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  1. So Warp is finally reissuing Broadcast's discography. It's about time! http://warp.net/news/vinyl-albums-repress/ https://bleep.com/broadcast
  2. Hi WATMM, I'm new here - so please be gentle... Anyway I have one of the WARPLP247X, bought from the Bleep ballot (by me). Will try to answer your questions here! Auction link here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/151806802243 (it's not so expensive yet, so you might get lucky...) Aphex Twin - Syro Limited Edition Box Set 3xLP WARPLP247X "Up for sale is the 2014 ultra rare release from Aphex Twin, Syro, in the limited edition triple vinyl box set. This version of the release is limited to 200 copies worldwide allocated by a ballot held by Bleep. It includes all the items as listed on t
  3. Finally, the RDJ album and I care because you do are re-released in October 2012. And on 180 g vinyl! Yeah https://bleep.com/release/38094
  4. Murya - Triplicity This Stunning New Album Will Be Released On August 28th For Touched Music For Macmillan Cancer Support. ​Here Are 2 Tunes From This Amazing Album https://soundcloud.com/touched-music/murya-triplicity https://soundcloud.com/touched-music/murya-slimikin
  5. 3rd November 2014 http://throttleclark.com/clark/
  6. https://soundcloud.com/shane_anthony/boards-of-canada-reel-to-reel-mixtape Cheers! Shane
  7. To celebrate WARP Records turning 25 this year, Bleep.com has 20% off all WARP Records CDs or downloads when you buy 3 or more using code 20WARP25 at checkout. Offer valid until 1 January, 2015. Here's a handy link to all of 2014's WARP releases: https://bleep.com/warp-2014?utm_source=Bleep&utm_campaign=c4374cf332-25_Years_of_Warp11_19_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_db8ca97389-c4374cf332-573506 Bleep also has a special 25 Years of WARP selection available: https://bleep.com/25-years-of-warp
  8. Some might have you believe that the most exciting electronic music releases of 2014 have already happened - well they would be wrong! Coming soon, on November 28th, a jam-packed display of the best in electronic, ambient, experimental and neoclassical music, contributed by the cream of the crop from the world over. Even better, it's all for a fantastic cause - Macmillan Cancer Support, with all proceeds being donated to the charity. Over two hundred artists have banded together to produce this amazing spectacle, quite simply a who's who of awesome talent ready to please your ears. Featur
  9. Has anyone recorded Warp25? Is anyone planning to record Simple Things? Right off of the soundboard might be ideal. ty
  10. Released A Few Hours Early The Amazing Album By Murya, One Of The Best Albums Ive Heard All Year And Im Not Just Saying That. Please Buy And Share Where Ever You Can. https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/triplicity
  11. [mixcloud width=660 height=208 hide_cover=1 hide_tracklist=1] hey hey all. first post. upping old mixes i have made over the years as i have time. here is a plaid one. enjoy!
  12. Hi all, Since I've gotten a new job overseas, I'm selling off some of my collection since I wish to have a limited collection of favoured artists, rather than taking everything with me. I'm selling the following with grading (media/sleeve) and pricing: mu-ziq - Chewed Corners M/NM £10.00 Anthony Naples - El Portal N/NM £10.00 Anthony Naples - RAD-AN1 NM/generic £10.00 Aoki Takamasa - RV8 M/NM £10.00 Aphex Twin - I Care Because You Do (original with poster) NM/NM £40.00 Aphex Twin - I Care Because You Do (Warp repress) NM/NM £10.00 Aphex Twin - Analord binder with Analord 1-11 (n
  13. Check out the encym version! https://soundcloud.com/encym-soundtracks/tether-encym-remix
  14. http://warp.net/records/oneohtrix-point-never/record-store-day-commissions-i
  15. http://www.midheaven...aphex-twin-3xlp I'd have thought such a re release would've been only allowed by Warp? considering they own the rights????
  16. October 2013 - Warp Records - WAP360 Tracklist 01. Universal Everything & You (20:20) A 20 minute extended version of the soundtrack to the installation Universal Everything & You - Drawing In Motion. Available in 4 different prints of deluxe 305 x 305mm prints taken from the installation, printed full colour on 215gsm Chromolux.. more info https://bleep.com/artist/33818-simon-pyke-freeform
  17. "Jackson (a self-confessed Prince fan) will be presenting his new gems of polyphonic and futuristic electrofunk at Sónar by Day, with a previously unseen stage show in which he will be accompanied by his new Computer Band: a giant machine measuring 5x3 metres, covered with mirrors and consisting of four synthesizers/samplers which Jackson uses to control sound and lighting in real time. Jackson Fourgeaud was born in Paris to a French father and an American mother, and started out in the era of the French touch, but it quickly became clear that he was working in another dimension: experimenting
  18. "2011's fractured and tripped out full length GLAQJO XACCSSO was highly praised across experimental avant circles from The Wire to DAZED, identifying patten as a unique voice emanating from an intersection between a number of London's underground scenes." "Since then, converse to expectation, no further recorded work has been heard from patten, concentrating instead on playing live and producing a handful of highly distinctive, idiosyncratic remixes. Known for developing new trajectories for recordings in the live environment, it seems that the past two years have been fruitful, seeing hi
  19. https://bleep.com/release/46571-jackson-and-his-computerband-gi-jane-fill-me-up datvremix is not very good tbh
  20. Dunno if someone is interested but a (Dutch) radio collective I've been following since their inception has a 2hour afx special. http://www.mixcloud.com/benedenNAP/075-beneden-nap-15-november-aphex-twin-special/ In the description they mention that the special is becausae of Warp reissuing his albums (which, or when, isn't said, I hope they don't mean the ICBYD and RDJ album that were rereleased on vinyl months ago). Also a fun fact, they mention watmm as the first Aphex-related links. Hurray! Edit: In the show they mention that Warp will rerelease pretty much ALL of his albums and of cour
  21. Well well well, it has been 20 years already. In 1993 Luke Vibert debuted with the album "Weirs" (w/ Simmonds). So it's time to reminisce and celebrate. For everybody who missed the mix in the mix section:
  22. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Luke Vibert's debut album "Weirs" (together with Simmonds) here comes a nice selection of his brilliant works ranging from the Instrumental HipHop and New Acid House as Luke Vibert, the sweet cheesiness of Wagon Christ, different takes on Drum & Bass as Plug and Amen Andrews, Disco House as The Ace Of Clubs as well as the grimey darkness as Amen Andrews vs. Spac Hand Luke. Enjoy
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