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Found 360 results

  1. Going by the announcement on CHATMM I guess this will be out on Monday 3rd November . It's interesting that it's under the Amen Andrews moniker, I wonder how he distinguishes whether to use Plug or Amen Andrew, perhaps this is down to the era in which it was initially conceived? As mentioned in a previous thread I heard a few unreleased Vibert Jungle tracks at a party a couple of years ago. Recently I also re-listened to a set he played at Atlantis in Vancouver 2003 which features at least 6 unreleased tracks of Vibert Jungle dynamite. I think quite a few of the tracks I heard at the party are in that Atlantis set and there's a strong chance at least a selection of these will appear on the EP. If these tracks were already ready in 2003 when he played the gig at Atlantis it would make sense to use the Amen Andrews pseudonym since this was the same year he released the original Amen Andrews volumes on Rephlex so were probably written during a similar time frame. Obviously this is purely speculation, I'm excited whether these tunes are completely unrelated or not, just really happy to be getting another batch of Vibert Jungle.
  2. Summoned to spam the following; Saturday 10 October at the Kazimier in Liverpool; https://www.facebook.com/events/444822762389395/ Tickets; http://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Liverpool/Kazimier/UpitUp-presents-LUKE-VIBERT/12434919/
  3. Saw that this was in the making a while back, it's out now :) http://www.thevinylfactory.com/vinyl-factory-films/the-record-sweep-watch-luke-vibert-try-and-spend-100-on-vinyl-in-10-minutes/ "too new, too new, don't like new records" Interesting picks imo, his influences seem to have changed a lot (I was expecting more stuff to sample from, soundtracks / library stuff /jazz / fusion / whatever), you can clearly hear it in his 2014 sets too.
  4. It's time to make a definitive thread on this mix. Basically it's my favourite mix of all time ever since I stumbled upon it at age 12. It's also still my most listened to set ever, but I never could find anything about the tracks played in it except for Yazoo - Don't Go... Over the years I added a few tracks to the list (just like their Ultrasound broadcast which is also almost complete + Aphex's Snowbombing set), but never got very far without proper jungle / hiphop / break knowledge. I do remember going nuts when Ceephax finally released that Turrican track and later when Luke released that Plug track, just because of the nostalgia from this set. I always listened the 55 minute version but discovered years later that there's a 15 minute longer version, with even more acid + jungle + noise, which is exactly why this mix seemed so impressive to me compared to the typical 4/4 techno music I listened to at that age. The eclectic tracklist completely changed my mind about music and from then on I appreciated a lot of different music, so the influence from just this mix really can't be understated. Anyway, any help from watmm to complete this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwUN5LACu2I Opening track - ? AFX - 3 Slothscrape Yazoo – Don’t Go Kimberly - Misjudged Love (Barbarian Berrios Beats) Tod Dockstader – Travelling Music / Eight Electronic Pieces #8 (throughout) Hyper On Experience – Watchusnow Ceephax Acid Crew – Turrican II Victor Gama - Meninos Anjos Desceram A Rua Plug – Drum ‘N’ Bass (14m - 17m-ish) ? DJ SS - Black (V.I.P. Mix) Dillinja – Blaze It Down Squarepusher - Kill Robok Dynamix II – Purple Beats MC ADE – Hit Harder Trouble Funk – Trouble Funk Express Herbert Eimert - Klangstudie II MC ADE - Bass Rock Express Kenneth Gaburo – For Harry + ??? (around 38m) Ragga Twins - Juggling + random AFX noise throughout Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut - Prince Of The Beats Think Tank – A Knife and a Fork KC Flight - Planet E (Hip Hop Mix) Information Society - Hack #1 (also released under the name Think Tank - Hack One (The Internet Worm Mix)) Grandmaster Flash - Scorpio Stakker – Humanoid Ace Of Clubs - Classid Three Frances Lynch & Alejandro Viñao - Borges y el Espejo (mangled voices over SL2 around 61m) SL2 - DJs Take Control More AFX noise over jungle tracks like: Dillinja & Batmix - Tear Off Ya Chest Last fast jungle track = ? Click here to download the Ultrasound version (shorter) Click here to download the full version
