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Found 1369 results

  1. This is consistantly in my top 3 albums autechre has produced. Silverside, Slip, Piezo, Further, and Teartear are absolute classics and they never get old for me. The first 3 and last 3 tracks are damn perfect in succession. Anyone else feel this way?
  2. T ess xi starts off with a chord progression, 16 bars long, shown in the attached image. In bar 1 we have four notes (music harmony people: Eb major seventh chord). For our purpose here, think of those four notes as two intervals played simultaneously, the lower interval (coloured dark grey), and the upper (light grey) interval. From this initial position in bar 1, the movement of those intervals for bars [1..8] is as follows: move the upper interval down 1 row move the lower interval down 1 row move the lower interval down 1 row move the upper interval down 1 row Going from bar 8 to bar 9, the intervals change: their low notes are shifted up two rows (so whereas the intervals were perfect fifths in bars [1..8], they've now become perfect fourths for bars [9..16]). Following that, for bars [9..16] the "intervallic movement" stays the same as in bars [1..8], so again: move the upper interval down 1 row move the lower interval down 1 row move the lower interval down 1 row [!] move the upper interval down 1 row Notice what happens in bar 15 (indicated with [!]): as the lower interval is moved down 1 row, two notes now overlap (in F#) and are fused together. This progression is heard twice (so bars [17..32] are identical to [1..16]). After that, the entire process is repeated but lowered by a semitone etc.
  3. It's time to end this and move on with life. I'm listening to Autechre for the last time this week. I'm open to suggestions on how to handle this. No 'all end' jokes please
  4. (photos via https://www.waste.org/~alone/autechre.html) So I've rediscovered this set and gotten heavy into this weekend. I need all good iterations of it and generally just want to gush over how good it is. As of right now I've got three good copies of this: Toronto (soundboard), Oakland, and Cologne. Links: TORONTO https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1587-autechre-2001-05-09-canada-torontomp3/ or https://archive.org/details/Autechre2001-05-09 COLOGNE https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1557-autechre-2001-04-01-germany-cologne-1mp3/ https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1555-autechre-2001-04-01-germany-cologne-2mp3/ https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1678-autechre-2001-04-01-germany-cologne-3mp3/ or https://archive.org/details/Autechre2001-04-01 OAKLAND (track 1 on archive isn't AE, just seems to be recorded from before they started, some sort of sludge metal or something, I assume the watmm downloads is the same thing so i didn't link the first part) https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1687-autechre-2001-05-18-usa-california-oakland-2flac/ https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1695-autechre-2001-05-18-usa-california-oakland-3flac/ https://forum.watmm.com/files/file/1601-autechre-2001-05-18-usa-california-oakland-4flac/ or https://archive.org/details/Autechre2001-05-18 So basically, this is great stuff. Essentially an album's worth of material...I'm generally terrible at this sort of thing, but I don't recognize anything that got used elsewhere...would be curious if anyone's better ears for that makes some connections to released tunes. The 'tracks' remind me now of NTS in its general structure, flow, attitude, and even sounds...even though obviously we're talking about ~17 years apart, different equipment, etc., AE just gonna be AE it seems. There was this thread (https://forum.watmm.com/topic/85140-autechre-live-in-toronto-9-may-2001-redux) that had some remaster of it, but I wasn't particularly curious in hunting down a copy as the links I tried didn't work. But otherwise, except some praise in a few other threads, this stuff hasn't been fully discussed or appreciated as far as I can tell. I think it deserves some time in the sun. Beyond just chatting about it, what I'm curious about is this: what other good recordings are there of this set? I see a fair amount from very near these dates, but I haven't begun digging through the rest. Obviously we have a soundboard, but there does seem to be a bit of variation between dates, I'm wondering if there's even more music they were doing as part of it that I haven't found yet...anyone else familiar with these already, or want to start digging through? tl;dr good Confield era tour set is good and needs to be heard
  5. Hello knob twiddlers! I've been getting into stuff like Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin as of late (moreso Aphex Twin) and I want to check out Autechre, but since they have a monolithic body of work I'm not really sure where to start. I'm intrigued by the elseq 1-5 albums and the NTS sessions, but those things are so freaking huge that I don't think I should start there. What would you all recommend? Tri Repidae?
  6. Guest

    Autechre Cover?

