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  1. plaid's site mentions that they're finishing up the final touches on their new album for 2008, which is apparently titled 'scintilli'. from what i understand, their current live show is featuring a bunch of material from this upcoming album. i personally quite enjoyed the live show and i'm looking forward to this, as 'greedy baby', while good, wasn't really a proper album. xcitd. c
  2. Throwing up the last of my record collection because I figure it would be better for someone to have them that appreciates them rather than them just sitting in my storage unit. AFX: Analogue Bubblebath 3.1, Powerpill: Pac-Man, Universal Indicator Red AE: Oversteps, Peel Session 2, Gantz Graf Bit Meddler: Shitmix 2000 Black Moth Super Rainbow: Drippers 10" BoC: The Geogaddi promo in the turquoise sleeve w/ a turquoise hexagon label Bola: Fyuti, Mauver Boom Bip: Seed to Sun, Mannequin Hand Trapdoor I Reminder single Brothomstates: Rktic single, Claro Hrvatski: Swarm & Dither, At
  3. For Sale http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MEGA-RARE-PLAID-HOODIE-HOODY-WARP-1-ONLY-APHEX-TWIN-AUTECHRE-BLACK-DOG-/130687451496?pt=UK_Music_Music_Memorabilia_LE&hash=item1e6d944168#ht_500wt_1413
  4. With more than a dozen albums to their credit including six on Warp Records, Plaid’s position in the history of electronic music is assured. Never ones to rest on their laurels though the past 12 months has seen them not only release one of the best albums of their career, the stunning Scintilli, but unveil a brand new live AV show that has been dropping jaws worldwide. Joining Plaid on stage will be several of the most exciting new producers around today including San Francisco’s Eskmo, who over the past 10 years has featured on labels such as Ninja Tune, Warp and Planet-Mu and Manchester’s
  5. Sun Electric - Tee (Plaid remix) Blenderoid - Monkey Jip (Plaid remix) Cube Juice - Half (Plaid remix) the Collectors - Maya ii (Plaid remix) Coppe - Jan & Jeff & Jungle Curry (Plaid & Coppe) Tim Hutton - Colours (Plaid remix) the Irresistable Force - Fish Dances (Plaid remix) Atypic - Everything (not a remix, this is Andy's work) Mudbomb (Plaid plus one) Plaid - Diamonds (not a remix)
  6. Zygote - 00/10 (A+H008) Architects + Heroes Records Here's the latest release on A+H Records. Tracks on this album were recorded between 2000 and 2010. Sounds are mostly Ambient IDM Techno. If you like stuff like Plaid, Black Dog, Matmos and such give this a listen. Zygote releases “00/10,” a retrospective of material from 2000-2010 Zygote, an abstract electronic music project of Stephen Ruiz, aka DJ Stephen R., is set to release a retrospective album of material that spans the decade from 2000 to 2010. The material was extracted from hundreds of hours of recordings that were une
  7. Nice, new, live set! http://redbullmusica...com/shows/5119/ on Red Bull Radio edit: in Portugal ! ..ruiagnelo..?
  8. Hey Folks I just picked this up and I am hoping someone can give me the correct titles/order of these tracks (ie which one is the plaid mix) The Tracklisting as I received is as follows. 1 Tee (Authentic) 3:42 2 Bosch Next 5:36 3 Flares 5:38 4 Tee (Plaid Mix) 4:55 5 Tee (/F Mix) 6:24 6 Tee (The Modernist Mix) 5:21 7 Tee (Plus) 3:55 Then On Discogs there is a note (that is slightly confusing) "Sleeve wrongly lists tracks in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 6, 4, 5, 7." The 5:21 mix sounds to me like Plaid, but if so, which is the /F Mix and Which is the Modernist Mix?
  9. This is a CONELRAD radio alert. Normal broadcasting will now be discontinued for an indefinite period.... http://soundcloud.com/posthuman/posthuman-civil-defense-mix tracklisting: Carl Craig - At Les Mike Maass & Frank Sonic - Gomez Blixaboy - Pullman Wreck Claude Young & Takasi Nakajima - Rapture (Kirk Degiorgio Remix) TOOB - Nueva Onda Lokodepo - Die Spiegelrelefexion George Lanham - Ridley Road (Minimum Syndicat Remix) Conforce - Revolt DX Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka - Deaf Siren Kristian Heikkila - 02 (feat. Christian Lundqvist) (Vince Watson Remix) Pirh
  10. Download (153Mb @ 320cbr mp3) Stream on Mixcloud Website Tracklist Part 1: Daft Punk - Encom Part 2 (Com Truise Mix) Wagon Christ - Mr. Mukatsuku Com Truise - Polyhurt Brian Eno - Multimedia Vacationer - Trip Mux Mool - The Hundred Dollar Beat Wagon Christ - Harmoney Funky DL - Ode to Nujabes (Instrumental) Wagon Christ - Boomer Mux Mool - Flying Dreams 40 Winks - Vocal Play (Interlude) Red Snapper - Biffa Bacon 40 Wink - Winkz Waltz Bibio - K is for Kelson Chemical Brothers - Hanna's Theme (Vocal Version) Loden - Offusive Behaviour Killings Skills - Van Dijck Brown
  11. Just got a message on my iphone that the december issue of future music mag features plaid in the studio. Anyone got it yet? edit here we go: PDF download for better readability (Interview only): http://www.mediafire...i0k8876s4c93fu3 gallery: http://imgur.com/a/8chLV
  12. http://combatrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/empires-e-p Wonder if this will actually happen. Im still waiting for them to release this ep on vinyl.
  13. Tracks that immediately draw you into their beauty with full, hard-hitting intros. Like these: Mercury Rev - Close Encounters of the 3rd Grade Steve Reich - Music for Large Ensemble Autechre - fwzE Locust Toybox - Mash Market Squarepusher - An Arched Pathway Bjork - Innocence AFX - Love 7 Plaid - Little People Philip Glass - Dance 1 (from Einstein on the Beach) Beck - The New Pollution Limp Bizkit - Nobody Like You Your turn.
  14. 1. Machinedrum - Room(s) (30 votes) 2. Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972 (29 votes) 3. Dave Monolith - Welcome (24 votes) 4. Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica (23 votes) 5. Lego Feet - Lego Feet (22 votes) 6. Bibio - Mind Bokeh (21 votes) 7. Andy Stott - Passed Me By / We Stay Together (20 votes) 8T. Rustie - Glass Swords (19 votes) 8T. Wagon Christ - Toomorrow (19 votes) 10T. Com Truise - Galactic Melt (18 votes) 10T. Plaid - Scintilli (18 votes) 10T. Radiohead - The King Of Limbs (18 votes) 13T. Africa Hitech - 93 Million Miles (17 votes) 13T. NHK
  15. Guest

