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Found 50 results

  1. The Hatcliffe House Tapes Volume 3 Colours and Themes Available now Downloads include Print your own artwork templates for CD and C60 Cassette Cases and 4 Bonus Hi Res A3 Posters https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/the-hatcliffe-house-tapes-vol-3-colours-and-themes "In this adventure we travel through the haunted world of past sciences, sequencing envelopes to connect sounds using practical electronics, creating sonic fusion which rises and falls like water. Inviting colour into a dark world to shine and fade away once more." *More of a downtempo compliation, breaks, sequences, old synths laced with retro samples from science/education programmes and b movies. Any fans of Boards of Canada or Black Moth Super Rainbow should enjoy this. Teaser Below https://soundcloud.com/tele-3/oscillopsia-venus Also Available I have also released an EP under my Oscillopeisia Monkier OSCILLOPEISIA - COSMICA EP Available to buy in i Quality Digital Download and Limited Edition 3 Inch CD from https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/cosmica-ep Going for a more Cosmic Disco feel here..........enjoy. Teaser Below https://soundcloud.com/tele-3/oscillopeisia-cosmica
  2. Dave Noyze bizness! noyzelab - 16x16 Cell Meditations Edition of 50 hand-numbered copies on MEDS (bandcamp) 10th November 2014 (shipping around 15th Nov) A: 16x16 NEURON CELL MEDITATION (44:04) B: 16x16 TONE CELL MEDITATION (43:59) "This cassette tape of electronically produced meditation drones has been precisely composed and engineered for listening, relaxing and formal meditation practice (movement or stationary). It is not advisable to play this tape while driving or operating heavy machinery, or any other activity that requires you to concentrate on the task at hand. No responsibility or liability is accepted for use or misuse of this material in any way whatsoever. Recommended for fans of Eliane Radigue, Phill Niblock, La Monte Young, Evol, Kevin Drumm, Eleh, Hecker etc. David Burraston is an artist/scientist involved in technology and electronic music since the late 1970s. He had an innovative role in the foremost UK telco’s R&D laboratory (BT Research Laboratories) in diverse areas such as Artificial Life, Complex Systems, Virtual Reality, Spatial Audio and Information Visualisation. He was part of the team that designed and built 'The Wires' installations at The WIRED Lab. His PhD thesis developed and applied fundamental new concepts, arising out of generative music practice, to a key problem in complex systems. He has been operating Noyzelab as an independent art/science music studio since 1981. Instruments : Hinton Music Lab Modular (processing), Noyzelab Custom 4 Voice Microtonal Drone Oscillators (0.01Hz resolution sound source) Recorded at Noyzelab Studio, September 2013"
  3. Tim Cosner - DEADTECH/MODERNHOMES Bonding Tapes is pleased to announce the debut release of Tim Cosner's DEADTECH/MODERNHOMES album. Tim takes us on an avant garde trip of experimental abstract beats, sound design and melodies. He has been involved with other projects throughout the years such as Circuit Scarecrow, We Savage and Hello Keller. DEADTECH/MODERNHOMES is a continuation of his productions from the years prior. The album is available for free or pay what you want download, or on limited edition cassette. credits Vocals + Words: Rather Never by Aaron Freeman Canyons by Rinu Rimac Feelers by Tim Cosner Rather Never is a remix of Deeper Sons by Mothers of Gut timcosner.com bondingtapes.net
  4. So, Wood Between Worlds has started putting up the Autumn Harvest tapes, a batch of cassette and digital releases. The full set can be grabbed here, and the individual releases are described below. Spiricom - Spiricom Imposing soundscapes, walls of distortion, arresting drones, haunting vocal loops: these sounds and more coalesce on Spiricom's debut cassette release, resulting in a strikingly cohesive and unique album. Taking influence from other genre-defying artists like Ulver, Leyland Kirby, and Current 93, these tracks utilize various styles - echoing tribal and dub techno on "Incantations" or harkening the deep ambient electronic compositions of Tim Hecker or Ben Frost on tracks like "Overpasse" and "By Myself and Others." Ryan Harris - Endless Shadows Horror, suspense, and enthrallment of cinematic scope. Throbbing synth pulses, hypnotic beats, and enchanting melodies woven together by Ryan Harris. Endless Shadows' sound and vision is a tribute to the scores of John Carpenter and the discography of the label Italians Do It Better. All music was recorded back in 2010, and unearthed in 2014. All improvisational recording live on various synths with no overdubs. Rorqual - sei/ci Rorqual is an ambient project inspired by the Chopped & Screwed movement. The slowing, repetition, improvisation, and cassette/mixtape/lo-fi aesthetic that was integral to the sound of DJ Screw and many other purveyors of the movement is here taken to an extreme and twisted into ambience where only the ghosts of rappers and beats remain. Full disclosure: Rorqual is my (side) project, so I'm obviously invested in that. But no matter, the Ryan Harris and Spiricom releases are both very good. Far outshine my stuff. Definitely give those albums a listen.
