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Found 107 results

  1. More like this, please. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyOpccib2vw
  2. Fredd-E

    Dream With Me

    A feelgood mix I made a couple of weeks ago: http://www.mixcloud.com/frederik81/dream-with-me/
  3. Guest


    Hi, check out my latest production: http://w239.wrzuta.pl/audio/5wF2HAeOOEe/oktopusi_-_white_night_is_gone [d'n'b] and some of my elder ones: http://w998.wrzuta.pl/audio/9VB67rZlYaP/oktopusi_-_satanas [hardcore, gabba, horrorcore] http://w998.wrzuta.pl/audio/5Gn4Vk4Fhpd/oktopusi_-i_m_getting_old_bongo_ksztusiec [d'n'b] http://w342.wrzuta.pl/audio/2DVI0PRQSRv/oktopusi_-_swallowed_in_the_rain [dubstep] http://w142.wrzuta.pl/audio/95hLnM1U9uB/oktopusi_i_gogogrzanka_-_blagam [exeprimental track based only on sound made by my mouth and on some stuff in my room] http://w625.wrzuta.pl/audio/9ejJ9U6Hg0f/oktopusi_-_geteree_will_play [punkhouse] http://w998.wrzuta.pl/audio/3jAxWqhTb7x/oktopusi_-_make_u_scream [funkyhouse?] http://w821.wrzuta.pl/audio/7vQdQF4GWk7/oktopusi_-_dub_in_dubai [dubstep?] http://w625.wrzuta.pl/audio/2XdDz06eWJp/otkopusi_-_drugs_are_bad [experimental tekkno ambient?] w281.wrzuta.pl/audio/4zdouTphtB7/kangur_-_czas_ciszej_wokal [hip hop - conscious] http://w281.wrzuta.pl/audio/7vOuTEzFcWR/kangu_pychota_-_funky_dziauka [hip hop - bounce] http://w998.wrzuta.pl/audio/0soyYsHMIvR/oktopusi_-_desrt_storm [d'n'b] and my videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0ZZH7_ShcM [electro] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYFG8fnkEWg [no fucking idea, vocal-driven melnacholy with some over the top drum kick] Any one want to listen to and critisize - feel free to tell me it's awful (it doesn't hurt). anyone interested in some co-operation, remixing my stuff or asking for some samples- please do ask. have a nice night.
  4. I did a mix today consisting of various tracks and remixes I've done the last years. It's mostly dance floor friendly stuff, fairly varied. At the end it melts down into some live jammed acid madness. It might take a little while for soundcloud to process the mix, but it should be ready soon! Excuse my horrible mixing please :) http://soundcloud.com/impakt/mix
  5. BerMuDa doojee presents Richard Bartz, WJ Henze, Beroshima, Daso and many more M.I.K.Z. Revaler Str. 99, Berlin Bermuda: doojee (New York - Berlin) at MIKZ Doors Open 23:59 Uhr S- & U-Bhf. Warschauer Str. MIKZ Multifunktionelles Internationales Kulturzentrum Berlin / Friedrichshain Revaler Str. 99 - Tor 4 Line-up / Richard Bartz - LIVE (Kompakt, Kanzleramt, Kurbel, International Deejay Gigolo / Munich) W.J. Henze aka Gecko (Delirium Red, Federation Of Drums / Frankfurt) Beroshima aka Frank Müller - LIVE (Müller Records, Cocoon, Acid Orange) Daso - LIVE (FLASH, MBF, Stil vor Talent) Basteroid - LIVE (Areal, Sender) Metope - LIVE (Areal, Sender, Beachcoma) Esther Silex (LIKE / Cologne) MS Elbe (OMEGA-OZ) Daniel Orestes (Unholy Grail, slit / New York) Art installation & LIVE VISUALS by HEADSQUATTER.ORG http://bermuda.doojee.com
  6. Hello there, hope this helps those with MPC´s, lots of tips and tricks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpCdeAz6j74
  7. Recorded live @ The Ironworks, Inverness 27/08/11. DJ support slot for The Orb. A club set loosely themed around nostalgic melodies evoking the wonder and fear of childhood. Walls - Burnt Sienna [Kompakt, 2010] Rocketnumbernine - Matthew And Toby (Four Tet Remix) [Text Records, 2010] Subway - Persuasion [soul Jazz Records, 2009] Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - In Motion [The Null Corporation, 2010] Lusine - Cirrus [Ghostly International, 2009] Ricardo Tobar - Escalera A Central [Traum Schallplatten, 2008] Golden Girls - Kinetic (Lone Remix) [RCRD LBL, 2011] Burial - Raver [Hyperdub, 2007] Stewart Walker - Particular People [Curle Recordings, 2010] D'Arcangelo - Saturn [Rephlex, 2007] Cathode - Spincycle [Expanding Records, 2004] Joe Goddard - Apple Bobbing (Four Tet Remix) [Greco-Roman, 2009] Jeff Samuel - Circle [Trapez, 2009] Adam Johnson - Malk [Merck, 2003] Lone - Ultramarine [Magic Wire Recordings, 2010] Boxcutter - Arcadia 202 [Planet Mu, 2009] Subway - Outbreak [Deadly People, 2010] Seefeel - Spangle [Warp Records, 1994] Point B - Jakt [bonus Round Records, 2011] Joe Goddard - Apple Bobbing [Greco-Roman, 2009] Lusine - Crowded Room (Type A) [Ghostly International, 2010] Avus - Approach With A Smile (Giorgos' Even Funnier Mix) [Manual Music, 2008] Luke Abbott - Pavilion [border Community, 2009] Orbital - Belfast [FFRR, 1991] AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 5, Untitled 01 [Rephlex, 1995] http://www.mixcloud....on-house-party/ http://www.mediafire...oa3dzcw07say2d4
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