    I do this Autechre impression at heady parties to scam mad chicks, but I only end up with mad bros. Whatevs. It's like, a mouth is a mouth, namsayin?
  7. I stumbled upon it by chance: https://cycling74.com/products/books.
  8. ? http://warp.net/news/autechre-listen-to-new-track-sinistrail-sentinel/
  9. No official info yet but wanted to get a thread going.
  10. wredny


    Someone asked what will be the first track of Elseq with its own thread. I’d like to propose Latentcall. Why? It’s almost 15 mins of glory. I think that if his track was on say, Exai, we would write poems about it. People would cherish its monstrosity, length, grooviness, lush pads and shifting nature. Some could call it even the next Surripere. Latentcall starts as a regular post-Exai track. It has a great rhythm to which heads constantly boob, and it has flickering melody with pads of Exai provenience. It's all pleasantly engaging. At over 6 min mark things start to change. The rhythm collapses. The beats are slowly dying. Pads and keys take lead. The machine is falling asleep. Mood sombers and gets melancholic. The melody - wait a minute, is there even a melody there? It seems so, but it’s really discrete and not immediately obvious. The pads become less artificial. They sound like even being played by a human. Technology however, is never too far away. Around 11 mins , simple beat comes in. The machine has returned. The rhythm has been reborn. At this point, the track gets ecstatic. Beat covered in deep reverb drags melody into itself. The beat has this wobbly feel that I loved so much on Irlie get 0. Finally, both beat and melody slowly merge loosing its intensity and becoming more distant. The machine let it go and it starts to dissolve and melts away into darkness. At the end, there is nothing. Only thing that remains is silence. A true masterpiece! Thank you AE
  11. Guest

    Autechre Remixes

    So, does anyone have a complete list? or rather a complete collection of every Ae remix. If so, share?
  12. Autchre - JNSN CODE GL16 / spl47 Limited Vinyl Black On Black Matt black sleeve with spot gloss text and black inner Mastered for vinyl by Matt Colton and pressed to heavyweight 180gm black vinyl for ultimate sound quality Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering Design by Grid Pattern www.gridpattern.co.uk Producer – Ae Written By Brown & Booth Catalog Number TM88 Grab A Copy Here - https://touched.bandcamp.com/merch All Funds Rasied Go To Macmillan Cancer Support. Touched Music Justgive - http://www.justgiving.com/Touched-Music
  13. Sean mentioned it in AAA, so I looked for more info: Out at the start of 2014 as a limited edition vinyl and digital release will be Dilankex with a 17 min remix from Autechre. http://www.obermanknocks.com/
  14. From what I've noticed most of the tours from a given album's time period are very similar Is there any basic list that will give an overview of the essential live sets, as in, the ones that characterize each tour the best, and are the highest quality? Also I can't find an organized list of every single soundboard, in one place. Is there one? I've searched, but if there is a thread about this sorry.
  15. Guest

    your autechre collection

  16. something like this: or in various reviews, like the boomkat review of the tch ep, or the pitchfork review of iabpoitc, you'll find passages like "if you'd perfected this sonic playground, you'd want to stay here forever too" so, okay: in the shift from geogaddi to tch, for example, i must ask, how much more can a band change their sound, while still remaining the same band? i mean, ffs, BoC changed GENRES when they went from geogaddi to tch, from electronic music to wyrd folk. i struggle to think of two songs that are more different than "dayvan cowboy" and "devil in the details" (or for that matter, "devil in the details" and "roygbiv"). all of the sounds used are different; i can't think of one link between the two, or between most of the tracks on tch/geogaddi. people seem to be forgetting that tch introduced, among other things, (1) harp - macquarie ridge, (2) feedback-drenched electric guitar (!?!) - dayvan cowboy, (3) washed-out acoustic guitar - chromakey, etc etc. though one might argue that certain synth sounds, certain 'signature' BoC things always remain, but wtf, what band doesn't have things like this? why does no one whine when lusine creates basically the same album for 9 years? or monolake? or basically any band or electronic music act? even autechre have SOME consistency of production, of sound. i just can't figure out, why are BoC somehow expected to completely change their sound, and stop using synths or whatever (especially when they HAVE changed their sound, from skamified electronic music hiphop, to psychedelic wobbly darkness, to guitars and wind noises and flutes and harps)? we should also be whining about the fact that richard devine hasn't released a reggae album yet, i guess?
  17. Obviously a subjective topic since people will no doubt have different interpretations on a track-by-track basis. Nevertheless, I'm curious, name the Autechre tracks which give you the most feels.
  18. https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/autechre-interview-nts-sessions-david-lynch-where-code-meets-music/ https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/music/autechre-something-happens-when-you-listen-to-music-in-the-dark-1.3558048
  19. those panning arabian synths are lushhh, good house tune, played out in the wild a lot over the years but i've never been able to get an ID? anyone know??
  20. I must say that I'm quite puzzled nobody is really reacting to this. To be frank I have the feeling many are so thrown off guard by this collaboration, they just don't know what to think. Fact is that Mr. Funk isn't the most popular Artist in the game while Autechre rarely have to deal with much hating. I like all three of these guys, so for me this track was a nice treat. For others this must be like a slap in the face, having their honorable british progressive idols collaborating with the rotten amen abusing canadian. Some must now completly re-evaluate their dorky hate lists. It just makes me smile inside. The track itself is very interesting also. Kind of Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding + Last Step + ISS:SA + Quaristice I find myself liking it more with every listen. Cheers to more unforeseen collabs! maybe aphex vs clark next.
  21. Redruth