  6. AH YES!!!!! i hear you cry. because people just don't buy enough cassettes these days. http://cassettestoreday.com/ Events Rough Trade East, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL Burger Records,645 S State College Blvd Fullerton, CA 92831, United States Cassette Fair and Show presented by Mirror Universe Tapes, GODMODE Records, and Gimme Tinnitus at Silent Barn in Brooklyn Cassingle and Loving It Record, Record Room, 8 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR, 97211 Oma333, Larry’s Corner, Stockholm. 5 live acts, all DJ from their own tape collections and selling their own tape releases; Mole Says Hi, Telephone Melts, Small Feet, Martin Herterich & Daniel Fagerström. Addition DJ’s Mother & Singasongfighter. 12-8pm. Free. 931 + International Cassette Store Day + Kaukana Väijyy Ambient, Ravintola 931 Kehräsaari B, 33200 Tampere, Finland Rhino Records, 235 Yale Avenue, Claremont, CA, 91711 USA. Live sets by Shrimper recording artists Refrigerator & WCKR SPGT Mercurio Disqueria + Hallo Discos + Cincope Records, Av. Santa Fé 2729 1st floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Facebook BAJKAZYL ZIZKOV, Tachovské nám. 3, Praha 3 - Zizkov, Czech Republic, 5pm, Rizzo Manufacture Studio, Via Ruggiero Settimo 74/D, 90141, Palermo, Italy, - Release party for: Various Artists - Pluviôse (Seashell Records, SSR001, limited tape edition), - Vintage cassette exhibition, -Old cassette market. 6.30pm OPEN HEART CIRCUITRY, Queens, Dunedin, New Zealand, Cure Motel, Freejoa’s, Haszari, DJ Romantech, Neon Leon The Owl, 2521 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL, Parliament Tapes Cassette Tape Vending Machine Launch with exclusive live tapes from, Silver Apples, Bloodiest, Cairo Gang, Lazy, Rabble Rabble, Vamos and more and exclusive mix tapes from Ian Svenonius, Mister Saturday Night (NYC) and Souther Soul Spinners (LA). 7pm - 4am. Sweat Records, 5505 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33137. Sayonara Summer Sale + Cassette Store Day Party. Live performance by The Gun Hoes at 3pm, Band In Heaven at 4pm. Beacon Sound, 1465 NE Prescott St, Portland, USA. Peter Broderick will be on hand all day (12-7pm) to sign copies of his ‘Float 2013’ cassette. Vinyl Arts Records, 28 E. Forsyth Street, Jacksonville FL 32202. Depths Of Shade In Dimensions Of Color. Exclusive tapes from popnihil, Rainbow Pyramid, Infintesmal, Technicolor Yawn.. Live sets by Wave Temples, Virgin Flower, more. 4pm Sonic Boom Records (Annex), Toronto. Cassette Fair 12-5pm. Cassette Store Day Show & Swap at Bridgetown DIY/Bridgetown DIY 1421 N. Valinda Ave., La Puente CA 91744. Lineup: Pale and Endangered Machines. Bring your cassettes of any kind, from major label to independent, to DIY, for trading with fellow music lovers! 7pm. All ages/$3 for Bridgetown Membership Holders/$5 for first time comers. Radio-Active Records. 845 North Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale Florida 33304. Live bands and free pizza. 3-9pm. Free. VAMP and Nice Ass Tapes. 331 19th Street, Downtown Oakland, CA 94610. Nice Ass Tapes, Ratskin Records, Sanity Muffin and Manzanita Sound are local labels who will be offering cassette tape releases for sale. We’ve also got local collectors/selectors and mix-tape aficionados, Sara Pedal, Adrian Saenz, Bobby Ganush and Shady Jamz who will offering vintage and mix tapes for sale. 12-8pm. Free. BAJKAZYL ZIZKOV. Tachovské nám. 3, Praha 3 - Zizkov, Czech Republic. Benelux (Cz), Tomas Kopacek (Cz), Odeur De Violettes (Cz), Vaclav Klaus + Paregorik (cz). 5pm. Free. Swordfish Records. 66 Dalton Street, Birmingham, England, B4 7LX. Line up: Midnight Bonfires, Cannon Street, Drakelow, Oliver Rudge. 4pm. Free. Villatruño. Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. Gig with: Armagedom (HC punk from Brazil), Atonement (Black Thrash form Barcelona), Presentation of two new tape releases from Alta Intensidaz Tapes: Niteos De Puta (raw punk) and Angry Mob/Ciegos Por Odio (more raw punk). 10pm. €4
