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Found 3 results

  1. so, roughly eight hours of video tutorials and countless consultations of the wiki later i'm finally getting the dorfs to do what they're told. i can make a decent starter mine, prepare a depot, and get my little alcoholics brewing, carpentering, crafting shit to trade, all that shit - setup proper stockpiles, ensure efficient workflow, and so on. i still do seem to have some amusing fuckups though. i made a moat just now, underestimated the water pressure, flooded an entire floor. i must be on to my twelfth iteration of my beginner fortress and STILL the game kicks my ass. but once you get over that learning curve, it's such a lot of fun. and so fuckin deep. amazing game. if you have no idea what i'm talking about, read this NYT article.
  2. alright watmm i got that feeling again. let's all throw down for some sweet-ass chess on gameknot. i am richardPfeynman over there. post your user IDs and let's get some games going. i like a 14-day move limit.
  3. so since just before christmas i've become completely and utterly addicted to UFO: enemy unknown again (X-COM: UFO defence to my transatlantic brethren). absolutely superb game, and it's reminding me that games used be *difficult* back then. if you're not familiar, there's a management screen where you manage finances and a civ-like research tree, set up bases, and add things like radar, hangars and facilities, then use them to intercept UFOs. once intercepted, it switches to an isometric turn-based strategy style where you have to kill various aliens in various terrains and recover bodies, materials, and prisoners in order to further your cause of figuring out exactly why they're invading. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfoelRLeaLY it's probably the most unforgiving game i've ever played, even on easy. only now am i getting even slightly an edge on things... i have fond memories of first spending an entire christmas playing this about fifteen years ago too! any other fans of this game? i think it might be the finest turn-based strategy game i've ever played, even beating the civs.
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