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  1. Hi there, some nice records here for sale - PM me if you are interested, will go on ebay/discogs if theres no interest. Thanks for looking. Various ‎– Warp 10+1 Influences £30Sleeve has very minor shelf ware but inners and records are gleaming mint, played this maybe once and only a couple of the sides. Eric Peters ‎– Music For Synthesizers £50I will double check the condition, haven't played it since I bought it. Sleeve creased a bit in places. Power-Pill ‎– Pac-Man 7'' £30 Slight creasing on the opening, great little record on the much more scarce 7'' format. Kosmik Kommando, The ‎– Analogue Android £60This record is unplayed. Hand painted/designed by KK with a cardboard stiffener. Ltd 100 copies only. 180G virgin press as I recall. AFX ‎– Analord 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 11. £30 These have maybe been played twice at best, I have 2 sets so these are fairly untouched. Would consider deal for the lot. Flying Lotus ‎– Los Angeles £15Mint in every way, unplayed but opened. AFX ‎– Analogue Bubblebath Vol 3 £20Paper bag and A4 insert, have a couple of these will check condition but looks great. Will upload photos tomorow
  2. http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/line-up/line-up-2014/#thetemple
  3. Hello Guys, 3 days ago I got a bit bored and decided to make another Aphex Twin piano transcription. Since Nannou seemed to be cool to play on piano and I couldn't find sheet music for it online yet, I figured it would make sense to transcribe Nannou. I just finished the sheet music half an hour ago and can't play the piece myself yet, but I made a recording using CVPiano playing the MIDI-file generated by Sibelius. If you think there are any notation errors or that notes are missing/wrong just tell me and I can rectify it. You can download the PDF-version of the sheet music, the MIDI-file and audio with the following link :) http://we.tl/K01hE4aOx0 Shoutout to the guy who put an awesome slowed-down version of Nannou on youtube, it made everything so much easier for me, especially the part starting at around 4 minutes in the video, wich has got insane rythmical details I never even noticed before. Here's the link: Hope you guys enjoy it! :) PS: if you guys haven't seen my previous post; I have got piano versions of beskhu3epnm and the endig of z17 on my youtube channell too, hope I can soon upload nannou as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF25nu7uHQBREwm469JOiHw
  4. This was up awhile ago, but can't find it anymore. Giving these a bump now that we have a new subforum for mixes. Here's a couple of mixes I did of the majority of the old school Evolution Records/Universal Language Productions back catalog Lots of obscurities and one track that has never been released I'm not dropping any science here, most of tracks are nearly complete and uncut the mixing is rudimentary easy fades and quick cuts, no beat matching but the track selection is exquisite... Enjoy Universal Language Mixed (Beats) Universal Language Mixed (Chill) Remotion: Global Communication, Reload, Jedi Knights, Secret Ingredients & Chameleon Remixes (Beats) Remotion: Global Communication & Reload Remixes (Chill) Track Lists Below: Universal Language Mix (Beats) 1 Peschi [Original Version] - Reload 2 Arcadian - Link 3 Can't wait tonight - Reload 4 Teque - Reload 5 Antacid II - Link & E621 6 Avatar - Link 7 The Deep [Original Mix] - Global Communication 8 Noddy Holder - Jedi Knights 9 Antacid - Link & E621 10 Moroccan Jack - The Mod Wheel 11 Solina (The Ascension) - Jedi Knights 12 The Push - N.Y. Connection 13 The Groove [instrumental Mix] - Global Communication 14 Nutsin' - Jedi Knights 15 New York, New York (Headfuq Mix) - Secret Ingredients 16 Optimystic - The Mod Wheel 17 Close Your Eyes And Listen - The Chameleon Universal Language Mix (Chill) 1: 9:39 - GC 2: Sublime Creation - GC 3: Ob-Selon Mi-Nos [GC Mix] - Mystic Institute 4: Amenity(33rpm) - Reload/Link 5: Le Soleil Et La Mer - Reload & E621 6: Arcadian[GC Mix] - Link 7: Maiden Voyage I - GC 8: The Augur - Link 9: Soaring - Reload 10: Peschi (Short Stories Version) - Reload & E621 11: The Biosphere[GC Mix] - Reload & E621 12: Human Blancmange - The Jedi Knights 13: Isolation Part 2 - Pulusha 