  7. Following with Felix Kubin’s line of research on the creative underground tape scene, in this brief podcast we revisit the origins of the format with former Philips employee Wim Langenhoff. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/extra/wim-langenhoff/capsula As a former employee at Dutch electronics conglomerate Philips, Wim Langenhoff was involved in the development of the audio cassette. He was also a member of The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble, an Eindhoven-based artists’ collective that became notorious in the region for their anarchic performances in the late sixties. The different sections of this interview are separated by two musical excerpts from the 2008 compilation 'The Spirit of Eindhoven'. The ensemble’s adventurous arsenal of instruments included kitchen utensils, workmen’s tools, radio and TV sets, motorbikes, EEG equipment, gramophones, discarded super-8 movies and various lighting effects. Philips had no problems with its employee’s double life: the company even financed some of Langenhoff’s performances. When the group eventually disbanded, he set up the Instituut voor Betaalbare Waanzin (Institute for Affordable Madness), which he still runs today. Enjoy!
  8. Trackermatte cassette on Occult Research is imminent. Excite!
  9. S. Olbricht once again... https://gofinger.bandcamp.com/album/selected-works-i Digging this...will support oh shit...maybe not. $23 shipped to US. guh
  10. This was on my cassette tape radar recently, caught my eye at a local record store so I picked it up and really enjoyed it upon listen. Lot of tracks have a Drexciya / James Stinson vibe to it. Cassette itself is quite nice in looks and sounds great, as it's a type II chrome tape and not your typical type I entry level tape. Pre-order digital and/or tape here.
  11. Now available: c30 split tape featuring electronic producers Ryan Harris and WATMM's own Atop - Akkad the Orphic Priest 777. Ghostly, hypnotic, and transcendental-tinged music ideal for late-night listening. The hand-dubbed and packaged cassette tape is one of two releases Wood Between Worlds that debuted at the inaugural Austin Cassette Fest last month. Also available to stream or download via bandcamp: Atop / Ryan Harris - c30-split-austin-cassette-fest-exclusive
  12. I picked this gem up just for it's cover art alone, I'm sure glad I did.The first song off the hop 'Flauntin', had my nipples hard with it's off kilter funky synth lines. This is some super fun experimental house from 1080p that's for sure. http://1080pcollection.bandcamp.com/album/club-amniotics [sc5]145282493[/sc5] [sc5]144869674[/sc5]
  13. BLUE ELEVEN: PLAINS DRUID £7.99 C125 Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed tapes Each tape with unique artwork buy from: http://bluetapes.co.uk/product/blue-eleven-plains-druid Blue Tapes music has many uses and many forms. While some releases have been an almost-academic exercise in stripping out data to see how the results survive out of context, not everything we do is theoretical. Other times we don’t wan’t to think too much. Sometimes we don’t want to think at all. blue eleven is more than two hours of sound on one bursting-at-the-seams cassette. It is the natural sequel to blue eight: Katie Gatelyin that we had no agenda for it other than to drown in it. blue eleven, by synth mage Plains Druid, is the most immersive music we have released so far. In truth it’s not even so much “music” as sustained aural narcotic - you can dip in and out of the two sides much as you may dip in and out of consciousness. It sounds REALLY good on headphones as you’re falling asleep - the odd beat or squirming-in-the-red flare of synth-distortion snagging a hook into your dreams and suddenly jerking you up through several layers of subconscious. When it does that, the hallucinations get super great. “Super Real Islands” is Plains Druid’s title for this release. If the four compositions that make up this release are islands, then they’re under several leagues of not-water. They have the ability to rise and lower themselves at will and are mostly sentient aqueous flora. Describing in that in visual terms isn’t easy! So we made a GIF. blue eleven is not an endurance test. It’s swarming with sonic detail, so much of which is flittering and swooshing around the peripheral vision of your 3rd eye that trying to track each movement becomes irrelevant. Instead, just plug yourself into this ecosystem and hit the mute button on your thinking brain. Praise for Plains Druid "Music for seeing through the pixels in your screen. When the laptop/tablet/monitor your eyes are slaved to disintegrates and reformulates into hypnagogic Magic Eye tableaux." - 20 Jazz Funk Greats