    Plaid, Fireside Chat

    Plaid on RBMA Radio's regular show... http://redbullmusicacademyradio.com/shows/4906
  16. Plaid have announced a new AV show at the majestic KOKO this January 14th 2012 alongside AV pioneers Hexstatic and their new Holotronica project plus very special guests tba. An all AV night of EPIC proportions on a cinema-sized screen! Click here to buy Early Bird Tickets while they last. ::: ::: ::: ​::: ::: ::: ​::: ::: ::: ​::: ::: ::: ​::: ::: ::: ​::: ::: ::: ​::: ::: ::: PLAID (AV SET) HEXSTATIC PRESENTS HOLOTRONICA VERY SPECIAL GUESTS p
  17. Plaid have announced a new AV show at the majestic KOKO this January 14th 2012 alongside AV pioneers Hexstatic and their new Holotronica project plus very special guests tba. An all AV night of EPIC proportions on a cinema-sized screen! Click here to buy Early Bird Tickets while they last. ::: ::: ::: ​::: ::: ::: ​::: ::: ::: ​::: ::: ::: ​::: ::: ::: ​::: ::: ::: ​::: ::: ::: PLAID (AV SET) HEXSTATIC PRESENTS HOLOTRONICA VERY SPECIAL GUESTS plus AV support sets from The Beaufort Scale & Keep Up!
  18. ! Nominations close at midnight GMT ! Figure it's time to get the ball rolling on this, seeing as the unofficial side-discussion thread has started to peter out and the calendar year is almost at an end. Let the nominations begin! Listed at the bottom of this post are the albums that already got the nod from multiple (i.e., more than 1) watmmers in the aforementioned thread, so unless anyone objects let's consider these shortlisted. I can update this list with additional nominations as they arrive. I propose that all nominations need to be 'seconded' by another wattmer to be add
  19. Just like the Albums 2011 thread, I'll add the singles/EPs to the top post as they come in. VHS Head - Midnight Section was over in the albums thread so I'll just drop it in here first and add a couple others i thought were awesome. I'll add stuff that even gets mentioned once. 2562 - Fever Addendum Actress - Harrier ATTK/Gershwin ADR - Solitary Pursuits Alphabet Backwards - British Explorer EP Autre Ne Veut - Body EP Ayshay - Warn U Babe Rainbow - Endless Paths Julio Bashmore - Everyone Needs A Theme Tune Julio Bashmore - Batty Knee Dance Julio Bashmore - Riff Wrath Julio Bashmo
  20. Dragon


    Just realised what a monumental, fuck-off masterpiece this is. It starts off like an innocent, vaguely pleasant guitar song. It builds gradually in its own depth. Then, somwhere around 0:55, something utterly magical happens. The mood completely shifts, like the full force of the elements in the track open up and shine through. The rest of the track explores a vast, detailed world of atmosphere, turning in all directions. Always discovering, and always showing it. Plaid have always had amazing musical ideas, and this goes all the way back to Mbuki Mvuki. What I think has really
  21. All in November of 2011 I'll be at the Boston show! Can't wait!
  22. Guest


    Either Plaid guys' sound system and/or ears is broken, or mine are. Founded sounds like an otherwise nice and beautiful track played back by a kid going wild with a pitch slider, almost every sound is off-tune and dissonant. I can't believe that nobody commented on this track yet. Your opinions?
  23. here: very pretty clip if you ask me ;)
  24. the electronic music being so much popular than before,,, im thinking why dont new artists, remix Plaid and gain more fame??? is it cause Plaid is hard to remix? what is the reason do you think? cause, afaik, there s only the ones that are on "tekkon kinkreet remix album". other than that, what?
  25. So i have watched Michael Arias' Tekkon Kinkurîto (also known as Tekkonkinkreet) today, which as you certainly know, features music composed and produced by our Plaid boys. The music is wonderfully crafted, as anyone would expect from them, but for me it is truly surprising - and one can only understand this when watching the movie - how it sounds so good for such movie. I can't imagine any other artist creating a score for such a film. And this is precisely what got me thinking and it is why i am writing this. Plaid's most recent music always sounds stronger and clear to me when assoc
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