  5. Just found an interview from last summer with the label boss of Hypercolour, Jamie Russel. When asked what is on the horizon he said this: TM: So what’s on the horizon? JR: We’ve got amazing releases coming from some legends of the scene. We’ve just done an album with Luke Vibert and we’re following that up later this year with a new Kerrier District album which is in and it sounds amazing. Source: http://www.themetropolist.com/music/latest-news/label-me-jamie-russell-hypercolour-records/ I'm hyped as hell about this! We've got the Amen Andrews EP upcoming on Blueberry, more EP's on Hypercolour and Luke also mentioned a new Planet Mu album and another Wagon Christ album somewhere in the future too, so it's absolutely going to be a great time! http://youtu.be/J_94VxJmvkk
  6. Many of you reading this will no doubt be familiar with Rephlex Records. About three years ago, because I'm something of a fanatic, I put together a printed discography. It features pages dedicated to Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert, Bogdan Raczysnki, Cylob, DMX Krew, The Tuss, and Ceephax Acid Crew. You can view the full project on my Behance profile: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Rephlex-Records-printed-discography/7730025 Please feel free to share the project on Tumblr: http://szabohaslam.tumblr.com/ I will be producing a limited amount to sell, with kind permission from Rephlex. You can follow me on Twitter for updates: @Szabo_Haslam
  7. https://soundcloud.com/iloveacid/luke-vibert-ila003-previews Two analogue hardware acid jams by Luke Vibert, each side featuring a 12 min track designed as a DJ-friendly purposemaker Out November 2014, on a hand-stamped & numbered limited edition of 303 heavyweight 12" vinyl. Absolutely no digital ever, absolutely no represses ever. -- previously in the ILA series: ILA001 - Room 13 (DMX Krew & Bass Junkie) (sold out) ILA002 - Affie Yusuf (about 30 copies left at Juno Records) upcoming: ILA004 - Jerome Hill ILA005 - Global Goon
  8. Nice vibes on this badboy, no news on a release date yet but it doesn't take much imagination to work out that there'll probably be some remixes released as a follow up to Falty's album from last year. Sounding great, gimme! FaltyDL - New Haven [Give The Drummer Some] Luke Vibert rmx
  9. Luke returns to his dnb lab. http://www.kudosrecords.co.uk/release/BBR006/Amen_Andrews_News_of_the_World_EP.html
  10. Purchase: Bandcamp - Listen: Spotify
  11. Penryn Space Agency Radio Show MISSION 007 : SATURDAY 22nd OCTOBER 2014 22:00 - 00:00 GMT Your space captains Krzysztof Oktalski & MafpHew invite you to blast off for 2 hrs of the latest and greatest multi-dimensional electronic space music. This month we have another exclusive mix, Luke Vibert captains a special 60 minute voyage of electronic discovery. Wonderful aural delights await on this rare opportunity to traverse the frontiers of the electronic cosmos. All previous shows will be uploaded to MixCloud soon (without the talking from the live show). Exclusive material of good providence. More guests to follow. Phone us with your in-flight space related questions +44 (0) 1326 21 90 20 PenrynSpaceAgency.com - [email protected] - Twitter : @penrynspace The Source 96.1FM, Falmouth, UK : TheSourceFM.co.uk Every 4th Saturday of the month, straight after The King Arthur Crew.