  14. So I realized last year that in all this time producing electronic music, I've never really attempted an acid record. So I tried it, and it got so tangential that I ended up with 2 hours of material. Sensing that the world didn't need yet another double-album, and also because of the fact that the music is more playful than highbrow, I decided to split it into two separate parts. I'm not quite sure how much this qualifies as true acid - it doesn't - but it definitely bears the marks of the genre, as well as all my other favorite things from electronic music. There's loads of melodies and a couple spots of breaks and even a weird jungle track (that's on Part 2)...anyway I put it on FIFTEEN copies of black cassette tape. Get in! Milieu - Polypsilon, Part 1
  15. [sc5]118907757[/sc5] [sc5]121271078[/sc5] http://hyperboloid.ru/album/disc-i-kalm
  16. [sc5]89385353[/sc5] http://creamjuice.bandcamp.com/album/man-feelings .. i n s a n e .. Really getting into this label for experimental sounds: http://www.orangemilkrecords.com/index.html Great album artworks too:
  17. http://virtualurbanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/acid-tape-01
  18. Hello! SAW II Promo Cassette: This is a dual cassette promo for Warner Bro's.release of Selected Ambient Works Volume II. Everything is labeled with track IDs and run-times, but there is no artwork. Since this is the US release, Hankie and Stone in Focus are not included. Both cassettes and cases are in mint condition, everything plays great. Photos upon request. ICBYD Thai Cassette: This is a cassette copy of I Care Because You Do, apparently released by Sire / Warner Bros for Thai markets. The cassette plays great and has the full tracklisting (with a few goofy typos). B12 Electrosoma Cassette: This is the Warp cassette pressing of B12's Electrosoma. Mint condition, plays great. The Black Dog Bytes Cassette: This is the US cassette pressing of Bytes. In VG+ shape, some wear from age. Plays great. I'm not looking to price-gauge; make a fair offer and we can work something out. If you have any questions just message me on WATMM. Thanks!
  19. Eight months ago, a series of mysterious messages were exchanged in the bowels of WATMM, initiating a collaboration which would lead to the creation of a double debut EP, which will be released on the 12th of April in sexy DIY cassette format. We are proud to present: This screen-printed yellow tape comes in a handmade box, with dual-sided artwork, and an insert providing tracklisting and information, all lovingly handcrafted with a DIY approach. On the cassette, you will find 40 minutes of fresh music from Antape and Kotekan, in the form of two 20 minute debut EPs. 14 tracks seeping with synthesizer screams, lush ambient soundscapes, off-kilter beats, cubist compositions, and very square waves, this release spans through a great variety of unconventional and imaginative modern age computer music. [sc5]83629112[/sc5] Primitive Silly Music, composed and produced by Lucas Magnat (Antape), is the result of almost five years of experiments, which lead the self taught musician to create those jerky beats and caustic melodies, sure to gratify any music lover seeking an engaging and exciting experience. With a pronounced taste for surfing on the edge of control, Antape's work on this release is a monument to controlled chaos and digital primitivism. [sc5]83631894[/sc5] Nocturne Pillar is a set of tracks that Seth Weaver (Kotekan) composed and produced from ages 16 to 20, always with a strong visual image in mind, and an aim to create organic, emotional pieces with a feeling of place and atmosphere. Etherial synths and strange samples mix with hard hitting rhythms and tight leads, as Kotekan draws themes from classical, world, and early electronic music, in an attempt to create a compendium of musical short stories. This release is affiliated with the recording studio Roy de Rats established in Leipzig, Germany. Along with music recording, this studio runs a cassette tape production including mastering, duplication, and possibly printing on tapes with the silk screen method. Both physical and digital options are available with this release. Cassettes will be strictly limited to 100 copies, and will cost €4 within Europe, and $5 in the US (postal charges excluded). They'll be sold on the official page via convenient Paypal buttons. Digital copies are individual for both EPs separately, and are hosted on Bandcamp (pay-what-you-want). Antape - Primitive Silly music Kotekan - Nocturne Pillar Antape & Kotekan Split official page If you have any questions, requests, or comments, or if you want to help promote the release, you can reach us at: [email protected] Roy de Rats website Antape @ Soundcloud / Kotekan @ Soundcloud
