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  1. this is on ebay now if anyone is interested http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mega-Rare-Plaid-Autographed-12-Warp-Aphex-Black-Dog-Skam-/130786083630?pt=UK_Records&hash=item1e7375432e I got this 12" and 2 autographed t shirts at the time, a nice birthday gift from ed and andy
  2. Yeah, so after asking people time and time and time again on here about trying to get into metal (dont get me wrong, I got a ton of great recommendations but they usually only had a track or two that I liked..Gorgoroth and some 80s metal in particular), but GODDAMN is Meshuggah not the most IDM metal ever? FUCKING AWESOME [youtubehd]qc98u-eGzlc[/youtubehd] Check out this song and its idmness manifests in various ways: 1) The guitar part sounds like its being played like a fucking satanic sitar 2) The rhythms are constantly changing (listen carefully to the progression of the bass
  3. This sounds big, Plaid AV set, Clark EP launch, Shigeto live band thing, KOKO is one of my favourite venues. NB was previously advertised as the week before at Scala with just Clark and Kuedo. Bit annoyed that Kuedo didn't make the move, but otherwise good. Link http://www.soundcrashmusic.com/clark-plaid/ Heres the blurb
  4. Soundcrash presents an incredible electronic/AV line-up representing the best independent labels around. Taking place at Camden’s glorious former theatre KOKO, the cinema-sized screen and thundering sound system will enable this staggering line-up of electronic music pioneers and rising stars to exhibit their craft to their fullest potential. This is an essential night of electronic music and audiovisual excellence in the capital’s calendar. Don’t miss it! Tickets available here:www.soundcrashmusic.com/clark-plaid Line up Clark (Live ‘Fantasm Planes’ EP launch) Plaid (AV Set) Esk
  5. At long last, after many hours of work, the No Question Mix is here for all to enjoy. Over two and a half hours long, this mix explores the more sensetive aspects of my personality. It was put together with the idea of making a very long sequence of tracks that create a cohesive flow, where each track is the perfect compliment to the one before it. I put a lot of thought into the choice of music, with each track being carefully chosen for its mood, its atmosphere, its context within the mix, and its connection to significant events in my personal life. The mix has a very wide range
  6. Guest

    Ed Handley

    There are two new tracks by Ed Handley available from Gruenrekorder as MP3 or FLAC download. The two tracks 'Tundra' and 'Oil', are part of the album Nord Rute by Ross Adams. Sound bites, written information and purchases can be found here: http://www.gruenrekorder.de/?page_id=7722
  7. Plaid have done a nice acid remix of Anodyne which will drop this September on Combat. Info and audio samples here cheers :)
  8. Hi just a heads up Anodyne's Empires EP remixes will be out this September, featuring remixes from Plaid, Subjex, Boris Noiz, DeFeKt, Devilman (aka. Scotch Egg), 214 and Dead Fader. Full info, audio previews and videos here: Anodyne/Plaid video here: https://vimeo.com/37850448 COMBAT032 (vinyl release - 4 tracks) http://www.combatrec...he-4-empires-ep COMBAT031 (digi release - 6 tracks) http://www.combatrec...-remixes-part-2 The tracks range from acid to electro to scorching noisescapes, all bearing the mournful melodicism of Anodyne's epic pads and strings. DJ s
  9. Something new... sounds a very good EP. http://www.aperturerecords.com/record-shop/beatcroff-slabs-remix-ep-ap004ed
  10. Alright, my last big CD sale for a while here folks. Let's make it a good one! Over 250 items for sale; I'll list some of the choice items below... - Near complete Squarepusher Discography (including many JP Pressings with bonus tracks) - Near complete Venetian Snares Discography (including many rarities) - Near complete Chris Clark Discography (mostly JP pressing) - Plaid JP pressings - Lots of JP pressings of lots of different stuff all with bonus tracks! - Rare Autechre goodies (Hafler Trio collab/remixes [Vleizwei remix CD and about 10 others!]) - Lot's of Planet Mu - Rare Brian
  11. Got a few live versions of this but confused why this was never released? also confused as found a live mix by some guy that has a near perfect version in his mix, is this legit or a live version? Track 12 http://www.edge-case.com/?mix=5
  12. I read in an old interview that WARP had bought the rights off BOC for all their old material, seeing as WARP someday would like a return on this investment, it seems weird to me that nothing has materialised. It would seem an ideal time to tide us over until something new happens, yet nothing. I remember in the interview one of the Sandisons was asked if it was likely that WARP would do a compilation similar to Plaids Trainer, and he replied yes. This was aeons ago. So why? Is there some legal BS going on with WARP? It makes no sense why they don't remaster the good stuff and sell it to u
  13. Guest

