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Found 55 results

  1. "Noise pin-up (and clippings fiend) Dominick Fernow is more likely to be found stamping his feet than putting them up. Fernow already helms the punishing Hospital Productions label, which puts out much of his voluminous output alongside all manner of noise/metal curiosities. He’s about to add to his paperwork with a new imprint, the cheerily titled Bed Of Nails – which will in fact be part of Boomkat’s ever-expanding family of labels, joining the likes of Modern Love, Type, Young Americans, Digitalis and History Always Favours The Winners, as well as the recently established The Death Of Rave and VCR. If his first release on Bed Of Nails is anything to go by, Fernow will be using the outlet to explore more rhymthic structures than Prurient aficionados might be used to." "NAIL001 will be from Fernow himself, under his gyratory Vatican Shadow moniker. The four-track September Cell EP will arrive in June. This year’s Kneel Before Religious Icons rerelease reminded us what a potent force the Vatican Shadow project is, a pounding exercise in politically engaged industrial groove. The record is cut at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin, and strictly limited to 700 copies. ‘September Cell’ is due on June 18." http://www.factmag.com/2012/05/21/dominick-fernow-launches-new-label-announces-vatican-shadow-12/
  2. Hello all. I am just dropping by to let anyone who is a fan of ambient/lounge music, to check out my new ep "July". It is a half hour long, 9-Track ep, with a feature from Echoraum. It is a chill mix, starting and ending with mellow tones, over flowing bass, while maintaining a steady new flow of music. Nothing that will become boring to listen to. the Links are in my signature, and I hope you enjoy the music.
  3. "Vladislav Delay‘s EP 'Espoo' features two new conceptual, rhythm-intense tracks. Whereas the groove of the opener 'Olari' derives from a sound loop which is manipulated by filters and echoes and finally brings forth the intensifying beat, the reverse is done with 'Kolari' on the b-side. starting from an impulsive, staccato beat, a sound carpet is woven by means of modifiers which gradually shape a permanent vacation-like melody, close to terry riley‘s minimalistic concepts. both tracks share a linear increase in density, and because of their break with the common four-four time, they create a certain folkloric atmosphere. like with 'Vantaa' (r-n136), the experienced music producer vladislav delay continues his search for dance-floor compatible, yet unique and fresh music." [media=]http://soundcloud.com/sasuripatti/vladislav-delay_espoo-preview[/media] http://www.vladislav...om/site/?p=3948 http://www.raster-noton.net/
  4. "DJ Haus' prolific and often times excellent Unknown to the Unknown label is preparing for a big month in July. More specifically, it will be dropping a handful of solid tunes from a few different producers. First up on July 9, Detroit techno veteran DJ Stingray will drop a three-track EP called Imping is Easy" http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2012/06/unknown-unknown-preps-july-relea
  5. http://soundcloud.com/davidpeck/coal-ice A highlight from my new EP "Noctilucence". I even play a little guitar on this one! Let me know what you think, I'm open to opinions. http://davidpeck.bandcamp.com
  6. "Disconnected Sounds drop number four in their series with yet another debut EP. DSCNTD 004 features three tracks from Cyclonix with a remix from Ejeca. The contrasting styles from both of these producers provides the variety that we have come to expect from a DSCNTD release, along with the hand stamped and individually numbered 12" records. Another brilliant addition to a really interesting catalogue which grows stronger with each release." http://soundcloud.com/cyclonix/dscnted004-gift-of-a-patient http://clone.nl/item24206.html
  7. http://bewegungrecords.bandcamp.com/track/amongst-the-clouds Sorry it won't embed here, but it's not on my SC and I wanted to share it regardless. By the way, as earlier stated, my ep is done and can be downloaded here. it includes this track and a few others (mods if this shouldn't be in this subforum, lemme know, im not a spammer!)
  8. Guest

