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  1. Excellent new remix. https://touched.bandcamp.com/track/his-hell-plaid-remix-2-2
  2. Music by Will Dutta / Plaid 'Parergon' released 14th May 2012 on Just Music www.justmusic.co.uk
  3. A compilation of electronic music, available for free / pay-what you choose - raising money & awareness for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) Available here: http://musicsansfrontiers.com/ Featuring new & exclusive tracks from B12, Plaid, Nightwave, Milanese, Shadow Dancer, Global Goon, Radioactive Man, Jokers of the Scene, Hrdvsion, Posthuman and many more. This is the second charity compilation I've done, was really proud of 2011's Acid Relief (which raised money for the DEC), and this time I've doubled the target to £2000. MSF is a charity I've always supported
  4. Afro House, Bass, Afrobeat, Soukous and Kuduro on a Funktion One rig + With live visuals TICKETS - http://tiny.cc/kartel1
  5. Plaid has remixed this track of Min-Y-Lan, and the remix is to be released in early December, in a compilation album, aimed to gather money for Macmillan Cancer Support. so, stay tuned.
  6. http://brazdaluinovac.bandcamp.com/album/moldern This album contains 10 original tracks by BLN and 13 remixes created by the following artists: Plaid - plaid.co.uk Architect - architect-music.com Roel Funcken - roelfuncken.com R.Roo - facebook.com/rroo.idm Yvat - yvat.com Erode - erodemusic.com Dirk Geiger - dirkgeiger.com Midimode - facebook.com/midimode Basementgrrr - facebook.com/basementgrrrofficial Cycler - facebook.com/cycler.music Talvekoidik - talvekoidik.de Randomform - randomform.com Reform-1 - facebook.com/ReformOne creditsreleased 07 October 2013 @Squa
  7. damn! first time i've heard this track.. screw plaid! isn't black dog coming out with something new soon? he is?!? SWEET discuss
  8. the new Plaid remix is fabulous [media=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMtwp6pO6rQ] [/media] purchase here: http://brazdaluinovac.bandcamp.com/track/care-plaid-inashed-remix
  9. I just moved to Van a few weeks ago and was curious if any of the Vancouver WATMM folks knew of any good live electronic music/noise/metal/'experimental' sort of stuff going on in the city. I have tickets to Plaid which is tomorrow and I went and saw FaltyDL a week ago, any other good shows coming up? Or any regular events worth checking out? Thanks!
  10. Boredroom visited watmm after a long absence and brought a little surprise, an hour of video recorded @ Stormy Waters, Glasgow, 21 July 1995 which includes a perfomance of Plaid and also ae at the very end. also the new album might be coming in April, so keep your hopes alive.
  11. ENDED. BUNDLE 1 - WARP / BOC / SKAM LFO - Sheath (ltd) £3.50 Blech II £3 We Are Reasonable People £2.99 LFO - Advance £3.86 B12 - Electro-Soma £5.90 Kenny Larkin - Azimuth £5.15 Warp 103 - Remixes £3.29 Jackson & His Computer Band - Smash £2.63 Smash-Up Megamix £na RAC - Diversions £1.99 BOC - Music Has The Right To Children £8.55 Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup £4.71 BOC - In a Beautiful Place Out in The Country £3.95 Bubbahs Tum - Dirty Great Mable £4.28 BOC - Hi Scores - with paper insert - £15-£20 BOC - Peel Session £3.95 Bola - Soup £5.27 Bola - Mauver £1.00 Various - 0161 £3
  12. Guest

    P-Brane is 10, almost..

    Well it's almost 10 years since P-Brane was released by Warp, on the 30th of April, 2002! it's one of my favorite releases by Plaid. along with Booc, and Undoneson. their EP's are all fantastic. Big Up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FTFl0ZfTIg
  13. WARP RECORDS DO-IT-YOUR-SELF POSTERS before I start wasting paper are there any posters already that I could rebuild? Do you have hires scans or vector art I could use? So far I have: Aphex logo vector Boc logo vector ae logo (I will just type it in the futura font) Boc, analord and tuss covers in ultrahigh res I am still looking for clark hires scans and the "clark" font and the plaid logo what else could I use? I am thinking of just using the boc and aphex logo without anything else on 2 posters - maybe like the gray themed boc shirts with a nice dar
  14. that's what Andy just wrote on FB i hope it is true (/sth that wont be cancelled or delayed forever), so we all hear some new Plaid material. :) edit andy.bmp
  15. Guest

    FACT MIX #380: The Black Dog

    http://www.factmag.com/2013/04/29/fact-mix-380-the-black-dog/ totally killer mix — been listening to it this morning. bigs edit: hurb durb there is a tracklist
  16. Andy Turner ‏@me_a_t Just finished a remix of Peter Jack's 'Roll out East' [email protected] due early next year I think. Happy. On to yours now @MaraCarlyle this is some good news! souces: http://www.facebook.com/iPlad https://twitter.com/me_a_t
  17. Guest

    Bytes is 20 years old today

    What did/does it mean to you? Still one of my favourite albums of all time. Ed (in particular) and Andy were on fire. From what I can work out, 8 out of the 11 main tracks were theirs: Plaid, Close Up Over, Atypic and Balil. 3/4 Heart still astonishes me. Ken's 3 tracks weren't so bad either. Carceres Ex Novum is my other major highlight. Who was/were Echo Mike? I'm kind of thinking this was Ed and Andy again.
  18. why is it impossible to find any pics of the old black dog, with Ken, Ed and Andy in it?
  19. Guest

    PLAID in [email protected]

    PLAID will play on 4th April in [email protected], along with Roel Funcken, Brazda lui Novac, Fjord and Reform-1. Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/123468654505890/ I am also very happy to announce that Plaid did a remix for my new album, check BLN page here: https://www.facebook.com/BLN.brazda.lui.novac V.
  20. Does anyone else have the London Xpress mix by Plaid? Not the one that features some Plaid song mixed by David Holmes, but the one that according to the mp3s was mixed my Plaid themselves? The file names are PLAID - London Xpress (29-july-2001), there are some brilliant songs on these mixes but it seems very unlikely that a setlist exists anywhere on the internet. Anyone have any info on these?
  21. Plaid, Ambient Sound Bed Loops : https://bleep.com/release/40392-plaid-the-carp-and-the-seagull-ost Nice !
  22. The Creators Project has partnered with Nexus Interactive Arts, director Evan Boehm and Plaid to create an interactive film experience The Carp and The Seagull. The soundtrack, featuring original music from Plaid, is now available exclusively at Bleep.com More on Warp.net Warp - Records - Plaid - 'The Carp and The Seagull' OST available exclusively on Bleep Connect with Warp, subscribe to the Mailing List and explore more RSS feeds here View the full article
  23. Guest

    The Carp and the Seagull

    All we have for now is a trailer but it is probably worth a new topic: "The Creators Project has partnered with Nexus Interactive Arts and director Evan Boehm to create the interactive film experience The Carp and the Seagull. Using WebGL and HTML5 technology, the narrative will follow the plight of Masato, a village fisherman who spends his placid days fishing near his home. One day he’s confronted by a Japanese spirit being, the Yuki-Onna, and his world is ripped in half. Using a simple graphical style, the film immerses the user into Masato’s world as he comes into contact with this ot
  24. http://soundcloud.com/abandonbuilding/origamibiro-impressions-of
  25. this is on ebay now if anyone is interested http://www.ebay.co.u...=item1e7375432e I got this 12" and 2 autographed t shirts at the time, a nice birthday gift from ed and andy
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