14: Aural Sedative - Amba Remotion Mixed (Beats) 1 Evolution of the Beast [Global Communication Mix] - Palmskin Productions 2 Evolution of the Beast [The Chameleon Mix] - Palmskin Productions 3 Amazon Amenity [The Chameleon Mix] - Link 4 Gorecki [Global Communication Mix] - Lamb 5 The Sun Rising [Tom’s Drum-n-Bass Mix] - The Beloved 6 The Sun Rising [Mark’s Deep House Mix] - The Beloved 7 The Way [secret Ingredients Mix] - Global Communication 8 7’39" [Link & E621 Appliance of Science Mix] - Global Communication 9 Space Jazz Carnival [Global Communication Mix] - Azymuth 10 Jumbo [Jedis Sugar Hit Mix] - Underworld 11 Disco Magic [secret Ingredients Mix] - Jedis 12 Crazy Dream [The Reload Retro 313 Future Memory Mix] - Nav Katze 13 Absorber [Jedi Knights Mix 1] - Bomb the Bass 14 Antacid [Jedi Knights Mix] - Link & E621 15 The Flow [Jedi Knights Mix] - Model 500 Remotion Mixed (Chill) 1 Alpha Phase - Chapterhouse 2 On [Reload Remix] - Aphex Twin 3 Ride [Global Communication Dub Mix] - Soft Ballet 4 In Mind [The Reload 147 Take] - Slowdive 5 Visual Cortex [The Reload Redifinition] - Schaft 6 Gamma Phase - Chapterhouse 7 Amor Real [Global Communication Remix] - Jon Anderson 8 Rollercoaster [Global Communication Yellow Submarine Re-Take] - The Grid 9 Wild Horse [Global Mix Communication] - Nav Katze 10 Beta Phase - Chapterhouse 11 Aspirin [Global Communication Mix] - Sensorama
  5. Anyone a fan of this classic from 96? Sounds like a collaboration between Aphex Twin, Orbital and Autechre.
  6. I played this set out the other night in San Francisco for a special Aphex Soundcloud Night. Available for stream/download at the following: https://soundcloud.com/sweguno/aphex-soundcloud-megamix-may-28th-sf-listening-party Lots of tracks shoved in here: 1 Chink 101, Sam's Car, 1 Human Rotation, 2 Xame Filtered, 1 nocares, 13 High Hats Tune Tamclap Orig, 10 Shit Smothered, 4 Ny Groove, 11 Phlangebeat, 35 Japan, 5 How To Science 2 Ab6, 19 [slo]w early morning clissold sunrise, (Throatie), 33 Synthi Rhy [q], 23 Lush Acid [pt1], 179 brk 2, (mortal 1), 9 Un Chopped F Beginning [sAWII Un], 1.5 Dp5 Beats, 5 Just Fall Asleep, 19 Winding Road, 30 Dolby C, 34 ibiza spliffs, Asthma1, CHEETAHT7 Teac, Mulberry Bush, 8 Glock+onion, 9 Summer2, 5 7z, Pretend Analog Extmix 2b
  7. We're all enjoying immensely Richard's amazing "release" (insert dump, pro-dumpers) of unreleased material via SoundCloud, and making them available for download. Some have even put together artwork and compiled them into collections, but being digital tracks, there's only so far something like that can go. What if you could buy a "Best of" compilation, on a physical format(s), selected tracks, remastered, etc.? Would you? If not, why not? Of course, Richard would need to be willing to provide masters, and agree to it to begin with... The mind reels at the possibilities...
  8. http://www.viceland.com/music/2010/10/aphex-twin-in-ibiza/
  9. Some of you remember this youtube channel from 7 years ago: Were there any uploads during The Dump that confirm or deny that this account is legit?
  10. I played this set out last night. It started out ostensibly as a mix of *only* RDJ Soundcloud tracks, but I decided to change it up halfway through. Available for streaming/download from Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sweguno/can-you-smell-that-shit-idm-nite-mashup-set-april-30th-2015 Here's what I ended up mashing into this one: Aphex: 1 Chink 101, 14 07 B, 12 Rough Beat Tune, 13 High Hats Tune Tamclap Orig, 11 Early Morning Clissold, 12 Space Beat, Fork Rave, 10 Shit Smothered, 4 Ny Groove, 11 Phlangebeat, 25 funnel (25 arrd), 7 Cutting, 5 sline (5 jap flute energy rave), 4 Red Calx[slo], Hypersquij, 15 Sekonda, (Throatie), 33 Synthi Rhy [q], Th1 [slo], 5 Scorrier, Autechre: Sublimit, Paroles (Autechre Repoles), Falling (Autechre - 'FR 13' Mix) Boards of Canada: Palace Posy Burial: Spaceape Chris De Luca & Peabird: Deadly Wiz Da Disko Dead Can Dance: In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are Kings Fieldtriqp: 90 Summer Julianna Barwick: Cloak Push Button Objects: Breakers Delight Quinoline Yellow: Spion Kop Seefeel: Tied Squarepusher: Sarcacid Part 2 Stars of The Lid: Mulholland, Music For Twin Peaks Episode #30 Part I I hope it brings some enjoyment...
