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Found 1334 results

  1. those panning arabian synths are lushhh, good house tune, played out in the wild a lot over the years but i've never been able to get an ID? anyone know??
  2. Does anyone here remember seeing a video for Girl/Boy song on MTV Amp in ‘96? I feel like it was the first thing I saw and heard by Aphex Twin but I can’t find any trace of the videos existence online. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Didn’t mean to post thread twice. Taptalk gave me an error on original post. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Somebody posted this pretty great remix of a th’idiot song on Reddit wondering if the remixer is RDJ. Could be. I can’t find anything else by DJ Spunkshower. https://thecentrifuge.bandcamp.com/track/ear-pinch-dj-spunkshowers-earpunch-mix Doesn’t th’idiot post here?
  4. Has anyone posted this? Tom Middleton shared a photo on Instagram of one of his collection of old cassettes from Richard. Couple of interesting nuggets there... “😮Found this 1989? tape Richard @instaphex handmade/handwrote for me, 2nd tape of 10+(?!) in my AFX tape archives. Predating Analogue Bubblebath on Mighty Force Records, Surfing On Sinewaves on @warprecords, Didgeridoo on @randsrecords and SAW1 on @apollorecords Some interesting tracks and versions I don’t remember being released? ...what do you make of those track id’s? Wonder what the insurance value on this would be?!💰 Starts with one of my all time favourites #Xtal!”
  5. I just had a second thought about that here is more info about the robot: http://logosfoundati...um_gwr/HAT.html The topic where it was mentioned did not really go anywhere and it was not used in any release before. So whats up with that? Is he spoiling us for his next release where we will have a full drill n bass release but with this beast drumming or whats the purpose of this? I don't think the information about it leaked randomly. So what else do we have? This picture of him standing in front of new gear also not used yet: plus him telling in interviews he has several release ready. In addition he is willing to work together with radiohead (Jonny Greenwood) and maybe even did some material with Krzysztof Penderecki and Jonny Greenwood in secret too as they where doing some cooperation after the festival where he performed with Penderecki what else do we have as a fact? edit: Another image of his studio surfaced: more info here: http://everythingpopularisrubbish.tumblr.com/post/71652646327/a-photograph-apparently-taken-by-a-friend-of
  6. I used to have this, now I want it again. Give me your AFX watmm, name your price. Excellent to Near Mint, preferably.
  7. I hope someone here is committed to recording the entire thing. I suspect it'll be rather special being on his home turf and the only UK DJ date so far this year. - Imagine an entire set of new material!! - imagine he dropped a load of classics not heard in shows recently (Tamphax for example) - imagine he upped the ante with the visuals again and it was all 3D/holograms? I fucking hope there's a million pun-tastic afx related bannerisms! soooooooooooo sORRY TO HAVE MISSED THIS ONE... GODDAMN NEW BABY!!!
  8. With thanks to user Das Gespenst for collating this. ---- :: As selected on the SC a/c and collected here: Anyone fancy a game of "Name-the-Aphex-Twin -DJ-Set(s)-Featuring-These-Tracks"?? Its like a reverse tracklist trainspotting hunt!
  9. Now that Tuss is officially RDJ, confirming that which mine ears had not deceived me, I went back and listened to Tuss again today (taking a brief break from Syro). Some thoughts: It's magic. Putting together the mini-album and the EP, to me it stands right up there with RDJ's best work. If he's got several more albums from this era (even though I love the old stuff, I think RDJ just gets better with age), that's very exciting indeed. Akunk. Is this a joke track? This is the real track, right? Were any of the non-EP, non-mini-album tracks likely to be RDJ? I never looked too heavily at them. But listening more recently to the non-EP Steinvord tracks got me thinking. Hopefully someone here can help me with that.
  10. Last night I had my third or fourth dream about Afex. In my dream I was working as a postman (something I've done IRL too) and I found out Rich was living in the area where I was delivering post. I managed to figure out which house he was living in but I didn't want to tell anyone else because I thought afex appreciated his privacy. I sat on a bench for hours trying to hear some cool synth workouts from his house but no luck. I guess his studio is soundproofed. Is this normal? I am in my 30s and definitely too old for dreams like these. Anyone else having Afx related dreams?