  12. Starting in 5 hours and 15 minutes! http://boilerroom.tv/session/st-petersburg-luke-vibert-long-arm-monokle-flaty-nocow/
  13. Some might have you believe that the most exciting electronic music releases of 2014 have already happened - well they would be wrong! Coming soon, on November 28th, a jam-packed display of the best in electronic, ambient, experimental and neoclassical music, contributed by the cream of the crop from the world over. Even better, it's all for a fantastic cause - Macmillan Cancer Support, with all proceeds being donated to the charity. Over two hundred artists have banded together to produce this amazing spectacle, quite simply a who's who of awesome talent ready to please your ears. Featuring; 808 State, Autechre (æ), B12, Bibio, Brothomstates, Christ..Cim, Christian Vogel, D’Arcangelo, Datassette, Dub Tractor, EOD, Esem, Freeform,Funckarma, Luke Vibert, Luke Slater 7th Plain, Plaid Machinedrum, Marsen Jules, µ-Ziq, Oberman Knocks, Ochre, RED SNAPPER, Richard Devine, Sense, Sun Electric, Team Doyobi, Future Sound of London - FSOL, Ulrich Schnauss, Richard H Kirk. …And that's just the start of it! Watch this space for more info!
  14. Hey I saw this in /mu/: Is this true? I remember there's indeed a track pretty similar to Pulsewidth before SAW was released... But dunno! :P
  15. Check out "Ransom Note Line Out : Vol #1 : Luke Vibert Live @ I Love Acid" here http://www.mixcloud.com/TheRansomNote/rn-line-out-vol-1-luke-vibert-live-i-love-acid/
  16. Waveform Series: techno screen prints. Available soon from Kickstarter. Follow me on Twitter @Szabo_Haslam and Tumblr for updates. Each poster visualises the waveforms generated by some of my favourite pieces of techno and electronic music. Using traditional, hand-pulled, silk-screen printing processes each waveform is lovingly crafted into a limited edition A2 print, signed and numbered by me. Track List 808 State: Pacific State / Altern 8: Activ 8 / Aphex Twin: Digeridoo / Aphex Twin: Windowlicker / Autechre: Second Bad Vilbel / Forgemasters: Track With No Name / LFO: LFO / Luke Vibert: I Love Acid / Orbital: Chime / Plastikman: Spastik / Squarepusher: My Red Hot Car
  17. If anyone remembers the Luke Vibert remix competition from Future Music, you'll remember that Aphex Twin was the winner. I was choosen as the joint winner (Michael Stephens) and I go under the name Telluric. Just wanted to let you know that I've finally got around to posting up my remix and it can be found on Myspace: www.myspace.com/telluricbeing Thanks
  18. Tickets purchased. I really like the Scala, its a decent mid-sized venue with (from what I remember) good sound. Linky
  19. http://www.mixcloud....uke-vibert-mix/ Title says it all, I haven't seen this posted yet so excuse me if it is jazz, but it can't hurt to share another time though :) Btw, if you want to download this mix, here is a nice link: http://stream16.mxcdn.com/cloudcasts/originals/8/5/d/8/8b03-eccd-493e-a74d-edbda8b970e6.mp3 edit: I see it makes it into a stream, just paste the first link above at http://offliberty.com/
  20. look / listen http://www.factmag.com/2014/03/24/fact-mix-432-luke-vibert/ 01. L E O - Fee Fi Fo Fum 02. Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express 03. Aphex Twin - Ventolin [Marazanvose Mix] 04. Andre Cymone & Prince - The Dance Electric 05. Dayton - The Sound Of Music 06. Trouble Funk - Spin Time 07. The Men - Cruel 08. Pierre Dutour - Seargent Disco 09. Carlos Berrios - Berrios Beats 10. Blancmange - On Our Way To ? 11. The Beat Club - Security 12. Devastator 1 - Git Loose 13. S.L. Troopers - Movement 14. DHS - I Am Electro 15. Ghosties - The Big Showdown 16. Blapps Posse - Cold House 17. Jeuce - Zoooommm 18. Flag - Pre-Dawn Chaos