  11. It's time to make a definitive thread on this mix. Basically it's my favourite mix of all time ever since I stumbled upon it at age 12. It's also still my most listened to set ever, but I never could find anything about the tracks played in it except for Yazoo - Don't Go... Over the years I added a few tracks to the list (just like their Ultrasound broadcast which is also almost complete + Aphex's Snowbombing set), but never got very far without proper jungle / hiphop / break knowledge. I do remember going nuts when Ceephax finally released that Turrican track and later when Luke released that Plug track, just because of the nostalgia from this set. I always listened the 55 minute version but discovered years later that there's a 15 minute longer version, with even more acid + jungle + noise, which is exactly why this mix seemed so impressive to me compared to the typical 4/4 techno music I listened to at that age. The eclectic tracklist completely changed my mind about music and from then on I appreciated a lot of different music, so the influence from just this mix really can't be understated. Anyway, any help from watmm to complete this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwUN5LACu2I Opening track - ? AFX - 3 Slothscrape Yazoo – Don’t Go Kimberly - Misjudged Love (Barbarian Berrios Beats) Tod Dockstader – Travelling Music / Eight Electronic Pieces #8 (throughout) Hyper On Experience – Watchusnow Ceephax Acid Crew – Turrican II Victor Gama - Meninos Anjos Desceram A Rua Plug – Drum ‘N’ Bass (14m - 17m-ish) ? DJ SS - Black (V.I.P. Mix) Dillinja – Blaze It Down Squarepusher - Kill Robok Dynamix II – Purple Beats MC ADE – Hit Harder Trouble Funk – Trouble Funk Express Herbert Eimert - Klangstudie II MC ADE - Bass Rock Express Kenneth Gaburo – For Harry + ??? (around 38m) Ragga Twins - Juggling + random AFX noise throughout Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut - Prince Of The Beats Think Tank – A Knife and a Fork KC Flight - Planet E (Hip Hop Mix) Information Society - Hack #1 (also released under the name Think Tank - Hack One (The Internet Worm Mix)) Grandmaster Flash - Scorpio Stakker – Humanoid Ace Of Clubs - Classid Three Frances Lynch & Alejandro Viñao - Borges y el Espejo (mangled voices over SL2 around 61m) SL2 - DJs Take Control More AFX noise over jungle tracks like: Dillinja & Batmix - Tear Off Ya Chest Last fast jungle track = ? Click here to download the Ultrasound version (shorter) Click here to download the full version
  12. Hi all! I'm still not 100 percent sure what/where to post here on WATMM, hope this is the right place (please let me know if not and I’ll move it – also, apologies for any grammar errors English is not my first language ). Anyway, last summer I transcribed the part from 7:27 onwards of Ziggomatic 17 for 2 pianos. After i joined WATMM recently I showed a recording of it to a couple of people who all seemed to enjoy it, so i thought it might be a good idea to share the sheet music since there surely are a lot of fellow piano-players here on WATMM who can try and play this version (or just look at how the sheet music for a classical instrument might be looking for this BEAST of a song). For now i only have a handwritten version of the sheet music which i think is pretty okay, but if some of you are interested i could transcribe it properly with notation software when i find the time. Hope you enjoy, putting a youtube of how it sounds below. Check the video description for further info :)
  13. Bought this upon release. As far as I can remember I've only played it once. Box has the expected amount of wear and tear considering the age. PM me if you're interested, I'm in the UK.
  14. Not everyone reads Featured Artists but you have to have your head up your ass not to see this one, LOL. Comes with a b-side and new remix. https://bleep.com/release/57723-aphex-twin-marchromt30a-edit-2b-96
  15. Am I seriously the only one who noticed that on the Syro album art one of the expenses is titled "Digitisation from tape archive copy of The Making of Windowlicker" ? WHAT IS THIS? ANY INFO ON IT? I WOULD LIKE THIS. Also, another expense on the Syro album art:: "Flights and trains to London for Alison / Boris / Ingmar / Jens / Sabine / Teo / Viron"
  16. I'm no good at mixing but I heard these two tracks one after another and got curious so did this: http://youtubedoubler.com/?video1=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DKTOMDjtQLiY&start1=0&video2=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DS5UBYOv1G9A&start2=5&authorName=double+better I can hear something but more syncing up needs to be made. Someone please do this. This mix sounds like God.