    Earlypleasure mix

    finally i got my second mk2 and i made this set yesterday. mixing is not the best but have a listen and throw a comment if you like! Enjoy, http://www.mixcloud....lypleasure-mix/ Playlist .Plaid // Reishi .Autechre // Montreal .Polygon Window // Redruth School .Aleksi Perala // Voyager .David Morley // Tilt .Jega // Chromadynamic .Wagon Christ // Manalyse This .Jodey Kendrick // +10 Funk .Global Goon // Munchausen Baby .Aphex Twin // Delphium .FSOL // Pulse State .Solvent // Tassels .Luke Vibert // Presidential Acid .Acid Kirk // In Between Days .Automatic Tasty
  14. 01. Distance (with Plaid) 02. Suprachiasmatic Alpha (with Neil Grant & John Matthias) 03. China Gates 04. Overcolour (with Plaid) 05. Suprachiasmatic Beta (with Neil Grant and John Matthias) 06. Incarnation II 07. Aerophobia (with Max de Wardener) 08. Suprachiasmatic Gamma (with Neil Grant & John Matthias) 09. Avril 14th Been listening to this lately. Plaid's Scintilli sound is highly recognizable here, but i do prefer their recent collabs more than their solo work as of late. There is also a cover of RDJ's Avril 14th in the end, and i don't understand why he did chose t
  15. http://www.factmag.com/2012/05/30/plaid-remix-mara-carlyle-in-a-fashion-ripe-for-summer/ classic Plaid The Devil & Me, by Mara Carlyle - Plaid remix
  16. Howdy folks, So I was browsing Twoism the other day, and came across a post by 2ndMOUSE, who I hadn't heard of before. I have to say I'm really glad I clicked the link. The beats are nice and chunky and the synth work is really dreamy, reminding me in parts of BoC, and parts of Plaid. I had not come across his work before but I thought I would recommend him on here, cos he has a wealth of free music available as well as a couple of albums that can be purchased digitally (Juno and Bandcamp). I'd urge you to give this guy a listen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xEWzCQg4Bs&fe
  17. Hi All, Just thought I'd share an early mix of a new track I'm working on. Definitely a bit of a Plaid vibe as well as some Daft Punk in there too (at least, it sounds that way to me)... http://www.scarkord.com/droid/ Any feedback / comments appreciated :) Cheers Jason
  18. "Retina.it (Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono), is born in the first half of 90’s.This duo,placed near the Vesuvio (Naples), explored all the capabilities of analogic synths since the beginnings, developing an its own idea of sound. The undifferentiated manipulation of sounds extracted from modular and digital synths or objects/environment sound’s recording, leads this original duo to a continuos research of a sonic identity. Retina.it’s music has been released from labels such as Hefty records (Us) , Mousikelab (It), Flatmate/Storung ( Spain) and Glacial Movements (It). They have worked with diffe
  19. Guest

    Scintilli - Reactions

    Well, after so many years, it is here. And while walking in the park this afternoon, i gave it the first listen. I was kind of hesitant but this record really surprised me. Doesn't really sound like a completely new direction, but i find it very consistent and fresh; a great achievement. It is hit after hit after hit. For me there is no single weak track. I just wish Eye Robot would develop into something else, but still sounds good. And i love the way they crafted the vocals on At Last, making it my absolute favorite, so far and a great choice for a closing track. But the most important
  20. Hello again, After releasing the first of my two latest mixes, the second is finally ready to slice its way into your collection. Produced alongside Ancient Cries, this mix proves to be its exact opposite. It is the evil twin, where cheery melodies and uplifting beats give way to something altogether more fierce, a menacing sense of fury that can only be contained by the urge to release it as effectively as possible. A Killer's Focus is the delay, the postponed mayhem during which one can only plan ahead. One must put aside their searing concoction of malice, and think carefully ab
  21. *check the .doc file for what you want *PM with an offer *paypal payment + postage payment ceephax/aphextwin/autechre/plaid/boards of canada loads of rock and random weird stuff not in the list, but i also have 8 bit computers for sale, spectrum +3, amstrad cpc 464, gameboys, sega master system... japanese snes loads of books on physics maths electronics music japanese german erik satie sound on sound just wondering if anyone's interested in this stuff? if so ill put up a new doc file basically im moving to china in september and selling all my stuff. lemme know if you want to
  22. Hello, everyone! After a long break from making mixes, I have returned with the first of two brand-new productions! Ancient Cries: Let It Out explores the origins of music itself. Why do people make music? Why do we make so many different noises, synths, instruments, loud bangs? Is there something deep inside us, inspiring us to do it? I believe there is. We know that humans have been evolving for millions of years, and that we once lived high in the treetops with apes and monkeys. We made noises to communicate with each other, expressing our emotions with all kinds of pitches, sounds
  23. The quality WARP / BLEEP shirts offer are great so far. Threadless fabric seems to be a bit thin I just heard. The Minecraft Fan-shirt fell apart 2 weeks after I received it from the official shop back then. Cheap aphex / autechre /plaid shirts from ebay are the worst. What are your experiences?
  24. 2 weeks ago I checked on last.fm and he is in the top 6 Warp Artists by plays: Boards of Canada: 53,598,950 plays (930,588 listeners) Aphex Twin: 39,178,188 plays (1,021,620 listeners) Flying Lotus: 17,528,934 plays (355,010 listeners) Autechre: 12,371,497 plays (394,102 listeners) Venetian Snares: 10,056,627 plays (309,867 listeners) Squarepusher: 9,913,777 plays (453,524 listeners) The Future Sound of London: 7,708,124 plays (466,521 listeners) Bibio: 6,503,106 plays (202,061 listeners) Plaid: 5,799,088 plays (289,858 listeners) AFX: 4,238,860 plays (206,265 listeners) Clar
  25. Not sure if this is 'jazz' or not, but don't think so... Part.1 http://www.mixcloud.com/PeerPressure/plaid-warp-uk-dj-set-ppsko-2011/ Part.2 http://www.mixcloud.com/PeerPressure/plaid-dj-set-at-ppsko2011-part2/
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