  11. As If ‘Moments e.p’ (7” vinyl - repress) Finally this beauty is being reissued - This was the first 7” of this Berlin record label Link: https://rohsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/moments-e-p Words by the artist: These two tracks are made because I wanted to catch the sense off some other kind a mood, that I haven’t made before, like the dub-ambient-stuff. Way back in the early 1990’s I play in a band called NoXCuse, we made music that was inspired by bands like Front 242, Nitzet Ebb, Depeche Mode, Front Line Assembly and Leather Strip. And that kind of sound has stayed in me since then. So it felt natural to try and go for that sound. Even though I turned down the tempo, when I made these two tracks, the sound ‘break-beat’ and 303-sound has always been a part me.
  12. 🇯🇵🇯🇵👻🇯🇵🇯🇵 http://fujirock-eng.com/lineup.html
  13. gonna do individual links in here, for those that don't peruse the Featured Artists thread: https://aphextwin.warp.net/release/86520-afx-orphans
  14. Now with track titles + bonus beats: https://aphextwin.warp.net/release/85934-afx-london-030617-field-day
  15. This is the one I can't find an html link for, but it is listed.
  16. Thought you guys might be interested in this item - Aphex Twin: Selected Ambient Works Volume II - Double Cassette Release (Apologies for the size of the images). This cassette release contains Track C7 (Stone In Focus) which is also available on the vinyl release (I picked up the black vinyl release from a car boot sale for about £2 couple of years back; not in the best condition, but still a good buy). Anyway, can't find much information on this release, so thought I'd share these images. Someone has provided scans on Discogs (No copies available for sale though), but here are some more pics anyway. I picked this up on Amazon.co.uk, and I also managed to purchase 'Classics' on tape via Amazon (I think). I Don't know how many fans of the cassette format there are on this forum, but I personally think they sound pretty good on a half decent audio system. Lately, I've been wondering what the value of this item might be; Might not sell for as much as the vinyl edition, but could still fetch a good price amongst collectors...
  17. As the topic description states if someone could record some runs of the afx preset scales in the new Korg Monologue we could convert them to Scala scales and examine them in more detail. Thanks
  18. Rich really is hittin' the road. Could this be a world tour type deal or mostly festivals?
  19. Ahead of Richard's Field Day shenanigans, Bleep is having a Digital Flash Sale on all his releases: https://bleep.com/stream/aphex-twin-sale
  20. so, i thought it'd be fun to try and dissect some of aphex's tracks,, maybe speculation over his key sound or anything like that feel welcome to put in if theres anything youve found out or any opinion for that matter about his melodies and scales. i tried to find out some of analord basically by jamming next to the tracks playing. a ton of the analord tracks are in A# minor or A# phrygian (he uses phrygian a fuckload on his albums, its the typical nostalgic playful sad/happy one) , and very few seem to utilise scales that predominantly use most of the white keys. most scales involve the same keys as in C locrian (C, C#, d#, f, f#, g#, a#) unless its the phrygian scale, in wchich case there's a b instead of the C) crying in your face, a# minor - a#, f, f# then a short g# cantice drawl: c#, c, d#, e , ,then c#, c, a, g# basically! phonatacid is complex and noisy but it goes in f phrygian i think (same keys as C locrian).. cant even begin to try and figure out the melodies, but the awesome bass melody in the end begins with a pattern around F, then jumps down to a# pissed up in se1 is a# phrygian, again really complex.. have a hard time trying to figure this one out, anyone have any ideas? its fucking beautiful anyway halibut acid: the bass goes like A#, b, f#, then b again meanwhile, the hawaiian like bell thing goes a#, c#, f# and g#->a#) most other instruments go in similar patterns, including the kickass pad in the end, but it evens out the gaps with g# and c#) where's your girlfriend, a# minor: bass goes a#, f#, f, c#->c lisbon acid, c minor:: ace melody in the start is 4 bars: c, c#, f...c, c#, f .. then c, c#, f, g#, d#, f# or something like that the beginning of XM5Da is the same, c, c#, f. one thing i've found out is that almost all instruments in a single track go in very similar, if not the same patterns, no complex counterpoint here. but it works extremely well i think. playing too many keys of a scale can ruin it, keeping it simple however makes it more powerful or something like that.. his melodies work really damn well, again richard seems to have a fond eye for a# phrygian