    ep7 has the feelings to it that r very different from all other autechre
  22. Made a autechre ambient playlist today and it made for a lovely sunday listen so thought I would share it with you. Altibzz Nine Pule VLetrmx21 Yulquen Overand Notwotwo Paralel Suns Altichyre Is there any ambient materpieces ive missed that people think I should add?
  23. Ok, sorry for the delay but at first i wrote an entire review about a legowelt album before i realized it wasn't even autechre at all. sean had to pm me and point this out. (i submit all my reviews to him before i post them so he can make any suggestions. actually, he basically wrote the entire oversteps review since i was in a bad mood that day.) first track starts off sweet, it's like stockhausen for 4 seconds. then my custom gameboy ringtone kicks in. can't believe ae made gameboy songs! wait, that's actually the album. lush. but then this just noodles with half-finished basslines and beep bops and stuff that i don't care about. i fucking hate electronica. the second track has this really cool beat. but here's the problem: it has lyrics. now this was fine on oversteps but there's something really wrong with lyrics like this: "have you ever" by bobby brown [rob brown] Smoked a penis? Cokes a dog? Drunk a drum beam in a firehouse hose? Cooled a chic with manly finess? Then took the trip to the little boy's space? Jewed a lawyer with a dollar campaign? Soiled an undy? Spoiled his complaints? *** seriously? that's fucked up! but the beat is wicked, kinda sounds like a wolf, pitched down really low so it sounds like a black guy on reverse helium, having a fight with a laundry bin inside a tunnel. pretty scary actually. mostly because i'm kinda afraid of wolves and black guys.ultimate fear: a wolf riding on a black guy's shoulders while hearing this song. the third piece is weird. so at first i'm just sitting in my condo jacking off. in the background candles are lit, they smell like jasmine. a stick of incense burns, also jasmine. i'm alone except for my pictures of the 'chre bros. in the oven is a heart shaped red velvet cake, uncooked. the oven is set to 1 degree. when it is done cooking, i will cum. i read two poems. the first is by me and it reads: *** (untitlted) *** like a jeweled opera in the penny lotus position i do anoint thee while kisses and fairy blushes all from the meat loins of my cloth are cut with a crisp pair of blades by a tailor in the womb *** as this poem is not enough, the second is in order. first i drink down a glass of wine, a mixture of both colors of wine. i call it "pink wine." it's delicious going down and i look forward to smelling it coming out (sounds weird but isn't). next, the second poem. somewhat longer in length. it is called Bambook Revolution born to kill, kill to born. Police attest to 101 dalmations. out of the smoldering ash of corpses come the corps of the New Age... and then they all drifted silently in the river ganges, the river thames, the euphrates and the easy-to-spell-M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I the whole race of corpses like brush down stream, lovers and enemies sittin in a tree D-Y-I-N-G; first cums love then comes marriage then comes death in an orphan's carriage wee wee wee all the way home. **** this poem aeffects me greatly and i have to blow out the candle. even then i am still quite worked up so i turn off my record player and put the legowelt back on which is comforting since i just heard it and reviewed it earlier. i decide it's probably not a good idea to listen to this part ever again. after a while i put on side three, the final side of the LP edition of lego feet. there simply isn't a fourth side which is strange. you flip over the vinyl and then you have nothing in your hand. fucking mental. the final piece. i'm excited, if not too excited. here's what it sounds like to these ears: 909 toms. they're playing along pretty good with a spring reverb going on too. stoked for what comes next. then it's really cool because you can hear them fade in the next part; an interesting technique. the next part is the kick. it's like, lower in frequency with a "thumping" "boom" kinda sounds. like a bass drum. sounds like when a big heavy thing hits the ground but wickider. then comes in a pad. or a bass. i can't tell. honestly, i don't know the difference. i think a bass is monophonic but a pad is a chord. lush. i couldn't figure out the next part but sean says it's "high hats" which i'm assuming just means they were stoned when they made this weird higher up sound on the 16th notes. the next sound litteraly sounds like farting. not sure what to make of it. a sample from brian eno's "an ending (ascent)" comes in and the whole piece gets emotional and i'm crying a lot at this point. i'm feeling nostalgia for a past that never was. i'm feeling nostalgia for the future. it's fucked. it feels sad, but warm and comforting. everything sounds so familiar and new at the same time -- nostalgia for the unknown. lush! then comes some other stuff, not sure how to describe it. some signature ae sounds: a balls and marbles dropped on the floor, a ghostly voice, weird modem sounds at a variety of pitches, 4/4 signatures that sound like 17/9. you can tell they hang out with rdj but still have their own sound. finally, i don't feel like listening till the end and turn off the music only to realize all along i only listened to the first song. it's 4 seconds. fml 10/10
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