  21. Seen all of these floating around Soulseek but people don't seem to be willing to share... would love to see them uploaded if anyone has them! Luke vibert - live @ watergate, berlin -23-09-2006 luke vibert - live @ icon, berlin -24-11-2006 luke vibert - belfast ireland 2005 Luke Vibert @ Kiss FM England 1998 Luke Vibert Live @ Vooruit Replhex All Stars Night Gent 19.11.1998 Luke Vibert Live @ Groovetech, San Francisco 1999 Luke Vibert and Bj COle Live @ Lee's Palace, Toronto 02.03.2000 luke vibert live @ tilos budapest 01.04.2002 luke vibert live @ doornroosje, netherland 05.09.2003.avi luke vibert live @ q-wert zagreb, croatia 20.09.2003.mp3 luke vibert and jean jacques perrey @ london 15th march 2004 luke vibert live @ electrowerkz amunition launch party london 17.09.2004 luke vibert live @ vooruit 10 days off gent 18.07.2004 wmv luke vibert dj set @ homegrown dirty dancing brussels 13.05.2005 luke vibert live @ plock festival poland 05.08.2005.mov luke vibert live @ electrowerkz london 12.05.2006 (full bangface?!) luke vibert live @ newtown's frigids australia 2006.wmv 2007 luke vibert live @ trafo budapest [04.03.2007].wmv luke vibert @ liquid room tokyo october 24,1997 part 1.avi luke vibert @ liquid room tokyo october 24,1997 part 2.avi luke vibert @ place dionysos (montpellier) - Tohu-Bohu Festival Radio France Part 1.avi luke vibert @ place dionysos (montpellier) - Tohu-Bohu Festival Radio France Part 2.avi luke vibert @ place dionysos (montpellier) - Tohu-Bohu Festival Radio France Part 3.avi luke vibert @ place dionysos (montpellier) - Tohu-Bohu Festival Radio France Part 4.avi luke vibert live @ the glade festival 2005 part01.mpg luke vibert live @ the glade festival 2005 part02.mpg luke vibert live @ the glade festival 2005 part03.mpg luke vibert live @ the glade festival 2005 part04.mpg luke vibert live recorded @ The Empty Bottle, Warp & Radiohiro, sonotheque, Chicago 15-11.2005 part 1.mp3 luke vibert live recorded @ The Empty Bottle, Warp & Radiohiro, sonotheque, Chicago 15-11.2005 part 2.mp3 luke vibert live recorded @ The Empty Bottle, Warp & Radiohiro, sonotheque, Chicago 15-11.2005 part 3.mp3 luke vibert live recorded @ The Empty Bottle, Warp & Radiohiro, sonotheque, Chicago 15-11.2005 part 4.mp3 luke vibert live recorded @ The Empty Bottle, Warp & Radiohiro, sonotheque, Chicago 15-11.2005 part 5.mp3 luke vibert live recorded @ The Empty Bottle, Warp & Radiohiro, sonotheque, Chicago 15-11.2005 part 6.mp3
  22. Bit late maybe but just found out myself. Luke Vibert will play in the Doka in Amsterdam, from 01:00 till 04:00. He's rarely in the Netherlands (saw him only at STRP and in Patronaat in 2008 & 2009) so, Dutch watmm crew unite! Anyone in? https://www.facebook.com/events/222760201235268/?source=1
  23. "If you've ever heard classic late '70s library albums like Brian Bennett's 'Discovery' on Bruton Music, the Telemusic 'Spatial' albums by Sauveur Mallia and works by Jean-Pierre Decerf, you should have a fairly good idea of the direction Georges Vert is coming from. Mix that with some Rinder and Lewis, a bit of Roberto Zanetti and a touch of Francis Monkman's The Long Good Friday OST and you're just about there, in terms of influence." "The project started life on Lo Recordings / Loeb, with an inclusion on the seminal 'Milky Disco' compilation. The 'Freak D'Espace e.p.’ followed, featuring re-edits from Juan Trippe and Rune Lindbaek. Georges has also produced and released material as part of the Black Mustang production team (along with Jon Tye of Seahawks and Luke Vibert), nonchalantly crafting remixes for the likes of Black Devil Disco Club alongside their original material. Georges also enjoyed remixing the new-wave underground classic ‘Jive Baby On A Saturday Night’ by The Jellies, which appeared on Trunk records." [vimeo]43608577[/vimeo] http://cafekaput.blogspot.com/ http://georgesvert.b...n-electric-mind
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