just on their collaborative material until now. Coppé has something of a cult following scattered thinly all over the world (partly thanks to her splitting her time between Japan and the US over the last 20 years). This is something I've been helping her build on
  15. New mini-album/EP dropping March 23rd. https://bleep.com/release/94771-mark-pritchard-the-four-worlds
  16. cear

    Clark - Rellik EP

    Warp Records - WAP417DD 2017-09-08 1. Acid Romp Off (03:00) 2. Corroded Hymnal (04:16) 3. A Cutting (01:11) 4. Elaine / Gabriel Theme (05:50) 5. Snowbird (04:05) ______________________________18:22 https://bleep.com/release/89268-clark-rellik-ep
  17. New album via Warp. https://bleep.com/release/44955-nightmares-on-wax-feelin-good
  18. Warp Records - WARP9X August 2017 1 Debris 6:31 2 Ecliptic 2:25 3 Ming 8:40 4 Bubbles 6:37 5 Kaxia-80 2:10 6 Satori 4:40 7 Paradroid 5:24 8 Transient Pathways 5:51 9 Fear Of Expression 4:45 10 Go With The Hiss 3:57 11 Eiyla 5:17 12 Static Emotion 5:50 https://bleep.com/release/86148-b12-electro-soma-ii http://warp.net/ Electro-Soma I + II Anthology
  19. http://www.factmag.com/2016/06/14/danny-brown-warp-when-it-rain/ Danny Brown signed to Warp! woot woot (actually it seems he's still signed to Fools Gold but is releasing the new album via Warp, whatever) new single:
  20. shobaleader1 album coming spring 2017 i'm guessing shoba plays pusher-classics kinda deal? not sure more info welcome
  21. Finally, here we go. The 11th instalment of Single Source Publishing hailing the almighty Boards Of Canada in a vinyl-only megamix. Enjoy the lushness
  22. ## updated original post ## You're Dead! release date. 07/10/2014 http://warp.net/records/flying-lotus/youre-dead ### test pressing pic went up on flylo's instagram. http://instagram.com/p/qfbyhZPEEz/ will update thread title/post once more details come^^
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