    yan_g - EP 4

    Hello there, I posted in the EKT releases forum already but it's not quite heavily populated so I thought I'd post the link here, I hope you forgive me... The most regular members must have heard most of these tracks at earlier stages so if you generally like my output, here's the chance to grab some of it. If you don't remember my music, it's electronica which I try to make melodic and colourful, and surprising. Tell me what you think! Here's the link to the release forum post: http://forum.watmm.com/topic/74186-yan-g-ep-4/ /y.
  9. "The stringently all-analogue Metamono trio launch their Instrumentarium imprint with an abstracted, juking follow-up to their Ho Hum 10". A-side's 'Mattressphere' is a sort of hardware simulation of Can doing AquaTech with Stingray and Felix Kubin, fast as f*ck and bloopy with it, for over eleven minutes of tweaking, workin' quirks and urgent bass. B-side 'JabJab' adopts a more pendulous groove, carving loopy ring modulation and stray noises into some kinda Conrad Schnitzler-meets-Border Community groove, leaving 'Glue Shoes' to tickle their devices into a woozy, pastoral melody." listen http://www.metamono....shop_music.html
  10. [vimeo]29711240[/vimeo] Metamono's first vinyl release on HoHum Records. A 10" EP of pure analogue electronic technopop - made in strict adherence to the manifesto (http://www.metamono.co.uk/) http://www.metamono.co.uk/shop_music.html
  11. "René Pawlowitz aka Shed returns to Ostgut Ton under the new moniker The Traveller and delivers the first 12” of this new project. Under his new guise Pawlowitz picks up at his roots and delivers a deep techno record made for the floor. The beats on the A-Side “A 100” are fierce; the melodic synth line lifts you up while everything around appears to be burning down. The experimental first track on the B-side “BER” meanders without beats and full of broken chords around that moment of ecstasy without ever reaching a break. On the B-side’s second track “Bypass” René says hello to the techno-heroes, rolls out a red carpet and shows them what he has learned. Pack your bags and head for the dance floors." http://ostgut.de/label/record/76
  12. "Kamoefleer Wapen EP. (Camouflage Weapon) brings together Vidrio (Alex Lugo) one half of Detroit’s most mysterious groups Ultradyne (Pi Gao Movement) and Miami’s Gosub (Shad T. Scott) (Abstract Forms/Frustrated Funk) for a very limited release of 300 hand numbered units on special mix colored vinyl. On the a-side Vidrio provides a vocal version of “Excelsior” with his trademark dark & tough sounds and a very addictive male/female vocals. For the b-side Gosub provides us with “I Know You Know” a laid-back track with his trademark low-slung baselines, smooth pads, and eerie male/female vocals. This release is not for the faint at heart and not one to miss." http://soundcloud.com/isophlux/kamoefleer-wapen-ep-out-in http://clone.nl/item23828.html http://www.isophlux.net/
  13. https://shop.raster-noton.net/?pid=255 http://www.ufunfunfufu.com/
  14. "Dazed is the second companion EP (following last year’s Tweek) to Senking’s celebrated 2010 album Pong, and like all his work in the past decade comes courtesy of Germany’s Raster-Noton label. According to R-N, the work “continues [senking] exploration of the abysses of sound”, and the A-side track ‘The Dance Hall Walk’ features the voice of Michael Cramm. We’re told that Dazed is “not only concerned with the depths of sound, but also with the depths of the human psyche, where there is no escape other than music itself.” "Senking is the solo project of Swedish artist Jens Messel. His 2007 album List was ranked among FACT’s 100 best albums of the 2000s." http://www.factmag.c...r-raster-noton/
  15. "A Pennsylvanian by birth, Keith Kenniff is best known as the brains behind dulcet ambient / electronic practitioners Helios, and the fingers on the ivories of post-classical piano minimalists Goldmund (whose music was once described by Ryuichi Sakamoto as “so, so, so beautiful”). Keith’s music has been used on the soundtrack to Harmony Korine’s 2007 comedy-drama ‘Mister Lonely’ and on the trailer for the 2009 Academy Award-nominated ‘Revolutionary Road’, directed by Sam Mendes. ‘Branches’ sounds like a journey that ebbs and flows through a wondrous forest, accelerating and slowing up to reveal beauty in all its little nooks and crannies. The album is a haunting and beautiful work that will appeal to fans of Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Nils Frahm and Hauschka." [youtubehd]58Bd3-2xie0[/youtubehd] http://boomkat.com/c...ldmund-branches
  16. "Presenting the second EP from Radioactive Man for our WANG Trax label. It’s out on 9th April on vinyl, then a week later digitally." http://www.radioacti...g-trax-previews
  17. http://ghostly.com/releases/lineage-ep
  18. http://www.radioactiveman23.com/ http://boomkat.com/d...e-man-engine-ep
  19. Guest

    arbee - motifs

    hello watmm, let me present my new project motifs on the label cccltd.ca http://cccltdca.band...om/album/motifs http://soundcloud.com/cccltdca/sets/cccltd07-arbee-motifs/ tell me what you think !!
  20. http://clone.nl/item20666.html http://neudphoto.bandcamp.com/album/open-air-cinema
  21. http://www.eatconcrete.net/upcoming-vinyl-release-by-roel-funcken/
  22. http://www.factmag.com/2011/09/22/faltydl-signs-to-ninja-tune-explores-atlantis/
  23. http://storage.bigca...ds-john-beltran http://boomkat.com/vinyl/461619-john-beltran-beautiful-robots-ep
  24. http://ninjatune.net...ght-turn-it-off
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