  17. Guest

    The Swifty

    So this is a classic SP song, everyone knows it... but I think it needs to be mentioned every day of the fucken year. His Bass breakdown in the middle, is not only his best bass playing he's ever done, but maybe the most emotionally resonating I've EVER heard. It's simply fucken amazing. When SP is on his game like this, he really doesn't sound like anyone b4 or after him, it's just square-fucken-pusher. And this is one of the first songs I point to people when they say "ALL APHEX TWIN UZIQ AE BOC SQUAREPUSHER SOUNDS THE SAME"!!! The saddest part about this song to, is that he'll probably never make anything like this again. O well, hurray for more SP post-modern jizzing.
  18. I have this Syro dropcard lying around my desk. It came with the vinyl I ordered. Something was supposed to be going on at that url that was on it but it didn't. Can I sell it for a lot of money now? Or in a couple of years? I just don't feel like I need it. It just feels like a piece of meaningless 'merchandise'. Is it just a cheap piece of plastic? (it looks very cheaply produced) Or is worth keeping around and is it going to be worth lots of $$$ in a couple of years? I didn't even redeem my download with that particular code because I ordered it from Bleep and it was available on there via my personal account anyway. How did this work out with similar releases in the past?
  19. Many of you reading this will no doubt be familiar with Rephlex Records. About three years ago, because I'm something of a fanatic, I put together a printed discography. It features pages dedicated to Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert, Bogdan Raczysnki, Cylob, DMX Krew, The Tuss, and Ceephax Acid Crew. You can view the full project on my Behance profile: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Rephlex-Records-printed-discography/7730025 Please feel free to share the project on Tumblr: http://szabohaslam.tumblr.com/ I will be producing a limited amount to sell, with kind permission from Rephlex. You can follow me on Twitter for updates: @Szabo_Haslam
  20. Is it too far fetched that RDJ and MikeP are both uploading old stuff to Soundcloud leading up to a collaboration? It was Mike who confirmed the identity of user 48736353001 and at the same time user 0000008673 started uploading suspiciously muziqy tracks with various indicators of his own identity. Any thoughts?
  21. https://bleep.com/release/56481-aphex-twin-computer-controlled-acoustic-instruments-pt2-ep?utm_source=Bleep&utm_campaign=462f9db194-Tip_Off_Aphex_Comp_Controlled_EP1_9_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_db8ca97389-462f9db194-296610
  22. i don't want to derail the other thread and no way i'm searching for it... but what the hell is the badger? (bits expected)
  23. The current list of interviews for Syro: Fader (Preview) Fader (Full interview) Pitchfork (Preview) Pitchfork (Full interview) Pitchfork (note: links to mp3 - podcast about the interview) ​Groove (Preview #1) Groove (Preview #2, other producers ask Richard) Groove (Full list of other producers questions) OOR (Bonus Beats #1 translation by Herr Jan here ) OOR (Bonus Beats #2 translation by Toastmann here ) OOR (Full interview translated by Herr Jan in .doc) Rolling Stone (Full interview) Spex (Full interview, translated by rd1994 from these scans) Tsugi (Full interview, translated by Perezvon) Obsessions (Full interview, no translation yet) Q-Magazine (Scan of the first page of the interview) Q-Magazine (Printscreens of the full interview by korona15) Noyzelab (Part One) (offline unfortunately, PM Herr Jan) Noyzelab (Part Two) (offline unfortunately, PM Herr Jan)
  24. Guest

    ER-101 Avril14th

    Hello. Found this by accident. Enjoy the quirk! Sorry, I don´t know how to embed vimeo videos here. http://vimeo.com/97000374
  25. Hey WATMM, I need your help! I'm currently studying HND Music Production and I'm working on a project for a Creative Arts Research piece titled "Who's the Daddy? The Influence of Karlheinz Stockhausen on Aphex twin". I thought WATMM would be the best place to post this, for I need outside opinions for this project for some quantitative research findings. Both innovative in their own way, I thought I would show certain simularities within their music by taken Gwarek II from Druqks (which has certain electroacoustic techniques I thought screamed out Stockhausen everytime I hear it) and mix it in with Stockhausen's 'Songs Of The Youths' (which Stockhausen arrogantly told Richard back in an interview in 95 with Wire that he should listen to more of his music "because he would immediately stop using these post-african rhythms" and recommended Songs Of The Youths.) Does this mix highlight a possible influence of Stockhausen on Richards work? Y/N or What in the fuck? Here's the mix - I would apprecitate your time and any opinions on how they blend in together, or even if its just complete madness. It would be a really big help for me and I'd love you all forever, even if you tell me its complete and utter balderdash, it all counts!
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