  21. Mighty Force has awakened after 20 years. Exeter’s first dance music store was also a promoter and an influential record label that helped launch the careers of Aphex Twin, Tom Middleton and Matthew Herbert. To kick off the return, Mighty Force founder Mark Darby has assembled some of the DJ/Producers that made and played the soundtrack to those heady party days along with some of the original production companies that decorated and provided visuals for those early raves. Everyone has come together to support charities that operate in the SW to support homeless people so your ticket money will be going straight to the people who can help make people’s lives better locally. Mighty Force presents three rooms of musical excellence. THE WAY (AUDITORIUM) Tom Middleton Justin Harris (Music For Freaks) S.A.S. (Plymouth) THE DEEP (VOODOO LOUNGE) Digs (DIY) Mr Mullato (Situation Sounds) Andy Compton (The Rurals, Peng Records) THE GROOVE (IN THE BAR) Verde (Cultural Vibes) Mickey Moff (Mighty Force Resident) Spider (Wax The Van) Lee Waller (OMC) Richie Rundle (OMC) Event Info Date: May 20th 2017 Doors: 21:00 – 02:00 Location: Exeter Phoenix, Bradninch Place, Gandy Street,EX4 3LS. Exeter It’s gonna be a blast! Race over to Mighty Force Awakens to grab your ticket discount code and don’t forget to Like the Mighty Force page for updates! Tickets from: http://www.exeterphoenix.org.uk/events/mfawakens/ https://d3awndulo7bbb6.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/02150849/mightyforce.jpg
  22. Gonna find some way to make it to this.
  23. probably old news--prices have dropped a lot on ebay for the Kyma Capybara 320 system (USD$1100 average for basic system) http://www.sequencer.de/specials/intelligent_or_not_at_all.html Autechre used Kyma very early. those stuttering clicks and stuff in high quality is what is said "aphex twin went for a very expensive mac around XXXXX€.." imo it was kyma by symbolic sound (by Carla Scaletti + Kurt Hebel).. It's a very powerful engine, the Capybara 320 (well, 10 years ago it wasn't the 320, but the 66 or 33 (the speed of the DSPs and number.. was a bit smaller) anyway, maybe they know what a cephlaphage is so why this shit-guy does not tell us abouzt plugins? well, if you use kyma or ever used kyma: you don't need any of those since it is "the original" one.. you can morph in realtime, create clicks and grain clouds, change rhythms on a very high quality level etc. - the glitch stuff and lots of crackling sounds on earlier autechre seem to come from kyma .. trust me: there is almost no plugin that beats kyma in quality.. - btw, there is also a nice squarpusher patch on kyma: it's only one "jazz" sample (BD and ride) that is being played and looped but starting at random position, in fact it sounds like a wild jam session with squarpusher.. it's one of the ready instant patches in kyma (does not mean it is bad..) - no this is no call for you all to buy kyma but in fact you do not need to search for plugins or any "cubase"-level stuff.. find more on kyma on the symbolic sound page. kyma does a lot of FFT spectrum computation, hi end vocoding and grainalizing.. meanwhile reaktor catched up with some of those fx .. and a number of plugins may be able to do.. but the FFT stuff and the quality is still outstanding and unique with kyma, still.. Artist news from Manufactor http://www.symbolicsound.com/eighth-news.html And Aphex Twin has won Die Goldene Nica award (a kind of gold winged and headless version of the Oscar) in the Digital Music category.
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