  20. this is the boats? copped one...very interested in hearing the whole thing http://boomkat.com/cassettes/784928-the-boats-live-at-st-james-priory-bristol
  21. The rarest (?) record I own is probably The Great Annihilator by Swans: Most valuable? Maybe my first press (with the different mix of Tomorrow Never Knows) of this: I'm not sure if this thread has been done before, I couldn't find anything to suggest otherwise.
  22. My second release under the Cthulhu Detonator moniker has just been released on Null Religion. It's a limited run of 35 cassettes. It's noisy as fuck. Buy it here: http://nullreligion.blogspot.ca/p/catalog.html Hear a fragment of it here: Side A is a studio version of the piece I prepared for my first live show, which can be seen here: And Side B is a digitally manipulated mashup of choice bits from the live performance mixed in with deformed sound bytes of the studio recording. Each side is 20 minutes long, but the memories last a lifetime. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  23. I know some you guys still love cassette tapes, and this radio show is actually quite interesting, looking back over the history of the tape and how it changed musical culture. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01p3lgv/6_Music_Celebrates_50_Years_of_the_Cassette/
  24. Hi, hope no one minds me posting this info about the first release on our label. http://soundcloud.com/blue-tapes/matt-collins-excerpt-from-the http://bluetapes.co....hout-an-outline We're very proud to announce that the first release on the new blue tapes label is a solo release from former Ninja High School leader Matt Collins. Toronto's NHS were arguably the 00s most overlooked band. Their ferocious 2005 album, Young Adults Against Suicide (Tomlab) - feted by Plan B, Pitchfork, Drowned In Sound, etc - is one of the greatest albums by bands who only ever released one album ever! Their self-styled "positive hardcore dance-rap" was a life-changing racket that, when screamed in your face by four faces backflipping around the venue, made for seriously one of the greatest live shows we've ever witnessed. Matt's The Grin Without The Cat or The Cat Without An Outline is a severe change of pace from that band's ever-escalating levels of energy. Entirely instrumental, dense with almost Tangerine Dreamy textures, The Grin is an impressively sculpted piece of dreamsound. At some points on this release Matt sounds exactly like the kind of producer Björk should be ringing right now to supply a classic sequel to Vespertine. Colours and shapes mood-shift across this C30. If things start getting too relaxing the ghosts of ambient rave are chased by away by sky-strafing synth jetstreams and psychotropic flamethrowers. If things start getting too abstract then Silver Apples drums shuffle in, ushering us towards a resolution. Lacking none of the imagination of his early work, The Grin sees Matt source new power in haunting our spaces between waking and sleeping, summoning whole new feelings out of nothing but tones.
  25. Mono/Rot is a double EP (each side of the tape is an entire EP), by Brian Grainger (Aka. Milieu, Coppice Hallifax, and more) as Bike. The Rot EP is a series of 6 tracks presenting a more rhythmic style for Brian. In general they feel like Aphex/Tuss doing a take on minimal dub techno, but with a certain Grainger uniqueness. On the other side, (no a or b here) Mono EP is a single long track that takes the style of the individual tracks on Rot EP, and works it into one long master track. I have to say this work is top notch, very unique and a great ammount of detail to listen to. Pro-dubbed cassette tapes. Limited to 50 copies. http://www.cicadashell.com/MP3/bikepreview.mp3 Buy Now @ www.cicadashell.com
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